idk how many times i've watched this




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Different anon, but I'm curious.. How would you improve the sims? I've never played it myself so idk much about it.. is there a more entertaining way to play it than what dnp do? It is kinda boring to watch at times..

dan and phil tend to focus on the story aspect, which is fun but it gets old after a while. there are so many achievements in the game they could try to get and just a lot of stuff they could do and explore. also although they try to get dil promoted they don’t really do much to further him in other aspects (like levelling up his various skills) and idk i just think it would be nice to do some of that now that they’ve had countless episodes of just fucking about y'know? i’m excited about the next ep tho bc yay interior design

as for the story aspect i still think they should focus more on the kids than dil, as dil has already lived a good portion of his life and i’d be a lot more interested to see what happens with dab and evan and the newborn alien child

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I am absolutely o b s e s s e d with your satisfied animatic omg but I gotta ask, when you showed Laurens looking all sad during Angelica's speech, was that a lams thing? Because I'm a strong supporter of Laurens and Hamilton having something going on, but I wasn't sure if that's what you were hinting at... idk I wanted to ask. I've watched that animatic so many times like, i just love how you used the colours and the drawing is just.. wow

ye thats what i was hinting at hoho

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You should watch Fullmetal Alchemist ... or like Stranger Things ( not an anime ) ... or No.6 or ummm Kimi no Todoke , or Tora Dora ( it is literally my fave rom com ever oh my god )

aa I’ve heard so many things about Fullmetal Alchemist, I really want to start watching it! it’s a lot of episodes though right? idk how much time I’ll have for it but it’s definitely on my to-watch list (Stranger Things too!!)

No.6 I’ve watched and loved it, it’s amazing, Kimi no Todoke too (it’s so cute <3), never heard of Tora Dora tho? I’ll give it a go :D 

Thanks!! <33  

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OMG I'm so happy you said that about him dancing?! Because like... EVERYONE is singing him praises for being such an awesome dancer and everytime I watch that Carlton video I just facepalm so hard. Actually, scratch that, I didnt even watch it that many times bc I was so embarrassed for him. and omg, that Fantastic 4 video. JFC. It's cute that he's so excited and has no inhibitions and likes to dance but he's not that good lol. At least in the stuff i've seen.

EXACTLY. I honestly can’t even look at them straight cause… Idk I just can’t deal with it LOL


Uh huh?

Jeeeez… *facepalms*

Someone take me to a club with him so I can see how well he can dance I want to see with my own two eyes.


What is baseball to you, Coach Okamoto?
FIRE. The coach’s and the players’ clash aggressively, and sparks fly! That’s what starts it all. No matter how good you become technically, or how good your practice environment is, if the player on the field are empty, there’s no chance you can win! What controls your techniques and body? The heart! It is my role as the coach to build the fire within the players!