idk how i feel about this one either though i like the coloring i used for this

Stoned On You

A/N: Hiii. This is a collaboration with me and @minhosmeanhoe . We figured out  that we’re the same person with the same dirty mind and this was the outcome. This is the longest and most smut I’m sure either of us has ever written in our lives and I hope you guys love reading as much as we loved writing it ! The song that goes with this fic is Stoned On You by Jaymes Young

Warnings: smut; smoking (weed), drinking, mentions of violence, hair pulling; I’m sure there is more but idk rn

Word Count: 12,529

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Guilty Pleasure (2)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Description: You and Baekhyun are best friends and you’ve lived together for three years now. It’s no news to you that Baekhyun sleeps around, but you do too…so what happens when he wants to be with someone as experienced as him?

Genre: Smut / Angst


Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x Reader (feat. Lay)

Author: Admin Xiufairy

Originally posted by junyeol

Avoiding Baekhyun became dangerously hard. It wasn’t as if you were trying to avoid him at first, but it ended up just…happening. He avoided you like the plague and you just let it happen. You’d still cook him dinner though, considering he, in no way, deserved to be food deprived just because he might’ve caught a bit of feelings for you.

You’d had another date with Yixing about a week after what happened with Baekhyun. You really liked Yixing, but you weren’t exactly sure how far those feelings would go. You were definitely sexually attracted to him, but you wondered if that was it. He was sweet - possibly the sweetest man you’d ever met - but you just couldn’t put your finger on what deterred you from him.

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his name was freddie

lets talk about him

(ill answer more questions abt him later on but this is it for now!!)

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deh apartment hcs

so i was just scrolling thru Tumblr Dot Com™ and I saw a post that said “does anyone else ever daydream of decorating their first apartment?” (if anyone knows who made that lmk) but anyway i saw that and was like omg if that ain’t alana and then i was like wAIT WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF THEM so here’s this. fyi this is like a college au type thing ish??

(im sotired this is kinda shitty lol)

(also thank u so much for the luv on my last two hcs? i cr ied? les get to the point sorry)


  • ok so this girl would obviously have the neatest apartment ever
  • it would probably be like a medium size ya know
  • white walls.
  • lots of white walls.
  • and there would be like really pretty marble countertops 
  • her beadspread (or whateverthefuck u call it) would probably be like grey with white little lines on it
  • in a pattern tho
  • like a cute pottery barn one
  • OH
  • she would so freaking use evan’s discount at pottery barn are u kidding me
  • like her entire house would look like a pottery barn catalog
  • anyway
  • idk if all apartments have this so excuse me if i sound mega stupif 
  • but she would use the little intercom-buzzer thing to get into the apartment to her full advantage
  • like if u wanted to even go up there she would legit do a full on background check
  • (except for zoe)
  • (zoe would be like “hey alana it’s-” and alana would be like “yOU CAN COME RIGHT UP”
  • but it would be like 
  • “hello who is this?”
  • “alana you know it’s jared. i just texted you.”
  • “… ok then what’s your middle name”
  • “aLANA”
  • but anyway back to what inspired this in the first place
  • so alana would SO plan her apartment out from when she was like young enough to understand it ya get it
  • like she would pick out furniture at age six
  • (her taste would obviously change as she got older but u get it)
  • and she would literally have it down to the p a i n t color
  • like she would walk into home depot or whatever and the worker would expect her to look around for like 40 minutes but she’d be like
  • “hi hello i’ll take seashell grey in the gloss finish please. make it quick.”
  • (i totally just made that up what the hell is a gloss finish never heard of her)
  • i also picture her having lots of house plants? like most of them would be fake bc she’s too busy to keep them alive but they wouldn’t look fake
  • yeah alana’s apartmetnt would be so put together and like clean cut and nice


  • her apartment would be rad okay
  • i feel like it would be v hipster and cool
  • not like Hipster™ but like… hipster?
  • what am i even saying
  • okay
  • so she would definetley have a room with yellow walls
  • like her rooms would be painted cool colors and stuff
  • but yellow specifically
  • she just seems like a yellow person
  • she would have a big wall that’s all chalkboard paint
  • wait now im really excited about this wall oh my god
  • like when everyone would go over her house they would all take a chalkboard marker (real chalk makes too much of a mess) and write and draw on it
  • evan would do little doodles of trees and write sweet and encouraging stuff
  • connor would either draw a hecking masterpiece or write really small in the corner “fuk u”
  • there’s no in between
  • alana would just doodle hearts and stuff
  • or when she’d be over doing homework w zoe she’d try to teach her math and science and stuff on it
  • a w 
  • jared would just draw memes 
  • i think we can all agree on that one
  • but annyyywwayy
  • she would refuse to get anything like store bought mainstream
  • like she would go to little shops in the middle of nowhere
  • or garage sales
  • and get the cutest stuff 
  • her house would be so homey but at the same time like “wtf why is this so perfect”
  • l o t s of tapestries
  • don’t fight me on this
  • it wouldn’t be the regular mendala ones that a lot of people get
  • (but she would for sure have a few of those too)
  • it would be like really cool unique stuff
  • lots of maps of the world
  • tie dye
  • ya kniw
  • they would mostly be taking up all of the celing space and some wall space in her room
  • she would so have a polaroid camera i KNOW IT
  • and she would put them all on pieces of string w clothespins and string them up around her room 
  • all pics of her frands and stuff
  • awwww zoe
  • she’d also probably have a room just for her dog
  • (btw if u didn’t see my other hc i see her as having a golden retriever named kiwi)
  • (but anyway)
  • like it was supposed to be a closet sbut she just didn’t use it
  • so she was like “well… okay let’s do this”
  • and evan will spend h o u r s at a time in that room
  • ugh she would just have the cutest apartment v colorful and stuff


  • evan’s apartment would be v small
  • he llved with his mom the first two years of college but decided to move out because he was feeling like he made a lot of progress and was ready to live on his own (btw is it canon tht he lives w his mom first year of college? i forget lmk)
  • (but he wasn’t really living on his own bc connor was always over or he was at connor’s place) 
  • he would have a v little sitting area w a really old tv and a worn out couch that was probably free on the side of the road or cheap from a garage sale
  • he would have a fridge and oven and stuff but he’d mostly just use the microwave
  • (ho;ly shit “some people say just use a microwave…”)
  • (i h8 myself why why why ok moving on)
  • his diet would mainly consist of ramen noodles
  • bc he doesn’t want to leave and have to socalize with people at fast food places or the grocery store
  • but every once and a while zoe would come over like “evan wtf” and make him food to hold him over for a while
  • (uh hc that zoe’s a really good cook??/)
  • he would have a little bedroom with a big window in it
  • and his comforter would be blue with navy stripes (similar to The Shirt™ but not completley the same)
  • he would have lots of sticky notes everywhere
  • like ranging from “don’t forget to feed the dog” to “don’t worry about it, it’s probably not a big deal”
  • and when he was in a really good mental state he would write them and stick them in places he know he’d see when he wasn’t in the best shape
  • and it would encourage him to keep going
  • wow that’s equally heartbreaking and adorable
  • ok don’t fight me on this we all know it’s a thing
  • he would have plants. eve ry wh ere
  • like there wouldn’t be a single fake plant in there
  • but he loved them bc he felt like it made the air fresher??? like it supplied more oxygen in the room which made it easier to breathe when he was feeling anxious??
  • (idk i can’t really explain it but that’s how i feel when i get anxious so i feel like it would help him too)
  • but it would range from huge ass borderline trees to succlents the size of his thumb nail
  • he would have s o many succulents
  • he would name them all
  • aaaaaaaAaAAAA
  • and each of his friends would have a plant named after them
  • even though it was small he really loved his apartment
  • bc he worked really hard to be able to pay for it and buy the furniture and stuff
  • so it was like his baby
  • yeah that’s my boy evan handsoap!


