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team voltron at an amusement park

-pidge is an adrenaline junkie and likes to go fast. any and all roller coasters are good and she’ll laugh at you if you can’t handle it

-keith and shiro prefer the games and shit because (1) shiro doesn’t like roller coasters and (2) keith is Stubborn and wants to win a fucking prize

-lance likes to sit in the front of roller coasters and also he dares everyone to go on those crazy ass rides

-hunk hates roller coasters bc they make him puke but he still goes on every one with lance bc they’re bros

-allura is also an adrenaline junkie but she loves those bungee jump rides so much. she’s not that big on roller coasters.

-coran isn’t even there, he’s off skydiving somewhere else


I could do this all day 

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She will fit into your favorite moba game very good character garanteed

Edit: Holy shit it’s a joke please stop tagging this as reference/helpful/wow so good please stop using this as reference please stop thinking this is your goal please stop holy crap holy cRAP

You need to seriously re-evaluate  yourself if you believe the incredibly narrow and offensive things in these gifs oMgGG

i think it’s really funny that people online and spoiled white college kids throw slurs around to be edgy and make fun of ppl who tell them they’re being dicks because “omg this is real life no one cares about ur feelings!!!”

meanwhile i grew up around career criminals in a very rural area, and the smart ones don’t pull that shit. it’s considered a disrespectful cheap shot that tends to make even people outside of the group you’re dissing respect you less; it’s stupid to boot, because you’re making people feel honor-bound to beat your ass and you don’t know what they’re capable of. there’s even a strong chance even your friends won’t back you up, either, because they know you just pulled some punk ass shit. people who never graduated high school and who have spent more time in prison than on the streets, who know what it’s like to get into a legitimate dangerous situation because someone looked at you wrong, who’ve been in prison riots where suddenly everyone was attacking anyone outside their race, will argue passionately that being racist is ignorant and despicable. 

in my experience they’re more likely to have met, lived with, and befriended a trans woman than some well-educated, affluent liberal -not because they were trying to be “tolerant” or some shit, but because they organically ended up in the same place and had to depend on each other for survival. they make jokes, but if i mention to them that being gay is hard they’ll understand because they know what it’s like to be judged, hated, downtrodden. if they cross a line, i can tell them they disrespected me and expect them to take me seriously because they understand the value of respect, and understand what people are willing to do to get it.

but everyone who tells you you’re a piece of shit for reducing someone to their race, gender, sex or religion is just a whiny triggered sjw, right? lmao. good luck with that shit if you ever find yourself surrounded by people with real problems.


OKAY UHM FIRST OF ALL I BIT OFF MORE THAN I COULD CHEW, I WAS GONNA DRAW ALL OF THEM. LIKE ALL OF EVERYONES CHARACTERS, AND THEN HALF WAY THROUGH DRAWING THIS I THOUGHT TO MYSELF, HOW IN THE HELL WOULD I BE ABLE TO DO THAT? SO U  H NAH. sorry ;; these are the only characters i got done. 25 people. idk i feel kinda bad but i just dont think id be able to do such a task- so uhm ye here you go. im sorry its shit xD like its all messy,,,

vg stuff belongs to @blogthegreatrouge  also if u ever see my submission, his name is actually bob. bob is his name, not max. its bob. AND NOW THE TAGGING WILL COMMENCE

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AHHH don E

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do some matt and neil best friend headcanons

oh my god idk i’ve already received and written a lot about them which you can see in my brosten tag but i’ll t ry

  • matt has a pinterest board dedicated to unflattering pictures of neil he finds on the internet entitled “my mans”
  • personally i love the headcanon that neil gets signed to matt’s pro team before he joins andrew’s can u imagine how much shit these two would get into 
    • can u imagine matt enabling neil at press conferences oh my god
  • matt practically lives at neil’s apartment during this time and oh boy
    • neither of them can cook, it’s lucky that matt has a full exy player’s salary bc they literally just eat takeout
    • matt giving neil piggybacks so he can reach the top of the shelves to dust
    • matt popping up at his door at headass o’clock after an incredible game’s just been aired so he can talk to neil about it
  • when neil moves away to join andrew’s team they schedule fortnightly skype sessions 
    • matt: no, you hang up first 
    • neil: [hangs up]
  • matt getting neil into star wars and maybe neil’s not 100% into it but matt’s such a loser for this franchise that he lets matt take him to marathon screenings and he even buys him tickets to a premier for his birthday
  • also matt definitely cries the day he asks neil to be his best man at his and dan’s wedding
  • matt refers to neil’s cats as neil’s kids like
    • “thank you for looking after the kids last week, i’ll return the favour i promise” “i don’t have kids, matt” “are u sure about that”
Langst Idea 💡

Okay we’ve all seen the langst where Lance is treated like shit by the team, (very ooc if you ask me but i still read it :P) but what if instead we had Lance thinking he deserves to be treated like that, yet he’s not.

