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11 Facts About Me

I was tagged by the adorable @btskookiefangirl

1. I’m a full fledged devotee of worshipping and saleing my heart and soul to Kim Taehyung (a.k.a his wifey)

2. I’m an introvert, probably one of the worst so you can imagine how shy and antisocial and etc I'am

3. (I’m a witch, I’ve possessed two girls so far to do my bidding) My natural expression looks stoic (the struggle is alive and well)

4. (I’m Guk’s long lost sister yo) I’m 5'1 (yes I know I’m gnome)

5. (Me and Shitmney gonna fight) I have baby ears, or as kpopers would say smol ears

6. (I’m Hobi’s pimp) I’m told I’m soft spoken but I had to record my voice a few times and I just don’t hear it tbh (probably b/c cause the default of my baby ears ha)

7. (Yoonseok/SOPE is my favorite brotp) I hate the sound of voice

8. Legend of the blue sea is my favorite kdrama

9. I love anime

10. I want be an animator

11. I think I found the Tae to my Guk (blaze it)

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i really hate how fanfic is viewed as less valuable than other writings because people assume it’s easy to write when you’re using the basis of another work… honestly, writing within the frame of someone else’s creation can be even more challenging than writing something original and even plotless smut takes a lot of effort and practice to get right !! idk i’m just sick of hearing fanfic trashed and fanart praised to the heavens because apparently it’s so much harder to create art than it is to write :):))


Post-split Panic! At The Disco + memories

STEP IN TIME : musicals with tap numbers are infinitely better so here are a few for your ears

// 1. Forget About the Boy - Thoroughly Modern Millie // 2. I Can Do That - A Chorus Line // 3. Cold Feets - The Drowsy Chaperone // 4. Cinderella, Darling - How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying // 5. Bottom’s Gonna Be On Top - Something Rotten! // 6. Good Morning - Singin’ In The Rain // 7. Morning Person (Live) - Shrek The Musical // 8. King Of New York - Newsies // 9. Turn It Off - The Book Of Mormon // 10. We’re In The Money - 42nd Street // 11. You Won’t Succeed On Broadway - Spamalot // 12. Something Rotten!/Make An Omelette - Something Rotten! // 13. Anything Goes - Anything Goes // 14. I Got Rhythm - Crazy For You // 15. Puttin’ On The Ritz - Young Frankenstein // 16. Step In Time (Live) - Mary Poppins // 17. 42nd Street - 42nd Street // 18. Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life - Spamalot // 19. A Musical - Something Rotten! // 20. Expressing Yourself - Billy Elliot // 21. The Speed Test - Thoroughly Modern Millie //


anonymous asked:

How do you draw the head and bodyplease help!

Okay so, as I said, I’m completely self taught. So I don’t have any awesome tips or whatever.

I usually begin with the chin or a semi circle (which is supposed to represent the skull or a head without hair). Some people start by eyes, that’s fine too. You can start by everything, just do what’s easier for you.

As you can see, I draw a cross which the intersection is “in the middle”. I put eyes on the horizontal line (and use the vertical line as reference to situate the symmetry axis). I draw the nose a bit under the intersection.

Though, I don’t do this anymore. I completely skip it and I directly draw everything. (Still, it’s pretty useful, I used to do this for a while.)

left: starting by the top - right: starting by the chin (well, it’s more like by the cheek)

I use head part as central point of my drawing. Like, I’m too used to drawing the head first, so now I always begin with it.

Then, I always draw the body without clothes. That’s easier for me, so I can check if body proportions are correct.

(speed up x4)

Tip: Women’s hips are wider than men’s. In fact, I try to draw shoulders and hips with the same width (for women). 
As for men, their shoulders are wider than their hips. 