  • connor’s apartment would actually be pretty big
  • like everything would be super super high quality and nice 
  • he would so have a recliner chair
  • you know the one i’m talking about okay
  • and he would spend most of his time in there
  • even though he def has a huge nice sectional
  • (btw most of his furniture is black)
  • when evan would come over he wouldn’t want to get up out of it
  • but even always wanted to cuddle
  • so the first time evan was like “con come over hereee
  • connor just scooched over
  • and evan was like “??”
  • but just went over to him
  • and they were kinda squished but they loved it 
  • bc they were so close to eachother
  • but yeah they would love to cuddle on the recliner
  • his kitchen would be p nice too
  • like he would have a weirdly high tech fridge and a really nice oven and stuff
  • but if u opened the fridge there would just be like a half dranken (that is nOT a word) bottle of mountain dew, a cheese stick, and maybe on a good day some random leftovers
  • (btw idk why but i see his parents buying him most of the stuff in his apartment,, this doesn’t really make sense when i think about it but i can’t not do it what am i saing now awioehfdlsnk)
  • his room would be nice
  • he would have a big bed with a black and white plaid duvet cover
  • omg evan would l o v e his bed
  • like evan of course loves his own bed but connor’s is just so comfy
  • (plus connor’s bed also has connor)
  • (anywho)
  • his walls would be like a greyish blue color
  • but his furniture would still be all black
  • he would have a big desk and he always kept sticky notes around for evan to doodle on if he ever got anxious
  • and he has an entire drawer in his dresser just for his hair ties because he has an unhealthy amount of them
  • at all times
  • partly because he wants to keep his hair up sometimes
  • but partly because he always wears one around his wrist to snap when he gets mad or can’t control his emotions
  • and he always ends up loosing them
  • oh also his shower in his bathroom would be BOMB
    like im talking it has one of those little ledge chair thingies 
  • and the water pressure is a plus
  • and evan’s shower at his apartment is like sucky so he always just showers at connors
  • (i mean this in the least innapropriate way possible btw jus clearing that up)
  • but connor would spend SO much time there
  • so would evan tbh
  • so yeh


  • ok guys
  • hear me out on this one
  • but i feel like jared would have a surprisingly nice apartment??
  • like,,, actually very nice
  • they would all love hanging out there when they were all together
  • the first time he asked them over they were like “… u sure”
  • they were expecting to walk into something that looked like a super crappy hotel room with garbage all over
  • but they walked in and were like “jared what the fuk
  • because this place was nice
  • like,, , he would always have the most food out of all of them
  • (which wasn’t saying much but still)
  • he would have a big nice couch with lots of extra like beanbags all over
  • they would all have their own that they used
  • and his tv would be poppin okay
  • he would have his old wii hooked up to it
  • and they would constantly have mario kart tournaments
  • jared always insisted on being wario
  • for the Memes™
  • he would be the only one out of all of them with an amazon fire stick so they would always watch movies all together at his house
  • and sometimes they would just randomly take it without telling him
  • (i’m looking at u connor)
  • and he wouldn’t notice for a few days but when he did he went cRAZY
  • but anyway
  • his room would b supa cool
  • he would have a really nice bed
  • omg he would have like video game and other nerd stuff posters e v e r y w  h e r e
  • like everywhere
  • little to no wall space for anything elsee
  • every once in a while he would go through his camera roll and print the pictures that he liked the best to hang up on his wall
  • hear me out bc this is gonna sound weird
  • he would probably have a dead meme shrine in one of the corners of the wall on the bottom
  • that he started as a joke with connor and zoe once but it jst spiraled out of control until every dead meme was recognized as soon as it went out
  • he would have a tv in his room
  • not as good as his one in the living room but still
  • he has two tvs what even jared
  • that’s where he would put his xbox
  • and he would game all night man
  • ah i love jared sm

ok that’s it hope u enjoyed ahhahah

kerfundlesnatchle  asked:

I'm so obsessed with the champion's deaths why but anyway a thought came into my head that what if the new champions somehow (idk how through ✨magic✨) witness like a flashback to the original champion's deaths and its very dramatic and everyone is spooked and scarred (esp Sidon like that's his sister holy mmm) can u do a scenario for it i always dail whenever i try to write out my mind fanfictions

I feel man, like why must good die yooooung!! that was a 100 years ago but still i’ll be sad about it for a 100 years more. Omg what a good idea, a wonderful bone chilling idea. I hope I do this awesome idea justice  ~skeleton

Ok I kinda went overboard with this oops


Yunobo was on his way to deliver the boss some more pain medicine when he was suddenly struck with a feeling of utter defeat. He falls onto his knees as the medicine bottle slips out of his grip and rolls across the floor. Suddenly he is not in Eldin, he is aboard rudania. There is blood. So much blood. Normally at the sight of such horror he scream, cry , anything. But he couldn’t do anything, couldn’t feel anything even as his great ancestor, Daruk, was struck before his very eyes. “I-I-I guess I’m a lou-lousy shield eh li-little guy”. The wave of nothingness was gone yunobo sobbed and sobbed at each wave of pain. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted the pain medicine. Without thinking he picked up the bottle and swallowed the medicine. After a beat he realized where he was and what had happened. Looking down at the bottle he stood up and backtracked the way he had come. “you were a wonderful shield” he said to no one on his slow trek back.


Riju sighed as she stared out into the night sky. Another restless night. Even though the threat of an out of control Naboris was a thing of the past nights like these, when the nightly winds held a bit more moisture than they should, still spooked her. Then suddenly a loud clap of thunder startled her out of her reverie and suddenly she was whisked into the midst of a terrifying electrical storm. Aboard Naboris. She whips as another clap resounds behind her. Urbosa. The Urbosa is right in front her fighting a horrifying creature that was using her own element against her. Urbosa face down on the ground. The creature prepares its weapon. Riju is screaming “MOVE MOVE” but its too late. She blinks and Urbosa is impaled. Urbosa sneers “bas-tard” before all the color drains from her and she collapses completely. When Riju finally becomes aware of her surroundings she’s being held by one of her guards. The other informs her she was screaming and thrashing. They look concerned. She stops them before either one can ask her about it, “I don’t want to talk about it”.


Sidon woke up crying. He was overcome with a wave of despair and utter pain. Seeking solace. He got out of bed and left his room and rushed to the domain center. He didn’t stop until he reached the statue. Her statue. It glowed and glittered in the moonlight and his racing heart started to slow. It was quiet save for the soothing sounds of water around him. Suddenly he noticed water coming from the statue, was it- was she- was Mipha crying? The sounds of water turned loud and unpleasant. Mipha was in front of him as clear as day. She was alive! She was- she was- in front of one calamity Ganon’s demons. Sidon ran to her as fast as could but she and it seemed to get farther and farther away. She closed her eyes. SISTER NO- She began to speak softly- SISTER PLEASE- “Link”- SISTER WAIT IM ALMOST- “I’m afraid I won’t be able to heal you anymore”-MIPHA- “or my little brother”-IM RIGHT HERE MIPHA PLEASE- “I’m sorry”. And like that she was gone, the moment was gone. Sidon was kneeling at the statue, tears streaming from his eyes. “No mipha, I’m sorry I couldn’t heal YOU”.


He doesn’t admire the divine beast Medoh’s former champion as much as the other current champions admire theirs. He thinks Revali was too proud, too arrogant. And then the dream. More like the nightmare. Revali’s a bloody mess, his flight choppy and ungraceful. He looks as though he falling apart at the seams. Teba can almost feel Revali’s torturous pain. Each breath is filled with agony. But Revali’s expression is that of concentration, his beak forming a grim line. He’s smacked onto Medoh’s back truly spent, teba is screaming at him to stay down, nut he gets back up. He gets back up, he gets back up, until finally he doesn’t. His final words breathy and haunting. “I’m sorry everyone, I’m sorry”. Teba bolts up from his bed and breaks into a cold sweat waking Saki next to him. She’s asking him if he’s alright, Teba can’t seem to hear her. He whispers into the night. “He truly was a noble warrior”.  

Let’s talk about being organized and how to create an efficient system for your chemistry notes!

I will be the first one to admit that I’m not always organized or put together. Though in retrospect, I should’ve been because it saves you 87684 hours when you sit down to study for an exam. On that note, let’s get started!