Like the team isn’t abusive, sometimes they might say or do the wrong thing but overall Lance is treated pretty fairly. Everyone has their bad days. But he expects to be insulted, expects to be looked down on and disappointed in. And when the team brushes it off and says its no big deal, you tried your best.

He feels guilty, upset from thinking he should be yelled at, insulted, etc. He gets so guilty, thinking he doesn’t deserve such a nice team, a nice family.

He beats himself up about it, stuck between being more reckless to get them to yell at him, to be disciplined like he deserves. But he also wants to play it safe, and stay on his team’s good side while he can. (Before they realize how shit he is.) He used to just go with the flow but now he’s stuck between two raging rivers.

Illyrian Oral Lessons

Cliché title is cliché. I’ve got no excuse or explanation for this. It’s Nezriel. It’s the crackiest of crack ships. It’s porn without plot. If you want some kind of context check out this Nezriel headcanons post. I didn’t properly edit or proofread it, it’s posted just for shits and giggles so who cares anyway idk i do what i want

“How quiet can you be, spymaster?” she teases but before he gets to bite back a retort she takes him in her mouth and as his hands grips the shelves in search for some kind of purchase he accidentally knocks a book down. Nesta pinches his thigh since her mouth is currently occupied and she can’t reprimand him.

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Tags: smut, blow job, shadow fingering, library sex, illyrian lessons i guess

The kiss leaves her breathless. It’s rough and desperate and everything she’d hoped it would be. Azriel’s tongue is expertly exploring every groove of her mouth and she can’t stop her hands from wandering all over his body. Her slender fingers move over the cold plates of his fighting leathers from his muscled shoulders down to his hard abdomen skirting just over the waistband of his trousers as his body looms over her, keeping her trapped against the bookcase he shoved her against in the library in the House of Wind. He had been working - trying to figure out which were the most advantageous positions for his spies for the newest assignment Rhys had given him - when Nesta barged in the library claiming that she was free for another one of their weekly Illyrian language lesson. He’d offhandedly commented that he would only help if they practiced her oral skills and the innuendo had been enough to make the sexual tension that had been building up between them for weeks bubble over and get them to tear at each other’s clothes in a matter of seconds.

Azriel pulls away from her lips but Nesta’s disapproval dies in her throat as he reattaches his lips to her neck. He goes over the sensitive underside of her jaw, the slim column of her neck, the spot just above her collarbone that has her hands tangling in his hair in an instant, kissing, licking and grazing his teeth over every inch of the sensitive flesh.

“Stop being a tease and fuck me already,” she demands as Az sucks on a spot on the top of her breasts right above the edge of her bodice. The sheer impudence in her tone has him sinking his teeth into the soft tissue, hard enough that she throws her head back against the bookcase with a groan.  

“I thought you promised you’d impress me with your oral skills,” he snipes as he comes back up to kiss her and Nesta grabs his shoulders and he lets her turn them around so now he’s the one pinned against the bookcase. He shuffles to accommodate his wings and Nesta snorts and presses her body against him pushing him further into the shelves. She brings her hand down and palms his generous length though the material of his trousers and he growls at her touch.

“Who’s being a tease now?” he challenges, his voice rough and cups her backside through the skirts of her dress. Nesta only smirks at him as she slowly lowers herself down onto her knees before him, not breaking eye contact. She quickly works the laces of his trousers and pulls them down before grabbing him in her hand. His cock is wonderfully hard and thick and she now knows all the rumours about Illyrians and wingspans are true.

Azriel was only half joking about her oral skills but now that he sees Nesta kneeling before him and gripping his cock in her delicate hand he nearly loses it. A corner of her mouth twitches as if she knows exactly what he’s thinking and her grip gets a bit firmer as she stars pumping his hard length. The way she looks up at him from under her lashes, her grey eyes sharp and steady turns his blood into liquid fire in his veins and even though he grits his teeth in an attempt to stay silent, he can’t help but groan as she licks a long stripe from his base to his tip.