Everybody’s morphology is different, but it’s roughly something like this:

And if you need to vizualise it with geometric shapes:

I suck at drawing men though. lol

So yeah, I always draw bald and naked characters first. Then, I draw their face and add clothes. 


cs winter hiatus memeCaptain Swan in Season 3A

& just who are you, Swan?
Wouldn’t you like to know?
Perhaps I would.


imagine being so threatened and riled up over a voice line being shared by two characters that you feel the need to post hate in the ship tag

like… mercy and roadhog share the “piece of cake” voice line and no one has lost their shit over that lmao

idk I’m just happy for meihem shippers cos they constantly have trash in their tags from gross people, and having something cute and nice between the chars in their ship is a good bolster to fandom morale; god knows it gets fucking dragging to see pissbabies whining about how toxic or abusive something is when like no one takes a ship at face value?? like I don’t see anyone throwing fits over other popular ships that have major roadblocks or other obstacles that would have to be addressed; people make art and write fic for them and are left alone because that’s how things should be. I don’t delve into many other ships but like for christ’s sake character growth and development is a thing, get off your discourse horse you assbasket

and that’s another thing too, like all these kids get whiny about ships and calling them these particular buzzwords and it’s like? do you know what an abusive relationship looks like because I was in one and I sure as hell do! and simple differing dynamics between characters does not equal toxicity by any means – especially when people want to expand character experiences and interactions and show growth and development.

does Mei not like Junkrat? judging from some of their interactions, probably not. could she learn to like him through teamwork and mutual effort to understand one another? absolutely. in the hands of fans and writers and artists, anything is possible. that’s what fandom is for.

and anyone who feels compelled to police others’ ships and experiences (within reason) can piss right off.

I’ll Do What I Must

Basically how I imagine Nesta’s “apology” will really go like

Words: ~500 words

Description: Nesta and Feyre have a sort of talk, sort of speech, sort of idk before kicking some booty (shrugs) 

Tagging @sparkleywonderful and @propshophannah because of that one time, long ago, where we were commenting about Nesta and apologizing. 

So here goes…

“You love these people?” Nesta questioned, focusing her gaze on the pale blue of her sister’s irises. The answer lied between them, visible even to the naked eye. Once a gate that could never be passed or permeated, now a bridge that brought them together once more and never closed.

“I do.” Feyre whispered, nodding a resounding yes. These were her people. Easily loved, easily lovable. Nesta knew for a fact that as much as Feyre would die to save them all, they would do the same, if not more, for her. Their high lady, their queen, their friend.

Nesta merely nodded, glancing at the rest of them. At Rhysand, and his heavy gaze, at Azriel and his many shadows, at Mor and her strength of steel. At Cassian, who looked awed at the sight of her, proud, for a reason she wouldn’t recognize until she wasn’t quite as preoccupied. When the time was right.

They watched her, watching Feyre. Taking in the moment as if it was history meant to be written in books. They were lucky she liked to read.

These people, who broke her walls and took its place, who enshrouded her in a safety even she couldn’t create, were her sister’s family. Her family. She would die for them, too.

“Then I’ll do what I must to protect them.”

The sentence echoed in the expanse of the valley. Maybe it was the conviction in her voice, or how she looked as she said it, but Nesta could feel the fear from the soldiers behind her. Could hear it like a steady drum. She could have sworn the whole Earth gasped at the promise. In liberation or defeat, she didn’t know. But she had never been defeated.

Her eyes met Feyre’s once more. An agreement, a pledge, a strength. Feyre’s lips slowly turned upward, and even in the middle of war she felt the warmth of the sun. No one could break the bond between sisters, not between Archeron sisters. Suffer together, love together, fight together. Until the end.

Nesta’s body shifted, scanning the expanse of the army; their weapons, their might. She was mightier, fiercer than any storm, any shadow, any fight. And fight she would, for her old life and her new one.

Her eyes zeroed in on him, riding his chariot. Easily victorious, if he had not created a weapon forged against him. She stared directly at him, at his eyes and will of steel. The light in her gaze grew. She wasn’t a doll to play with, but oh, did she want to play.

She didn’t turn around, didn’t acknowledge her allies behind her. Her mouth merely proclaimed a vow buried in furious temptation.

“But Hybern, he’s mine.”

