idk how this looks on most screens

“Our primary objective is to answer questions as quickly as possible… Our secondary objective is to Ḋͧ̄ͭ͏̶̡͓̺̲̥̦̞̫Ȩ̙̈́͌S̛̬͔̺̗̹̞̜̥̒̔̾́͠ ̵̜̟͖͚̭̗̯ͧT̵̟̠̫̟̓͗͑ͪ͊̚̕R̘̪̺̠͆̐ͣ̊ͥ̽ͫ̕͠O̧̠̪̩̝̰̣̲͑̾̒͠ ̵̴̷͎̺̈́ͮͮͅY̤͓̤͍͎̰̩͒̇ͧ̋͟ ̗͕̳̲̪̒ ̩̼͈͖͖̃ͪ͡M̷̢̻̱̮̦ͭ̾̄̿Ȃ̼̺ͧ̍̓́̀͢͡N̯̯̄̅ͥ̀̍͢ ̙̜͖̎ͯ̎͜͝Ķ̨̗͉͖̦̱̾ͯ̆̆ͮ͒̍̀Í̵̛̞̭͚̰͓ͥ́́ͭ̅̓ ̺̙͇̘̥̫ͨ͗͐̉͋̽̆ͮN̩̣̯̪̘͙̈ͬͮ̈́ͨ̆͑͝ ̸̝̖̞ͭ͒̈̈ͪ̌̽̔̚͡D̢̠̩̻ͣͣͫ̿̉̊͒…”

“Oliver: …with kindness!”

I love these bros so so so much! The way you give them so much personality and life to them is amazing to read and just makes you love them all in their own way! (Ollie is my sweet summer child)

I know they are meant to wear tee shirts and look more human but i wanted to give them my own twist to make them seem more robotic and to express their amazing personalities! 

Red was made to be a bodyguard so I thought I would give him extra armour. Green was made to be a walking super computer so I thought I would give him so hip super computer screen glasses and wires for downloading info. Oliver was made to be the most human so I thought I would make it look as though he is wearing a tee shirt and give him pads on his fingers so he can absorb the emotions of his older bros (he also has a crack in his core). And OG Google? Well he is just a mix of all three. I hope you like!

(Don’t really like how the colour came out but idk i may draw more of them cos i love Ollie and Red! More Egos to come! xx)

This is so, so neat, cutie pie! I love how much thought you put into each of their equipment, and this sort of futuristic vibe really goes well with the new “Colors of Dissonance”! Thanks for submitting this to me!

the yousana scenes  were so domestic and beautiful they didn’t even do anything, like they just walked around talked and laughed, teased each other a little, played basketball and it was so wholesome and pure and better than any skinship or other physical scenes people might have hoped for,  like growing up muslim most of the time u can’t relate to couples on screen bc you know u can’t do what they do, so this quiet subtle flirting is so nice to have and watch bc i feel like this is how it goes down for us muslims in real life when we meet the person we potentially want to be with for the rest of our lives, at first things are about bonding on a personal level sharing thoughts and lingering looks and less about the physical stuff


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What do you make of that bts scene of carrie and daisy?

you know… i havent uhh said anything about that yet but its kinda been on my mind since it was released. i mean the actual structural stuff you can figure out quite easy- that its on Crait at the penultimate point of the movie (probably either just before or after the main battle) and its probably the first time these women have seen each other since Yavin 4 at the end of tfa.
what i can quite work out is what the look on leias face is. its a really strange expression she looks kind of drawn i guess and a little pained and totally focused on rey.
i think…. what i believe. is i cant understand why this moment would need to happen between leia and rey (alone) at the very crux of the film if rey was lukes? why waste screen time they barely even know each other and assuming reys lukes kid they have nothing in common really. i mean i think if reys lukes then a conversation between leia and luke in place of this would be where the most (idk how to phrase this) emotion? ? would lie. like thats where the conflict would be. these siblings that love each other but then theres leias kid and lukes on different sides and its complicated and theyre both scared their children are going to kill each other - that would be a goldmine.
But thats not what we’re seeing.

this isnt particularly scientific but knowing leia and rey face each other alone to talk at the penultimate moment of tlj and leia looks at her like That only convinces me further that reys her daughter.

Big Hero 6!

From the comic to the big screen and back to the comic!

That didn’t make any sense. XD

I’ve been wanting to draw these guys in their comic counterpart’s costumes. I was a little worried at first because… Well… Costume designs what is.

