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“How ‘bout, Muffin?”

A/N: howdy! this one was requested ((ty you so much for this request honestly!! pls send in more if you have any!!) and I hope I brought your idea to life. I added a bit of a backstory to add some fluff but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out so idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

request: “Can you do a Bucky imagine where the reader has superpowers and she accidentally breaks Bucky’s metal arm by her powers or they have super strength and accidentally slammed his arm in a door or something like that. And reader feels super bad and sits with Bucky has Tony fixes his arm and the reader won’t stop apologizing and it ends in fluff”

pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

warnings: slight angst idk – more like banter?? Two implied swear words. One swear word. Bit of second hand embarrassment and rejection

word count: 5.8k (wowza, idk is it better to do longer imagines or short and snappy ones??  lemme know pls)


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Sluggishly, you dragged your slipper clad feet across the floor, slapping a hand over your mouth as you yawned loudly. You felt the comforter from your bed trailing behind you as you held it around your body, resembling a makeshift cape. You were sure you looked like a mess; you could feel your hair falling messily out of the bun you had strategically placed it in last night, your pyjama top slipping off your shoulders and you were certain that there were prominent bags lining your eyes. Smiling lazily, you mumbled a small “good morning” to Steve and Natasha who were fumbling in the kitchen preparing their breakfast. They returned your greeting, both however, seemingly much more awake than you were. Not bothering to suppress your sigh, you nudged Steve with your shoulder as you walked past. 

“Remind me again: why the hell do we need to wake up at an ungodly hour to practice punching each other?” You groggily mumble, your voice laced with sleep, narrowing your eyes when Steve laughed at you. 

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I’m so here for men saying fuck you to gender roles and whatnot and wearing makeup and dressing in traditionally feminine clothes and doing traditionally feminine things but honestly what drives me insane is when straight men are praised for being so brave because they’re “risking being called gay” by wearing eyeliner and “that must be so hard for them” like literally shut up you realise there’s actual gay and bi and pan men who are terrified of being themselves and loving who they want for fear of literally being killed. Idk I just hate this straight people attitude of like “not everyone who does _____ is gay” like how bout instead of teaching people that “doing this doesn’t make you gay” instead we teach them not to see being gay or being mistaken as gay as the worst thing that can happen maybe

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Hi Sera! I don't know if you have a tag about this but, what would you think would be the most intimate moments between these two lovely guys? like when you see them and you may want to turn around and say let's give 'em some time alone. And I'm talking 'bout the ones that we had a chance to see... sorry for this strange question... idk feel free to not answer it.

Hello, dear anon!

It’s not a strange question at all, but a very good one. One moment comes to mind before any other - the snot incident from Burbank con 2016. I just can’t get over the pure care and attention Jensen gave Jared at that moment and Jared’s implicit trust on his man. 

Just look at how embarrassed Jared is and how Jensen’s reaction is not laughter, but…

.. to give his man a hand. How, just HOW, are they like this? Most couples wouldn’t do this. I’ve asked around. 

Jared looks a bit like he’s baffled that they just did that in public. Jensen still doesn’t laugh, even though the audience finds it very funny. 

A little bit later Jensen picks up a tissue and hands it over to Jared, who actually looks like he’s expecting his nose wiped for him

It’s been closer to a year and looking at this moment still gets to me. I will never understand how two people can get that close to each other. Jensen didn’t laugh once while this was happening, but continued responding to the question once he was sure that Jared had been taken care of. This moment was 100% genuine and incredibly telling - just how much must you love a person to willingly take his less erotic bodily fluids on you? This was absolutely incomprehensible to me. 

Ahem. If your idea of intimacy isn’t snot on a shirt - or you’re just insatiable like me - you can always look at my tag romance. I haven’t remembered to use it in a while, but there are a few posts that fall under the category. I will try to do a better job in the future with adding to it. Thanks for the wonderful question, sweet anon! I hope the rest of your week goes smoothly.

“I thought I lost you,“ she whispered into her heart, her soul. “I thought I lost you.”

idk bout yall but this is how I imagined them coming together after reuniting once again at that RE: The Final Chapter reunion scene. Doc who?

I got rid of Alice’s coat and gloves for obvious reasons, alright? Now this is only the first. I’m planning to make more. Hope you all love this! hit my inbox and yell at me how this art made you feel.