Feyre’s lips turned sinister at the ferocity of the flame before her. She had no doubt in Nesta’s claim.

They were sister’s after all.

(Ignore the fact that I didn’t mention some characters.) :D 

Guess what???? I’m writing a fic about Nesta’s first time….. killing fae. ;) Because I like gore and murder. (It’s my thing) so be on the look out for it. I hope you liked this one, it took me all of thirty minutes. 

bonus-point  asked:

Can you write how you think the Izzy and Alec scene will sound? Like the whole "omg are you talking about have sex" and so on👌🏼☺️

Alec finds Izzy in the control room, pouring over an old book.

“Hey, can we talk?” Alec says, already nervous with the amount of people around them.

It must show on his face, because Izzy promptly closes the book she’s reading and leans in close. “Of course, big brother.”

Alec sits across from her, and rubs the back of his neck. “How do you know it’s the right time?”

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6 selfies from 2016. A few people tagged me to do this lol I wasn’t going to but I like seeing how my hair has progressed this year 👌

Tagging @xenon-exe @makeupandbullets @kittenvoodoo @elvencantation @starborn-witch @orriculum @eclecticwitchrowyn @seraphsweetie @earthshinefairy @moonbugpresence I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot of people so if you wanna do it then do it!! 💜💕

some movie night headcanons

- movie night Saturday is a BIG thing at the firehouse. 

- Kevin takes the lack of couch space as an opportunity to put all the pillows and blankets on the floor. it becomes a Saturday night tradition.

- they all take turns picking a movie each week and Patty has yet to pick something that isn’t a documentary or a musical. everyone complains that the songs will get stuck in their heads, but deep down they love it. 

- Patty knows this so she tries to pick a different style of musical every time it’s her turn. everyone is singing the show tunes until the next movie night.

- Abby alternates between comedies and 80s coming-of-age films which she shamelessly cries at a good majority of. 

- Erin trying to hide her obvious tears makes Holtz flirtatiously tease her about crying over a movie. the teasing usually doesn’t last long because Holtz is a sympathetic crier who “only teared up a little bit, I swear.” 

- Holtzmann doesn’t get that there is a limit to how many bad 70s-80s sci-fi films you can watch per lifetime and that she has greatly exceeded that limit.

- Kevin has no real pattern to his picks, but he has a soft spot for Disney. when it isn’t Disney, it’s something everyone ends up liking anyways. (except for the one time he picked a really metaphorical indie film and no one knew what was going on but him.) 

- Erin’s choices have yet to stray from Harry Potter after she got the girls to finally read all the books over a span of three weeks. 

-Patty didn’t mind rereading them for a third time. her book club dreams came true. Abby took some extra convincing. Holtz was adamant about finishing them as fast as possible. (it’s not because she liked seeing Erin’s smile when she’d go on about the characters that she held so close to her heart or anything.) 

- Abby is a night owl, so when everyone falls asleep in a big cuddled up heap she makes sure to take a picture. if that picture just so happens to make it to instagram then whoops.

what truly fascinates me (and by fascinates i mean “what the actual fuck”) about ultra-right conservatives is like… they don’t seem to believe in just being nice??? like i understand concerns about where we’ll get the money for some social reform programs, don’t get me wrong, those are valid questions, but they always seem so baffled about why we should want to have them in the first place

“why should we give homeless people shelter?” 

idk because they’re people and you shouldn’t want them to freeze to death? 

“why should we provide free healthcare?”

idk because people literally die without it and the ACA has saved god knows how many lives??

“why should i tag triggers?”

idk because panic attacks suck and it takes literally half a second to prevent someone else from having one by tagging them???

“why should we raise the minimum wage?”

idk because otherwise you can work for 40+ hours a week and still starve????

“why did you give money to that homeless guy you don’t even know?”


