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I guess this is sorta like a rant? But not really? This isn’t to call anyone out or hate on anyone, I just find it interesting how many people get so involved with minicat.


Anyways, I’ve seen so much drama dealing with around the ship, and again, I don’t want to hurt anyone, I really find it interesting.

I guess I feel like people take it too seriously. I understand that you know Tyler has girlfriend, I do. It really seems like people overreact in this community tbh

Sorry, but, it does.

And sometimes I feel like s lot of snippy moments aren’t really moments? Idk

Anyways yea. That’s all for now. Unless I junk if more

Tag Game

ermahgerd thanks for the tag @theinsidiouscinnamonroll!!!! (sorry i took me so long to get to this)

RULES: Tag 20 people you’d like to know better!

Nickname: Jo, Jojo, yohan, yohans (honestly its just a weird story dont ask) 

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Height: I’m like 5′5-6 i think????

Last thing you googled: …what time is it in ohio… sorry i just find it interesting how all my internet friends are living at different times than i am and i wanted to know which one you were at…

Favorite Music Artist: ugggh idk… maybe halsey, melanie martinez, p!atd, fob,,,,,i just like a lot i have too many songs on my phone its an actual problem please send me help

Last movie you watched: Jurassic World 

Why did you choose your url: I’m in like a BILLION fandoms, so i thought it seemed fitting. also it wasnt taken so i guess that was a major factor as well

Do you have any other blogs: Yep, @patterns-in-stars is my aesthetic blog(tho i don’t post much there tbh), and then @a-small-green-dinosaur because i hoard urls dont judge me(also theres legit nothing onit sooo)

What did your last relationship teach you: u guys the only relationship i have is with the netflix account

Religious or Spiritual: uhhh Spiritual?????

Average hours of sleep: 5-10 cuz im weird

Lucky Number: 17!

Favorite characters: Jason, Piper, Simon, Baz, Shiro, the rest of the paladins cuz i love them allllll, Yuri, Yurio, Victor, Castiel, Lestrade….. it just goes on

How many blankets do you with: 1-2 in the spring/summer, but 5-7 in the winter/ cuz im from the NORTH

Dream job: i honestly have no clue…..

Some of you might have been tagged before so I’m sorry but @ashthasx @nerdyandgeekyenby @elf-confidence @samndeanat221btardislane @anyone else who wants to

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There was a fellowship called Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth (TOPY), founded in 1981, that uses Dylan's same exact tri tier cross as their symbol. They call it Thee Psychick Cross. Idk much about TOPY, but apparently people that are attracted to it tend to feel rejected from society's conditioning of normalcy and wish to break free from its chains. It's just interesting how Dylan's cross can be found in so many places. So I'm wondering, have you discovered anything that uses Dylan's cross too?

The Evolution of The Everlasting Contrast Triple-Barred Cross (of Salem)

No, sorry to say, the TOPY Thee Psychick Cross is not like Dylan’s. In fact, it is the exact opposite of the everlasting-contrast triple barred cross as the bars are reversed.

Detail below of Dylan’s shift in focus from the Cross of Lorraine’s two bar design to the Cross of Salem with three bars.  The ‘Cut Here’ is the larger slash across the middle representing himself in ‘Me’.

Metal Gear Fandom Group Chat

Want a fun place to hang out with people and make new friends? I’m setting up a little group chat for everyone to do just that. Artists, authors, fans, you name it. Feel free to chat about your headcanons, theories, AUs, and anything relevant to your interests. The goal is a common interest hang out.


- Links that are NSFW should be labeled for safety (e.g. [hardcore snake/box action] ) in case anyone is in public.
- If someone asks you to stop doing something, stop.
- You’re free to talk about literally anything. It is a chat, after all.
- If there’s something you don’t want to see or read, minimize the chat. If it keeps persisting and it’s something that’s really not cool or upsetting, let me know and I’ll handle it.
- Don’t harass anyone.
- Common sense.
- Have a damn good time.

Reblog if you’re interested in joining and tag with your skype username. There isn’t a limit to how many that can join just yet, but if it grows too large then there might be a cap. I will be adding people at 3pm CST every day.