3AM Date w/ Kang Daniel

Author’s Note : LORD this took me forever to write I’m sorry lmao. for some reason I was having the hardest time trying to be romantic and I honestly don’t know if it worked out or not lol; this is kinda shorter than most of my usual paragraph writings + it’s unedited and i feel like i rushed the ending, but i hope you enjoy anyways

Character: Kang Daniel

Genre: Fluff

Writing Type: Paragraph

Word Count : 2,061


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The sounds of crickets chirping outside late at night and the sound of your fan on high were the only two things you were listening to as you attempted to fall asleep. For some reason, you felt restless and it was too boring laying in bed with your eyes closed when you weren’t even tired. You furrowed your eyebrows, getting frustrated at how long you kept your eyes closed. Jumping up quickly to sit up straight and tapping around your bed where you left your phone charging, unlocking it and going to your messenger app. The light of your phone screen shone brightly into your eyes, causing you to flinch and squint at the screen. 

To: god daniel <3

y/n: daniel? are you awake?
2:48 am

You felt impatient looking at the screen and put your phone down. “Why would he even be awake? It’s almost 3 am,” you thought, sighing, sliding down to rest your head on your pillow again. While you blankly stared at the dark ceiling, you heard a buzzing noise, making you turn quickly to grab the phone.

To: god daniel <3

dn: yeah babe? why aren’t you asleep?
2:52 am

y/n: oh you’re awake!! i dunno.. i just can’t fall asleep. and shouldn’t i be asking you that too?
2:52 am

dn: haha you’re right
2:53 am

y/n: idk what to do to fall asleep. i don’t feel tired at all :(
2:53 am

dn: hmmmm. how bout we go on a date?
2:55 am

y/n: a date?? right now???
2:55 am

dn: yeah! we can just walk around and i’ll teach you how to skate a little so it won’t be too boring
2:55 am

y/n: …i mean alright. where do we meet?
2:56 am

dn: the bus stop near your house? since im bringing my skateboard i won’t be long.
2:56 am

y/n: okayyy get there safely then!!! <3
2:58 am

dn: you stay safe too. i don’t want anything happening to you while you’re waiting for me.
2:58 am

y/n: i knowww hehe :-)
2:58 am

You smiled reading his text saying to stay safe and got up, turning on the lamp next to your bed and walking to the closet to find something warmer to wear. Slipping on one of Daniel’s sweaters that you( stole) borrowed and figures that the shorts you were already wearing were good enough. It was nearing summer time, so the nights weren’t too cold, but it had a nice breeze to where it was refreshing. You put a pair of your old sneakers on and headed off to the bus stop that was about 8 min away depending on how fast you walked. As you were nearing the stop, you spotted someone across the way, squinting and pushing your head forward to see more clearly. You smiled when you realized that it was Daniel, seeing his broad body under the street lights he went under and walked faster to catch up to him. Daniel smiled and opened up his arms as he rolled down the sidewalk with his skateboard when he saw you walking towards him with a smile on your face. You stopped in your tracks to laugh at his pose as he was inching closer to you, crossing your arms to give him a smirk. He hopped off the board, stepping onto one end to grab the other side that popped up, and pulled you in for a warm hug. You wrapped your arms around his neck, nuzzling your face into his chest, breathing in his cologne that you were all very familiar with.

“I’m guessing you didn’t have to wait?” He said with a smile, his free hand holding your waist as you two started walking down the empty streets. You were looking down trying to match the slow footsteps the both of you took and looked up at Daniel nodding your head. Doing his signature bunny smile, he rubbed your arm quickly and stopped to put his skateboard on the ground. “Here. Step on this.” You looked at him sort of nervously since you’ve never ridden a skateboard before and slowly stepped onto it. Being a skateboard, it was quite wobbly as you attempted to put both of your feet onto it and you grabbed onto Daniel’s (broad ass) shoulders, his arms moving up incase you were to fall, when it moved the slightest bit. You sighed when you caught yourself and came into eye contact with Daniel who was holding back laughter at the image of you trembling on top of his skateboard. Seeing him laugh made you pout which only seemed to make him laugh (with his cute lil scrunched up face when he laughs). You adjusted your feet still holding onto Daniel and let go when you felt like you were in a steady position. Of course you still feared you were gonna fall off, so your arms were spread out as you looked down at your shaky legs, squatting a little bit to keep your balance.

