idk how i feel about this one tbh


top 50 otps of all time ☆ #49. Isadora Smackle & Farkle Minkus

“Isadora, Farkle finding the one and only Smackle lets me know the universe has order, and our existence is not just random coincidence.”


–it’s called Success;; look into it!


2/∞ doodle series (x)

for @princesa-rafinha

Small talk

There’s something about Giants/Beans who look down at their tiny and talk about how itty bitty they look to them, idk, it’s just really nice tbh? “Such a cute little thing…” “I could hold you in just one hand!” “You’re practically doll sized!” And “I bet I look huge to you!” These always leave me feeling a bit blushy and relaxed!

Merry Christmas @yamineftis !! I drew some revolutionary kids in dorky outfits for you (i had so much fun drawing the sweaters ohmygg)! I hope you have a wonderful day today friend!

Another crush story lmao

Alright so I developed a crush on one of my friends and idk how I feel about it. I think he likes me too but idk if he wants something serious or not. Honestly I think I do which is weird because I’ve never wanted a relationship but he seems worthy of it. One day I posted something on Instagram (@fuego.bby ;) saying to like for a TBH in dm. He liked it and I DMed him the next morning. He asked for my number and we started texting. At first it was kind of interesting and we have texted every day ever since. It gets kinda boring sometimes and the replies are really late. The other day we were at school and he passed by my class and he called me, I was downstairs and he was upstairs and he said “look up” and I saw him smiling and waving and we talked for 2 minutes because he got yelled at by the teacher lol. Later that day he called me 2 times but I didn’t answer because I wasn’t home or using my phone. I called him back when I got home but he was busy so he said he’d call me later. He called me at 12 and I had fallen asleep. So I woke up at around 7:30 and called him at around 8. He answered right away and he sounded like he had just woken up (his voice sounded so deep and cute :) we talked for 30 minutes and kinda got to know each other without even asking we just talked about ourselves. We both had stuff to do and I had to go first. I said I had to go and he said oh alright, bye and I said bye and hung up even though I didn’t want to. I really think I like him and he’s almost what I always wanted a guy to be. He has the style I’ve always admired and loved. He’s cute, taller than me, but not too much taller so that’s good. I could talk about him all day but I’m just writing this cause it’s 2:50AM and I can’t sleep cause I’m thinking of him. Good night guys and shout to you if you read this far.

When your dominant hand is bandaged because you twisted and bruised your thumb but the artist in you is too strong

…. yeah long live the painkillers because I’m pretty sure I’ll regret this ^^;

Please don’t repost ^^;

Happy +  Bedroom/house/living quarters + romantic headcanon ficlet, Stucky:

More often than not, Bucky’ll go back to their apartment when Steve’s on a mission.

He feels closer to Steve there, he’d told him. Surrounded by all the Ikea furniture they’d picked together and Steve’s art hanging on the walls.

Living in the Tower has its perks, sure, but sometimes they just need this, a place that’s just theirs. The coziness and warmth that come with smaller, quieter rooms. A smoke on the fire escape and the familiarity of their old neighborhood. It still welcomes them there. Like a hug, Bucky’d said. And Steve gets it.

So when the mission’s finally over and Nat confirms that’s where Bucky is, he’s not surprised, just heads there as soon as they land. Debriefing, a shower… they all can wait.

For now, all he wants is to get home. To Bucky. To that place where the rest of the world can’t reach them, solid walls guarding them, allowing them the fantasy of a simple, boring, domestic life. Boring sounds heavenly right now.

It wasn’t a particularly difficult mission—no force on Earth would’ve been able to stop Bucky from coming along if it had been—, but complications had arisen, and so Steve finds himself dragging his feet down the hallway, bone tired and covered in grime and sweat and blood that’s—mostly—not his.

It’s late, and Bucky’s probably asleep, so he lets himself inside as quietly as he can manage, and all but collapses onto the couch. He hasn’t even gotten out of his suit, feels sticky and hot and uncomfortable in it, but he can’t bring himself to move for the life of him.

