idk how many of these i'll end up doing because work and stuff but

Fuck Ann-Jo's (except i'll still probably shop there because its close and I like yarn)

I was excited to work at AnnJo’s because I love crafts, specifically yarn ones. But idk if this is a problem with all stores or just mine, but they raised so many orange flags that it turned into a big red one that said “leave here asap” and so I did and am now very much hoping to get a pet store or veterinary receptionist job.


- The entire fiasco I had with my proof of citizenship stuff. They first claimed I’d be fine with my birth certificate and state ID, y'know, like every other job I have ever worked, but when I came in suddenly they’d only accept a social security card I didn’t have. I’m halfway home, my dad promising to drive my ass downtown and get one when they call and say a receipt would work. I get the receipt. No, that won’t work. I point out as gently as possible that the federal government made a list of acceptable documents and the birth certificate is one of them and (this is the part i said less gently) that it’s illegal for an employer to pick and choose among those documents. Next day they suddenly accept my birth certificate. This entire thing took a month from the time they said they’d hire me.

-Their break room was a table in the corner of the stock room with all the stock workers just sort of moving around the people on break

-I was the only new hire in the training class, and there were maybe four other non-manager staff working there total.

-They searched everyone’s bags at the end of their shift. You know, in case your loyal employees stole from the stock room they ate their lunch in.

-Only a manager can check employees out. You know, because your brilliant and friendly cashiers are idiots who will let their co workers scam them.

-Couldn’t take our aprons home and had to hang them upside down on a rack. You know, in case someone tried to smuggle something through the door/forgot something in their pocket and somehow didn’t set off the door alarms.

-I quit on the day of my third shift upon being informed I was to operate the cutting counter by myself despite my only prior training being an hour on my first day watching a girl cut fabric and then having a manager stand over me and tell me how wrong I was measuring it. I also could and would get written up for measuring and cutting wrong despite having no idea how to do so. Brought this to supervisor’s attention and asked for perhaps a little more training. She practically glared down at me and only said “You’ll learn.”

-tomorrow I have to argue with them for my two shifts worth of paycheck because I earned that $40 by being semi-trained and also its the law they have to pay me.

tl;dr my local annjo’s was somehow a worse place to work then hellmart and so i quit and now i presumably have to argue with them for $40 of their important money that goes to not training people and making sure employees dont steal by being cuba.

dear budding freelance writers

first off: i’m not a lawyer. this is all accurate to my knowledge but i’m not formally educated or trained in most of this, i just work around it and pick some stuff up

look i’m currently suffocating under crushing debt so i was like ‘hey i’ll see if there are any magazines taking submissions’ cause i may or may not get chosen but at least its something i’d be doing anyway and timelines and genre restrictions never hurt a girl

i ended up on this page (upwork) looking for “ghostwriters” and it’s laughable to downright insulting.

such as: “Hello, I produce [REDACTED]. So if you are looking for a recurring job as a freelance writer you came to the right place! Here is what I need: Someone who can be a good researcher. Don’t plagiarize. All books are run through plagscan and copyscape. They need to be 100 percent original. Timeliness - The faster you produce these (with quality) the more jobs you will get. This job will be recurring if you do a good job. I will pay a maximum of $10 per 1000 words. Lastly, by accepting this job, I will own all the rights to the book. This includes characters, places etc. I own all the rights. Thank you!”

there were SO MANY OF THESE. look. i work in intellectual property for my day job. so here’s the thing: if you, a creative, does a “work for hire” agreement, like the one above, that means anything you produce under this agreement does not belong to you. you have effectively “sold” your intellectual property aka the story and all is defining characteristics - people, places, plot.

WORK FOR HIRE AGREEMENTS ARE NOT BAD! i see a lot of pushback against them on tumblr which is baffling to me because in the real world they’re how many creatives make money - by selling their creativity. with tv shows, for example, their characters and plots and what not do not belong to the creator of the show. they belong to the network of the show because they paid for them. writers of episodes don’t own the creative content of those episodes - the network does. because the writers are “work for hire” aka they’re getting paid specifically for their creative content.

work for hire agreements are usually the most advantageous when the payer is hiring the creator for the execution of a project rather than the creation of it. for example: hiring a writer to create a story out of a detailed outline, or an artist to draw something under strict specifications. the more creativity aka intellectual property the creator must generate and ultimately sell the rights too, the higher the pay should be for the work. (should. i’ve seen instances where pay is less but something else is gained - like different rights or credits - and that’s equally as acceptable as long as it’s what the creator wants. the creator should gain something equal to the value of what they are selling. obviously)

so the idea that $10 per 1000 words of pure original content is in any way shape or form acceptable is absolutely ridiculous. most literary magazines, which pay way more, get some form of publication rights but you the author retain all ownership rights. they’re not paying you for your intellectual property, only their right to display it without you suing them for infringing on your rights as a creator and owner of original content.

know your worth. know your value. i don’t know how many of these ridiculous ads actually get takers, but please do not answer any of them.

your ideas and writing and talent are worth more than pennies

in that night sky - (be-the-peaf week 70)

Title: in that night sky
Word Count:
[Republic City picks up the pieces. | Mako. Korra. OC’s. Makorra. Post-Book 4.]

A/N: LAST PROMPT FOR BE-THE-PEAF EVER and I honestly think I might die. I wanted to do a piece about Mako and Republic City after the fight, but I don’t know how well it presents itself in the end. But I’ve been planning / writing / editing this for the last two days straight, so it might be better to someone with a fresh set of eyes and a not-dead brain. 


be-the-peaf · Prompt 070 – for the future


The damage takes its toll.

