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My favorite character from Dark Souls 2, Straid !! He’s a big jerkwad and insults you but I still think he’s really cool. Especially with that outfit. B )

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Could you do a newt imagine where you're a no-mag/j (idk how to spell it i see it 2 different ways) and you're basically in the same situation as jacob and he's about to obliviate you but he's fallen for you and you both just say goodbye before he does it? Thank you!

thanks satan.

Title: Forgetfulness.
Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader.
Words: 1035.
Rating: T.

A/N: This does contain spoilers for ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.’ Read at your own risk. :) And enjoy!

“I don’t want to forget.” You whispered quietly, almost ashamed if Queenie, Tina and more especially, Newt to hear your impossible want. Jacob was already one to forget, and was now all the way down the typically busy New York street. He was still captivating Queenie’s utmost attention, and the very movement of her eyes following him split something inside of you. You looked at Newt, and he caught eyes with you for a brief second before looking away. Was he going to watch you like Queenie watched Jacob? With that sort of melancholy and heartache?

Tina turned to Newt and gave him a silent gaze, one speaking a thousand words in a very moment. He averted his eyes, looking down at his shoes before looking at you. Every Muggle had to forget, Newt told himself over and over again. No exceptions.

The rain pattered quietly a few feet away from you, encasing the world with a sort of rebirth and scent that only accompanied the flood of such weather. “It’ll be like waking up from a really long sleep,” Newt told you gently, stepping up a bit so he could be face to face with you. The refusal of standing straight was a clear tell sign that he was uncomfortable here, more so, he was bitten by a sudden wash of regret and sadness. Regret that this is what had to happen, and sadness that… in a few meager moments, you were going to forget about him, going to forget anything that you may have felt for him during the course of the past 48 hours. “Anything regarding magic, you…” The hesitation rose onto his face, causing him to slowly bide time to think about what he wanted to say to you. There were two things to do here. Sugar coat it, or be blunt. “You won’t remember. Any of it… Any of us,” He gestured back at Queenie and Tina. “any of what happened during the past few days.”

Shutting his beautiful eyes, Newt fidgeted with his wand between his fingers and took a deep breath in. It was a distraction, a way to perhaps push back the emotions swirling in his body. The desperation to say something else to you, something that could ease your mind was something he felt deeply. But, stranger than fiction, Newt could find no words. Perhaps, bitter-sweet, would be the nearest thing to describe the sensation rising wildly in his chest. He released his pent up breath before taking another deep roll of air into his lungs. He could still smell the rubble of the once collapsed subway clinging desperately to his teal-blue coat.

“Listen, sweetie.” Queenie spewed before Newt could say much else. “Forget all of this, forget us, and if it’s meant to be,” She looked at Newt with a soft femininity before glancing back at you, “you’ll find each other again.” She gazed off down the street once again, “It’s okay to be afraid, I’m scared too… I really,” Her thick New York accent tickled at your ears as she explained, “I really never met anyone like Jacob before, but I… I let him go, didn’t I? It broke my heart, but sweetie, it’s okay… If it’s meant to be, right?” Her attention was drawn back to Newt. You followed her eyes and felt your breath hitch in your throat.

As if this couldn’t get any worse, Newt looked like he was on the brink of tears. And with a heavy heart, you averted your eyes and looked out at the rain crying from the sky instead. “I’d say something really heart-felt.” You teased, clenching your fists as you did. “Like ‘I’ll never forget you’, but we all know I’m gonna so… I guess, the only thing left to say is goodbye, and…” You smiled as best you could without faltering and breaking down, “Thank you.”

Your gratitude echoed gently as you took one last stare at Newt, then to Tina and gave an assured grin to Queenie. It was for the best, you repeated, for the best of who…? You wanted to ask and finally rested your eyes on Newt. raising your right hand with a bit of a stammer, you waved a small farewell before walking backwards into the rain. It felt like you were bare to the world, being washed of things that you had dreamed about when you were a child. Shutting your eyes, the water cleansed you, dripping off your fingertips, off your eyelashes onto your cheeks, off the fabric of your dress before pitter pattering its way onto the cold ground.

Your senses dulled out. But, there was something warm giving you a small stroke to the cheek. A memory of your mother, maybe? Your mother calming you down from a nightmare? You couldn’t imagine, but it was some sort of familiar warmth you wanted to soak in forever.

Newt sighed shakily, holding his wand up so he was protected from the rain soaking his surroundings. With his other hand, it balled into a fist against your cheek after giving a small stroke, as he pushed it back to tangle into some of your hair. He had yet to break down far enough to cry, but by the look on his face as he studied your expression, he was prepared for it.

“I’ll find you, someday.” Newt spoke as clearly as he could through the sound of rain, “And, we’ll fall in love completely. Though, maybe falling is a bit too harsh. We’ll try something much softer.” He let his grip in your hair loosen before his hand dropped to his side. Giving you one last stare, to encapsulate what you looked like so close to him, he nodded and pursed his lips. There was no point now staying so near to you when you were about to wake up. There was none because as your eyes fluttered, Newt knew when you came back to it, you’d have no idea who he was and that was the most hurtful thing he could imagine.

Biting his bottom lip, he shut his eyes this time and listened to the sound of his own cracking and suffering voice, “Until then, (Name).”

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A color pencil doodle of Beta Komaeda with a knowing smart smile because no one cares for the reason.
I think it’s the only time ever that I’m glad that they didn’t leave the glasses there in the final design. Seriously. This would contradict his final personality somehow.

and what’s with his hood WHAT ARE THOSE TWO THINGIES


These are our costumes for MetLife Night 2 on July 11th! They were inspired by the 1989 Seagull Sweatshirt (hence the clouds and seagulls). There was lots of hot glue and sparkles all over my house for about a week from making these costumes LOL :D I will be going with one of my friends, Stephanie, and sadly she does not have a tumblr but WE ARE SO PUMPED AND HAVE BEEN COUNTING DOWN SINCE NOVEMBER 4TH, which is the day after my birthday and also 250 days away in case you were wondering. Anyway WE WILL BE SITTING IN SECTION 142 ROW 1 SEATS 17 AND 18 AND WE CANNOT WAIT!! See ya soon Taylor!


ps above you can also enjoy a picture of us eating our outfits while dying them