idk how i feel about this coloring but meh

I’m Tagged

I was tagged by @batfamily-imagines

Name: Cait

Single or taken: Single

Crushes: *sighs* Too many fictional characters to count.

Favorite color: Blue, dark green, purple

Married: Nope

Want kids?: Meh. 

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Last drink: Diet Mountain Dew

Glasses: Yuppers.

Makeup or no: Yes. I can’t go a day without winged eyeliner. 

Cats or dogs: Dogs

Evil or good?: How about an anti-hero?

Fave sport: Ice Hockey I guess … idk I don’t follow any sports too closely. 

Fave animal: Dog

Weird: I feel like people would call me out on my bs if I said no, so yes. I’m a giant weirdo.

Do you have any haters?: Probably but none that are too overly vocal. I can’t imagine I’m everybody’s favorite person. 

Funny or nah: I like to think I’m funny. 

Apple or Samsung: Samsung

Smart?: Intelligent but lazy.

I’m not gonna tag anyone cuz I need to get back to writing but whoever wants to do this feel free!