Binder/Folder/Notebook Organization

  • Color code the subjects to match folders and notebooks. What I mean by this is to have a purple folder to match your purple notebook for chemistry. This system really helped me organize my subjects by color and quickly access them when I have to do homework or look over notes. (On top of that I like to use the same color when writing in my planner for due dates!)
  • Divide your binder into sections. Try to be mindful of over using colors on this part. It can start to get messy if you use the color system for your subjects and then another color system within that subject. Let me give you an example for chemistry:
    • General Notes - this includes basic stuff like vocabulary and theories. 
    • Nomenclature - keep it simple and just continuously update it. 
    • Reactions - put headers on the paper with what category these reactions fall into (Synthesis, Carboxylic reactions, Amine reactions, etc.)
    • Instruments - this relates more to an analytical chemistry class or an organic class, but don’t forget to include some pretty illustrations and sample spectrums. 
    • Handouts - organize them by chapter and put answer keys behind each one if given.
    • Quizzes/Tests
  • Create a binder cover. These are fun to make because you can either draw it or print out an already made cover. I usually find a pretty font and colorful background.
  • Buy a separate binder to store old notes. So this is good for people like me that hoard their notes… and only use notebooks during the semester. When I finish a semester I usually have assigned binders to store my notes. For example, I have a 3-inch binder for ONLY general chemistry notes/tests/handouts. Then I have a binder for ONLY organic chemistry notes/tests/handouts. This system has made it extremely easy to store my notes under my bed and then pull them out when I tutor students!

Chemistry Note Organization
(This can easily work for any other subject, but I’m going to stick to only chemistry-related for this post!)

  • Embrace the color system. Like I said before, don’t try to overdo it but adding colors in chemistry notes make it easier to follow. My prime example for this is organic chemistry:
    • Write non-carbon atoms in blue, purple, or green. Maybe do halogens as blue, oxygen/sulfur as purple and nitrogen as green. Do whatever works for you!
    • In a different color pen (black if you write in pencil), write the solvents used to perform the reaction. I don’t know how many times I forgot to look out for solvents because I read right over them…
    • In arrow-pushing mechanisms, I really liked to draw the arrows in red. This allows you to see how the reaction scheme works and what atoms get eliminated, substituted, or added.
    • Label compounds/ions if they’re either an electrophile or nucleophile. Another thing I commonly read over because it blended in too well with my notes. The first-semester organic chemistry class is really heavy on knowing these terms and being able to identify them. 
  • Highlight key terms. Pretty obvious but I know some people who have notes that are nothing but in pencil. I honestly don’t know how they can read their notes and study them…
  • Date and put headers. Another pretty obvious thing but sometimes it’s hard to keep track of what you need to focus on for a test. I usually go off dates and start with the first lecture after a test!
  • Get creative and draw illustrations. It spices up the notes and sometimes it’s better to study with a picture. This works well with theories like the Bohr model! Maybe even draw your own little IR spectrums or NMR peaks. I did that when reading my secondary organic chemistry book. Oh, and why not put some color in those illustrations as well, haha.
  • Annotate equations by circling variables you don’t know. I’m currently doing this for my analytical notes and it makes understanding the equations so much better! I can go back and see why or what a certain variable is being used.
  • Use margins to annotate. When going back at study notes, it can get crammed if you annotate them all over the pages. So try to create a column only for these side notes.

These are all the things I can think of when it comes to organization. If you have anything else to add, please feel free! Hope you enjoy. :-)


Naruto’s perception of love

You know, I wonder why people are so confused about why and how Naruto confused romantic love with platonic or superficial forms of love. It makes sense to me, and it’s not out of character for him, either. 

Though dense enough to meet the criteria of Shounen Protaganist, Naruto’s not being uncharacteristically dense in Shippuden and the beginning of The Last. He just hasn’t experienced love like most people. He liked Sakura as a kid because she was pretty, just like he likes ramen because it’s tasty. So what he considered to be romantic love, was, essentially, based on a form of superficial attraction, similar to how one likes their favorite food for its taste or favorite color for its aesthetic appeal. It’s based entirely on our external senses. 

He later learns the platonic, brotherly love he shares with his comrades, as well as the strength of parental love. So when his platonic, sibling-like love for Sakura began to outweigh his superficial attraction to her, especially when he realized the extent of her feelings for Sasuke, he gave up on his crush and began to support her. But because of all the fighting and conflict, he never had the time to contemplate about the actual nature of romantic love.
So it’s not uncharacteristic for Naruto to just assume that romantic love is similar to the other forms of “love” that he’s experienced and shared. 

The novels revealed that post-war and Pre-The Last, Naruto and Hinata spent a LOT of time together, as noted by characters like Sakura and Shikamaru.
So it’s within the realm of reason for us to believe that as Naruto discovered the true nature of Hinata’s “love” for him, he also realized the true nature of his feelings for Hinata that was cultivated from their interactions in the manga and their time spent together during the time-skip.

I’ll Never Let You Go

Nessian Fluff, this time (I’m serious!) 

Words: ~2000

Read on AO3

Inspired by “A Heavy Heart” by Anthony Greninger 

Somewhere between space and time, the stars worshiped the night. Dancing atop indigo and violet skies, along rivers of oblivion, and endless chasms of color. But the stars would never be more magnificent then the light that only grew as they held each other.

They were sitting on an armchair, an old rickety little thing. He was much too big for it, and his wings barely fit between the cushions. She was much too small for it, her body barely covered the cushions. And yet, that old rickety little thing was their favorite possession in the place they called their home.

Nesta was sitting on his lap, and Cassian held her to him, as if getting up was something far, far away. She did not mind in the least. He rubbed her back and she nestled her head between his neck, nuzzling her nose into his soft skin and his heady scent.

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anonymous asked:

after watching the new episode i was wondering if it possible for TodoBaku or is there moment that show Bakugou doesn't really mind about Todoroki in the later chapter ? and what's your opinion in TodoBaku ? how do you see their relationship ? Thanx :)

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh what a good great unexpected question - personally, I don’t ship it romantically one bit, but it is one of my favorite dekusquad/bakusquad relationships - I guess you might consider it something similar to an accidental sort-of-friendship neither of them seem to actually have noticed yet? It’s definitely a unique relationship for either of them, at least… they make it clear more than once that they Do Not Give A Fuck about the other’s personal struggles, I just can’t see them talking and finding sympathy in each other, but that just ends up giving them a kind of blunt and no-bullshit relationship that doesn’t stop them from working together when needed. I don’t know how to properly explain it, honestly, but they’re fun! 

I don’t know how much spoilers you want so I’ll keep this as vague as I can, but they do happen together more than either of them would like, and their relationship is a really amusing one for me - Todoroki actually cracks jokes with Bakugou around, though always with his neutral face and making fun of Bakugou himself when he does, and the way he has of just straight out ignoring Bakugou’s insults and fire-spitting and answering as if they were having a civil conversation is weirdly entertaining tbh

I wouldn’t say that Bakugou “doesn’t mind Todoroki”, but he does end up having way more important things to think about than his one-sided rivalry with him, and once he starts settling things with Deku the narrative mostly moves to push in that direction, which means that every interaction he has with Todoroki is either on neutral grounds or in the middle of forced cooperation, pushing any antagonism they might have to the background, really - also, the more the story goes on the more Bakugou becomes civil with the rest of the class, so there’s that too! Anyway, they’re fun to me, I wish to draw more of them in the future tbh

Anon said: I do laugh at Bakugou’s reaction on the podium bc visually its animated funny. But u r right that the whole thing is fucked. How is that even appropriate to do to him? And it takes until after his fight with deku many arcs later for All Might to say “we maybe sort of neglected this kid’s mental health.” Like wtf. It upsets me sometimes to think just how much All Might just doesn’t even *see* Bakugou. So much is wrong about this, from putting Bakugou on display to forcing the medal on him.

