idk how i feel about his tbh

tbh, idk if its just me, but the gorillaz make me feel okay about having crooked, imperfect teeth

Keith Kogane
age: 22
country: korea

tfw ur working on a quick comic and decide to draw an outfit ref real quick, but it turns out really e x t r a.. 

♥ yoi au ♡

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Hi! I just wanted to know your opinion on where you think Keith and Lance both canonically are with their feelings for the other? Personally I think Keith has had feelings for Lance since the bonding moment while Lance kinda hid his feelings behind the rivalry and stuff, but that's just me. I'd love to hear your input!

i think the same!!! i definitely think keith has been developing feelings for lance starting from the bonding moment, it’s always been really fucking obvious to me tbh. as for lance, yeah… him trying to hide/mask/deny his feelings with the rivalry, starting from the garrison seems very likely… OR he just started developing feelings for keith starting from that shot of him we got through lance’s eyes in s3. both of those scenarios could work…

the first one, imo, works best and would make for a more interesting story line? it would also fit in with the fact that lance’s arc is said to be a show spanning one… because if he really is hiding/in denial of his feelings, it could explain why he claimed to not remember the bonding moment (of course, he could seriously not remember it but idk)… that was a very intimate and special moment between them, lance was so open and genuine. he was weak and injured and had no energy to keep that “rivalry” up. he let something soft slip. they were butting heads almost constantly before that moment, except for like… after the food fight scene and when lance tries to explain the “i say vol, you say tron…” cheer to keith. the whole rivalry thing lance created is just interesting to me… because it’s obvious that keith did not even knowingly participate in it back at the garrison. it’s always been a one sided thing. keith has never viewed lance as his rival, he barely remembered lance when they met again… an anon sent me this about keith being gay but it also makes a good point about the rivalry and i have to agree… 

Lance and Keith are shown in s1 as rivals as often as possible. So hey if Keith was straight, writers would make sure to show off their rivalry a little- make Nyma interested in Keith? Or just sth with Nyma and Keith? But nah, there’s just “maybe Keith will give me a ride” (which makes Lance EXTREMELY jealous 👀) and Keith looking at Rolo instead 👀 so 👀👀

also, lance being able to recognize keith from his mullet alone? and his comment about his mullet in the handbook? he’s too fixated on that boy’s hair i stg… he’s spent a lot of time staring at him. yeah, you could say it’s just to keep up with his rival but i… idk, along with everything else i know and shit… i feel like there’s more to it than just the “rivalry”… you know what i mean? when lance was talking about keith doing cool junk in s2, with that fond look on his face? it’s obvious he admires him and doesn’t just hate him and simply view him as his rival or anything. i really feel like there’s something else behind it… i’ll talk about it more in the masterpost lol. 

anyways, their bonding moment was obviously very important to keith because he starts getting jealous when lance flirts only after they had their moment, i’ve stated this many times but yeah. he didn’t do it before. it’s the start of everything. he starts throwing a bunch of soft looks lance’s way, teases him playfully and shit… keith has 100% been starting to get feelings for lance since the bonding moment… before it happened, before lance nearly fucking died and before they bonded… i think keith was pretty indifferent towards lance? he only ever seriously fired back at him when lance started it, i think? like, i’m pretty fucking sure? but other than that, he seemed like he just… didn’t care… because he didn’t know lance, didn’t really know him. but that’s changed, A LOT, and i don’t think lance even realizes it? at least, not to the full extent… i think he’s realized it a bit now, after the events in s3 with keith trying to reassure lance… but before that, i don’t think he did. keith isn’t exactly that clear or obvious (at least not to lance, we can see it… but he can’t), he’s not good at social interaction… he’s not good with feelings, he doesn’t tell lance… he gets upset about lance not remembering their moment and even says “the amount of information in your brain could be stored in a paper airplane” to him, which doesn’t seem like some baseless comment? it seems like he’s giving him shit for not remembering their moment… 