“How am I supposed to ride this??? I can barely stand on this.” you whined. Your legs kept trembling, but you took the courage to try to move forward a little bit. As soon as you stook your leg out, you fell forward face first into Daniel’s shoulder, his hands gripping onto your arms. “Woah, I didn’t expect you to be this clumsy on the board.” He chuckled, giving you a smile as you pushed yourself off of him, stepping off of the skateboard. Your face was red from the embarrassment of barely being able to stand on the skateboard and how swiftly Daniel was able to catch you. He swept the hair that was in front of your face and caressed your cheek with his warm hand. “Are you okay? You didn’t hurt yourself, did you?” You felt the warmth on your face and nuzzled up against it slightly before shaking your head no. He smiled knowing that you were okay and softly rubbed your cheek with his thumb, placing a kiss on your forehead. “That’s good. I guess we should stay off the board then?” He asked as he went over to pick up his skateboard next to you. “I’m afraid I’m gonna die if I go on that thing, so yes.” You huffed and crossed your arm, glaring at the board as if it was some rude person you encountered. He laughed and pet your head. “Alright alright, I understand. Do you want to walk to the convenience store for ice cream then?” Ice cream at 3 am? Doesn’t seem too bad. You nodded and started to slowly skip forward, Daniel grabbing hold of your hand before you got too far ahead in front of him. You smiled looking back at him and intertwined your fingers with his, tightening your grip.

The both of you arrive at the 24/7 open convenience store, walking in to see one worker sitting behind the counter with headphones blasting music into their ears. You grab a melon ice cream (melona is really good lol) and Daniel grabs a strawberry ice cream, the two of you heading out after you pay for your items. You spot a playground nearby and head towards it, climbing up the weirdly wide kiddy slide that was the shape of a whale, sitting down and consuming your ice creams slowly. “What else should we do?” You asked, staring blankly as you licked at your ice cream. Daniel leaned back, propping his arm behind him to look up at the night sky, his other arm preoccupied with holding his ice cream. “Hmmm… Admire the sky like a cliche movie scene?” He laughed, swallowing the last bit of his ice cream. “This whole ‘date’ has felt pretty cliche, so why not.” You smirked. Daniel scooted closer to you and lifted you by your waist, sliding your body in front of his, his arms now wrapped around your stomach and his head nuzzled against the back of your shoulder. You sat there in silence after you finished your ice cream, the grasshoppers chirping somewhere off in the distance. You leaned back against Daniel’s chest and placed your hands over where his arms embraced you.

“I love you.” A smooth sounding whisper right next to your ear, bringing shivers all over your body. He proceeded to place soft kisses on your ear, down to your neck, and back up to your cheek. Your face felt so hot and you felt like your heart was going to burst as he placed those kisses on you. “Wh-what’s with all of that for…” you mumbled looking at Daniel quite annoyed because you were embarrassed. He just smiled, giggling at your cute reaction to his sudden action of affection. “I already said why. I just love you~ ” You puffed your cheeks, pushing Daniel off of you, sliding down the very short whale slide and fast walking to the street lamp that was near the entrance of the park. You let out a giggle, sticking out your tongue playfully at him as he slowly walked towards you. “First one to your place gets to cuddle with Peter and Rooney!!” You yell before sprinting towards the direction where Daniel’s apartment was. 

Daniel was taken aback at the sudden action, staring blankly as you ran off, but quickly came back to his senses and started to sprint towards you. Since you got a head start, you decided to hide behind  the next turn to surprise him because you knew you couldn’t outrun Daniel even if he was holding something that would hold him back a little. You waited anxiously until the footsteps got loud enough for you to jump out. When you jumped out, Daniel skidded his feet to stop the speed he built up, incoherently yelled random things and jumped backwards slightly. You were honestly laughing too hard to notice the judgmental face that he gave you as he had his hand on his chest, feeling his rapid heartbeat. You managed to stand up a bit more straight, slapping your hands on his chest, letting out weird walrus laughs. “So.. SOrrY DaniEL… hhahHAHAHAHHA” you wheezed and slapped your thigh, wiping the tiny tears forming in your eyes. “You really scared me y/n!!!” his face still looking surprised, “I know you don’t run that fast so I thought something happened when I didn’t see you ahead of me..”

It took you a little bit to stop laughing like a maniac and finally regain your breath. You wiped the tear forming in your eye and looked up at him. “Awwww really? I feel bad for scaring you now.” You said, grasping his hands and tippy-toeing to give him a peck on the lips. When you were back flat on your feet, you smiled seeing that he still ended up smiling. It was such a blessing that he knew how to handle your jokes and pranks. “Running that fast actually made me tired though. Can we get to your house now?” You asked and wiped the tiny beads of sweat on your forehead forming. “Alright little princess. Let’s cuddle once we get to the room.” He grinned and pulled you closer to him by your waist, the two of you walking off towards Daniel’s apartment.

