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Not A Bad Thing ~ Part Seven

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Word Count: 5.4K

Errors. Please excuse and ignore them.

A/N: Idk how i feel about this part, but I hope you like it. Expect mostly backstories and flashbacks in the coming parts. :)

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I strolled into the office of my photography company. I was expecting to see Jang Mi there as always, seeing as I was running late. My mind was all over the place as I tried to set my head straight. Today was our last day working with EXO Inc. This project that has stretched over a span of weeks has finally come to an end.

It’s only been 2 months since Sehun marked me, and I’m already sensing a difference between us. It’s a good one, honestly. We’ve grown closer as friends. It feels like I’m actually having a friendship with Sehun.

He really doesn’t hold back anymore. The random PDA in the office still shocks the employees. They are so used to seeing a stuffy, stiff-faced Mr. Oh. I wasn’t used to how open he was now being, but it wasn’t bothering me either. It’s not too much PDA. He would hold my hand, whisper something in my ear or put an arm around my waist.

Some would say it’s not appropriate for a work setting, but Sehun didn’t care much.

I strolled into the office, staring down at my phone as I stomped towards my desk. My movements came to a stop when I noticed something out the corner of my eyes. I finally looked up from my cell phone screen to see a beautiful bouquet of red roses in a glass vase. My phone nearly dropped out my hand as I stared in awe.

“Pretty right?” Jang Mi muttered from her desk, breaking my attention from the flowers. All I could do was stare back at her with a vacant look.

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For those of y'all who don’t know, I seriously am disgusted with him right now so I’m going to need a break from staning him.

Basically hunchul beat and sexually harassed his girl a couple of times and stabbed himself when she threaten to leave. On his of the story, he basically played the “she likes it rough” card and that’s just not sitting well for me.

As many of y'all do or don’t know I know what it’s like to be sexually harassed and at least with “roll” I decided to look away because that song was about rape play and I know that’s totally different from actually rape so I didn’t look down on him about it but I really can’t stand to support this. This was for real him beating her and stabbing himself when she said she was going to leave him.

Idk how I feel about this whole situation and how I’m going to feel about iron as a whole after all this. Y'all are just going to have to wait and see what happens and how this gets handled

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From what I've seen, antis are reacting to Lemon by actually thinking it's a serious ship, calling Karamellers hypocrites for suddenly "shipping" Mon-El & Lena, & freaking the f**k out like we're being serious about shipping it, despite the fact practically every post about it tags/outright says it's a crack ship. It's just from what I've seen, some are furious & "how dare the writers" yada yada. Others are outraged Karamellers even like Lena & feel we should "stay the hell away from her." Idk

some of them actually think that the Karamellers ship it seriously? lol. 

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Also, I’m not liking this whole “You ship Karamel therefore you are not allowed to like Lena”. I’ve seen this statement a couple times now and honestly… it just makes me sad. Just because I like Karamel and Mon El doesn’t mean I can’t like and appreciate the brilliance of Lena Luther/Katie McGrath. 

in loco parentis

Fandom: Supergirl
Rating: K+
Pairings: None
Summary: Space Dad J’onn & Cool Space Cousin M’gann save the day.
A/N: Goes with this. Kind of. Tangentially? IDK I just feel like there’s a dearth of ridiculous nonsense in this fandom. And that is absolutely what this is, btw. Ridiculous nonsense.

“Alright, Agent Vasquez…how bad is it?”

“We estimate that about seventy to seventy-five percent of the city has been affected, sir. The mayor has declared a state of emergency, and both General and Major Lane are en route to provide military back up, if needed.”

J'onn’s scowl deepens. Major Lane, he doesn’t mind. General Lane, however, he’d just as soon keep out of National City’s limits, no matter how dire the situation.

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i love when people make fake social media profiles for fictional characters and make their usernames like “thechosenone7” “ihatehandmedowns” “thebrightestwitchofmyage”

like it’s so funny to me because it doesn’t take their personalities into consideration, nor actual practicality when it comes to making a username

this is just my take but to me, harry’s the kind of person who’d just be miffed that “harry_p” is taken and just click the first suggested option so he’d end up with “harry_p543656”

ron would be that one kid who makes their username something to do with what they’re good at so he’d have put “chesswiz_123” at the age of like nine and just have to live with that forever

hermione would be no nonsense and straightforward and just have “hermionejgranger” and that would be that

Wrong Person

Author: obrosey-af

Characters: reader x Stiles

Warnings: none really, just kinda fluffy(:

Word Count: 795

A/N k so ta-da here’s my first imagine. Idk how I feel about it, I personally think I’m better full blown fanfics, but i’ve been wanting to give this a try so here we are. Any comments and criticism are appreciated(: -Er

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“So, are you going to tell me who you’ve been texting all weekend? Because you only ever text me and Lydia and I’ve been with you since Friday and Lydia went on that spa retreat thing with her mom for the weekend,” Scott finished, shoving a final book into his locker before slamming it shut. “Stiles? Are you even listening to me?” Scott asked, innocently pushing Stiles’ shoulder. “Yeah, m’listening,” Stiles mumbled, his eyes still glued to his phone screen. “It’s a girl, isn’t it?” Scott exclaimed, his smile widening from ear to ear. Stiles’ eyes shot up from his phone and stared at Scott like a deer caught in headlights. “N-no, it’s not a girl. Why would it be a girl? I don’t even…like…girls?” Stiles rambled, questioning own response. “It’s y/n, isn’t it?” Scott asked, a smirk crossing his face once again. “Okay, y’know what? Maybe, okay? Yeah, it is, so can we please drop it?” Stiles replied, shoving his phone in the front pocket of his khakis and tugging on the straps of his backpack nervously. “I knew it! I knew you liked her!” Scott shouted, patting his friend on the back. “Jesus, Scott, can we not inform the whole school of something that’s not even true?” Stiles whisper shouted,his arms spastically flailing trying to cover Scott’s mouth. “You’ve been texting all weekend, doesn’t that mean she might like you back?” Scott pushed further, ignoring his friend’s obvious aggravation with him. At this point, there was no point trying to argue with Scott. “Look, just don’t tell…y/n!” Stiles quickly halted the conversation he and Scott were having when you walked up to them. “Hey Scott,” you greeted him, cheerfully, “Hey Stiles,” you greeted the messy haired boy in a tone that was slightly shy. “Hey, hey y/n. I just-I just remembered that I, uh, forgot to study for Coach’s test, so I’m just…I’m gonna go…do that,” Stiles rambled on once again, the word vomit pouring from his mouth as he tried to remove himself from the awkward situation that was about to ensue. He looked back over his shoulder before rounding a corner to see Scott beaming him with a smile that Stiles knew was his you’re-being-ridiculous smile, referring to the shitshow he just encountered. Stiles waved his phone in his hand before turning the corner and leaning up against the wall. Yes, I like y/n, just don’t be a dick and say anything to her! Stiles swiped his fingers swiftly across his phone screen and quickly hit send before making his way to class.

The boys locker room door flew open as a few lacrosse players made their way out to the field for practice. You shyly stood off to the side where no one would be able to notice you. You stood in silence, picking at your fingernails until the door squeaked open once again and you sighed in relief when it was Stiles, walking out alone. “Hey you,” you greeted him, making your way over to stand in front of him. “Jesus, y/n! You know I hate being snuck up on,” he replied, nearly jumping out of his skin, dropping his lacrosse stick to the floor in the process. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to,” you replied, bending down to retrieve the stick. Your hand brushed against Stiles’ when you handed it to him and that’s when you snapped. You slammed your lips into his in the most delicate way, slowly pushing him against the cool, brick wall. You had his tight, grey t-shirt bunched up in your hands at the hem, in hopes it would deter him from pulling away. To your surprise, he rested his hands on your hips and used his slender fingers to slowly pull you closer until you were flush against each other letting his stick fall to the floor once again. His lips seemed to melt into yours as they moved in sync for what seemed like forever. It was Stiles who pulled away first, catching his breath and looking at you with a face you couldn’t read. “What was that for?” he finally asked after what felt like a lifetime of silence. “You should be more careful when sending a text,” you replied, a smirk forming on your face, “but don’t worry, I won’t be a dick and tell her,” Without responding, Stiles pulled you back in for another heart wrenching, brain melting, earth shattering kiss. He was completely oblivious to the swarm of lacrosse players that continued to exit the locker room, including Scott who said something along the lines of, “I knew it,” as Stiles removed one hand from your waist to shoo his friend away.

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I'm kinda curious on if you have thoughts about how S/L shippers totally erase K from S's life and S/L became more popular than S/K when the idea of worshipping the ground L walks on became a thing. It's like they couldn't let K keep anything they had to give what little he has all to L because L is the """"""""better"""""""" character and then proceed to totally erase K from existence.

Idk bro I feel like in general Keith gets a lot of shit when it comes to shipping and it just seems a lot of people don’t fuckin like Keith???? Like what did he ever do????? Why are people shitty to him ???