Blessed words all of them - it’s why I’m such a fan of the idea of Bakugou without even noticing switching his role model to Aizawa, actually? Aizawa’s the only adult figure in the whole manga who’s constantly been there for Bakugou, he has his future and mental health and reputation constantly in mind and works his ass off to try and help him along as much as possible, he takes note of everything Bakugou goes through, every switch in mood and worsening in personality and interpersonal relationships, and he’s always incredibly fast in nudging him towards the right path again - and Bakugou noticed. He trusts Aizawa to know him, follows his directions and accepts his advices, believes he’ll have his back without an ounce of doubt, that’s the tutor/student relationship Bakugou deserves 

I understand that All Might has a lot of problems of his own and he’s just learning to be a teacher anyway, but he found it in himself to be there for Deku, while Bakugou has been obviously staring at his back for the whole length of the manga and it took All Might 120 chapters to notice, that’s just plain sad

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Late Night Hauntswitch/Hiveswap Rambles

Y'all, I really want them to just alternate the Hiveswap parts and the Hauntswitch parts. Like… hive act one then haunt act one then hive act 2 ect. Cause like. Guys. I need some Jude. And Dammek and.
Y'all, I don’t know if you’ve relised this yet but.
DAMMEK IS GOING TO BE STUCK IN THE FRICKEN ATTIC AND I really want to see what happens cause. Like. Idk, I’m pretty sure they (the creators at WhatPumkin,) would make Joey drop the walkie talkie as she was going into the portal so Dammek would find it like she found his trapper keeper laptop. But the reception is lost in the attic so all Dammek would hear would be weird buzzing and fuzzy yelling from Jude MAYBE. And he’d be very stuck until Jude could get the key but THEY WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO COMMUNICATE CAUSE OF THE WALKIE TALKIE MALFUNCTION and they’d both be left in the dark (figuratively, the power’s back on,) , Jude wouldn’t go find the key and Dammek would be trapped for a while until the monsters leave and smart boy Jude decides to go and see (or, if the monsters aren’t gone he might just sneak around cause hed be very desperate,) what the big lights did and who came shooting down from the sky (cause you know if he saw Joey go up he saw Dammek come down) so then he goes on an adventure through the house (probably moving the army mummie and accessing the rest of his house, [that might be later though, idk,])to find the key while Dammek sits in the attic unable to do anything until Jude comes and unlocks it and they’re like “who da fuk r u?” To eachother and Jude starts ranting about how he was right about aliens and conspiracies and stuff and then freaks because it finally sets in that JOEY IS GONE AND THIS MONSTER TOOK HER PLACE (cause let’s be honest, a troll would be scary if you stumbled across one unknowingly in a dark creepy attic, so, obviously, first reaction would be “monster!” And then second reaction would be “ALIEN!!!” Knowing Jude,)
Then Jude shuts up and like. Idk, either runs away or tries to fight Dammek and Dammek is so done and tired and he doesn’t want to be there and now this stupid hornless light blue blood (his idea of Judes blood color based off of the color of his shirt symbol) mutant is screaming at him and ugh, just let him sleep. He’d be like “nah, you mid bloods have no right to treat us like that, and neither do highbloods,” and Jude get so confused like “wtf” and then they fight. Jude gets hurt and his blood is red and Dammek is so confused cause “isn’t your shirt blue???????? You lied????? I should have expected that, woops, stupid me,” and then some part of Jude reminds him of Xefros (you know he has to care about the poor boy, you KNOW, they’re moirails for fucks sake. Don’t diss him too much till you know him [what I see now is abusive but their society is so different than human’s and their ways of survival are so different, it sounds like he just wants Xefros to be strong to survive but is taking it much too far, I mean, look how happy they both look in their photos! They are happy when together, just look,]) like the blood color or the nervousness or fear or somefin (cause, let’s face it, Jude seems like the type to be brave until the enemy is known to be stronger or smarter,) so Dammek forgives him, dissing himself internally for being so weak (I mean. He’s seems the type to do that, idk), and they have a nice (sort of, I feel like Dammek would call Jude names [nerd, weeb, filthy mutant blood, grub fucker (except not because RATED E 10 AND UP) , ect. Only half the human could understand,],) and Jude would get cocky as soon as the danger is mostly gone [Dammek being an intelligent and human like being, therefore mostly open to compromise and listening,] and make comments to try and ‘burn’ Dammek and 'put him in his place’ but failing,) conversation. Dammek wants to go home and Jude wants his sister back (and byers, tbh,) so they form an allience, that Jude states is “highly temporary,”, to figure out how to reach their goals. Shenanigans ensue.

Okay, sorry for rambling, oops. Those are just… idk. I’m looking at the future too far, I should step away while I can. Congrats for reading so much if you’ve made it this far, thanks as well.

I type too much when I’m tired.

One last thing though.
Jude’s pet is a rat.
And, despite all of Dammek’s guns, his strife weapons are his drumsticks.
I said it here first, folks.

Thank you.


I Love You, Not Your Gender

Originally posted by martziplier98

Request: howdy, could you do a tyler x reader where they meet at a coffee shop or something and they fall in love, but turns out that the person ty falls in love with is trans Ftm (female to male) and they get beat up or something and ty is like “fuck man. i really love them……” idk just an idea!!!!!! thank youuuu!!!!

Summary: So basically Trans!Reader (FtM) meets Tyler one day at Molina’s Coffee House and they hit it off but then some bad stuff happens but happy ending as always.

A/N So this was definitely different than what I’m used to, but I really got inspired this morning while I was at Starbucks working on some other stuff with some friends so I wrote this! Kinda long, but I’m actually very happy with how it came out! Hope you guys enjoy! Also, I do support the LGBT community, so please don’t take anything I wrote in this fic (slurs/intrusive thoughts) as anything that I personally believe. As always, anything in italics is a personal thought in first person that the character is having. Enjoy!

Wordcount: 1572, much long I’m v sorry

Warning: I cursed, used a homosexual slur, a little bit of violence, and mention of mental issues such as anxiety, intrusive thoughts, and being self conscious.

This request really got me out of my comfort zone, but I’m very happy with how this came out. I’ve never written a Tyler fic or a trans!reader fic so please be nice. I tried my best to get into the mind of what someone in this situation might be feeling and experiencing, but I obviously am not perfect. Anyway, feel free to request! I’ve got a few lined up in my drafts, but the more the merrier!

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darthitachi  asked:

Why do you think Joey is a Mage rather than a Sylph? Sylphs are frequently described as magical and she is always trying to fix things, like the paintings or Xefros's moiraillegiance right after meeting him. I think Joey is her own mother and Jude is John's Dad. "You hope this is what mirrors will look like." In line with this theory, I think Jude is a Knight of Void seeing as Dad fights bearhanded, has to conceal his identity as a Man in Black from John, and weaponizes his knowledge of secrets.

Sylphs have been described as magical exactly once in canon, hardly what I’d call frequently, by a person who wasn’t god tier and was more trying to describe the similarity of their roles as Space players in their respective sessions in that conversation. Kanaya talking to Jade about frog breeding duties and such and how they both served basically the same role in SBURB/their sessions, even though we know in canon that they really didn’t serve similar roles at all besides the act of frog breeding itself (hence the “I’m like you but kinda different” part of their conversation)

its something to take with a grain of salt and with its original context, especially because the tone is which it was said was “sorta? sure? idk moving on” and it hasn’t been mentioned since, and since then more and more evidence (such as Aranea’s whole existence but other things as well) has shifted our understanding of Sylph in a different direction

at the very least, in talking about specifically magical associated things and just magical associated things, Sylph falls way waay further down the list then something like Mage or even Witch

and with Joey you also have to factor in that her Aspect is strongly Life, which is going to color a lot of her interactions with a Lifey flavor, as aspects are often the more dominant force when looking at characters descriptions/dialogue/actions etc

and Life as an aspect can be quite inherently Healing in nature, especially in the case of Joey who focuses on healing solely Life associated things such as Animals. She mentions a lot of broken objects in various flavor texts throughout the game, but says a lot of things such as (paraphrasing) “alas, it is not an animal, and therefore I don’t care” 

