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Get to Know Me(me)

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name: Andrea

nickname: Ange, An, Wanniwa, Doc, Anjing (only my gramps calls me this tho), BB, totino ;o 

gender: female

star sign: libra #balance

height: kinda small like 5′2″

sexual orientation: ace/aro (?????)

hogwarts house: Hufflepuff binch! 

favorite color: aw hecky

favorite animal: elephants and manatees 

average hours of sleep:  5-6 hours is enough no?

number of blankets i sleep with: 1-2 (but last night was oddly warm and stuffy no ½ a blanket was used LOL)

cat or dog person: why not both? 

favorite fictional characters: Sivir (well, obviously), all of the ovw cast, all the characters in Kung Fury (10/10 best half hour of my life)

favorite bands/singers: uhh a lot…but im really diggin [this song] also [this one]

dream trip: i wanna go however long into the future where flying cars are hella legit. That or some place with mildly warm weather lol…OH WAIT road trip and we stop by the coolest food places around the country >:O LEGGO!!

dream job: professional bro, a brofressional. LOL nah idk maybe someone who works in the digital art/design field. 

when was your blog created?: like 2 years ago??? 

current number of followers:

!!!!!! and i love every single one of you ty ty for likin my arts and for putting up with my shitposts and shinanigans asldkfawheoiwhfadf’askdj

what made you decide to make a tumblr: i wanted to share my arts :D and be a total dingus on the interwebs (and have a separate tumblr that my irl friends did know about but y’know that didnt work out and idc XD)

"it really pisses me off when people shit on Ian and Anissa's relationship, they're obviously happy"

Seriously…. Shut the fuck up. The ones acting all noble like you’re above the bitter feelings, When in reality y'all just think he’s gonna give you a gold fucking star for kissing his and his girlfriend’s ass.

You know nothing of thier relationship. So stop assuming shit constantly.

“Oh they’re so goals!!!”

Ian’s done a pretty good job of keeping his private life private, she might answer some tweets but that’s the most you nosy obsessive motherfuckers are gonna get. We don’t know what happens behind the scenes with them.

“We have to be supportive of him!!”
So like his fucking videos, that’s seriously the only thing you can do. Idk bout y'all but I really doubt Ian’s reading all the tweets and comments worried about how some loser ass internet kids feel about his personal life.

And if you don’t like Anissa THATS OKAY TOO
You don’t have to like someone for the sole fact that they’re dating one of your favorite YouTubers!

If you like Anissa COOL MAN
Watch her stream! Follow her insta!

If you only like Anissa because she’s dating Ian, educate yourself. Go watch some of her shit, get a feel for her and then decide if you really like her.

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is it possible that you may have a seasonal depression? I mean I know I get pretty bad bouts of it from time to time, have you tried marking it in a calendar? just so you know how long it lasts and stuff? Idk just wanna help you friend!!

I mean I’m in a near?? constant state of depression and anxiety. Mental illness runs in my family (my mom legitimately acts like a Twilight Zone character if she’s not medicated; it’s scary) so undoubtedly I have my own shit, you know?

I think it’s more than seasonal depression ngl. I mean, I remember feeling depressed on a regular basis as young as 13?? So it’s a long standing issue. 

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Just saying I've found your blog about an hour ago and just been looking though it because my heart just hurts thinking of everything bout Tyler as sad as it sounds god help me pleaSe ;-;

Dude I know the feel idk how to help i’m also stuck in Tyler land population me (and his thicc thighs)

The sky sheds its tears
From all the bottled up emotions
It kept in.
The sky roars and echoes
Through the night
From anger and deceit.
I’ve always wondered why
I feel peaceful
During thunderstorms.
Maybe because the sky
Feels my pain and sorrow
And cries out the tears
That I cannot cry.
The sky feels my outrage
That I bury inside.
For the sky understands
How I feel.
And now I know why
I love thunderstorms.
—  k.b. // “Thunderstorms”

can sunshine go with chocolate ice cream? they bring children’s books and dolls that dream

look up at pillars, carefully there i stand, with arrows, sharp, they aim for the trouble at hand

their authors judge, they make the final rule, even veggies with bad taste will have green lights, how cool B)

for reasons, passion and heart shaped fruit, for author o author, i welcome this loot

im not good at riddlish :c s a msg bout how i feel w thngs m passionate about

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Y'know, I sometimes forget you watch Star Vs just cuz of all the glorious DCMK content you post, but I gotta know: (1) Your thoughts on Starco (or any of the ships for that matter)? and (2) How bout that season 2 finale, huh?