  • Taken from personal experience.
  • YoonMin Shippers: very sweet very nice very lovely like I have no bad words for these people how are they so nice literally all fics of their otp is angst angst angst how are you not rolling in rage
  • TaeKook Shippers: very dirty but try to be low key about it but then just blow up with all the bottled up thirst and go on kinky one shot rampages but also really weird in the best way possible
  • NamJin: calm as fuck, secure with their ship like really mature and idk why, I respect you but I don't understand you
  • VHope: oh my god dirtiest people you'll ever meet but they have 0 shame, yeah they read that one shot of v calling Hobi daddy while being fucked in a public restroom with Jungkook in the next stall and they're proud of it
  • YoonSeok: super laid back when expressing their love for this ship their tags are either 'oh they're so cute' or 'omg they looked at each other' idk how you survive because I rarely see any quality YoonSeok shit so I give you props for sticking to your guns
  • JiHope: you're either a sadist or the sweetest cinnamon roll because I've seen you guys blushing and getting flustered over Jimin just grazing Hobis thigh but then going off into your own fantasy of 50 shades of JiHope, some of ya'll are nasty.
  • JiKook: idk why but most people I've met that ship JiKook hard also ship Jimin with everyone like they want a BTS sandwich with Jimin in the middle but at the same time they're very loving and pretty much adore their ship but say anything about "lol Jungkook ignores Jimin he hates him" and they'll be serving your head for dinner
  • VMin: oh man these guys are the funniest, they can be dirty but it mostly consists of pervy jokes and their favourite moments between their ship are when the two are bickering or jokingly insulting each other they're down for pretty much anything
  • TaeJin: Kinky af and it scares me how quick you can go from sweet to horny
  • JinKook: you guys are cute af, sure you can be nasty like the rest but you're genuinely happy just watching Jin dote over Jungkook and it's the sweetest thing ever and you deserve every ship moment that happens because you guys are the real cinnamon roll
Fraternity Feud: Hurricane


Request: literally enough people to populate a small island asked me to do this so hello here it is! 

Triggers: poorly translated french lmao, water? is that a trigger?, hamilboys being dumb 

W/C: 2594

A/N: THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR 500! This fic is supposed to be my milestone celebration but I don’t think anything will ever show how grateful I am lol, regardless - enjoy! 


Your phone started ringing and you groaned, asking Professor Washington to excuse you for a second. It had taken weeks to get this alone time with your professor so of course it had to be ruined. The caller ID read “LAFAYETTE”, you rolled your eyes and answered, “What is it, Laf?” you asked in a sinister whisper. The other side of the call was all static and a frantic french accent, the only words you could make out was “Come ba-!” “ALEXAN-!” Washington gave you a pointed look. You gave a pathetic smile even though your eyes were wild, “Lafayette you aren’t making sense” you told him over the static and shouting in the background.

“SEND A SHIP!” he yelled into your ear and you winced, the static drowning out the rest of his words before eventually the call cut out. Your eyes widened, what the hell was that? You asked yourself. You turned back to your Professor, who had grown irritated. “I’m so sorry, sir. I think my friend-uh, Hamilton? Is in trouble? And-” he raised an eyebrow.



“Go! Go help him, what are doing here?!” Your professor ordered while waving his arms to the door. You thanked him and grabbed your bag, running out of the lecture hall. It had been weeks since the turtle-napping incident and the boys had sworn to be on their best behavior. But they couldn’t be held accountable for long. I’m not going on a witchhunt for a turtle again, you thought to yourself.

You knocked on the door and Hercules opened it just enough to pull you in and shut the door again, almost giving you whiplash from the swift movement. You felt water crawl into your shoes and surround you up to your knees and your jaw fell to the floor.

“How the hell did this happen?!” You shouted to the boys in front of you.

Half of the boys’ valuables were floating in the knee-deep water. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison stood by the window and were the only ones completely soaked from head to toe. Lafayette laid on his bed on the top bunk, whimpering in french. Laurens sat against the wall, his chin being tickled by the water while he stared straight ahead with tired eyes. All the while Alexander was frantically using a cereal bowl to throw the water out of the first floor dorm room through the window. Hercules moved past you and grabbed the floating objects from the water, trying to put them onto the same bed Lafayette was laying on. Lauren’s turtle (who was now renamed Scoocher) happily swam in front of you.

