idk how i feel about the name cards

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I have a friend whose half Chinese and she included her Chinese name on her business card. I felt really weird about it because she identifies as Chinese but doesn't speak Mandarin. I just don't think she should use her "Chinese-ness" to promote herself. I don't want to hurt her feelings but idk how to tell her it's wrong?

shut the fuck up


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10:15, thinking about how gay I am for a Yu-Gi-Oh card of all things. (Her name is Aussa the Earth Charmer and she proves that I definitely have a Type™)

idk what that is but!! i can relate to being gay so!! feel!!

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what's your theory on some wholesale websites having irregular service? because ive kind of had nice and normal experiences with some of the 'scam' websites like BH and sammydress, but other people say at the same time they've had really bad experiences? are they just a bit erratic?

ooooooooooooh i have a lot of thoughts about this, actually. so i’m going to put this under a cut, because it’s something i think about a lot and i’m afraid it will get long, lmao!

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