Omg starco is yes….. Hhhhhh but like? I think it’s more cute if they’re best friends.aaaaaaaa idk I have mixed feelings about everything rn dang season finale ruining my life

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This Close

Request: If you want, would you mind doing a Peter fic where a dude is flirting with the reader, and the reader doesn’t really care, but Peter is pissed off and he almost exposing his powers because he was so jealous. Then later the reader yells at him (maybe they know bout his powers) and Peter has like those heat of the moment type things when he admits his feelings and idk the rest if up to you…?

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word Count: 560

Warnings: slight harassment??

A/N: Instead of Peter exposing his powers, I decided that he was THIS close to revealing his powers but the reader stopped him. I hope y’all like my rusty-ass writing :) [unedited]

“This Close”

“Hey (Y/n), how ‘bout we go out for some ice cream and then something more sweeter afterwards?” bugged David. He and his friends sniggered furiously, as if that was the cleverest line in the world.

You rolled your eyes, never looking in his direction. That’s probably the best pick-up that he could come up with, with his low IQ and all. “No thanks David. I can think of a million better things to do than get ice cream with you.”

“Oh come on! I know you want to.”

Scratching the back of your neck, you scrunched up your face. “If I say no now, how many times will I be saying no?”

David friends reacted violently to your diss, wooing and clapping. Really, you didn’t mind David’s useless approaches. He’d been trying to get you to go out with him for two years and by now, you had become numb to it.

Little did you know, next to you, Peter was fuming with rage. How dare David harass you and use idiotic pick-up lines on you?

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I was the anon that asked you how you felt about Karrueche Tran being victim n I wasn't talking bout the bloody lip! Idk if you care on this subject but she actually recently got a restraining order against chris, saying that he punched her in the stomach twice & pushed her down the stairs. Her old neighbor also heard him beating Karrueche. It's surprising that she managed to keep a smile on her beautiful face over these past few years. His fans fr backing him up for everything bad he does.

Damn… I know how she feels. She’s been strong. I’m just glad she got away from him before the abuse got any worse.

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fun fact, wiishu was jacks fan, so you arent right when you say they wouldnt date a fan. idk if you heard the story of how they met, but he talked about it at pax, in the pannel. she drew fanart of him and then they began talking and stuff. im not hating on anyone here, just dont like seeing wrong information being spread around.

oh i forgot abt that when i said they would never date fans. sorry bout that!!! i feel rly bad now. and i heard the story of how they met!

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For the art trademark thing: aaa idk if this counts but the way you draw hands!! Also the facial structure is very distinctive, the way you draw eyes my fren- gorgeous :)) I just found your art so sorry if I sound like idk what I'm talking bout ahsjdakfj (ALSOOO-- I LOVE HOW YOU DRAW LAURENS SM LIKE,, HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!?? I WANT TO HUG HIM AHJDJADJ)

Thank u!!! Ur art is amazing too! ( if ur reading this check out their art!!) and yes I love the little Bby Laurens, his freckles and eyes r my lifeline. I have this thing (I believe it’s connected to my OCD) where I can’t stop drawing someone until I feel comfortable with it (I have a full sketchbook of rami Malek) so I’m glad it’s payed off aaa

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oooo can i chime in on this Freak™ discourse? tbh i feel like jinyoung's suuuuuuuch an underrated frreeeeeak like idk but i feel like he's got some underlying freakiness up in that educated ass mind of his but ppl say jb bc of how intimidating he is 👀

no I agree Jinyoung def an undercover freak!! He just isn’t as blatant bout it!! And I don’t think it causes Jaebum can be seen as intimidating that ppl find him freaky lol its just he really oozes sex appeal and love freaky music and the way he moves and talks some times like about wanting to cover himself in chocolate etc etc lmao😂😂 but yes I agree I do believe Jinyoung is a huge freak to you just not gone see it till the doors are closed and the lights are off👌 unlike other in that group that wear freak like it’s a hat😂😂