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shelomit-bat-dvorah replied to your post “Most Christian rock lyrics sound like drunk texts to Jesus.”

Hymnologists, as you can imagine, are sassy about this. I know a colleague who calls CCM “Jesus-is-my-boyfriend music”!

No but this is completely accurate.

Listen, I could not even begin to tell you how many Christian rock songs you could modify just slightly - change “Jesus” to, idk, “Brian” or something - and you’d have a (painfully bad) pop love song. Sometimes you’d have a song that’s straight up about sex.

It’s actually pretty funny to think about, when I can forget about all the rest of the shit Christian rock brings up for me.

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First I want to say that I love your vlogs and they have definitely helped me with getting connected with my characters! But I've been having a sort of question keep popping up in my head about some choices I make with my stories. I don't swear (like hardcore don't swear, I can count how many times I've sworn in my life on one hand) but I have a couple characters who probably would in some situations. I don't really want to write them swearing, but would it be worse if didn't? Idk :(

Ah, such is the plight of a writer.

Here’s the deal: you are not important in this equation. In your book’s universe, you don’t even exist. So it doesn’t matter what you do or don’t do in your personal life. If your characters would realistically cuss, they should cuss. I have a bunch of characters in TSC who are sexist. I’m a woman. I find sexism offensive. But I wrote the sexism anyway, because that’s the authentic truth of those characters. 


So glad someone requested this because I LOVE HIM!

Hey guys! So not long ago, I got a request in my ask to do a review on Troye Sivan! I’m really excited because I think he’s such an incredible artist and LGBTQ+ activist.

First song I ever heard from him was  “WILD.” The intro starts with what sounds like some kids singing, kind of reminded me of a Nickelodeon show theme song?? Idk, but as the song progressed, I ended up thinking “wow.”  It seems like your general pop song, but if you really listen, you can see how the lyrics are far from average. I mean, the whole concept of having a theme throughout the album, in this case Blue Neighborhood, is something a true artist would do.  I was really happy to see that Troye writes his songs himself, which made me fall in love even more.  Overall, WILD is a really uplifting song about love, and it’s on my soulmate playlist that I have yet to share!

The next song I really loved was “FOOLS.”  I was first captivated by the chord progression in the piano intro.  I can’t even explain the chills I had when I heard the lyrics.  I love the melody of the pre chorus, especially when he sings “I see quiet nights poured over ice and Tanqueray.” The chorus is very basic lyric and melody wise, but the simplicity combined with the background music makes it a banging track!

Here are some other songs I love by Troye:

“COOL” - The title explains the vibes of the song.  The lyrics tell a really cool story and kind of reminded me of the show Revenge, aka one of my fav shows ever! Also, peep the bass line in the chorus, it’s groovy.  This was my favorite of his for a long time.  

“SUBURBIA” - Wowie it’s a real tear jerker.  It always reminds me of all the places I used to live and the childhood memories I’ve had.  I really resonate with this song because of all the sentiment behind it.  I also really relate with how some moments pass you, but during it you realize how important that event or time would become to you, until you look back on it.

“TOO GOOD” - It’s not acoustic, but I guess the first half is until there’s a light beat added.  I really like the violin component throughout the second half of the song.  

I hadn’t listened to him in a while, until this was requested so thanks for that! If I realized anything, it’s that the entire Blue Neighborhood theme  music really reminds me of soulmates.  That’s probably why I really like him.  His writing style is also similar to mine.  I would definitely consider him an influence for me.

I’ve linked a playlist of the songs I talked about, and other ones I have saved.  If you liked this review and you have a band or artist you want me to write about, CLICK HERE and leave me a request!

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tomorrow is valentine’s day and you know what that means?

me sobbing softly over pre-calc homework lmao but also!! if you guys want, you should most definitely have your muse(s) pop into the ask and send in some kind of cheesy pick up line, a cute gift, proclamation of love, or anything else you can think of for jeremy! i think it’ll be really fun to do so feel free to send them in! even if we haven’t interacted yet feel free to goof around in the ask and send in terrible, ms paint, comic sans font worthy pick up lines or something!

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Are you learning German through like a class or like through something like Rosetta Stone because I wanna learn Dutch and I want to know the best way to learn it.

i use duolingo! its an app, and they’ve got dutch! i started it just to keep portuguese like on my brain ( i think thats what its best used as tbh) but it is really good for learning too! 

I will say, you learn to read it more than anything! Listening a bit more, but speaking, depending on the type of learner you are idk how much you’d like it. But finishing a ‘tree’ on duo, you’ll def be able to read w/o a problem. And its cool cuz you dont even realize how much you know until it like pops up on you. Like it’s really cool when i see some german(very simple obvy), and i can translate it w/o a second thought lol 

my favorite thing about how this show handled dizzee’s question of “are they boys or girls” was “both and maybe even more. boys who are girls, boys who dont want to be girls, girls who are tired of being girls, boys inside of girls, etc” and its like, amazing…because back then, terms were more difficult for anyone to understand and the community of non cis and non het people quite literally took what they could get and thus shaped the modern meaning of identity as we know it now. the lgbt history in this one episode is so so rich, its so subtle but its more history than ive seen in any show in such a long time

not to mention the fact that the many hit songs back then were basically blown up to mainstream pop culture after becoming popular in underground lgbt exclusive parties…amazing


Kalabhavan Mani (1 January 1971 – 6 March 2016)

I wonder why it hurts so much to see actors, people that most of us don’t know beyond what we see on screen, pass away. Is it because we’ve always loved them, but tend to forget about them if they don’t pop up in the media every so often? (There’s a voice in the back of my head that keeps asking this question- did they know how much we loved them, did we love them enough, did we appreciate them enough, did we…). Does it hurt because at some point in time they made us smile or cry or entertained us in some form or the other? And, for those moments, they helped us forget our own problems and in turn, forget that they- these people whose job it is to entertain us, who play such vibrant, immortal characters on-screen- are just as mortal as we are. Maybe, we’ll forget about them after a while and it will stop hurting. Maybe.