The two of you flopped onto the bed, Daniel’s arm under your head and resting on your collarbone. “We should have 3 am dates more often.” You mumbled as you nuzzled the side of your face onto Daniel’s chest. “Even with the skateboard?” You softly slapped his chest with the hand that was resting on it, letting out a huff of air as a laugh. He giggled softly and pet your hair. “Okay I get it.” Daniel stretched his arm out to turn the lamp off, shifting his body so that both of you were comfortable. You were basically almost asleep, the fatigue finally hitting you. The warmth that the closeness of your bodies created didn’t help that much either and it just made you feel sleepier. “Goodnight y/n…” He whispered and placed a kiss on the top of your head. “Gooodnighhhtt…” You slurred and fell asleep in his arms quickly, Daniel also falling asleep shortly after.

idk bout you🤔🤔🤔🤔but there’s this guy who’s an angel😇😇😇a dance 💃 king👑👑and who can rap🎶sing!!!🎵🎵and slay👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽who is it??!?!?!!😧😧that’s rite👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽its Hoseok!!!! yep Jhope!!! yep Jay!! yep Hobi!!!! I can’t explain😓how this Boi makes me feel💗💗💘he deserves the world 🌎 🌎🌎🌎 the moon 🌙🌙🌙 and the stars💫💫💫💫he’s hardworking 💪🏽he’s encouraging 😝😝😝he’s nothing but the best😌pls I want everyone to luv him❣️❣️❣️as much as yoongi does😻 show him luv💞make him smile😁😁I want to see his eyes sparkle✨✨ his dimples come out and his heart to be full of luv from us💖💖💖💖he puts 110% into everything he does✊🏽✊🏽so we can be full and fed well🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 he never lets us down⬇️✖️⬆️✔️by showing luv💕💝❣️we r telling all the haters to 🔙off💯keep the luv coming so our dance 💃 king👑👑our sunshine ☀️☀️☀️☀️who can rap🎶sing!!!🎵🎵and slay👌🏽👌🏽can keep smiling

Guys, i just realized something. Alec and Magnus’ last interaction was them fighting, or, rather Alec going off on Magnus. So imagine Alec realizing he might have lost Magnus. Imagine how he must have felt, thinking the last time they were together he blamed Magnus for things that weren’t his fault and just stormed off. That maybe their last interaction ever was a fight. This makes the whole situation a lot more painful if you ask me. And then you have Malec reuiniting, both so relieved the other one’s okay and expressing their feeling for each other, because they know it could all end so fast and they need to say how they feel, they need the other one to knew they are loved. Idk ‘bout you guys but im a mess™

Dear Blue Boy,
I don’t believe in love at first sight. I never will. But I believe in burning. I believe in flames searing my logic and smoke suffocating my brain. Fire creeping its way in as it burns down the walls I’ve constructed.
We did not fall in love right then. We created something. I hand you the match and you light the rest. Look at this destruction. Watch my paper hands as they burn in yours. We slowly watch each other crumble.
How beautiful it is. We ignite one another. I pray no one puts us out
—  sincerely, the paper girl // hnl 2017 

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i've a confession to make. I personally don't ship klance romantically but i really really love their dynamic together as friends. I don't dare to say this out loud to people because it seems like you MUST ship klance to be treated nicely in this fandom. and the ship wars, this fandom has gotten a lil toxic. idk i just find it ironic how voltron is a show bout teamwork + friendship but suddenly the fandom only looks at klance. dont get me wrong i love the fandom but i wish it didnt feel so toxic

Ahhhh nw anon!!! I feel exactly the same way!! Ugh i’m so happy <3 

They are so good and pure and i love their soft smiles and supports but yeah same, i really just can’t see it romantically :/

hehe i talked a little about this on my shallura blog, and there were a surprising amount of people that also felt overwhelmed by the klance content! 