but lance didn’t realize that’s why he said it, he just thought he was trying to start shit. lance also deals with his insecurities, so when he hears stuff like that, especially from keith… he puffs up and defends himself. an example of this is in s3 when keith teased lance about saying he’s “not a goofball, he’s the sharpshooter”… keith was not trying to start shit. he wasn’t trying to say lance isn’t the sharpshooter because there’s no way keith isn’t aware of lance’s skills at that point. in the episode prior, lance just comforted keith… he wouldn’t be trying to start shit with him after that. keith didn’t know about lance’s insecurities when he teased him, and even now after lance came to him about them, he doesn’t know the extent of them. he was just trying to playfully tease him, because lance IS the sharpshooter… but it’s not like he ISN’T ALSO a goofball… lance took what keith said the wrong way due to his insecurities. i definitely think lance assumes that keith doesn’t even like him that much and i think he thinks keith gets jealous when he flirts with allura because he thinks keith likes allura… that would explain the “jealousy, thy name is keith” comment he made in the comics. that would explain why when allura and keith went off together, he thought they were involved… boy, you missed it by a mile… i’m going to talk way more in depth about my thoughts on all of this in the s3 section of the klance masterpost because i really need to talk about their characters in depth to really get my thought process across? idk i just need to explain it better and with more insight on them as individuals/their interactions so far. don’t want to do it all right here when i’m going to do it already.

taking into consideration that shot of keith we got through lance’s eyes in s3, it makes lance previously being in denial about his feelings seem very realistic… because that shot was clearly lance admiring keith and seeing him in a new light. i was always a little unsure on where lance was with how he felt about keith tbh? but s3 made it clearer for me? so, like another anon previously said to me, that shot is some sort of catalyst for lance… either for him to go from being in denial about/not being aware of/masking his feelings behind the rivalry… to realizing/accepting that he likes keith as more than a friend… especially with all their development this season. if he hasn’t exactly been in denial, the scene can still work as a catalyst for lance starting to develop feelings for keith… either way, that shot… it was definitely the start of something on lance’s end, for sure. 

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I love your drawings! I can image seijo's situation to be as Shiratorozawa's with Semi and Shirabu as setters. I feel kinda bad for Oikawa if Tobio had gone to seijo but Tobio being friends with everyone melts my heart ❤✨

Thank you so much! I’m glad you like my art (and sorry for the late answer ;; )

When I drew the Seijou!Kageyama thing, I tried not to think about Oikawa but then I read your tags, they made me think… I don’t know how Oikawa would react tbh, (now) he’s more mature than Kitadai!Oikawa, I think he could feel threaten his position being the setter and have a difficult relationship with Kags, but then in the canon Oikawa was nice enough to give him advise when he was his rival, in this AU you can say Kageyama is his ally, so maybe he would polish and use his talent as an advantage to win…idk, I thought so many things

oh well, kitadai trio going to the seijou and being friends is so cute, we need more!!


late night rendezvous with sehun ✨❤🌃 

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Luck of the Irish

Sheamus/OC: can you please do a oneshot with cocky sheamus that also has smut smut?? like, he’s just won a tag team match or smth or his first title and his shit is lit and he’s ready to bone (could you maybe include riding him? cause riding him while he’s acting like that and that little smirk and the fuckin sparkle in his eyes ?? WHEW! basically he got me fucked up.) - @get-glitched


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I don't mean this in a negative light but what are the clues indicating Erwin and Levi weren't simply best friends?

i mean i wouldn’t die for my best friend lmao. i wouldn’t lose my fucking mind like levi did right before erwin died for my best friend. LIKE I LOVE HER but listen, their bond seems too intense/deep/close (imo) for them to be just friends. their relationship directly parallels and has 12903812038 things in common with yumikuri which is canon. if one of them was a woman, no one would ever ask me this question.

there are a lot of things i could say, but idk how convincing it’ll be to you because i’m biased and i see everything as evidence for romance, so i’m just gonna direct you to this post:

featuring things like: 