As for the paintings in her house, she’s hardly fixing them really, all she’s really doing is changing her father’s possessions to suit her instead as an act of rebellion, if she were actually fixing them like a sylph would she be preserving them, straightening them out, keeping the paint from peeling etc that kinda thing, not like, scribbling all over them in crayon and covering them in stickers, really it’s more like she’s destroying them than fixing them because she hates what they represent, the one exception? That painting in the living room of the very clearly alive and roaring lion, which she says shes always liked because of how Alive it seemed rather than dead, completely untouched by any crayon or stickers

as well as her other interests like Baking (and you could argue dancing as an expression of force/energy/her physical form, especially because we mostly use it ingame to shake things around or to help her fight rather than use it to keep time or rhythm or play music, which would make it more time associated) as well as things like her naturally contentious nature against her father and his ways (she mentioned she once bought into it but now doesn’t) to the point of disowning his name completely and destroying his house and objects out of spite (maybe more negative expressions of Life, but Life nonetheless, fighting authority for the sake of your own independance, the fact that she has to have been very independant growing up)

Other things for Mage as a classpect though, one of her other interests is in solving puzzles and using her noggin to work her way through things, and she is intensely curious about everything in her surroundings, ignoring warnings from her brother of “hey don’t look at that mysterious thing it could be dangerous” with “pfft, duh of course I’m gonna look at the mysterious dangerous thing who do you think I am?”

but what strongly makes me sure that she is a Mage, moreso than all the magic and mental associations

is that throughout the game, Joey displays a lot of knowledge that she could not possibly know, either through clever meta references or through internal gut feelings and knowledge that she intuits from her surroundings and objects that she interacts with

I would have to go back through my playthough to grab screenshots of what I mean, but some specific instances are things like the different patterns on the lite brite object you can make (Bec’s head, the cherub spiral) the interactions you get near the attic part of the game when you rub the Cherub Key/Heirloom thing on everything and during a conversation with Xefros when she asks who he’s rebelling against she jokingly suggests “The Man”? but the man is color typed to be in all green with the a in the center as white

clearly referencing the figure of Doc Scratch, who she should know absolutely nothing about, even if to her it was a joke and she herself didnt consciously understand the reference she was making, she still unconsciously made the reference, she still understood something she shouldn’t really be able to

As well as understanding how to use Alternia technology, understanding how to change the color of the text, understanding how to use a tablet and take a selfie right off the bat when for her its currently 1994, that technology doesn’t even have an existing equivalent on earth yet but she picks it up intuitively as if shes used it all her life, not to mention that she could intuitively understand bits and pieces of alternian language despite absolutely never seeing anything like that in her life

and she makes a lot of outstanding intuitive understandings of the people and things around her, correctly guessing why her PA left her (she says for “greener pastures or bluer women” which we understand as referring to Jade’s eventual arrival and possibly Nanna/Some version of Jane) correctly understanding the nature of Xefros’s and Dammek’s relationship as damaging to Xefros, cutting through the fact that to her it’s an alien culture and for all she knows this may be the norm for them and perfectly healthy, but both her and we as the audience know and understand that it is not

there’s more things too (Id have to rewatch for specific examples) but over all her character on the whole, for me I see Mage and Life completely outshine every other possibility thus far

*EDIT* and if there was one screenshot that perfectly describes this, like how the homestuck kids also had one page descriptions that included clever references to to their classpects before we knew them, Joeys equivalent is probably this:

“These posters…they resonate so powerfully with the very core of your being. the animals. the MAGIC (Mage). the POWER (Life). they whisper to you in your dreams… secrets of a better world on the other side of the stars… (reference to how she shoots across space like a shooting star to alternia)

anonymous asked:

i miss your haikyuu art so much it was the best - dont get me wrong i fucking adore your bnha art but like,,,,, haikyuu,,,,,,,

Well pal, aren’t you lucky, you might have been missing from my blog in the past two weeks but if you scroll down just three posts you might notice I’ve been drawing haikyuu again (x x x)

Anon said: People don’t remember baccano anymore? :o

I assumed so since it’s been ten years since it aired and the fandom has always been small and quiet anyway, but it looks like I assumed wrong!!!! That made me so happy, honestly? Baccano’s my fav anime ever, it’s always super nice to see it appreciated!

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TFP Knockout

The dazzling shine of the car is what first catches your attention, but it’s your curiosity that draws you to it. You feel almost compelled to approach the silent, sleek sports car that rests along the side of the steet, illuminated by the nearby streetlights. You’re certain that you’ve never seen this car before, and that puzzles you to no end. You live on this street, after all, and to your knowledge none of your neighbors had gotten a new car. You didn’t recognize it from anywhere else in town either, and with how small a place Jasper is, you’re sure you’d remember a car as nice as this one if you had ever seen it around.

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anonymous asked:

I'm too shy to come out of anonymous... but how did you start your studyblr?? It looks so professional!

hey anon! dw, jo here has got your back! B )
     (& don’t be shy, anon! feel free message me or de-anon and tell me to answer privately if you have any questions or just want to talk!)

onto your question, personally, I kind of tripped into the studyblr community one day and simply put, fell in love. So I decided to start my own studyblr as means to motivate myself, but only started working on it about three weeks ish ago? anddd the rest, they say, is history.

WARNING: A LONG POST BC JO TENDS TO GO OVERBOARD (and i probably forgot something even tho there’s this huge post but whatever oops)

but hey! i’m sure my blabbering wasn’t quite what you’re looking for, so
here’s what I’d recommend if you’re looking to start or spice up your studyblr!!