Honestly before s3 it was my notp and i hated it to the bitter end, but seeing them get along so good and strong and wholesome in s3 i am so fond of their bond like???? right hand man???? wingman??????? yes please???? 

it’s like i totally see them as a (pre empire) zarkon and alfore, buds that butt heads but got each others backs<3 that kind of friendship is 110% guaranteed to be shipped romantically, but i’m happy we see eye to eye ;)

thank you for sharing your thoughts anon!! I 100% agree, you’re safe here with me<3

Got7 Reaction: When their toddler feels insecure about their skin color

Anonie Asked:

hii, could you do a reaction for got7 when their toddler feels insecure at school bc of their skin colour?? idk why but I think it would be so cute when they’d tell their toddler how beautiful they are ^^

Mark: He picks up his four years old daughter from school one day, and she is quite which is not normal. He worries bout what happened today, so he gently asked her about her day. To which his daughter replies ‘that other kids don’t like me cause I’m dark”. this caught Mark by surprise, but he quickly snaps back to boost his daughter up a bit. “You know, little one, you are the perfect product of the most beautiful women in the world, which makes you the more beautiful Daughter in the world, no matter what anyone thinks of you.”   

JB: It was a special daddy-son day with JB and his 6-year-old at a local cafe. They laughed and joked with each other, but JB noticed how he kept pulling his sleeves down and kept trying to hide his face from the sun. JB asked what he was doing, and the little boy replied “I don’t want to get darker. I wanna be white like the other kids” It was so shocking to hear his boy speak like this about himself. He was really at a loss for words.

Jinyoung: His daughter came up to him after school and told him how the other kids said that she should use bleaching cream to be pretty. To which he greatly deny and made sure that she knew it.  “no no no don’t listen to those kids, they don’t know what real beauty is yet. But trust my little one, I do. And you are pure and genuine beauty. You are a princess.”

Jackson: Once he saw that you weren’t confident in her skin he had sure she presented herself with the same strong outlook like her mother. “when every you walk I never want you to look down okay. All way keep you chin up high, and a smile on you face. Cause the skin you are wearing now has  confidence and strength just like your mothers and mine” and we all now that Jackson can’t stay serious for a long time, so he just had to add “And if those little kids try and tell you anything other than that just hit them with that sass your momma had been teaching you. Neckroll and all.”

Youngjae: After hearing his son speak so lowly about his tanned skin he knew there was something you and him had to do to make your son aware of how special he his and how attractive he looks with his skin “maybe we should teach him more about your culture. yeah”  

Bambam: his 7-year-old came to him one day asking about whitening cream. lord knows how told him about that type of product but that was beside the point that his son was looking to whiten his skin after hearing the children in his class talkabout him. “you know, it took me almost a year for me to get with your mother and once we had you, I realized that all my hard work and perseverance was worth it. so the next time you hear anyone bothering you about your skin just remember that you are the product of hard work and power which makes you powerful”

Yugyeom: His daughter would pout at yugyeom telling him about her day at school and how the other kids kept making nasty comments about her skin. “well, you have one thing those kids don’t have” his daughter looks up at him confused “a dad that will get his little princess ice cream after school” her face light up with joy “really” she asked and yugyeom nods “yep, let’s go”

the lines of nct127

taeyong: so boys how should we divide the lines here
yuta: well i was thinking i could get this part-
taeyong: you are so self centered
mark: right!! Well I want this part, this part, this part and that part
yuta: t-that’s half of the song
mark: bitch did I stutter?
taeyong: well then its settled! 
johnny: well what about me and winwin
taeyong: you and whowho?
donghyuck: I’m actually useful unlike those 3 so why don’t y’all give me any lines?
taeyong: question me again and I’m getting the belt
jaehyun: *mimicking donghyucks voice* i just want more lines
taeyong: that’s it now you’re not even getting background vocals
taeyong: who gave you the right to speak after what you did,, got black twt in out mentions
jaehyun: but-
ten: *walks in* hey guys- 
doyoung: get back in the basement
dreamies: *eavesdropping*
taeyong: you got 5 seconds to get your ass back to that dorm
chenle: lay a hand on me and I will have lee sooman shred your contract. Try it, I got him on speed dial
taeyong: I-I
chenle: exactly bitch
taeil: alright everyone lets calm down
jisung: now the ancient artifact is gonna tell us what to do. don’t you have some dentures to clean
taeil: this little bitch done lost his damn mind- *lunges at jisung* 
johnny: *is holding him back*
donghyuck: so jaehyun wanna give me some of your lines? 
jaehyun: idk you wanna stop dancing to thriller every time i take you out in public?
donghyuck: listen you undercooked pillsbury biscuit, I got shooters on deck. Don’t try me 
jaehyun: what shooters?
renjun & jeno: *cough*
johnny: if we talkin bout shooters i could call up mine from chicago and get this shit settled right now
ten: you grew up in the suburbs
mark: didn’t you get curved by a white girl? You really have no room to speak at all 
johnny: i will curb stomp every single one of you kids
taeil: im sure you could wit ya big ass clown feet. how it feel to walk around wit subway trains on ya ankles
johnny: what was that hobbit?
johnny: did y’all hear that *looks around above taeil’s head* I thought I heard something
taeil: you son of a bitch- *starts to choke him*