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SJKDDDJ LOVE U TOO….bUT you agree with me dont u… like NOT to start an nsfw discourse but saying youngjae is 100% a whiny sub(way sandwich) is kinda :// im just thinking abt it because my friend sent me this got7 kink list someone made and all of youngjae’s were like the subbiest of all sub kinks and i d k how i feel about that uM. anyways this is probably just me but youngjae is a switch, boy can be whatever he wants to be.

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12,14,15 and 21 :3

12. Have you ever been disappointed when your ship finally got together?

Yes, actually. House and Cuddy. Like IDK why but for some reason they did not get this right in my opinion. Pre-relationship Huddy was a lot more entertaining. 

14. How do you feel about will they/won’t they?

YASS YAS YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. But also no no no not this again. It also needs very good writing to stay interesting. 

15. Have you ever “shipped at first sight”?

Mothefucking Klaroline, Freelin and Root and Shaw like WHO THE FUCK ALLOWED YOU?

21. Is there a ship you just don’t get, but have nothing against?

Haylijah. I’m like eh? K? Why are writers so obsessed with this? But fine I guess?

[40 shipper’s questions]



Here it is i am so into fandom that i am making AU. Ohhh here we go people

SO galra clones au:

galra made clones of paladins, but only with that characteristick wich galra need + put in their minds idea of fighting for the Galra empire

so its like, there is no gc!lance, because his main characteristic is “good friend” and “trust” and lance will know about this and gets upset because he think that galra take best characteristicks from paladins, but someone will tell him that galra doesnt take best, galra takes that galra needs, and so bad society structure like galra doesnt need kind people like Lance 

gc!keith could be very purposeful and goal-centric, but instead of fighting for friends he will fight for galra idea 

gc!shiro is that dude from canon lol 

and gc!pidge and gc!hunk are most interesting here, because their characteristicks is about intellect and mind and logic, so galra needs them for planes, but this is their (galra) mistake to take these abbilities for clones, because they (gc!pidge and gc!hunk) will realise that fighting for galra is bad idea by logic and


imagine that could be then gc!pidge and gc!hunk will realise the thing, they will help paladins

imagine Paladins feelings. Imagine H u n k feelings

imagine gc!hunk feelings then he realised that he dont want to be someone who was created to be

a a a a  a a a aaaaaaaaaa

man i think about all the art teachers i’ve had in my life, good and bad, and how each of them have influenced me in how i eventually wanna be able to teach students, both K-12 and college. i’ve had some needlessly-critical art teachers from as early as the 1st grade and i recall not really liking art as much until a couple years later when the school hired a decent teacher who actually loved to teach art, so i feel like that alone was instrumental in me being where i am today with it.

idk a part of me feels like wanting to become that super cheerful lady who looks at everyone’s work and goes “wow that’s great!!!!!” and i really do consider myself good at constructive criticism but i also wanna like. actually use what i know about the principles of art and composition and color and that stuff without being all “this is the only way to do it”

A Few Years | Charles Xavier (Part.1)

Title: A Few Years
Author: Clara
Character: Charles Xavier
Part: ½
Warnings: Alcohol/Alcoholism, drug reference
“hi hi, i was the anon who asked for angsty charles, you think you can do it on “You’re standing there watching as my heart breaks for you and you’re doing nothing!”?? THANK YOU AGAIN OMG ☺️✨”
anon: “Hi, can I request a Charles Xavier one shot with “I wouldn’t even know who I am without you.” please? Thank you xxxxx”

Part 1 | Part 2

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Adam asks Ronan to draw him a design (he said it was for his Hondayota or something) and surprises him by getting it tattooed on his back and shoulders

Ronan’s desk is covered in Sharpie. A tree decorates the top left corner, a raven in the middle. The entire right side of the desk displays an intricate band of Celtic knots with flowers woven into them. Latin phrases are scrawled in delicate cursive lettering along the bottom. Half a person’s face sat beneath the tree on the left.

The teacher never noticed or never cared that Ronan defaced the desk. Rumor has it that she even prevented anyone else from sitting in it so no one messed up the art.

Adam knows that Ronan doesn’t consider himself an artist, but what Ronan calls “fucking doodles” are masterpieces to Adam’s eyes. The details in the raven’s feathers are impeccably done, especially considering that they were done in permanent marker. The eyelashes on the person’s face look incredibly realistic and Ronan’s affinity for Celtic knots is amazing.

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