All things considered, the headache isn’t really that bad. Nothing like the skull-piercing ones he used to get before; he never gets those now. This one feels… like something weighing down on him. As if gravity was suddenly stronger, or the air a lot thicker around him. The body’s way of demanding that he rests for a little while.

And he has every intention to do so, except he’s at that point where you’ve gone just too long without catching a break, past that state where you’d be able to fall asleep as soon as you hit any remotely horizontal surface, and into too-exhausted-to-sleep mode.

So he just lies there on the couch, too tired to move or think, just hoping it won’t take him too long to go full circle, hoping for sleep to find him and make the headache go away. The room tries to help, to cradle him and let the peacefulness seep into his bones, but a good 30 minutes go by and he’s still just as exhausted, head aching just as much, and twice as uncomfortable.

And then he momentarily forgets about everything, because the bedroom door opens, and that means Bucky’s awake, and just that is enough to put a smile on his face.

The footsteps draw closer, then stop, and Steve doesn’t even have the energy to open his eyes, but he hears the foot-tapping, the scoff, can just picture Bucky’s expression, and his smile gets wider.

“You’re back,” Bucky says in an accusing tone. “I told you to wake me up.”

Steve feels better already. “Hi, Buck.”

“Too tired to drag your sorry ass to bed?”

In an incredible display of willpower, he manages to crack an eye open and turn his head to look at Bucky. He’s only wearing a pair of black briefs, metal arm glistening in what little light comes through the window, like something out of a dream. His hair’s a fucking mess, and Steve loves it.

“Sorry. Didn’t wanna wake ya,” he explains. Bucky rolls eyes at him. “And… yeah.”


“Tired. As fuck,” he moves, trying to get comfortable, and his body kindly reminds him of everything that hurts. A groan falls from his lips.

“Fuck, Steve, please tell me that’s not your blood,” and he says it in a way that, more than worried, sounds like he’s ready to hurt Steve even further if the answer happens to be yes. Steve smiles some more.

“Nah, ‘m alright. Just tired”

“Not hurt?”

“Headache, ‘s all,” he assures him. Then: “Fuck, you’re pretty.”

Because he can. Because it feels like home here, with Bucky standing at his feet, in a place they’d chosen together, and that’s something he’d stopped wishing for long ago. Because he’s too worn-out to have a filter anymore, and it’s true anyway.

Bucky snorts—but there’s a small blush creeping up there, Steve can see it even in this dim light—says: “Scoot over,” and gathers him in his arms. “Jesus, Rogers, you stink.”

But he wraps an arm around him anyway, let’s Steve rest his head on his chest, kisses his forehead. It must be terribly uncomfortable, to have Steve’s weight resting atop of him like this, still in his suit while Bucky’s practically naked, but he makes no mention of it.

Instead, he asks: “headache, huh?” and bring his metal arm up, rests it gently on his forehead, draws nonsensical patterns on Steve’s back with his other hand.

The relief is instantaneous. Steve lets out a long-drawn-out sigh, and moves just enough so he can give the cold metal a quick peck. Bucky might not feel it, but he still hums in appreciation, forever amazed that he can do any good with this arm at all. Steve’ll prove to him that he can for life if he has to.

“This helping?” Bucky asks. Still disbelieving. Still needing the reassurance. Steve kisses him again.

“Very much. Feels good, soothing. Thank you.”

And with that, with Bucky kissing the top of his head and their home keeping watch over them and Bucky’s rhythmic heartbeats acting like the world’s best sleeping spell, he finally dozes off.

Send me a symbol and a ship and I’ll write you a headcanon ficlet.

wow today has been really stressful and lonely but i am so glad i have books. the one solid consistency in my life tbh

do people still long on here and talk? idk only like what, 3 years ago I could post like one thing and have like 15 different people talking to me at once. Times surely have changed, my generation of tumblr folks are either married or probably never log back in here again.

Not sure how I feel about it tbh.

