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Yandere!Kara x Ichimatsu Comic

This is that “angsty” comic that I spent way too long on i dont know why, it’s not even that angsty anyway.. under the cut for yandere and abuse. It’s not crazy or anything, but still there.

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Since @fangsmagicandinspiration made me a fic for one of my sketches, I made a sketch for a different scene in their fic! Maybe were just gonna have an endless cycle of making stuff inspired by the other and end up with a weird game of art/writing telephone lol

Check out their awesome fic here


Supernatural Song Creations Challenge | blissfulcastiel vs. octomoosey
↳ Prompt: Angels + Trouble by Imagine Dragons

Black and Gold

i was telling my friend about the time i saw shatner at wizard world comic con last year and he told us how he used to prank DeForest Kelley on the set of one of the star trek movies. every day, Kelley would make a bagel and he’d put the bagel in the toaster and then leave it, and so Shatner would go and eat it before it finished toasting, and when De came back he’d be like “um… I thought I made a bagel” and Shatner would say “um no, I don’t think you did?” and he would do this multiple times in a row to make him think he was losing his memory.

What if Minami was sent to Russia the time Yurio came back from Japan? Remember that time Yurio has been taught by this ballet teacher (ex wife of Yakov if I remember right). Minami was sent abroad for a chance coaching in Russia arranged by his coach and it just so happens that it’s at the same rink with Yurio lol idk because it’s a small world fight me

Minami would be at his fanboy mode when he learns Yurio’s name is Yuri too. He’d blabber how Yurio has a similar name with his idol and Yurio would scowl at him or Minami said this at the wrong moment when Yurio’s frustrated bcoz of not getting closer into the “prima ballerina” no matter how much he twirled and prance in his imaginary tutu so maybe he threw something at Minami in annoyance but immediately regretted it when Minami realized there was something wrong with what he said bcoz Yurio had this look of someone who thinks he isn’t enough for anything anymore. So Minami apologized immediately and just awkwardly rubbed his aching spot. Yurio doesn’t know what to say but he apologized too and grumbled that he could maybe teach Minami how to land difficult jumps to show how sorry he is. Maybe.

Just imagine Minami being his usual sunshine self comforting Yurio when he’s frustrated and just wanna tear his hair out because “Yakov’s wife is such a cruel hag (Yakov: Ex-wife!)” and Minami just never wanted to see anyone sad and hurting.


And hmmm… y’know ice skating with a routine choreograph of Yurio lifting Minami

RUN BTS! EP.15 JiKook

Can we just talk about how casually Jimin danced into conversation between Jungkook and J-Hope to spill the tea playfully and make Jungkook flustered?
And how we learned that other than sleeping in their room and everything else; Jungkook even brushes his teeth there? And how he has the same toothbrush as Jimin and LEFT it there to… idk… show that “it doesn’t really matter which one is who’s”.
Jimin: he came to our room to brush his teeth!
Jungkook: aren’t we on the same team?! *stop it hyung omfg*
Jimin: *devilish expression/angelic smile*
Jimin: but he brought the same toothbrush as me!
Jungkook: *oh god hyung why*
Jimin: and then he left it there! I was so pissed
Jimin: *still smiling and looking at Jungkook, like, I’m sure he was shaking with anger back then, obviously lol*
Jungkook: that wasn’t me!
Jimin: *lol*
Everyone: *lol*

Ta da!! It’s finally done! My lovely Lance, but as a corrupted human healing pod!

Thanks to @kaxpha who came up with BOTH the human healing pod au as WELL as the CORRUPTED human healing pod au! (as well as a billion other aus that I need to see more of *cough*)

I’ll probably clean this up later, caus I’m not happy with the highlight or blood spatters, but whatevs for now

it’s you

“i believe coincidence is the universe’s way of telling you something.”

(in which Riley never falls on Lucas’ lap)

(ps this is 5800 words idk how but yeah… I’m sorry please read it and let me know what you think)


In seventh grade, my parents had decided to loosen the reins on me and let me take the subway with Maya. Being so exposed and close to a large amount of people was pretty overwhelming especially when everyone had been pushing and shoving everyone else in the small subway cart. But I was excited to finally gain freedom from my parents and let my best friend show me the real ways to live.

The two of us were stuck standing in the crowded subway when I decided to take out my newly bought lipgloss and apply it to my lips.

“Woah, Riley! You don’t do lipgloss!” I smile proudly at her noticing the change.

“Oh! What I forgot to mention is that I’m completely reinventing myself. I ride the Subway now, I have kiwi lips now, and I’m just as cool as you now!” I grinned and Maya mischievously looks beyond me.