I was the most concerned for Honey and Go Go and that’s saying something! BUT I’m glad it looks fine? Does it? I mean, their comic book costumes on their Disney selves. XD Haha! Fred is still Fred and I really, really like how Wasabi looks. IDK but I look at him and I feel so… Refreshed. Wat.
Hiro is still a little nerd while Baymax is looking dapper, indeed.

Hope you guys like this!

I actually have plans to make some more. You can guess who I’ll make next. Teehee.

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I swear i've never seen jon looking at someone the way he's looking at daenerys. Not even with Ygritte. He looks at her like she's the most beautiful thing he has ever seen and he's completely mesmerized. I also loved how their misconception of each other lasted for half an ep basically lol In this one they clearly had already a better understanding of each other and when she asked for his advice i was like: my god you trust him so much already? I'm shook!

I know! I love the way he looks at her! I could replay those scenes a dozen times just to see how he gazes at her. Boy’s got it bad hahah

It does seem like she values his opinions a lot! It’s important to keep in mind that several days to weeks can pass from episode to episode, or even within the same episode. Since they just received word about the dilemma at Casterly Rock this episode, at least a couple of days have passed since last episode. No doubt that Dany and Jon have had a few off screen moments during that time. Unfortunately with the shortage in the amount of episodes we’re getting for these last two seasons and how much the writers have to stuff into them, we only get the most important dialogue exchanges shown to us.

Something to indicate that off screen time has been spent together is the knowing look Missandei and Dany share as Jon shows up. Missandei knowsssss girl. She knows.

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When you say that Chris lost his spark, what do you mean?

ok this isn’t going to make sense because i can’t explain it but here goes

something has felt off when i watch mon scenes in the most recent episodes, i couldn’t put my finger on why it felt different to me watching him as kai, and jake, and even mon early on, to how i feel when i watch him now

i just feel like he’s lost his spark when he’s on screen atm, like he’s still absolutely incredible and i’m always in awe when i watch him, but idk, something has felt a little weird and i don’t know why, maybe it’s just me looking too deeply into things or whatever

that’s why it’s going to be interesting hearing him talk about mon, see if he’s as passionate about this character, i hear a lot of people say “this is his dream role of course he’s happy” but we haven’t seen any evidence that he is, that THIS is his dream role, because tbh i think the character is a lot different to what he thought it was going to be (but i won’t go into that, that’s a different story)

so yeah i’ll definitely be keeping an eye on his reactions to questions and his answers to them, it’s all going to be very telling

The thing about social media is that you get to choose what your image is. Unlike real life, you can select small snapshots and put those online and craft a reality that may not exist. You can be in a mental hospital, having dropped out of college, and post photos of you in a bikini drinking a martini by a pool. You can accrue so many followers people assume you’re popular, even if you don’t feel that way. You can take photos of beautiful notes while you’re failing your classes.

And in my opinion, that’s okay. That’s the inevitability of social media, and I’ve accepted it. I look at people’s Instagrams and turn green with envy at their number of likes, the perfect filters, the flawless makeup, how social and happy and popular they appear. And I take it with a grain of salt. Because that’s what social media is, whether we like it or not.

To me, sometimes it’s a blessing and sometimes it’s a curse. When it feels like a curse and I begin comparing myself and feeling bad, I leave. I take a break, go on hiatus, do something else. When it starts to feel like a blessing again, I come back and enjoy the content people put out for what it is, not for what it seemingly represents. A pretty picture is just a pretty picture; likes are only a click of the mouse. 

Everybody has a choice when it comes to social media. Some may choose to display only the most perfect and filtered parts of their life, and they do not deserve hate or derision for it. Some may choose to be brutally honest with the ups and downs of their life, and neither do they deserve hate for being blatantly less than perfect.

I personally think that people should remember this, and stop bashing each other on social media for whatever they put out there. If you hate it, walk away and come back when your head is clear. Live and let live.

In the end, you only have yourself, and you are the most important person there is. Take time to look beyond the screen, to look inward and outward, because social media is what it is, and you have control over how you experience it.


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I’m a fan of your wallpapers and edits, and I was wondering if in your spare time you’d consider making a phone background that includes all of the members of TSM. I can’t really make one that I like, so I was hoping you’d take a shot. Thanks and have a beautiful day :D

tiny version of this desktop wallpaper because i am not creative. by the way, these don’t work too well as actual wallpapers because the boys are blocked by the little app bar on most phones. idk how to fit five people on there properly. they look pretty darn good on lock screens, though.

SCREENSHOT for best resolution