Levi’s type, according to isayama, is “tall people.” actual tall people btw. about 180+ cm. damn are there any tall people around that he has self-professed personal feelings for, i wonder, “

October 2015:…Levi’s head is filled with thoughts of the Commander!” levi is stripping himself naked. (also foreshadowing lol) “

Erwin gifts Levi a suit for his birthday: the thought is overwhelmingly adorably romantic but the eruris are fashion disasters tbh “

they go on dates to the circus, erwin uses SC money to buy levi tea. he also blackmails the MP to get Levi fancy tea (wow he sure likes giving levi gifts) and anyway the snk team in general hints at it a lot, like in this pic (which came out recently so its not on that post) where they’re having tea in candlelight with shoujo bubbles (aka love bubbles) behind them 

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mmkay let it out what's your thoughts on the new doctor who

Originally posted by findreactions

- Okay so right off the bat??? It took me less than five minutes to fall in love with Bill holy SHIT

- Like I could tell from her original preview that I was gonna like her but!!! She’s fantastic!!!!

- 12 playing the electric guitar at any given time is a strong weakness of mine

- The Doctor…has pictures…of Susan and River on his desk…I am…beyond deceased

- Okay like literally every single incarnation of the Doctor fits the aesthetic of ‘eccentric professor who gives no fucks but also ends up teaching very memorable classes’ perfectly but like. I’m so glad Capaldi is the one that gets to FULLFILL that omg.

- “You shouldn’t be in my class you aren’t a student here”

- “I know but I’m like really gay and accidentally made my crush fat because I can’t function properly”

- “Valid points, I need to teach you everything I know.”

- What…is in…that Goddamn vault.

- “Doctor What?” you know that killed him just a little inside

- She got him a freaking carpet for Christmas??? amaze

- Also just the fact that she spent Christmas with him??? You’re not crying I am

- 12: “I’m a cold hearted lone wolf I’m here to do my job I don’t care about anyone no one can crack me-”

- Bill: “Yeah my mom died when I was a baby and I have no pictures of her it makes me very sad”

- 12: *internally screaming, eye twitching, frantically grabbing a camera and sprinting into the TARDIS, shouting* “I aM a CoLd HeArTeD lOnE wOlF i’M hErE tO dO mY jOb I dOnT cArE aBoUt ANYONE-”

- seriously that was so sweet I almost cried???

- LMAO when she said “You’ve apparently been teaching here for 70 years” and he was like “You’re thinking, ‘he doesn’t look old enough’ “ and she said no. HIS FACE 😂

- “One time you were supposed to give a lecture on physics but you started ranting about poetry” “They’re the same thing.”

- Like they did a weird job with the Heather girl??? I ultimately felt bad for her but she was like shady right from the start it was strange

- Like every time Bill was around her I was like “honey reel in your thirst just far enough to realize this situation has me nervous” omfg

- w h a t  i s  i n  t h e  v a u l t

- Am I like…the only person who doesn’t like Nardole? I never have tbh he just feels shoved in there

- Like his whole spiel about wanting to make sure the Doctor’s dealing with River’s death okay at the end of the Christmas special was sweet but like??? He feels out of place and hasn’t properly done anything yet???? Idk it feels like someone inserting an oc into their fanfic re-write of the show but not knowing how the oc can actually effect the plot

- The Doctor has been a college professor for at least 70 years like…is the TARDIS okay? I can’t imagine she enjoys being parked in his office or the ‘out of order’ sign omg

- Yes, yes I am worrying about a sentient machine’s feelings leave me alone

- “I see my face all the time- never liked it, it’s all over the place, having expressions when I’m trying to be enigmatic.” MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

- “Why are you running like a penguin with his ass on fire”

- When she asked the Doctor if he knew about sci-fi. A++

- He was so swept up in figuring it out before he snapped back and was like nEVER MIND SWEET CHILD PLEASE GO AWAY ITS PROBABLY JSUT WATER lmao

