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These are our costumes for MetLife Night 2 on July 11th! They were inspired by the 1989 Seagull Sweatshirt (hence the clouds and seagulls). There was lots of hot glue and sparkles all over my house for about a week from making these costumes LOL :D I will be going with one of my friends, Stephanie, and sadly she does not have a tumblr but WE ARE SO PUMPED AND HAVE BEEN COUNTING DOWN SINCE NOVEMBER 4TH, which is the day after my birthday and also 250 days away in case you were wondering. Anyway WE WILL BE SITTING IN SECTION 142 ROW 1 SEATS 17 AND 18 AND WE CANNOT WAIT!! See ya soon Taylor!


ps above you can also enjoy a picture of us eating our outfits while dying them