“How. Did. This. Happen?!” you growled, looking around the dorm that now resembled a pond rather than a living space. All the boys looked around at each other, urging another to start talking. Thomas was the first to speak up, “The short one started it” he claimed.

“I didn’t do THIS!” Laurens protested, getting a mouthful of water while doing so.

“It was a domino effect that you started” James argued.

Alexander stopped throwing water out of the window, “We aren’t going to talk about it!”

Hercules turned to the group, “Or was it the foreigner?!”

“You KNOW I didn’t do this,CRÉTIN!” Lafayette shouted while kicking the back of his roommate’s head. You rolled your eyes and helped Laurens out of the water, trying to console him through your anger. “I want one person to tell me what happened” you stated as calmly as you could. The boys looked around the room at each other. Hercules nudged Lafayette, and the frenchman locked eyes with you. He cursed under his breath, but stood straight while beginning to explain, “Fine.Je vais lui dire.” he huffed.

It all started when we sat next to the Schuyler sisters at lunch. Angelica was helping Lafayette proofread his english paper, Peggy was braiding John’s hair and Eliza asked us, “What are you guys gonna do for Y/N’s birthday this week?” and Alexander told her “What we usually do, it’s tradition” and then Peggy pointed out “Well aren’t things going to be different now that she’s friends with those frat guys?” Mademoiselle was right, none of us had thought about that but leave it to Alexander to start arguing, he said “Well we’ve been friends with her longer so she’s gonna wanna be with us because we won’t make her feel old because we aren’t jerks” and that’s when Laurens said “Well, maybe we should talk to them and figure something out” So the next day, Thomas told us to meet at his maternity house, - what? Oh, excusez moi, fraternity, and he made dinner and said only Alexander was to come.

Lafayette leaned in, lowering his voice for dramatic effect, “But we had a spy on the inside,” you raised an eyebrow “C’est vrai. Hercules Mulligan!” He put his hand on his friend’s shoulder and urged him to continue the story. Hercules reluctantly nodded, and turned to the group, “So Alexander walked into the frat house, and I sneaked in from the back door a couple minutes after…”

The tall one was giving him a bowl of macaroni and cheese, while telling him “I don’t like you, but since Y/N’s our friend we obviously have to work something out.” and he sounded really calm but I don’t trust anyone with that much hair, so I stayed out of sight and on guard. But Alexander was not having it and he told Jefferson right where he could stick his macaroni, and that’s when they both got mad and our feisty little orphan texted me, saying “Tell John I said ‘ROCHAMBEAU’’” so I ran back to the dorm to find Laurens and Lancelot are surrounded by balloons. That’s when Laurens tells me “Start helping Lafayette fill the balloons, we attack the second Alex leaves their house” and I noticed he was just drinking while Lafayette did everything else, so I asked him what he was doing and he pointed to a bucket filled with balloons, and he told me “I’ve had two pints of sam adams, but I’m working on three.” “That’s disgusting” This kid actually said to me, “My kids will tell the story of tonight” *sigh* I’ve never been more disgusted…

You gagged, pulling away from the half hug you had maintained with Laurens. “Pee balloons?” you asked, “Seriously?” Hercules agreed and climbed onto the top bunk to sit next to Lafayette, claiming the rest of the story was too gross for him to tell. The freckle faced boy turned to you, and said he’d tell the rest. “Here’s what you need to know…”

Firstly, this was an ambush. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison didn’t have any other frat brothers there, they were all off pranking Aaron Burr because he did some nonsense and claimed he was a part of their frat but that’s just because he wants respect with the freshman, anyways, they were alone and fragile and we were ready to attack. We took the the water balloons that Lafayette and Hercules made, and the special balloons I filled and hid behind the bushes while waiting for Jefferson and Madison to walk out. When they did, we attacked. I targeted Jefferson, because I knew my urine would make him weaker. Madison was attacked by Hercules and Lafayette, but eventually Jefferson grabbed him and used him as a human shield. Then the most horrible case scenario happened. Madison grabbed Alexander while he was laughing … and right as he set him in front of them … I was launching my last speciality balloon. It was all so sudden. It hit a laughing Alexander in the face. A perfect shot. It splashed like-

