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Next installment in the nb Hanzo comic series. Part 3! I think. I’ve lost count with how many parts part 1 had. Hanzo comes out to vis brother!! (Btw thanks to a person on the McHanzo discord server for introducing me to the term MOGAI - even if I’ve become an expert at rattling off LGBTQIA+ it’s still WAY easier to use and much more inclusive :D)

It was mentioned in part two that Hanzo was wanting more feminine attributes in order to come off as more androgynous instead of solely masculine. Mercy was very happy to help! Of course there’s another step remaining in vis transition that I’ll get to in a bit, but my next focus for the nb Hanzo comics are going to be a sort of in between of Genji and Zenyatta trying to explhain all the different forms of nonbinary to Hanzo.

No worries, I myself am demiflux agender, so I know my stuff! I’m gonna try to add in the basic identities (it’s… basically gonna be a shit ton of text dumping. I’m going to maybe try using my tablet to do it digitally so you don’t have to strain to read my crappy handwriting.) but if there’s any you want me to touch on in it or even in a different comic let me know! I’ve already got a comic about demigenders by one of my OCs and would be thrilled to make comics of any characters you guys want describing identities. I love helping spread information!

Quick warning: nonbinary identities are confusing as fuck. Hanzo doesn’t get it. Genji doesn’t get some of it. Zenyatta… pretends he gets it. I can say this because I myself am under the nonbinary umbrella and let me tell you NOBODY here really understands what the fuck is going on with our gender/s/lack of gender. It’s… it’s a confusing place to be…


I LOVE these moments so much. And not because of the kisses (although of course that’s always a welcome bonus), but because of the context and setting of the scenes.

I am obsessed with the opening S11 scene because it’s just so surreal?! Like, how is this our reality now? How are we so lucky that we get to see B&B with both of their kids??? I know we all talk about this all the time now, but the luxury of being able to see this much of B&B’s happy life together will never get old. B&B’s endgame was always going to be a family of their own; ever since Brennan uttered that line in 2x11 lamenting her luck with family and as we learned more about their troubled childhoods, there was never any doubt that the show was leading to them creating their own (literal) happy family. But who could have ever imagined we’d get to actually *see* so much of it?? That we’d actually get to see B&B’s expanding family actually play out on screen???

And then the Thanksgiving episode!! Look at them?! They’re so cute!! B&B are not that annoying ‘in-your-face’ couple who are all about PDA, but they’re not shy about showing their love for each other in front of their friends. The whole thanksgiving dinner is such a wonderful scene to reflect on how far B&B (and everyone else) have come. (Married!!) B&B now host events together and it just makes me so happy to see how much love and friendship there is on this show.