taeyong: guys guys we’re here to talk about our line distribution
yuta: i aint getting lines anyway go write about your daddy kink
winwin: *opens his mouth*
everyone: *shuts up immediately*
winwin: fighting… is bad.
taeyong: damn,, he right
mark: right so i get this half,taeyong gets this half. jaehyun, doyoung, taeil can harmonize here
winwin: what about-
taeyong: sounds good!
yuta: but no one-
taeyong: alright good night everyone *turns off lights*
yuta: imma choke him in his sleep
taeyong: what?
yuta: what? 

credits (here) and (here) thank so much! i was so funny read that! 

overprotective Grayson would include...

requested: yes!!!

anon: OVERPROTECTIVE GRAYSON WOULD INCLUDE? i didn’t know you were doing these kinds of preferences omg!!!

anon: can you do one of those “would include…” Things about overprotective grayson? thank you! love ur blog btw :)

↪ him always touching you in some way whenever there are guys around.

↪ him grabbing your hand swiftly and grinning at you

↪ him being super jealous of your guy friends.

↪ even when you reassure him that they’re only friends

↪ him always needing your attention in public

↪ LOTS of pda !!!

↪ random butt squeezes that make you squeal 110% of the time (which grayson would really like because it’d get everyone’s attention!)

↪ him always calling you , “my girl” or “my love” in public (or probably anywhere tbh)

↪ “hey, she’s my girl!”

↪ his arm wrapped tightly around your waist all the time

↪ “grayson you can’t threaten beat up every guy who glances at me.”

↪ “I can when they’re staring at your ass.”

↪ him getting super jealous REALLY easily

↪ him pulling you into a nearby room for rough make-out session when he see’s you ‘looking’ at another guy

↪ ethan teasing him about it ALL the time

↪ you having to explain that you can have guy friends without wanting to date them

↪ and then he’d totally understand but still lowkey be watching every guy who goes near you

a/n – IDK HOW I FEEL BOUT THIS ONE what did you guys think??? yes??? no??? (oh sorry for all the preferences i got like 4 requests for preferences so i’m just typing them up right now haha. I promise there will be some valentines day imagines tmrw!!!)

Mutual pining/Getting together


On Monday, Dex has an early class. This leads to him being awake very early, and ten times more tired than everyone else in the evening.

Its not fair, Nursey thinks, no one that tired should be that cute.

Dex wraps himself up in a soft blanket, and hides his yawns behind his hands so no one comments on it. Sleepy, soft Dex is a weakness of Nursey’s, and he isn’t sure he can hide his crush much longer.



On Tuesdays, Nursey has a study group over. Dex has given up on being in the Haus between 5pm and 7pm without being distracted. It wasn’t the study group itself, or the people in it, it was Nursey.

Nursey was in his element discussing philosophy and poetry. His face lit up, and he got excited debating different points with his classmates.

It was too distracting, and Dex had resigned himself to either studying at the library or getting nothing done.



Thursdays allowed them to study together in the library. Dex was less likely to get distracted by Nursey when they both had to stay quiet.

Nurdey was distracted by Dex. The way he completely focused on his work, so much so that he didn’t even notice Nursey staring at him, the way he ran his hands through his hair, even his messy handwriting was distracting as Nursey tried to decipher it, occasionally allowing himself to daydream that Dex practiced writing “Mr. and Mr. Poindexter-Nurse” and “Mr. and Mr. Nurse-Poindexter”.

That was when Nursey realised just how far gone he was on his best friend.



Thursday allowed them the same lunchtime, and it had become habit to head to the canteen and meet up.

It had also become a habit of Nursey’s parents to ring him before he headed back to class.

The Thursday they rang early was the day Dex realised how in love he was with Nursey. The stress left his features completely, and he sounded happier and calmer than Dex ever heard him.



Friday was when neither of them could handle the crush anymore.

Nursey said it first, at 3am in the morning. He couldn’t keep it to himself anymore, and told Dex about his crush.

Dex didn’t exactly tell Nursey about his feelings for him then. His kiss gave away his feelings though.