  1. find a nice theme: I find that if you can find nice, clean, simplistic (but cute and aesthetically pleasing) themes, you’re well onto your way to becoming a v nice studyblr. but still, you don’t need a theme to be a good studyblr!
    here are a few blogs that make really nice themes you can look at!
    1. shythemes - is where I got my theme. Shythemes has very simplistic, clean type themes that I really like. These themes look crisp and neat and a sort of minimalist feel.
    2. ciralismthemes - has a cute, magazine/website layout (??) type theme. Cute and clean type of theme, ciralismthemes almost seems to build a little personalized "theme” within a blog. lots of choices, each theme different and unique.
    3. micaelis - has cute, tidy themes. ‘Mediocre’ is the theme that some studyblrs seem to favor, is compact and has lots of options and things, has other themes anime-related.
    4. zenthemes - zenthemes has clean, neat, minimalist themes. loads of options, all free. take a look around and choose as you like!
    5. tumblr’s themes - tumblr has loads of free themes all ready to go, you can pick and choose whichever theme you think you like!
  2. customized backgrounds/icons: let me say this first. you do not need to have all these “pretty, cute, aesthetic, personalized items” to be a great and amazing studyblr. you don’t. but I do suppose that it makes your blog look better strictly-aesthetic wise? I’m not saying you need perfect themes and great everythings to be a good studyblr, but this is something that people seem to like, if you get what I mean.
    but here are a few things you can do
    1. on your desktop - you can do a few things with your desktop theme and stuff
      1. find nice background wallpaper - choose a wallpaper! i don’t recommend complicated backgrounds or pictures as your wallpaper, because it can make your blog look messy and hard to look at. instead, choose pastel colors or solid colors with a simple pattern (like with gridded lines or dashed lines, maybe). 
        you can also put random things on your wallpaper to customize it. I put a border with my url on it, but you can do a lot more, like add pictures of people, flower petals, stars, anything! to do that, you can use photoshop (software) or picmonkey, etc. (online photo editors) to edit.
        the usual size for wallpaper is 1920 x 1080 btw!
      2. don’t clutter - make sure your blog doesn’t look to cluttered, i guess? remember KISS (keep it simple, stupid).
    2. on mobile - just like desktop view, you can pretty up your mobile look
      1. make a header - you can either make your own personalized header (like I did for my mobile theme) that fits with your desktop (or doesn’t) or you can put nice, pretty pictures as your header.
    3. make an icon - icons are like, super important. to me, at least. so try and make or find a good icon!
      1. letter/url icon - you can make an icon by putting the initials of your url or your entire url into the icon and setting a (most often pastel) solid color as the bg. it’s pretty popular and what my icon is. you can also add things that represent your url to the icon.
      2. photo icon - set a nice photo as your icon. i don’t think there’s much to say about this type of icon.
      3. selfieeeee - you can set yourself as your icon! only if you want to though (though i’m 100% you’re super handsome/pretty, i know it ;) )
  3. URL making - you can make up anything for your url!
    1. i’d recommend you add something related to studying or academics so that people know that you’re a studyblr, but you don’t have to!
    2. most often, people find good urls by either doing
      1. favorite object/thing/color/anything + study/studies or
      2. studywith + name
      3. name + studies/studying 
  4. Original Content - make original posts! here’s the thing, i’ll be honest with you. if you have good lighting, nice notes, nice filters, etc., your stuff is more likely to get noticed. but they don’t have to be. the only step is that you post stuff! don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a lot of notes because you aren’t defined by notes. just post photos (if you need motivation, try doing the 100 days of productivity challenge), make your own masterposts, write about things, make a advice/tip list, etc. do anything! 
  5. Signal Boost - related to original content! when you make your own posts or whatever, you can tag people! put their urls or whatever tag they track in your tags because then studyblrs will see your posts! the studyblr community is a great and friendly place, we won’t ignore you or your posts (promise) unless we don’t see it on accident! people do it, and if you don’t feel comfortable tagging studyblrs you look up to or just studyblrs in general, tag me! i’ll def reblog and boost your stuff, so feel free to tag me (and it’s ok to tag other studyblrs in your posts, honestly!) and if you have any mutuals, tag them too!
  6. Intro Post - oh gosh, the intro post is like, the most important thing ever. you should make an introduction post, introducing yourself to the community! in general, the formula for an intro post is your name, age, what you’re interested in, etc. etc. and tagging studyblrs that have inspired you or helped you make a studyblr. It took me a month to get around to this, but ohhh boy, can I tell you what a difference it made. It’s important to show yourself to the community, so do this!!
  7. Get Talking & Be Nice - not like you aren’t nice, but be friendly and outgoing and nice and kind to people in general and you’re gonna get far in both the studyblr community and in real life. and you should talk to people! reach out! find new studyblrs or talk to studyblrs that you look up to, etc and message them / send them an ask (like you did me!) this gets you far, youngun, trust me <3
    1. Communities - also, you can join communities and other study groups to get connected. 
  8. Reblog - reblog posts and stuff that you like and you’ll get nice content filling up your blog in no time. also, the queue is your best friend if you’re pressed for time. 
  9. Extra things - extra things idk where to put
    1. nice things - you can buy nice things to treat yourself. buy stationery, paper, just nice things to treat yoself. they look really nice btw and yes just do it. 
      1. stores -  you can buy things at stores like muji, kikki.k, tokyo pen shop
      2. brands- that are really nice include pilot, uniball, sharpie, copic markers, etc
    2. apps/extensions - apps and stuff people use
      1. Focus Now/Forest - keeps you on focus by having you put your phone away. you either kill or grow a tree for a certain time you don’t use your phone. (extension for chrome: Forest)
      2. Leoh - chrome extension that opens on a new tab. includes to do list, time, goal for the day, news, weather, etc.
      3. Momentum - the typical studyblr extension, gives time and sets goal for the day
      4. - alternative to Momentum, gives time, has a built-in pomodoro timer, and a lot of lists and stuff to keep track of things.
      5. Flashcards+ - helps you study by opening a new tab and having you do flashcards.
      6. OneTab - a super lifesaver. Onetab collects all the tabs you might’ve had open and saves it so you can go right back to here you were last time if you need to close your laptop, etc.
      7. Pomodoro Timer - sets a 25 min timer to have you do things and keep you on track, etc. 
    3. Bullet Journal - keep a bullet journal! A bullet journal is a sort of to do list, note, journal, and everything else mashed into one. Lots of studyblrs and other people use bujos. You can search reach the official bullet journal website or look on tumblr to see more about bujos. 
  10. I don’t know what else, but if you have any more questions or if I didn’t answer your question properly, contact me again, anon! (If you were referring to my wallpaper and icon looking professional, I made them myself and you should contact me if you’re looking for stuff like that!) 

Other (great and quite possibly better than my hastily written answer) New Studyblr Posts:

also, some great studyblrs you should follow just to get you on your feet, etc: 
@standardunistudent @succulentstudy @hope-studies @studyign @studybuzz @studyblr-bri @haleystudies @hayley-studies @academla @sirenastudies @studylikeslytherin @studytildawn @elkstudies @studycxlture @study-well @studylou @katsdesk @studyvet @the-brightest-witch-studies @studyandblacktea @green-tea-and-studying @emmastudies @milkystudies +  hella lotta more lovely people

i hope this helped, anon! feel free to come and talk to me whenever xoxo


RFA + Minor 4 HEADcanons

(that absolutely no one asked for but you’re all getting anyway)

-he grows his hair out after leaving Mint Eye and then redyes it back to it’s original red color
-but he kind of,,,,doesn’t trust anyone to cut it bc that involves scissors really close to his face
-Vanderwood convinced him to let him cut it but Vandy ended up cutting off too much, which freaked Saeran out
-So Saeran  allows it to grow a few more inches so it’s halfway to his shoulders and finds that he really likes the length. He can pull it into a ponytail (which is handy) and it’s different from Saeyoung’s hair
-he usually ties it into a low ponytail, but if it’s particularly bothering him he’ll put it higher up
-Saeran’s hair is thinner than Saeyoung’s, where Saeyoung’s is particularly unruly, Saeran’s is thin and doesn’t tangle easily
-his hair is soft af, play with it and honestly he’ll melt

-he sheds like an absolute madman???
-like, if Jaehee thinks Elizabeth 3rd is bad, one time he sat down on her couch and she found at least fifteen hairs afterwards
-honestly at this point, it’s pretty normal to pick his hairs off of everything and anything
-in your food? Somehow all over your clothing? yes
-he has a big spot of discoloration on the right side of his head that’s grey-ish brown canon, check his after end! that he either keeps hidden or sometimes dyed if he has to. It’s super noticeable when he slicks his hair back so he doesn’t do it often. Plus he just,,,hates the way his hair feels when it’s slicked back. It’s greasy and kind of stringy?? it looks like he hasn’t showered and honestly he hates it
-his hair also grows super slow so he doesn’t get haircuts very often
-the whole thing with his hair sticking up everywhere started when he was a kid. He always had this spot at the back of his head that stuck out no matter what he did, so he just started styling his hair the way he does now.
-he gets hella bedhead in the morning because of this, and V also loves to tease him about the pieces that stick up

-his hair is naturally brown but this babe dyes it because he thinks it’ll help him get a girlfriend
-he usually bleaches it every month. His parents were super against it because his natural hair color was perfectly fine in their eyes, but they compromised and said that as long as Yoosung used proper bleach and took care of it, they’d pay for it.
-his hair grows at a normal rate, if not a bit slower
-its not super soft and he has a lot of split ends, but it always looks nice!
-he spends way too much time on it in the mornings though, his mother’s friend is a hairdresser and she taught him how to train his hair by combing strands over to one side and then back again every time he gets out of the shower. It’s a technique he swears by, and he always uses it whenever he can’t get his hair to flick out
-if he just leaves it as usual though, it’s pretty straight!