- Can we as a society please stop setting creepy moments in fiction in bathrooms??? Like I’m fucking over it

- And honestly??? I’m so PISSED about the thing in the shower drain holy shit after years of having issues with drains because of “it” and I finally start fucking getting over that only for Doctor Who to do this to me??? Why does this show always know my deepest paranoia shit and use it only briefly like WHY

- Anyway,

- Bill’s reaction to the TARDIS was HILARIOUS

- “What happened to the doors though did you run out of money?” LMAO


- I lost it when they ended up in Australia omfg that was good tegan screaming in the distance


- “You’re…the first person to mention that…?” I WAS SCREAMING

- yelling ‘shark attack’ in a restaurant and it actually works? okay

- Why does Capaldi’s Doctor have such a penchant for traveling to the literal end of the universe??? This is the third or fourth time he’s gone there omfg

- Like he’s always like “no one will find us here” but like at this point? End of the universe would be the first place I’d check for him? lol

- 12 looked so proud of himself when he was called ‘silly’!!!! I’m so happy for him it’s a relief he’s out of the emo ‘what kind of man am I’ phase





- on a mildly related note: Nardole running around trying to sonic things and quietly screaming was THE MOST ME THING I’VE EVER SEEN ON TV

- I do shit with that exact attitude all the fucking time you don’t even understand I was looking in a mirror it was hilarious

- So question: Since when is the Dalek’s laser “the hottest fire in the universe”? Is that an already established thing I forgot about or like…did they just want an excuse to show the Daleks? lol

- so Creepy Water Demon Girl was chasing them through time and space solely because she thinks Bill is hot?

- R E L A T A B L E

- When Bill asked the Doctor how he’d feel if someone erased his memories and a slightly warped version of Clara’s theme music started playing??? I stabbed myself that was UNCALLED for I was NOT READY

- When the Doctor was having Internal Struggles™ and he told the pictures of Susan and River to shut up and then the TARDIS started making noises at him and he was clearly getting emotionally ganged up on I was YELLING that was so funny lmao

- Why was he so against travelling??? Why the same school for 70 years??? WHAT’S IN THE VAULT??? Who did he promise????

- The whole ending scene when he was inviting Bill on the TARDIS- idk I just really liked it?

- The lighting behind him from the ship, the mini speech, the music playing in the background??? I really dug it omg


- But no yes I???? Really freaking enjoyed the episode. Like it’s obviously not the best of the series or anything but I think it was a great opener and now I’m even more pumped for the rest of the season I’m so hype I can’t handle it omfg!!!!


I really have no words to express how I feel about this.

Kenan is such a refreshing and complex character to me and his character development is just amazing

calum as a husband, realistically

- would forget your wedding date every other year

- wouldn’t want kids as long as he’s still touring

- would be a goofy lil fucker, always trying to bring out your beautiful smile

- would help you do house work bc equality

- would do his best to treat you like a queen

- would not always succeed tho bc he’s only human and even the happiest married couples argue sometimes

- would kill the spiders

- would treat your dog like your first born child

- would get some kind of tattoo for you probably

- would take you on the most amazing honeymoon to somewhere exoctic and remote

- would be the most amazing gentleman around your parents

- but would be the cheekiest lil fucker when it was just the two of you

- would be generally super playful and cute tbh

- would love it when you watched football with him

- would love it even more if you also brought him beer and food while watching football

- would always hold your hand in public (bc hopefully fans are grown enough to not send hate when he’s ready to get married)

- would probably forget birthdays a lot

- would be grumpy sometimes bc anyone can have a bad day

- would try not to take it out on you tho (not always succesfully)

- would be generally sweet

- would still make you cry sometimes tho but never on purpose

- would lend you his shirts sometimes bc he liked the way you looked in them

- would generally enjoy getting to cherish you almost every day

- sex would be good but you wouldn’t always finish

- but he’d get so eager to get you pregnant when you finally decided to have a baby

- idk man i feel like he’d try to learn a lot about marriage from his parents and like he’d look to his dad for guidance on how to be a good husband bc he’d wanna be the best for you but even the best can fail sometimes and that’s okay

- overall he’d be a sweet, caring, adorable husband tbh

Green Eyes

Her eyes were poetry she would share with the world.

