idk how i even love him sometimes

Every time I think I’m over Daesung he freakin pulls me back in. Let!! me!! live!! my!! life!!

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So... my ex boyfriend is seeing someone new now and it just breaks my heart so much. He's doing all the cute nice things for her that he never did for me... and I'm like do I not deserve that was I not good enough for him.. I deleted all the social media apps so i can stop lurking on their accounts.. yeals how dumb am I. I've never loved someone that much even though his love for me wasn't the same... idk what to do

Sometimes we can’t help how much we love someone .. and that’s not our faults. That’s just something you have to be patient with. This won’t be the last time loving someone.
As for feeling not good enough to be treated like someone else.. DONT. You never know what a relationship is like unless you are directly involved. You may see happy pics but that’s all we post as humans. The good times.
Hearing that he’s treating someone else good means you had a good affect on him and you will with another soul that will appreciate and return the favor. You’re worthy

do u ever just listen to born singer and cry? idk, i think about namjoon’s death threats and how he hasnt let that stop him from doing what he loves to do. i think about how jin is regarded as the untalented, pretty face of the group when in fact he can actually sing. i think about how suga barely gets any sleep bc he’s constantly producing songs that he sometimes doesnt even think are good or good enough. i think about how jhope always tries to make us smile but disregards his own feelings at times even though they’re just as important,and how he tried so hard to learn how to rap so he could fit in with the (at that time) all rap group. i think about all of the body issues jimin has and how he’s starved himself to fit this mold people want him to be, and how much he has practiced singing and dancing for hours upon hours to try to improve even though he’s already amazing. i think about how v almost didn’t even get into bangtan but is so so so grateful that he did and never fails to mention his love and appreciation for the members and armys. i think about how jungkook was only 15 years old (he was, and still is just a kid) when all of this started and how stressful this is for him, to try to live up to this “golden maknae” standard of being good at everything. i think about how much they’ve given up, things as simple as spending time with their family and friends, and getting a good night’s rest. and then i think about how despite all of this, they try so hard to make us happy all the time, no matter what. their music, bangtan bombs, livestreams, tweets, etc. make me so happy and i just really really appreciate everything they do. i hope they’re happy for the rest of their lives and continue to do what they love because they really deserve it

I’ve been thinking a lot, about how important this community is. I don’t really know how to put my thoughts into words, but I know I’m not alone in feeling like the channel is a safe place, like the community is a family. It’s hard for me to remember sometimes that Jack really does need us as much as we need him. 

There’s so much love here…

7 million strong and ever-growing.

Me in kindergarten: ah my teacher is so pretty I’d like to get kisses from her, but hey I also have this secret crush on this boy who is mean and sometimes punches me, why I like him? Idk I just saw him and decided I wanted to have a crush

Elementary school: my teacher is so pretty and nice, but that’s just because she’s so maternal, I’d like to get hugged by her. I also have a crush on this boy, why? I saw him and decided he was cute. And so I’ll think about him and get sad about how I’d like him to requite my love but not really because I’m just so shy… and then I’d feel even worse when I’m home, instead of when I’m with him, almost like if I just liked to feel I had a crush…

Middle/high school: how weird that since that boy left I hadn’t gotten a new crush, but none of the boys interest me, I see them and I feel so indifferent. *Shrugs* oh my art teacher is so pretty and her breasts are so big, I’m so jealous… that’s why I’m staring.
I’d like guys to show interest in me…
Oh there’s been guys saying I’m pretty and want to date me, ugh they’re probably lying and making fun of me.
Oh this cute acquaintance said he liked me! That’s so exciting, I’ll never attempt to keep contact in a year. And not be even mad that he’s dating my cousin next time we meet, just a little sad I don’t have his attention anymore.
I’d like a boyfriend, but start out as friends! Just someone I trust and know would be nice to me.
Oh this guy friend confessed to me? I’m uncomfortable, I’ll let him down gently.
Oh this other guy friend asked me out? I’m uncomfortable, he’s just not my type. I’ll let him down gently.
Suddenly the thought that any of my guy friends has romantic interest in me causes me anxiety.

17 years old, just started college: so I guess I’m bi, because girls are pretty and I’ve had a few crushes on boys… oh, this girl is so friendly! She hugs me and kisses my cheek every time we meet! She does that to everyone though, but when she does to me I don’t want her to let go, she’s so soft and my heart rises. Uhm… what if she’s flirting with me? Is she flirting with me? NOT like I d wan t that haha nooo it would be nice though I just really hope she’s flirting with me.

21years old: dang I’m gay