-he once found a split end and he cried for 15 minutes while simultaneously rushing to the nearest beauty supply shop and then bought out said beauty shop
-he uses hair masks, high end shampoo and conditioner, anything that guarantees his hair’s maximum hair potential
-his mother used to forcibly cut it when he was a child, and it used to make her mad when it’d grow back within a week kinda like aunt petunia with harry potter
-other than that, this boy’s hair feels like silk and it’s so aggravating. The color is completely solid all the way through, but it never looks flat. It’s always perfectly shiny and ugh, just ugh.
-his ponytail is surprisingly thin but it’s a bit too thick to be considered a rat tail, plus he gets kind of upset when people call it a rat tail for some reason, no one knows why

-curls for daysss
-when he gets out of the shower his hair is a straight dark brown but gets super curly and bright red when it’s dried
-he usually has to brush most of the curls out because otherwise his hair naturally gets tangled easily
-his hair is softer than Zen’s! 2nd softest hair in the RFA. Where Zen’s is silky smooth, Saeyoung’s hair is baby soft

-Softest hair in the RFA confirmed
-she takes really good care of it, but it’s pretty prone to being oily!
-when it’s grown out it is h eckin gorgeous, not that it isn’t anyway
-she has the kind of hair that makes you want to wear it as a sweater okay maybe not that far but it’s as soft as a cloud 
-she uses just regular drugstore shampoo but it always smells like either honey or cherry blossoms, depending on which shampoo she choses to use
-she also like,,,,never uses conditioner that coordinates with her shampoo

-it’s layered because he’s a terrible hair stylist and accidentally ended up cutting chunks off of his hair and looked ridiculous
-so he had to go in and have it fixed, which led him to the hair style he has now
-it used to be completely straight and always with a ponytail & bangs (kinda like Takeda Shingen’s from SLBP but with straighter bangs whoops)
-but he loves his new hair! Some of the pieces gets on his nerves because they never go into a ponytail so he always carries around a pack of bobby pins
-bobby pins are his savior ok
-when Saeran gets angry at him, he calls Vanderwood’s hair a mullet
-it’s neither soft nor coarse, but somewhere in between. He doesn’t care what shampoo he uses, sometimes he just uses plain bar soap whenever he runs out & can’t get more right away. ….um, as long as it gets the job done?

-her hair is smooth as h eck and super wavy
-it’s gorgeous honestly
-she uses vv high quality shampoo and conditioner and it pays off
-her hair always smells like cherry blossoms even if it’s been a day since she’s washed it what is her trick
-it almost never gets oily unless it’s been two or three days since it’s been washed. Not that she ever goes that long without washing it though!

-listen,,,,,I know these characters are in anime style,,,,,but there is no way V’s hair is naturally blue
-he probably dyed it for attention but then decided he really liked it and kinda kept up with it
-he gets it professionally done every three months, his hair grows suuuper slowly, but once he goes completely blind he probably has it dyed back to his original color (I think it’s an identical color to Jaehee’s but idk lmao)
-his hair is pretty thick and unruly, he pretty much just drags a comb through it and heads out for the day

Fandom: Power Rangers (2017)

Title: Breaking and Entering 

Characters: Kimberly Hart, Trini (Trimberly slanted)

Summary: It’s not entirely self-centered to seek comfort for yourself if you’re also checking up on someone else.

It was a thought that only had just now crossed her mind as Kimberly slid her fingers under the small crack between window and sill as she eased said window up. There was a fine line between breaking and entering and checking up on someone she cared about. Breaking and entering was more something along the lines of what a thief would do. Some random stranger would obviously cause harm. She wouldn’t.

Although, scaling the side of Trini’s house to the attic and quietly slipping inside of her room was, in fact, probably pretty illegal.

Considering that there had been no forewarning.

And now that she was inside of the room, plaster swept up into a corner, gaping holes staring back at her, she realized this was probably a bad way of checking up on someone in the middle of the night just because she couldn’t sleep.

The last time somebody had done this, it had been Rita.

That was only a week ago.

Trini still had the bruises on her neck.

Too late now, to rethink her decision.

Both feet were firmly planted on the floor.

It was kind of selfish, though, to barge into someone’s room with the pretense to check up on them.

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31 Days - Part 2

Table of Contents: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Epilogue

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre: angst, fluff

Word Count: 2.5k

Summary: You come to Korea to visit your family after you graduate from college. Soon, you find yourself falling for a guy you meet online. There’s only one problem—you’re only in the country for thirty-one days.

You liked Tae. He was a really cool guy. You spent hours in the bubble tea shop and in the bookstore. It wasn’t until Yubin texted you that you realized that you were running late to meet them. You’d been having such a good time with Tae that you’d completely lost track of time. And Tae laughed and thought it was funny, so you nudged him.

You rolled your eyes and stood up from the corner you were sitting in. “Do you know where this place is?” You showed him your phone, showing him the message that your cousin sent.

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Part 2 Of What Does Colorism Look Like!

* When I just repeat what people with dark skin have been saying forever about colorism it’s suddenly easier to handle

* Job opportunities especially in acting going to people with light skin before people with dark skin @somethingthatcreative pointed out the Nina Simone movie as an example and @smeliescurvy gave Mexican novelas as another example and then @sinbadism also had a good response

* Black men marrying girls with light skin as a symbol of success (i’m not sure if this changes within not heterosexual couples) which was pointed out by @justthatamazinggg and @keishabryce

* Going off of @zorilleerrant point that I hadn’t realized before I made that first post: clothes that are marketed as “nude” often are not nude for people with dark skin but idk if thats also colorism or just general grossness

* Going off of @onlyblackgirl point I didn’t even know that about Greek life so there’s that (and her whole reponse is very insightful)

* We really hurt our babies and give them complexes (of either superiority or inferiority) early on that stays with them and becomes a cycle and I’m reminded of @even2wishh response about other children not wanting to be darker and avoiding the sun

* The posts I make about colorism seem to garner a lot of attention while posts made by the people actually harmed by colorism don’t get as much attention and I’ve only ever seen one exception to this

* Multiple people have already pointed how in media (and irl but I made that into a separate bullet point) it’s usually a dark man with a light woman even in like cartoons with animals

* Light skin being seen as less of a threat

* Light skin being I’d say like 90% (probably more but idk how percents work if we’re being honest) of Hollywood

* People with light skin saying that colorism isn’t real even though we aren’t even hurt by it

* The way women with dark skin are treated romantically is very different than how women with light skin are treated

* In schools we get different treatment depending on if we’re light or dark (but I recognize there are also other factors involved such as class and what part of town you live in and all that)

* I can name maybe 2 models with dark skin off the top of my head and models with dark skin aren’t as praised/shown as lighter models or white models

* i feel like its a lot harder to find makeup that matches dark skin like when me and my best friend go shopping I can find my colour in foundation in like 2 minutes but she takes a lot longer bc everything is too light for her complexion

* “You’re pretty for a dark girl” is the colorist equivalent to “you’re pretty for a black girl”

* Dark skin being seen as loud and ghetto and disruptive

* All those people saying certain colours aren’t meant for dark skin

* Purposely pushing down attraction to people with dark skin in order to get with/marry/have babies with someone lighter so that your kids are light

* Going back to how women with dark skin are treated different romantically –> there’s this weird attitude that I’m starting to notice where men think you can’t take home a girl with dark skin to mama but you can fuck them on the side and disrespect them in public

* @elaxisfae just pointed out how when people with dark skin talk about colorism we’re quick to call them bitter and/or dismiss them

* @egalvez151 also pointed out that this happens in Latino and Hispanic culture as well and gives a very insightful response with examples

* @essenceofmercy also gave examples + pointed out what colorism is like outside of the US which is really helpful and important

* I tried to @ people who’s responses I based this off of but Tumblr doesn’t want us to have nice things so only some worked I’m sorry for that

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I know that this is 100% a cat trait but like when cats do the fluffed up sideways crab walk and they're all arched and it's so funny to watch well that but for some reason when derek gets startled in his wolf form he does the thing and stiles falls over laughing because wtf even is that derek omfg

this is way too cute and made my day ahhh imagine the amount of floof with a wolf

Originally posted by rileyraiyne

((i can’t write but here have this? this got way out of hand, idek))

Okay but I love this so much because we have that grumpy cat picture with Ty and because I do see Derek as more of a cat person and I don’t even remember why right now (I know I had a proper explanation for this) but I see it. I see Derek being the special wolf who is liked by cats while they hate everyone else and Derek is PROUD of this, he is, and he will flaunt the cats and use them as his guardians because they will immediately hiss at any other kind of were around. Not to mention that if we go with kid!Sterek AU and Derek sneaking stray cats into his room as his loyal companions, they will keep his family out of his room but they won’t mind Stiles coming in and hanging out with him - and my mind is totally leading to a cat lady Derek Hale thing right now, Derek taking in strays all over, sick kitties that he nurses back to health and then finds good homes for, even convincing the sheriff to take an older cat home who then becomes John best buddy when he sits in front of the tv in the evenings drinking his non-alcoholic beer