“Yeah, let’s see how cool you can be when you look at him.” I slowly turn around to see a really good looking boy slightly smile at us with my eyes wide and turn back to my best friend with a giggle. “You still wanna be like me?” She asks with a raise of her eyebrow, and her hand slowly lifting my hand from the pole that supported us.

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💐I Dislike How Insecure Ino Was/Is (IDK If She Still Is lol) When It Came To Her Self Image. (Very Long Post) My Opinion. No Hate Towards Sai/Ino Or Sasuke/Sakura. Analysis💐

 Ino Displayed A Longing To Be Seen By Others When It Came To Her Image. The First Person To Acknowledge On How “Beautiful” She Is Was Sai. 

Ino Instantly Grew An Attraction Towards Him (B/C He Resembles Sasuke) Which Could Be Seen As Shallow (B/c She Doesn’t Even Know Him). The Result Of How “Shallow” Ino’s Personality Was Shown When Sai Lied To Her Calling Her  “Beautiful”, When He Actually Meant She’s “Ugly”. This Action Showed How Insercue/Foolish Ino Was When She’s Suddenly Shock That Someone Actually Found Her Attractive.

Little Did She Know That People “Especially Boys” Have A Tendency To Lie Straight To Your Face Without You Ever Knowing How They Truly Feel. Not Knowing That Rule Sai Had To Learn The Hard Way, That He Can’t Express His “True” Words Towards Everyone Especially When It Came To Girls.   

Because We “Girls” Tend To Wear Our Hearts On Our Sleeves Thinking What They Say Is Truly What They Feel. So Sai Knew He Couldn’t Call Ino Ugly Or He Will Get The Same Treatment As He Did From Sakura.

Please Don’t Tell Me Ino & Sai Had A “Strong” Friendship Before They Started Dating.

B/C We All Know That’s Some “Major” B.S.

She Only Wanted To Get To Know Sai Because She Finally Found Someone (That Looks Similar To Sasuke) Who Thought She’s Attractive. This Action Caused Her To Want To Be “Desire” By Both Sasuke & Sai.

 It’s A Shame How One Boy “Sasuke” Could Destroy These Girls (Sakura & Ino) Confidence. And To Make Matters Worst The Girls Start To Feel Like They Are “Useless” or “Ugly” Because Of Being Rejected By Him. 

Where The Hell Were Their Parents During Their Childhood? 

Ino’s By Far One Of The Most Develop Female Characters In The Series. She Faced So Many Hardships Such As Rejection, Insecurity, Troubling Friendships and Death.

I Strongly Dislike How Kishimoto Created Some Of The Naruto Girls To Portray As “Lovestruck, Insecure & Weak Minded Female Characters”. When That’s Not The Case.


🎶Thanks For Making Me A FIGHTER🎶


The “Sai & Ino” Episode Was Very Weak & Fast Paced. I Literally Felt No “Love/Friend” Connection Between The Two Characters.

It Was Awkward As Hell Seeing Her Hugged Sai. 

Shikamaru Hiden Novel Had More Emotion Then This Episode.

 I Know The Novels Are Typically Better Than The Show/Movies, But ShikaTema Felt More Realtistic In The Episode .So,There’s Something “Missing” With Sai & Ino’s Connection.   

Did You Notice How Ino Disregards The Word “Kindness” And Only Focuses On Being Called “Beautiful”?

 She Still Shows Signs Of Being Insecure (Even Her Reaction Could Be Seen As How A Young Girl Would React Being Called Pretty For The First Time).

My Point To All Of This Is Ino Yamanaka Is More Than A Beautiful/Kind Hearted Kunoichi She’s A Survivor. 

She’s Not A Character Who Waits Around Waiting For Someone Just To Acknowledge Her. She Needs Someone Who’s Capable Of Showing Actions Of Affection Rather Than Speaking Them. That’s Why I Shipped That “Small” InoKiba Moment. B/C Kiba Was The Closest Thing (Similar To Shikamaru) Who Seemed Like A Capable Character Of Always Having Ino’s Back When She Needs Someone To Catch Her Falls.

DAMN THIS IS LONG! LMAO (I’m Just Caught In My Feelings) I’m Sorry Followers. 

Puckleberry AU: Finn goes off to the Army while Puck goes to New York with Rachel and Kurt. They become close friends and Puck gives into his attraction for Rachel and they start this friends with benefits relationship. When Finn comes back, Rachel doesn’t tell him about her affair with Puck. Puck realises he has real feelings for Rachel but he doesn’t know how to tell her and is left jealous.


Heres how I imagine my FEH Avatar/Summoner (whatever you call them) would look like

Her name is……LuzMaria (IM NOT CREATIVE LOL) 

I tried making a mix between my FEA AND FEF MUs hair for her and I guess it came out good??. idk feel free to reblog idc