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Supernatural Arrow (Crossover)

Warnings: Kidnapping, some feels
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Oliver and Thea Queen, John Diggle, Felicity Smoak (mentioned), Sister Queen Reader
Summary: You get taken by a demon and the Winchester save you only to meet your brother, The Arrow
Readers Age: 10 years old
Word Count: 1327

Y/N: Your Name

A/N: This is my first crossover fic so I hope y'all like it! This is when the Queens were still rich, and this kind of took a turn from what I was originally going for but I still like how it turned out, I may do a part 2 about the Queens and Winchesters hanging out idk yet lemme know if y'all want a part 2. Enjoy!

The school bell rang, you got up from your seat and ran outside like all the other kids. Once you got out you saw Mr. Diggle, or as you’ve been instructed to call him, Diggs. You ran over to him and got into the backseat of the car, “So how was school today Y/N?” Diggs asked. “Fun, I drew this in class today!” You got out a drawing of your brother Oliver, your sister Thea, Felicity, and Diggs. “Wow that’s amazing, when we get back make sure to show Oliver and Thea.” Diggs said, you smiled and nodded.

You got home and ran inside, “OLI! THEA!” You called for them as you ran into the living room. You didn’t find them so you made your way out of the living room to go up the stairs to find Thea walking down them.

“Thea! Look what I drew in class today!” You said excitedly as you handed her the drawing, “Wow, look at this. It’s everyone.” Thea pointed out. “The teacher said to draw our family, and Felicity, and Diggs are apart of our family.” You smiled, which made Thea smile as well.

She handed you back your drawing, “Where’s Oli?” You asked, “Uh I don’t know. I’m sure he just went out for a little while.” Thea said, you nodded and skipped off outside. Diggs followed you, since you have no idea what your brother really does, Oliver wants someone watching you at all times.

You were running around playing with everything, you heard Diggs’ phone ring and saw him walk off. You then saw a man that approached you, he had a smirk on his face then for a second his eyes flashed pitch black, so did everything around you.

You woke up to a big headache, you realized you were tied down. “What? Hello?” You said as you looked around it was a warehouse, your eyes were starting to fill with tears. “Oh you’re awake, great!” The man said as he approached you, “I didn’t think it would be this easy to get the one and only Y/N Queen.” The man commented as he twirled a knife in his hand.

“P-please don’t hurt me.” You begged, tears now falling, “Oh kid, if you think that I’ll actually do what you say, you got another thing coming.” The man stalked towards you with a evil grin then all of a sudden, his whole body flashed, he then fell onto the floor.

You looked at a man who was behind him, he was a little taller blondish-brown, spikey hair, and flannel. Flannel really? He tucked the knife back into his coat pocket and walked toward you, and you? You screamed off the top of your lungs, and you being so young it was high pitched which made the man cringe and cover his ears.

“Hey kid I’m not gonna hurt you!” He yelled, you stopped. You then saw another man appear out of the shadows he was tall, really tall. He had brown hair that stopped a little above his shoulders, and he looked very kind.

“Hey, my name’s Sam, this is my brother Dean. We’re gonna get you out of here.” This ‘Sam’ stated, he seemed very trust worthy. You nodded, tears were still flowing down your face.

You then heard a weird sound, you looked over to see an arrow stuck in the wall behind you. The two men pulled out guns, you looked up to see a man in a green hood with a bow and arrow. He jumped down to the floor.

“Let her go.” His voice sounded weird, as if someone was manipulating it. “Listen we were the ones that saved her alright? We’re not going to hurt her.” Sam said calmly, “Hey, aren’t you the vigilante uh what is it… The Arrow!” Dean stated.

“Uh, I’m Sam and that’s my brother Dean, we were just helping her.” Sam said still remaining calm, “Sam and Dean? Winchester?” The Arrow asked. The brothers looked shocked, “How do you know us?” Dean asked as he raised his gun a little, The Arrow chuckled. “I met your dad some odd years back, he uh helped my dad with a problem.” The Arrow stated.

“C-can someone untie me?” You said in between sobs, they obviously forgot about you, “Oh uh ye-” Sam was cut off by The Arrow, “No, stay away from her.” He walked towards you which only scared you even more. You let out a scream and more tears came falling down, he stopped dead in his tracks. Oliver never thought that he would make his little sister cry.

What happened next broke his heart, “OLI!!!!” You screamed as you lowered your head, all you wanted was your brother, yet you didn’t even know that he was standing right in front of you.

A moment passed before Oliver decided to do something he never thought he would do, he grabbed his hood and took it off revelling his face. He turned the voice modification device off, “Y/N.” He said.

Your head shot up and you saw Oliver wearing The Arrows clothes, you didn’t care though, “OLI!!” You screamed as you tried to get the ropes lose. Oliver smiled and walked over to you and untied you. You instantly jumped into his arms and he didn’t hesitate to wrap them around you.

Oliver picked you up despite that you are way passed that age, “Thanks for.. Helping her.” Oliver said, “You’re not gonna kill us since we know your secret are you?” Dean asked, Oliver chuckled.

“No, you guys seem like people that can keep a secret.” Oliver responded, “You don’t even know us.” Sam stated. “No I don’t. But I knew your father and he had many secrets, which only means that you two have secrets. Which implies that you’re good at keeping them.” Oliver pointed out.

Sam and Dean paused for a moment, “Well, since you knew our dad maybe we should all catch up some time.” Sam suggested, Oliver chuckled. “Yeah plus you two do have some explaining to do. But thanks anyway, I should get this one home.” Oliver motioned to you. The brothers chuckled and went on their way while you and Oliver went back to his secret base underneath the club.

Oliver went to the basement and placed you back on the ground, “I’m guessing you want some answers.” Oliver broke the silence as he set his bow in its proper place. “Nope.” You responded, Oliver’s eyebrows knitted together and he spun around.

“What do you mean?” He asked, “You’re The Arrow, a superhero, I always knew you were a superhero but that’s just because you’re my brother. But you are actually a superhero, you help people. I understand.” You said with a small smile.

Oliver smiled, “C'mere.” He knelt down to your level and you ran into his arms. A moment passed before Oliver broke the silence, “You can keep a secret right?” He asked as he pushed you back, “What do you mean?” You replied.

“Well Thea doesn’t know which means you can’t tell her. Or anyone you know for that matter, you cannot tell anyone.” Oliver said firmly, you pretended to zip up your lips and throw away the key. “But Diggs and Felicity already know.” Oliver informed you, you nodded.

You always knew your brother was a superhero but that was only because he was your older brother. He just seemed like an amazing guy, that he could defeat anyone. Now you know that Oliver is a superhero, he does actually fight crime and he does help people. He is amazing and he can defeat anyone. And that’s your brother.

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I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!