Alexander stopped throwing water out of the window for once this entire time and turned to Laurens, hair in his face, “WE REALLY DON’T NEED TO BE THAT GRAPHIC, JOHN!” You crossed your arms, feeling chills run up your body. “Can we please get to the part where the dorm room has now become flooded?! I’m going to die of hypothermia” Lafayette hopped down and let you take his seat on the top bunk, when James spoke up. “Perhaps I could help fill in the blanks,” he suggested while putting one arm behind his back, “After we were rudely attacked by the hooligans you call friends, Thomas was least to say, frazzled … ”

“We need to fight back, Madison. We were outgunned, outmanned.” He told me whilst pacing the living space. As I was changing into dry clothes, I reminded him of what happened with the kidnapping of Mr. John Laurens’ turtle, which Thomas didn’t remember but also didn’t care for. He continued pacing, saying “We were outnumbered, outplanned…how do you fight water, Madison?” and he turned to me with wild eyes, saying “You fight it with fire!” I was growing concerned but let him continue because I was still cold, and he started sketching on a notepad. He began saying, “If there is a fire you’re trying to douse-” and I cleared my throat, telling him, “If you set the dorm room on fire, you’ll kill a majority of campus.” Thomas ripped the page out of his sketchpad and began a new drawing and asked “Does acid count as fighting with fire?”

I sighed and asked, “Why is your first idea always arson?”

“I’m trying to keep a theme”

Now that idea was a little too realistic, so I reminded him that one of our neighboring fraternities had a long hose that was close to campus. He-

“It was YOUR idea?!” Alexander shouted at James, throwing the cereal bowl out the window “We had a truce!”

James put his second hand behind his back, “I’m sorry, would you rather have been set on fire?”

“THAT can be arranged!” Thomas added.

Lafayette and Hercules “ooo”’d from the top bunk in harmony while Scoocher swam by him. Thomas stepped forward in the water, “And don’t try and victimize yourself, Alexander Hamilton!” he turned to you, “Let me tell you what this one did when we came in here…”

James and I borrowed the hose and found the window that I stand by right now, and it was left wide open, while the spy did homework, Monsieur Lafayette napped and Hamilton was in the closet going through his awful clothes. Which I’m glad I ruined, by the way. James turned on the hose and we had it at a light level, we just wanted to lightly spritz water all over their pathetic and cheap belongings, but Hamilton had to come ruin it. He took his claws and he sprayed himself with the water while breaking the hose, making it push water out faster. HE is the one who started the chaos. Then, as the water was rising and he was practically swimming, he GRABS me by my shoulders and FLINGS me into the overflowing room, does the same to James, and we nearly DROWN. And I swear, Y/N, out of the corner of my eye I saw a weapon-

You rolled your eyes, “Thomas! No, there was no weapon!” you shouted. Alexander looked at you with pleased eyes, smirking. You hit him in the shoulder, “Don’t feel so smug, I only know because you’d be standing in blood instead of water right now if you did.” Laurens agreed. Alexander put his hand on chest, “Let me tell you the real story. It started when I first immigrated from the caribbean-” Everyone in the room groaned. Offended, Alexander restarted “Fine, I’ll skip some stuff…