Although it could only be felt and not seen, they danced through the hues with exhilarating ease, from the dullest grey, to a serene jade, to the brightest green. They were hot and fierce, and oh, how they burned, the poet would see. Burned with passion, for her kingdom and research – and burned with grace, as befitting of a princess blessed by the Goddess herself. Her fire was contagious and inspiring, so much that he had written about it more times than he could count.

But one day, the Sheikah saw in her eyes a different type of flame.

It didn’t burn the same way – his soul didn’t bathe in its warmth the way it could before. The mysterious fire plagued his mind for a while. What could it possibly be?

A thought would cross his mind from time to time, and he would shoot it down just as fast as it appeared, as to avoid possibly feeding it. He couldn’t get… hopeful.

He expected to find some answers in his own writing, desperately looking for anything remotely similar to the unfamiliar fire in those green eyes. That writing was different from the one he would show to the Royal Family – it was raw and emotional, and featured the Princess’s eyes to an almost uncomfortable degree.

But despite his numerous accounts on her piercing gaze, he couldn’t find anything that helped with his issue. He allowed himself to sit back and think.

The same thought came to him, and this time, he reluctantly allowed it to flourish, seemingly out of options. Could it be…?

There weren’t many people around her age in the castle, let alone the ones who would actually interact with her. The only two he could think of was himself, and…


He laughed at the thought, foolish at it was – the boy wasn’t even nobility, and clearly didn’t look like a sensible man of the arts like himself. Could that Hylian write his feelings onto paper as well as he did? Could he speak in a manner as refined and enthralling as the Sheikah had learned with the years living in the better parts of the castle?

No, scrap that – could that kid even speak? He probably had chosen not to after realizing how much more eloquent and wise the Princess was. What a ridiculous idea that was.

And yet, quick as lightning, the Sheikah’s chest tightened as he imagined the two lying on a grassy field and staring at the clouds, with the boy casually calling the Princess by her first name.


He quickly got up from his desk, his heart heavy. He paced around in his room, staring at the floor with a wide-eyed stare. He wouldn’t even call her that in his dreams.

The poet’s imagination got increasingly vile, depicting the pair sitting together in front of a fire in a small cave. The two stared deeply into each other’s eyes, fingers intertwined. The Princess pulled the knight’s face closer until their lips crashed into a passionate kiss, quickly being followed by—

No, no, no.

He took a deep breath, and a reassuring laugh as he ran his fingers through his hair.

Preposterous. Not just the bizarre scenarios his mind had brewed, but the whole idea of the Princess having feelings for her appointed knight. His breathing felt less heavy now, and he shook his head with a smile as he stared to the ceiling, as if silently making fun of himself for having such fanciful thoughts.

He recalled the Princess seemingly despising the knight, judging by the cold stares she would give him each day as they were to leave the Castle. The Sheikah had barely seen them lately, being occupied with his own art, but nothing could have changed that drastically, right?

But then… what could possibly explain the foreign warmth in her eyes as he passed by her earlier in the evening? What else could it possibly be, if not that?

His chest tightened again. It was futile to fight against the increasingly real possibility that the Princess was in love – and not with him, a sensible talented artist – but with an awkward boy with a sword that seemed too big for him. With Link.

The poet caught his reflection in the mirror – he looked distressed. His hair was disheveled, his face was paler and his eyes… he saw them green. Not a beautiful, blooming green like the Princess’s, but a sick, spiteful shade that he would never want her to lay eyes upon, lest she find out about his true feelings. 