So Kalabhavan Mani is no more. The lower-caste auto driver from Chalakkudy who went on to become one of the most loved comic actors in the 90s and early 2000s, an incredibly capable character actor, a National Award winner, the man that amused us with his unique voice and ‘naadan paatukal’, the man that made us laugh with his even more unique laugh (ngeehaahaha), a man with family and friends and people who cared about him. Is no more. Is. No. More. 

What will it be like watching Summer in Bethlehem again? Or Vasanthiyum Lakshmiyum Pinne Njanum. Or Ayalum Nyanum Thammil. Or Gemini. Or Vel. (or, or, or). What will it be like watching all the other actors that entertain us today, who have in some way been influenced by this man (and he has indeed influenced many). Maybe we will forget some day and it will just be a haze in all the other actors that come and go on our screens, desperately trying to entertain us. Maybe.  

But now it hurts. And it will keep hurting for a while.  And the void that has been left in our industry (yet again) can never be filled. And hearing his wonderful voice/laugh will upset us. (and, and, and). All we can do now is pray for his family, for his friends, for the industry. And for us, to be happy with his memories.

For you people telling me, ‘’Don’t use Korean words, you are not Korean’’ , ‘’Don’t sing song on this language’’, ‘’don’t use that phrase, it’s not your language’’, I have something to tell you: Shut the fuck up. And here goes one very smart post I just saw: ‘’ Like if you were into french pop you wouldn’t start using random ass french words so whats up !! Does France even have music lmao’’. This is probably hard to process for that little brain of yours, eh?

I HAVE RIGHT to use whichever language I want, and however I want it. Is that clear to you? When I am learning one, I have the right to use every single resource which will help me learn the language. I can use all phrases all I want. I can write on Hangul and then romanize that if that’ll be easier way for me to memorize the words. And yes, France has music. But how could you possibly know that? You have no time learning things from all the time you are spending on the internet. I really pity people like you. Maybe instead of hating on everything and everyone and telling people what to do, how about trying to learn something, maybe new language? That’ll maybe save you from being that ignorant.   

You also have NO RIGHT to tell me stuff like ‘’Oh you shouldn’t learn Korean/Mandarin/Japanese because of KPOP/CPOP/Anime'’. Who the hell are you once again? I have learned English in the first place because of the music, so I could understand it. Every single language I speak so far, i learned it because of ‘’something’’. So from now on, such and similar comments KEEP FOR YOURSELF. At least I am educating myself. Maybe you should too.  

Since I feel like it’s rare for me to see a post about Michael Pratt:

Can we talk about how bomb af her outfit was today? How the color really flattered her skin tone - not to mention, baby girl’s melanin stay popping even when they’re all murder-y and shit? Like, Idk how the fuck she does that when my skin be wanting to break out and shit even when I’m drinking water and trying to be healthy? But also the way the dress clung to her body like a second skin and set the record straight for all her haters - BAE IS CUT! Like, straight up body goals while stressing over murder, cases, and her guys turning out gay. Not to mention her hair is always on point and she’s really become my aesthetic and no one ever will understand how much I appreciate having a character whose complexion is so much like my own.

Not to mention the different side to Michaela we’ve seen. The not so in control Michaela who actually looks frazzled and nervous and vulnerable and who wants to actually want someone who wants her back, not the safety net she can provide them in the face of hiding their sexuality or needing to be close to the case just to fuck with one of her colleagues. But someone who actually wants her because I’m pretty sure the girl she was from the bayou was never shown that kind of want. Need. Desire. Love. It’s too early to call their relationship that, but that scene kills me. So many people are caught up in how cute or great Laurel is with Frank, but seeing Michaela give herself in something that could possibly be real too is just amazing. 

Can we talk about how Michaela Pratt is amazing!?

I just really want jongin to live a happy life, I love him and I care so much about him, I just hope he knows how incredible he is and I hope he enjoys all the beautiful things in life and smiles everyday, and even if he breaks down, he’ll know he’ll get through it because he’s a strong person and amazing stuff will keep popping up in his life, he deserves all the good things tbh ;u;

I’ve turned the ask box off while I’m trying to find a home and look after scar on my own, but I keep getting promote me astrology blog messages cause they say they only have 40 followers or something idk
astrology must be about about accumulating followers rather than participating in in the masterpiece now and articulating the inner world?? I love astrology and writing so so much it pours from my heart and soul and I’d write this blog for 2 or 2 million followers. No difference… Anyway these messages have popped up a lot after years without even one of them ever lol il have a look and see the signs as pumpkins and you guys don’t need to be directed to anymore of that! 😜 how about more Liz and Steve and Dayne and demetra 😘💞💞😘