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can you tell me what mark said in the video? I don't think I can handle watching something sad right now but I want to know what's going on..

tbh the whole video is kinda just him rambling about everything that comes to his mind lmao
but basically he talks about how weird he feels after gaining so much popularity on youtube, looks back at how when he was a small yter he didn’t have to worry about what he posts or says.. talked (quite a lot lol) about how much he loves us and what we create and how we saved him

idk im bad at describing videos especially when they’re all over the place like that one jhjkdfkk…   basically its just a mess of emotions

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So who are your favorite celebrities other than Lily Collins?

tbh i feel like i stan more models than i do actual celebs but some of my ride or die faves are neelam gill, barbie ferreira, kat mcnamara, amandla stenberg, viola davis, aja naomi king, lady gaga, deepika padukone, victoria justice, hayley kiyoko… if i had to trust one (1) man it’d either be dev patel or ezra miller but i really don’t stan that many male celebs tbh 

+ TROYE SIVAN OFC IDK HOW I FORGOT ABOUT HIM but i love him to bits and i was rooting for him since his youtube days so :’)))

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How I feel about this character
She is the Baddest Bitch and honestly she gets a lot of shit for no reason

All the people I ship romantically with this character

My non-romantic OTP for this character
Uhhhhhh idk? I kinda really only ship her with Cherry and that’s it

My unpopular opinion about this character
Not really unpopular but she is a lesbian

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.
She also deserved more screen time tbh 

Michael would be so nervous to propose to you out of fear of messing it up. He couldn’t even count how many times you’d drop hints to him about how you wanted to be proposed to at Disneyland and he couldn’t imagine the look on your face if he, your boyfriend of three years, ruined it for you. 

Now, that the two of you had finally made it into the park, Michael’s nerves were even worse – as if that was even possible. And it wasn’t as if he was having second thoughts, quite the opposite really. He just wanted to get it over with so he could enjoy the day, and yet he knew what you wanted. “I’ve always dreamed about being proposed to right during the firework show,” you’d confessed to him three months ago. And fireworks show proposal is what you were going to get, as long as Michael didn’t pass out first which by the look on his face, could possibly happen. 

To keep his nerves at bay, and his voice from giving away the surprise Michael decided to consume every food item he laid his eyes on starting with a container of popcorn the two of you emerged onto main street. Popcorn then became hot dogs which became churros which were conveniently located near a pretzel stand which of course Michael bought two of. 

By the time it was noon, Michael had eaten almost every treat the park had to offer, In fact, you had to stop him from buying the turkey leg from the stand in Fantasyland for fear of your boyfriend puking on the tea cups, the next attraction you planned to ride. 

“Baby, you’re going to make yourself sick,” you giggled, as he pouted his eyes gawking at the stand. 

“But it looks so good,” he whined. 

“You can get one later,” you said, rolling your eyes before pulling your boyfriend along. 

Michael eventually got his turkey leg, and a garlic bagel twist, and a dole whip. He even made room for 60th celebration cupcake, though that he shared with you. At that point, Michael’s stomach was churning and this time not from nerves. Luckily for him, the parade was just ending meaning the fireworks show would be following shortly. 

He tried to keep himself busy in the remaining moments before the show began. Absentmindedly, poking at the cupcake in front of him and watching and the crowds of people flooded main street to get a better view of the show. He knew you’d love to be down in the center with everyone else but the table provided a better place for his proposal, safe from him losing the ring in the crowds of people. 

Just then a firework lit up the sky, you attention shifting towards the sky while Michael lowered down to one knee. Another set of fireworks lit up the sky and Michael fumbled through his pockets for the velvet box, breathing a sigh of relief when his fingers graced the box. 

Fire erupted. 

Music played.

A Micky Mouse shape illuminated the sky. 

Michael reached for your hand, your gaze falling on the boy in front of you on one knee. 

“Y/N, let’s start our fairytale together at the happiest place on earth. Will you do the honors of marrying me?”

You gasped. 

Michael smiled. 

A diamond ring was placed on your finger. 

And a fairytale began.  

Finishing up disney!5sos blurb night with @prmntvacations