Aaaanyway, Derek definitely picks up on the cat mannerisms and it actually helps him finally beat Laura in play fights for once, at first simply out of surprise, then because it makes him quick on his toes and agile. He gets teased a bit of course because “YOU’RE A WOLF DEREK ACT LIKE ONE” but he doesn’t care, he’ll take anything he can get because Laura has a few years on him and an automatic advantage, plus his cats are AWESOME okay and he loves them and everything they do is awesome

Also, picture Derek always with a cat on his shoulder – at all times, he lets them climb up his clothes, resulting in lots of holes in jeans and shirts which Talia is NOT happy about

Sticking to that growing up together au idea (because I love them as best friends so much), imagine Stiles does not know about the Hale secret, but of course he suspects, and he comes up with the wildest theories, including a werewolf theory because he has heard them mentioning the full moon, and where is that dog that they seem to have but also not have??? Derek’s not allowed to tell but he jokes about it and Stiles kinda believes it, because it all fits, Derek is really sensitive to scents and always makes that scrunchy face when he smells something Stiles can’t, and the collective hearing in the whole house is so good Stiles has learned not to ramble when he’s there, and Derek actually kinda growls when he’s angry and he totally has puppy dog eyes, but as Stiles grows he doesn’t believe in magic anymore and he gets more and more into the idea that humans invented all mythology unprompted, wanting to blame evil creatures for all the terrible things mankind does. Derek is nothing like the werewolves in the movies and in his online roleplaying game after all. He might be super strong sometimes and very playful and wild at certain times but he’s cute and has a dimpley smile rather than a toothy leer and he’s the first one to jump up and tend to any cuts or scratches Stiles has rather than trying to tear off his head in crazy blood thirst

Eventually at some point later in their teens, when there have been multiple close calls of Derek almost wolfing out in front of Stiles because puberty is messing with his abilities and control, and because he’s learning the full shift – there’s probably one VERY close call where Derek is shaking and panting and Talia and Peter have to swoop in and escort him away, leaving Laura to tend to an insanely worried, teary-eyed and panicking Stiles – that they decide to tell him. It’s all very nonchalant. Stiles is very clingy and careful with Derek and doesn’t leave him alone, and goddammnit he wants to know what’s happening, Laura promised he would get to know, so Derek has him over to the Hale house after school the next day and leads him to the kitchen where Derek makes them sandwiches while Stiles catches up with Talia. They sit down to eat and right before Derek takes his first bite he goes “By the way, you were right, we are werewolves” and then he just munches on his sandwich as if they were talking about the weather, and for a moment Stiles has flashbacks to his mom((idk why I keep going for alive Hale AUs but stick to Claudia’s illness, I really don’t know)) and he thinks oh god, Derek is starting to lose grasp of reality and will get sick just like his mom. A look at Talia immediately calms his nerves though because she’s still smiling, as calm and bright as usual.

“Um, what?” Stiles asks, dropping his sandwich to stare between them. Derek should’ve known not to bring this up before the food because there’s no way Stiles can think of his appetite when there’s something like this at hand. Talia just gestures to Derek to let him tell the story, but she stays for support. Not that either of them really need it because Stiles is absolutely thrilled and actually jumps off his chair in excitement when Derek flashes golden eyes at him. He proceeds to poke at Derek’s cheek when he refuses to chow him his fangs at first. Derek’s a little shy about it because he’s so used to keeping it within the family but the more questions Stiles asks and the more he raves about it, the prouder and more cocky Derek gets about it

Obviously from then on Derek has no qualms flashing his teeth when he playfully growls at Stiles and he’ll use his claws as can openers just to show off. Laura rolls her eyes at them, and blames Stiles for flattering Derek too much and letting him get a big head about it, while Peter keeps trying to intimidate Stiles and tell him not-so-fun stories about being a werewolf, and Cora just tells Stiles that if he thinks Derek is so cool he should just marry him, Derek cares for Stiles like a mate anyway

Needless to say they’re only just growing into their feelings and both decide to pine obliviously for a while

There’s one thing Derek doesn’t do because he claims he’s not that good at it though, and that’s show Stiles his full shift. Stiles has seen just about everyone’s full shift, Peter is always eager to show off his but Derek refuses is and Stiles is honestly kind of hurt because by all other means he’s basically part of the pack now, like Derek’s two year younger human brother and Laura’s twin. He knows everything he can get out of them all about the supernatural world, and Peter’s partner, who is some kind of druid, is also happy to share information about the more magical side of the world, along with the special currents running through Beacon Hills and the history to it. So yeah, he’s included in everything but Derek’s full shift and Stiles just doesn’t understand why

So one day he’s dealing with a particularly skittish and troubled kitty and he shifts to try and make her more comfortable that way and he’s fully focused on her. Stiles’ scent and heartbeat are so familiar that he isn’t consciously aware of them growing stronger, if anything it subconsciously calms him, lessening his worry about how much difficulty he’s having with little Cinnamon. He’s got this. He just has to-

“Oh my god, Der!” Stiles’ exclaims in excitement and Derek JUMPS. The abrupt movement startles Stiles in return for a split second but the wolf is staring at him wide-eyed, back arched into an impossible curve, his fur is puffed up all around him, especially around his neck, where he has the most fur, and he’s padding sideways with a sort of hop in his step. Stiles bursts out laughing, doubling over with the force of it, because he has never seen something as unexpected and cute as this.

“What are y- do wolves even do that?” Stiles chokes out between laughter and Derek stops moving as he realizes that there is no danger. But Stiles is basically falling into the floor laughing and Derek wishes he could hide. If he wouldn’t be completely nude after shifting back, he would’ve done so right away, but hell, that would make this so much more embarrassing for him so he pouts in his own wolfy way, pulling his ears back with a grumble. Stiles is trying to contain his laughter at this point, coming closer as he chuckles.

“Are you sure you’re not some kind of cat/wolf hybrid?” Stiles asks, plopping down right next to Derek, who steps back unsure. He’s not built as strong as Peter, doesn’t have sleek midnight black fur like Laura and doesn’t possess the natural grace his mother has. He doesn’t feel as much wolf as they are, which is only strengthened by the tie he has with the cats. He’s totally comfortable with his fangs and claws in his human form but sometimes he feels like he might not fit into the family as much as the other do.

But Stiles doesn’t hesitate to reach out and bury his fingers into his ash-colored black-ish grey spotted fur, running them up to his tucked ears.

“Oh my god, you’re so fluffy,” Stiles tells him. “I can’t believe I had to sneak up on you to get to see you like this. I mean, I wasn’t trying to sneak up, I thought that was impossible with you guys but hey maybe I do have some kind of spark… do you think I could also learn magic?” All the while Stiles is running his hands along Derek’s fur and he finds himself relaxing into it. By the time Stiles mentions how cool his fur color is Derek can’t remember what he was ever self-conscious about. He settles in for an hour of belly rubs and scratching under his chin and ears, eventually ignoring Stiles comparing his low satisfied rumble to a cat’s purring. Cinnamon the kitty even comes out when she sees that the two boys are calm and distracted.

Cinnamon of course ends up trusting Stiles first, and Derek is NOT jealous, he just likes nipping at Stiles’ ankles for fun – as well as revenge for the picture Stiles took of him in bed in his wolf form, a bunch of cats piled up all over him.

((Also this ask reminded me that so called werewolf cats are a thing soooo secretly Derek has a favorite breed, even if he always says breeds don’t matter since there are so many mixed strays, but he has a special fierce love for the werewolf cat even if he’s never met one because they are rare. He doesn’t let anyone call them ugly and will protect them to his last breath. One day in the future to celebrate 20 years of marriage or something, Stiles gets them a werewolf cat whom he dubs Lycaon just for the fun of it – Derek gives him an exasperated look, but his fondness shines through, and Derek forgets to hate the name within 5 seconds))