idk how i feel about this coloring but whatever


i was enabled somewhat by friends and ended up making berserk heart buttons LMAO!! i just drew whatever came to mind at like 1am so um .. here we are

i got the [ griffith apologist ] ribbon at ALA for his heart and i’m. genuinely not sure how to feel about this LMFAO thank you

there’s only one lone guts left in stock and it feels kind of fittingly sad… but at least he’s got puck.

“do you ever just think about dying your hair some crazy color and just seeing how everyone reacts?” the girl asked as she was currently running her hand through the silver wig she’d had on. it looked real, though nothing like her usual dark brown locks. “like i feel like i need to put on some sunglasses, grab whatever reveal clothes i can find and go to coachella.”

Black Freedom? Lol

Listen. If a group you like says something you deem offensive then you have every fucking right to feel offended or be mad or rant. Others, however,  do not have the right to tell you to shut up and stop being sensitive. If you are not black, or you are and you simply weren’t offended then thats fine and dandy. But some people were. Leave them be. Hit the block button. Use tumblr savior. Idk what but stop telling others how to feel about shit cause it’s annoying.

Yeah I was annoyed by what the boys said. Everyone wants to talk about black music and acting black but no one wants to BE black. They don’t like our skin color, our hair and they definitely dont care about our history (and I don’t mean the boys specifically but I mean in general). They want to use our culture and take from it whatever they will. Being black in many parts of the world is a fucking struggle and don’t you dare tell me otherwise.
That being said, I still love GOT7. But it doesn’t make me any less of a fan for acknowledging that what they said was offensive.