He looked away from the repulsive image in the mirror. His eyes were before full of love and admiration, but now… now they were this. Dancing between shades as swiftly as hers, but picking the wrong colors. He sighed, slowly making his way back to the desk.

His eyes were poetry he would keep to himself.

we know that james losing thomas was what brought captain flint into the world. we know that james losing john will be what eventually ends captain flint. these are facts!! we can almost guarantee (looking at the odyssey and don quixote and the story about his grandfather in 209) that james won’t die from rum poisoning and instead will retire and find peace [prayer circle formation]

the question we should be asking is /how/ losing john enables him to find peace. how can it be so tragic if he is able to find sanity afterwards? if thomas is alive we know it’s not going to be as simple as flint dropping everything and choosing him over of the war (over silver). he asked flint if he would give it all up to have thomas back and flint told him that ‘he wouldn’t want me to’. but like silver says that wasn’t what he asked. he wanted to know if he /would/ choose thomas and flint doesn’t actually give him an answer. why? because either he wouldn’t give up the war for thomas or that he can’t choose between the two. being with thomas would mean giving up his dream for nassau and also john, whereas if he continued fighting he would be fulfilling what they wanted to achieve all those years ago, and he would get to do it all standing by john’s side. if anything this is proof that if thomas does come back flint won’t just leave silver in a heartbeat. he is part of who he is now. he is the only person that actually understands him. maybe even more than thomas and miranda ever did. it wouldn’t be easy for him to just leave that part of him behind. remember he’s lived as flint for more than 10 years now. everything that he has become during that time doesn’t just go away when you want it to. he lost miranda. i don’t see how getting thomas back could ever fix that, not with all the guilt he carries from it. it would always eat away at him and that’s why i’m having difficulty seeing him find peace. also there’s the likelihood that thomas would not be the same man anymore, and just like james would have changed completely. like as much as i want to believe it would be all good i know that it wouldn’t be, they’d have to rebuild their relationship up from scratch and we wouldn’t get to see it hence a none satisfying and very confusing uncertain ending that a lot of viewers wouldn’t understand. this is the main reason im not getting my hopes up about it because i just don’t see how they’d have time to pull it off, especially since we were told that it’s about silver/flint right down to the last scene.

so im still like ??? how will he find peace then? we’ve literally been told part of it. silver ending flint is what will give james peace. it’s /always/ come down to that. but why is it so tragic? we know that flint is fine with letting silver succeed him so?? why is it such a tragedy?? because they lost the war and silver tells him he has to give up??? like that’s it???? we literally already /KNOW/ that they’re not going to win the war so??? it just seems way too predictable to be the cause of their breakup. “who was silver to flint? the answer can’t be simple” its already confirmed that it’s not going to be simple, their relationship is /not/ going to be simple!!! so if they’re not just best friends what are they? soulmates? we know that they ‘love’ each other, we know that flint needed silver most of all, we know that silver is a summation of all the relationships flint has had so far. but /who was he/ to flint?

im going to speak plainly now because i just [sighs] cannot see for the life of me how this doesn’t involve romantic feelings. tbh even if flint wasn’t confirmed gay i would still be like ????? at the outcome of all this just being ‘agape’. at least one of them has to be /in love/ with other for this tragedy to be a tragedy. that’s the only way i see this working. either that or thomas does come back and james chooses john over thomas. either way it’s him choosing his past lover over the 'love of his life’ so idk about you but thats just about as unplatonic as you can get. i still have no idea how he’s supposed to find peace after all this though. maybe he just lets it all go, and /finally/ accepts the inevitable. maybe silver finally sees what it’s doing to him and let’s /him/ go for his own sake, and tells him 'it’s ok’. maybe silver knows that letting him stay on this path will lead to his actual death. and whereas before silver was encouraging him not to give up in order to save captain flint, now he’s the one actually encouraging him to let it go, but this time to save james mcgraw. maybe it’s silver that gives him peace but the tragedy of it all is that he can’t share that peace with silver, not just yet anyway