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Luck of the Irish

Sheamus/OC: can you please do a oneshot with cocky sheamus that also has smut smut?? like, he’s just won a tag team match or smth or his first title and his shit is lit and he’s ready to bone (could you maybe include riding him? cause riding him while he’s acting like that and that little smirk and the fuckin sparkle in his eyes ?? WHEW! basically he got me fucked up.) - @get-glitched


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What do you think the garnet and peridot fusion would look like? Your art is beautiful by the way how long have you been drawing?

something like this maybe ??? I might revise the outfit later that was just sort of thrown together I just wanted to do the hair LMAO

I’m just laying in bed scrolling through my ship tags and all these antis have me like.

Who hurt you?

What level of PETTY do you have to be to act like that?

I am just confused lol like how about doing something productive with your life, like reading a book, going outside, exercising, riding a bike, idk NOT BITCH ABOUT A SHIP THAT YOU DONT LIKE?

Why are you wasting all of your pettiness and insults on something as small as a ship?And something that you claim you don’t like..? Why are you paying so much attention to a ship you hate and the people who ship it. Use that anger for something that actually matters in life. Or maybe learn how to tag your posts properly.

Sincerely, someone who has lost their shit because they can’t peacefully scroll through their ship tags.

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That’s what would happen if Cupcake and Pudding had to raise a dog to learn how to take care of something. But they fight instead… of course they do.

Bad translation: xd Both: *look at dog and shit* *then at eachother* Pudding: What is THAT *points at shit* Cupcake: *thinks he meant the dog* A Dog. *sparkle sparkle* Pudding. That wasn’t what I meant There is. SHIT. Cupcake: … So I am shit to you?! Pudding: … Uh. How dumb are you?! Cupcake: I am not dumb! Pudding: … *points at shit* Cupcake: … OHHHHHH Pudding: IDIOT

Uf!Goth/ Cupcake: @nekophy
Uf!Palette/ Pudding: @angexci

what if it was Magnus and Alec inside the Institute with Jace instead of Simon and Clary? my alter-canon ficlet for 2x10.


“Jace wait—“

But there’s no stopping him, he’s already halfway across the room, arm outstretched as he rips the Soul-Sword up and out of it’s place. He’s holding it for just a second before there’s a shock that reverberates through his whole body. Jace is sent back through the air, the sword cast to the side as he lies on the ground not moving.

Alec struggles against the Circle members holding his arms, desperate to get to his parabatai, can feel something not quite right through their bond. He looks to Magnus, whose hands have been secured behind his back. He’s powerless.

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laying here in bed and I had a funny thought about fanfics…

You know how a lot of times in fics, Dean’s boots just come right off? I’ve done it too, because I miss that detail in my head. 

But anyways, I wear really similar boots for work and do you know how long those things take? And if you are in a hurry, you are falling everywhere like an animal just learning how to walk. 

I want that! Like Dean and the Reader gettin all hot and heavy and he is struggling like a mother fucker cause he is so cute and excited. Ugh, I’d die from cuteness overload

@eyes-of-a-disney-princess….I’m tagging you because feel my pain woman

Uh oh, it looks like you’re too caffeinated to sense energy or receive messages accurately! Do you:

[A] Wait a few hours and try again


[B] Keep chugging coffee until you transcend to another plane of existence and you think you can feel the veil between Here and There thinning, then later drug yourself to sleep before that Mania™ can really set in and convince you the government is watching you through every electrical device or you’re ¼th more impervious to gravity than the average person or some other ridiculous shit


i regret everything ( < rules)


my entry for the mspaint my sim that i made myself

can you tell how much i try-harded on this?

and also i’ll tag some peeps to do this too cause why not?; @cinemasims, @pxelmango, @blursims, @loniden, @kismet-sims, @bratsims, @our-dazed-sims, @theartofqueenie, @dangerous-stain-builds, and @alwaysimming
i know ya’ll can make some good shit 

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yo just throwing this out there bc i need to vent (i hope thats okay to do here- if not u can just delete this) but like i hate how people on tumblr are always talking about how "pure" wlw are like?? idk its just such an uncomfortable reminder of all the shit i heard in church. like i wish we didnt have to talk about being "pure" specifically you feel me? i just wondered if anyone else felt the same

yes, i agree!! it’s kind of a cutsey concept at first, but making wlw out to be “pure” beings who exist solely to be aesthetic and cute together is actually a pretty messed up concept imo. i still struggle with all the “women are supposed to be pure nonsexual creatures” bullshit church threw my way, so to have tumblr use similar rhetoric really sucks. wlw are allowed to be as sexual/“impure” as they want.