Questions? Comments? Hit up my inbox and I’ll be happy to answer!

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They can pry lavender from my cold dead bi hands tbh. Actually this was a literal argument back in the bi discourse that we were appropriating "gay" colors with the bi flag because pink and purple are gay colors... smh

All of this reeks of TERF ideology tbh. That’s the only subculture I’ve seen that’s super controlling about how lesbians (or depending on the context, gay people in general) “own” specific words, images, memes, colors, etc.

Several people in the 90s wrote books that were, in part, about how the conservative lesbian separatist movement pushed bi women out – how they’re the main reason that bi people are a separate cultural and political letter in the acronym. (Bisexual Spaces has a bunch of interesting stories about that tug of war, and I think Paula Rust has written about it too.)

And the venn diagram of TERFs and lesbian separatists is pretty close to just being a circle.

Anyway idk if this makes sense, but tl;dr: people claiming you can’t use lavender because it’s a lesbian only color sets off so many alarm bells for me.

Many people on the new chapter: *complains about implied references, hate over Isayama’s writing, judging potential outcomes of the story and how gross it will be, vows to drop the manga*

Me, a non-intellectual that is amused and interested in too many things too easily: idk I kinda liked it

one of my goals on my disney program was to see a celebrity (that i cared about). we had neil patrick harris come in to the restaurant - but i was downstairs so i didnt get to see him. obama, prince harry and justin trudeau were apparently watching the fireworks from the canada pavilion - my day off. we had a disney channel star in, but i had no idea who she was. same with someone from the show nashville. i did see evil dick from big brother, so that was cool. i THOUGHT i saw ariana grande but it was just an impersonator (who i later found her youtube channel through a video saying “im not trying to be ariana grande” or something like that. but one of my last days there, i saw Holly Madison who is one of my favourite celebrities. my friend and i were literally just talking about how she was staying at the grand floridian and not ten minutes later i saw her walking by. im pretty sure i squealed and said “its her!!” a little too loudly because her husband stared and laughed at me and according to my friend, turned to Holly Madison and said “they’re squealing” haha. so goal reached. oh i guess i did see corbin blue at disneyland!

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I think member x member would be good and people will def love it but member x male reader would be so interesting cause no one really does it; that being said, it wouldn't be too accessible I guess? It'd have to be like third person and idk it could be written well but idk how many people would be able to enjoy it as a fanfic more than they would as a story? If that makes sense? You'd be writing that one to be writing new content rather than popular content

If the story ends up being member x member it will be third person point of view. If the story ends up being male reader x member it will be first person, reader’s point of view.

It’s going to be smut, male x male regardless, which means if that’s what you like you should be able to enjoy it. It’s going to be a roommates au, in college. 

It’s not about if more people will be able to relate / enjoy it to me, it’s about the male people on this site and account who don’t have anything that’s relevant to them directly. I’ve heard from people that it would be really good for them personally. That’s what matters to me.

We need more boy x boy because we really have way more female x male than we do any other genders.

if someone wants to read only male x male things, here’s all they have

if you want to read something with boy x girl here’s everything you have.

  1. way of life - taehyung
  2. stay with me - jungkook
  3. a little bit of a disaster - jin
  4. this is all that matters, only this - jungkook
  5. prized - rapmonster
  6. sweet envy - taehyung
  7. just friends - rapmonster
  8. mr. and mrs. jeon - jungkook
  9. the bet - one - two - jungkook 
  10. workplace frustrations - seokjin
  11. sister - jimin
  12. memories - hoseok
  13. feel you - jungkook
  14. needing you - jimin
  15. only be mine - jimin
  16. only mine - jungkook
  17. work for it - taehyung
  18. empty threats - hoseok
  19. just one more - taehyung
  20. give me a hand - rapmonster
  21. the real recording studio - suga
  22. do you find me distracting - seokjin
  23. don’t move - jimin
  24. waiting all day - jimin
  25. a special treat - jimin
  26. be a good boy - jungkook
  27. covetous crimson - taehyung
  28. victoria’s secret and yoongi’s underwear - yoongi x taehyung x jimin x jungkook x you

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