As I was going through my closet to find John’s hoodie that I borrowed the other night, I heard whispering behind me. I looked at Lafayette, but I knew it wasn’t him because his sleep-whispering was usually angrier. So I looked at Mulligan, but it also wasn’t him because he only says things under his breath when he’s doing science. Then I looked outside and saw it. Thomas Jefferson’s infamous afro and purple hoodie. It was revenge knocking at my window. They started hosing us all, ruining Mulligan’s homework and waking up Lafayette, John came running in as if on cue and I knew that I had to protect my friends. Like the hero that I was born to be, I grabbed the hose from them and tried to stop it, but Jefferson did something to it and strategically broke it, which was probably part of his plan all along. Next thing I knew he TACKLED me into the water and so did Madison, they were strangling me and I thought it was all over. The sounds of John’s high pitched screams and Lafayette’s sultry accent faded away… In the eye of a hurricane, there is quiet…

“Hamilton please, enough with the existential crisis” Thomas spat. You sighed, putting your hand on your forehead. Hercules put his arm around you and rubbed your shoulder, “Sorry, Y/N. You’re just in a room full of people who care about you… and are immature” he comforted. Lafayette nodded, “I wouldn’t get my socks wet for anyone rather than my best friend” he admitted while shivering in the cold water.

His roommates scolded him, “Sorry,” Lafayette weakly smiled “I meant female best friend.”

John stood by Alexander and grabbed his turtle from the water, “And you saved Scooter”


“Same thing”

Everyone’s eyes turned to Jefferson and Madison, who were gazing at the ceiling and walls. Thomas mumbled something. “What was that, Thomas?” you teased. He groaned, “You’re a good friend. I guess. I don’t know. Shut up” he muttered. James cleared his throat, “I second that.” You smiled at them both but turned back to the rest of the group. “We need to figure out how to drain this entire room before you’re all kicked out of King’s College” you told your friends. Alexander reached out of the window to look for his cereal bowl and Thomas and James tried to reach the hose that was currently outside and still spewing water everywhere at full speed.

There was a knock on the door.

Eliza opened the door, only to be greeted by three feet of water, Angelica and Peggy shouting once the water reached them. Laughing, Eliza looked for you in the midst of chaos and asked “Hey, Y/N do you wanna go out for your birthday with us today?” You exhaled in relief and accepted their offer, getting down from the bunk bed. Water rushed past your legs as it left the room just as you were, and the boys started protesting. Peggy blushed a bit, “Sorry did you guys already have plans set up with her?” All the boys looked around at each other.

They all replied in a chorus. “Well, no!””Not for right now!” “But we had a war and-” “Everything got wet!” “No one really won” “It was inconclusive”

The Schuyler sisters all giggled a bit, “Well we’re just gonna hang out with her now when she’s not busy. There’s time for everyone” Angelica said. You waved goodbye with the sisters as you walked down the hall with them.

“Is it so hard to figure out a schedule?” Eliza joked.

                        ————There  are  two  people  you’ll  meet  in  your  life.  One  will  run  a  finger down  the  index  of  who  you  are  and  jump  straight  to  the  parts  of  you  that  peak  their  INTEREST.  The  other  will take  his  or  her  time  reading  through  every  one  of  your  CHAPTERS  and  maybe  fold  a  corner  of  you  that INSPIRED  them  most.  You  will  meet  these  two  people;  it  is  a  given.  It  is  the  third  that  you’ll  never  see  coming. That  one  person  who  not  only  finishes  your  sentences ,  but  KEEPS THE BOOK….



Face behind the blog tag

i don't take selfies so here are the worst/okay-est pictures of me i could find/ones without snapchat filters :^)
Rules: Share a selfie (how ever many you like) and tell your followers about yourself! Tag 3 or more people. 

Name: Sophie
Age: 16
Height: 5 something? idk i haven’t checked in a while it’s probably 5′4 or 5′5
Pronoun: she/her
Race / Ethnicity: white as heck
Partner: lol nnop
Pets: i have 3 cats and i think they all hate me :^D
Occupation: student? i guess?
Hobbies: video games, sleeping, doing nothing 
What you like about yourself: i think i’m all around p great except not a fan of the way my face looks sometimes 
Side blogs: @palechiffon
People you want to get to know better? Tag 3 or more: @simreaper @thosefuckingsims @dazzled-simblr @cabsim if you’re up to it :^)