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The smaller feathers closer to our bodies are incredibly soft. I guess like kittens fur? But the larger ones you have to be careful with. They’re smooth and delicate…but can cut you if youre not watching what youre doing. 

((So I thought I wasn’t going to draw, but idk, it helps cheer me up a little))((Hopefully the pigeons dont look too tacky here, this was fun to make though. @spades-king))

((Ah, I spent a good hour trying to fix this, the image was too big and blurry..thank god @dailyadventuresofbraginsky knows how to fix this kind og stuff.))

i feel really bad but finn’s tank is overrun with snails and i have to get rid of most of them - it was really negligent of me to not take care of it sooner (a couple hitchhiked in on a plant and now ive had to sheer the whole thing just to get it under control, and my family is going to yell at me for getting rid of them but like. the amount of ammonia they produce is really bad for finn and he cant deal with too much rn

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Hello, lovely human being!~ I hope you've had a wonderful day so far, surrounded by warmth and love from the people who are important in your life. :) Anyway, I really like Overwatch a lot, and I enjoy hearing people's favourite head canons about it. Care to share some? I'm sure they're quite nice. x)

Woah, this is really sweet hahaha. Sorry this too me a bit to answer. I had to think on it heh. I can only think of Pharmercy or individually Mercy or Pharah ones (to name only a few) so here we goooo: 

- Overwatch recruitment (Jack or Ana or idk) went to the hospital she was working in in Zurich to meet this medical prodigy to hopefully recruit her. With the help of other nurses who had their suspicions where to find her since she wasn’t doing rounds or anything… they definitely found her napping in a closet or slumped at her desk when she was supposed to be doing work (she hasn’t actually gone home or had a break in god knows how long.) Imagining her waking up with a start and getting super flustered and embarrassed getting caught napping by OW officials as a first impression.
- Reinhardt is sort of like a father figure to Angela. Sometimes they have a quiet drink late at night together and just talk (lots of the time in German) about.. stuff? Life, missions, reminiscing etc.
- He calls her Little Bird, always has since early Overwatch days. Still does even now when shes in her late 30’s.
- I love the idea of her having spinal implants to control her wings, you have no idea!
- She’s not much of a cook (that’s even if she gets out of her office)
- Is n o t a morning person.

- Is a morning person thanks to military body clock. She goes running
- Fareeha has a god-awful sense of direction (made a post on that)
- Her & Hana have developed a close bond. On  & off the battlefield. She has a tremendous amount of respect for Fareeha (as Fareeha does for Hana) as a soldier but will still shit stir each other around the base. I love the idea of fareeha being a big sister and mentor figure to Hana, sparring & training together etc.
- The classic Fareeha having a stoic & level head personality but is also a big pun-loving dork & goofball with those she’s comfortable with.
- I head cannon her as not much of a drinker, if at all. Maybe in her younger days.
- She’s totally the best candidate to be Strike Commander!!

- I love love prosthetics!Pharah. To summarise, I had a thought of maybe Fareeha telling Angela as a young adult she was gonna join the Military. Angela makes Fareeha promise to contact her if there’s ever an emergency, she’ll be there asap. This puts Ana’s mind slightly at ease. Years and years later (after Ana’s ‘death’), Angela gets a call. Fareeha is in critical after a failed mission. She drops everything and flies to Egypt. Fareeha has lost at least an arm and a leg amongst other injuries. With Fareeha’s consent, The HSI medic team figured it was best to let Mercy handle the prosthetics operation and rehabilitation (she insisted as well), as well as counselling for the rougher moments in the process when she needs a shoulder or has trouble coping. They spend a lot of the recovery time catching up on each others lives and reminiscing about old times. They grow close really fast. really close. Angela has to inevitably leave eventually. But the recall happens soon enough. 

 - Fareeha, Angela & Jessie are all bros. Thick as thieves since early OW days. (Fareeha and Jesse have always been brotp, Angela took some warming up to Jesse but they’ve been tight ever since). I like to imagine them as the next generation trio of Ana/Jack/Gabe

 - Rein now calls them both little birds :’)

Just a few of my personal head cannons. Thanks for reading :) 

Home (Soulmate AU)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Warnings: Slight Angst, mild language
Word Count: 1,342
A/N: So this is my second shot at writing. Hopefully it’s better than As If You’d Let Me, but idk. Civil War is referenced, but I haven’t seen it yet so nothing is spoiled. Anyway, this is my attempt at the ever popular soulmate trope, this time with Steve. Again, I’m not to sure how i feel about this. Hope you enjoy!
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Steve Rogers shuffled along the barren street, wounds smarting from his latest scuffle. He knew Bucky would kick his ass for being reckless (for the umpteenth time), but he didn’t care. Lately, everything seemed so dull to him. 

Maybe it was because he’d tried as much as he could to enlist into the war, but nothing worked. Maybe it was because he was denied yet another job for being to ‘scrawny’. Maybe it was how useless he felt whenever Doris the landlady asked for rent, and Steve could hardly contribute anything while Bucky paid. But deep down, he knew it was because of his soulmate.

Or, lack thereof.

All his life he’d hear stories of how soulmates were so essential to ones’ life, how even before you’d meet them they were always with you. From the moment their names appeared on your arm, they were a part of you, forever and always.

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4/9 Songs: Falling Into You (inspired by x)