Downtown is more in ruins than pieces – Harmony Tower and Kwongs are gone. The police station has another building buried in its side and Avatar Korra Park is littered with debris from the fight. Trees broken and pathways ripped apart. The list of places Mako knows is thinning, and everywhere else is a mess as the citizens displaced in the chaos try to find means of shelter and work. The whole of the populace gathers supplies for the long months of rebuilding ahead. Time moves on, slowly and surely, and Republic City does too.

They’re winners, after all.

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Give Me Love//Ed Sheeran

Ashton ;

“Give a little time to me, or burn this out”

“I’m not ready for a relationship” Your voice cracked as the words came out

“Why, I don’t understand..” his voice was soft but held traces of growing frustration

You wrapped your arms around your stomach, thinking about the last relationship you had. How your ex cheated on you and completely destroyed your trust and ripped your heart out. Your eyes began to fill with tears and you furiously wiped them away

“(Y/N), I’ve made my feelings for you clear, haven’t I?” Ashton leaned down so you were face to face

You nod, not making eye contact, although he kept searching your eyes.

“You know I’m not going anywhere, I’ll be there when you’re ready… Just tell me the reason, I want to work this out.” He pleaded

“I-I don’t know!” You said, as the tear spilled over “Maybe I’m just scared to waste more time, to be hurt again.”

His face twisted in pain, only for a second before it softened again and he wrapped his arms around you and buried is face in your hair

“I’d never hurt you.”

Michael ;

‘And that tonight I’ll call ya, after my blood is drowning in alcohol’

You had recently broken up with your boyfriend of a year, due to long distance separation. Neither of you were taking it well at all.

Tonight, in particular, you had been trying to delete old pictures of the two of you from your phone, hopeful to at least attempt moving on. However, it left you a complete wreck. You can’t count how many hours you’d been crying, wishing you had done things different and worked things out with him when you phone screens lights up and vibrates loudly. You quickly answer it, not checking who was calling.

“Hello?” You mumbled, trying to gain composure

The other line was silent, you furrowed your brows in confusion “Who is this?”

“(Y/N)…” You’d recognize Michaels voice anywhere, but you never heard the vulnerability in it like tonight 

“Michael, what are you doing? Are you okay?” You asked, you were worried since he hadn’t tried contacting you in the two weeks since you broke up

“I don’t even know, everything’s wrong without you.” You noticed his words were a little slurred

“Are you drunk?” Fresh tears began to spring to your eyes

“I guess… It’s the only way I could man up and tell you how I’m feeling. Except, I can’t find the words, besides that I’m really broken… I gotta go.” And with that you heard the click of his phone ending the call

Calum ;

“All I want is the taste that your lips allow”

You boyfriend, Calum, has been on tour for almost three months and although you were extremely proud of him and how he was living his dream, you couldn’t ignore the aching that came from missing him. You skyped and called each other every chance you got, despite the time differences, but it just wasn’t enough for you. You needed him there, with you. You needed to feel him next to you, touching you, holding you, kissing you, you needed him more than anything.

Late at night, when you couldn’t sleep, you decided to call him. The phone rang a few times before he answered.
“(Y/N)? Is everything alright? Why are you calling so late at night?” He asked, worry lacing his voice

“Nothings wrong, Cal.. I just miss you a lot and I can’t sleep.”

“I miss you too, babe. But it won’t be long now, I’ll be home with you soon and then I’ll never leave your side.”

“I love you, Calum.” You mumbled into the phone, suddenly getting sleepy after hearing his voice

“I love you too, (Y/N), now try and get some sleep.”

Luke ;

“And its been a while, but I still feel the same, Maybe I should let you go,”

Lately, you’ve felt you long time boyfriend becoming more distant. You couldn’t figure out what was wrong, was it you? Was it him? You wanted to know, you wanted to fix things, but you weren’t sure how. So you decided instead of ignoring it, you would at least attempt to confront him. While he was watching television one night, you sat beside him and clicked it off.

“Everything okay?” He asked, looking at you with wide blue eyes

“I was gonna ask you the same thing..” You trailed off, looking away from him

He straightened up beside you “What do you mean?”

“I’m not sure.. It’s just lately.. I’ve felt, uh, distanced from you.. I just wanted to.. I don’t know..”

He let out a sigh and cover his face in his hands, elbows resting on his knees

“Luke..” You hardly heard your own voice

“I didn’t want it to happen this way.”

“What do you mean?”

“I..I don’t know how to say tis..”

“Oh god, are you breaking up with me?” Your lip trembled and your heart sank, you did your best to keep your tears in

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Luke looked back at you, his eyes burning and his face sad

“I think that would be best, for you.”

“What? Why? I-I don’t understand, is it something I did? I can change!” Your tears spilled over now

“No! No, no , no, it’s not you! There’s nothing wrong with you, (Y/N). I still love you, but that’s why I’m leaving, because I’m never here enough for you, and you deserve someone who is. I can’t be that for you right now and it’s ripping me apart, I hate that I’m doing this to you but I want you to be happy, to have someone all the time..”

“But I don’t want anyone else but you, Luke!” You said shaking your head

“I know it seems like tar right now, but you’ll find someone, I know you will. And he’ll make you more happy than I do.” He whispered

You couldn’t say anything, a thousand words were filling your head but nothing would come out. You just felt your whole world crumpling. He leaned in and softy kissed your forehead before standing up.

“I’m so sorry.” You noticed the tears in his eyes as he looked away and left

A/N ; I’m really sorry if this isn’t any good!!! I don’t write stuff like this very often, but I really wanna try, I dunno I was just listening to Ed Sheeran really late last night and I was like wow I wanna do one of those song lyric preference thingys I see all the time so I wrote these all last night and I can’t even tell if there good like last night they seemed alright idk I tried omg but feedback would be cool ya know