Tbh Jacksepticeye is such a role model for me and I cried watching his “A Normal Lost Phone” game and honestly?? It hit so close to home, me being a transboy and not a transgirl, but regardless I understood a lot and idk it was such a good!! Game and I’m so happy there’s a game about trans people. Especially one for a transwomen bc jfc they go through so much hate.
Okay but anyway I love jack and everything he does and how accepting he is?? And it feels so good knowing someone like him, someone I look up to, rlly support people like me. I dunno man I’m tired and rambling and just so happy

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What do you mean bruce and Natasha didn't bond before getting into a kinda relationship?? What about the time he tried to kill her in the avengers I thought that was how straight people say "I love you"???

What they didn’t show was that when Bruce turned into the hulk on the helecarrier his pants fully ripped and Nat saw his huge monster cock and from that moment on she knew what she wanted 


Jack feels places in his bones. He always has, before he had a camera in his hands to crystallize moments, to try to capture some small measure of what a place means on film. He doesn’t know how else to process places than to remember them as layers of feelings and sensations built up over time.

But making sense of how Kent Parson feels is a complicated process.

posters for @polyamorousparson‘s fic Midnight Whisperings as a part of my  follower milestone giveaway! (idk where to begin on this one tbh) I reread this fic a lot. The tone is exquisite and so surreal. There’s so much to be said about Jack’s back story and I feel like this fic really sums it up well in a way that makes you fall in love with the characters more. 

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How do you think Brendon feels about idk?

tbh i don’t think he really cares, at least not at the moment
he’s very busy on broadway and i don’t think he has the time/energy to keep up with idk and all its secrecy even if he wanted to
i’m sure he knows that dallon has his own project and that he’s playing shows but i have no idea if he’s ever heard any of the music

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can i ask you about seokjin being mysterious? can i know your opinion about it? i kinda want to know the other's opinion about it cause he's just so precious for me even though he's not my ub.

So i saw the anon saying how seokjin is the most confusing member bc there’s so many layers of him & i couldn’t’ve said it better tbh. Even tho there isn’t much of his other side that we can see, it’s cool how we can collectively agree that there’s more beyond his cute & bubbly character. I feel like he’d be much more quiet, calm & pensive irl. And i know that he knows he’s beautiful but whenever he says it himself on tv, it kinda feels like it’s just for show. Idk sorry just a random thought

my opinion about jin’s personality is still the same, he’s truly a great actor even to his own life. for example that time when he can’t attend his own graduation because the boys had to attend an award event. remember what jimin said on the vlive broadcast that day, he knows jin must be upset because of that but he will never show it. though jin said he’s sad but he was still smiling to us and smiling when the guys gave him a little graduation surprise party no matter what. i feel like he’s the type of person when he feels something burdening him, he will just keep it to himself rather than showing it off. do you guys notice whenever he’s mad, he’s just trying to look mad because then he will try to make it look as funny as he can. he’s still cover it off with his great acting.

and yes the 2nd anon i agree with you, there’s definitely more beyond his cute & bubbly character. i think there’s a reason why yoongi likes him to be his roommate. remember when yoongi said “we will see the world peace through jin hyung” or that time when he said “jin hyung doesn’t need to do anything, his presence alone calms me” or something along that and i believe yoongi is the no-bullshit person so there you have one fact about jin, that he’s actually a calm person. yes jin acts all noisy and cheery with the maknae line, with hobi, even namjoon, and then when we see him with yoongi, idk in my eyes he’s not that loud like he’s with the others? like he’s much tamer??? yes he nags yoongi alot at times as well but sometimes he’s just.. stood there and watch the others when he’s tired of acting. and the last time jimin also said it too in the vlive broadcast, said jin ever mentioned that he acts all childish for the sake of the youngers and jin immediately said “of course”. jin himself admit that it’s him who match his actions to the youngers’ mentality.