idk his eyes look pretty here so

Seungkwan: Boo’s Tunes

anonymous asked: I read your soulmate!au for wonwoo and omg it was so good I loved it so much, is it alright if you could do a soulmate!au for seungkwan?

Summary: “AND I WILL” was written on your wrist. Yes, in all capital letters. You could only imagine how big of a personality your soulmate must have.

- Admin Syrup

You were studying intently, eyes scanning the page of formulas and definitions, when a hand clapped onto your shoulder. You jumped a little from your seat, and when you looked up from your notes your eyes met those of Choi Seungcheol, who was grinning mischievously. He was wearing a white t-shirt that seemed a size too small for him under a navy apron that had to be worn by all employees at the café.

Luckily he was a friend of yours, or else you would be doing more than glowering at him for interrupting your concentration. “Y/N! You’ve been here for 5 hours! You know there’s a 2 hour limit for customers, right? You’re my friend so I can make a slight exception but…” 

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Jason teasing a very flustered Chris off camera during the stream. ~🌸 (sorry I'm asking for so much chrason {I think that's the ship name idk} I think its cute)

‘I’m actually gonna kill Jason.’ Chris thought, staring so intensely at the computer screen he was pretty sure it was doing actual damage to his eyes. Of course, if he looked away he knew he’d see Jason sitting on the other side of the stream room with that stupidly, annoyingly, unfairly attractive smug smile of his and end up throwing Chris off his game again. He was not here to flirt, no matter how nice it was when Jason kissed him quick before Steph and Matt came in, or how much he enjoyed when he felt Jason wrap an arm around his waist while the four of them talked about work. Jason could sit there and make suggestive faces and toss flirty winks at him all he wanted, but Chris would not be distracted.

Chris soon found himself yanked out of his thoughts when he noticed a slight lag in the stream. He frowned and started messing around in the settings, trying to find where the audio has gotten out of sync. ‘Stupid piece of sh-’ And his barely started mental rant was cut off by a pair of arms on either side of him and a chest pressed against the back of his chair, boxing him in. “Something wrong?” Chris swallowed nervously at Jason’s voice right next to his ear. Logically he knew they had to keep their voices down so as not to be picked up by the mics. It was just sensible for him to be whispering in that low, soft, distracting voice.

That didn’t really help Chris feel less flustered by how intimate it all felt.

“Stream’s lagging.” He whispered back, wincing a little as his voice cracked. Jason hummed quietly and leaned in closer, Chris could almost feel his cheek brushing against his own. “Need a hand?” He stammered for a few seconds at the question before managing a shrug. “Lemme try something.” Jason reached over and grabbed Chris’s wrist, pulling his hand off the mouse and taking it himself. Suddenly Chris was aware of a few things: how hot his face was, how close he could feel Jason pressed against him all over, and that Matt and Steph had noticed the scene and were watching, doing a play by play into their mics.

“Does this constitute workplace harassment? Should we write Jason up or just leave the room?” He heard Matt comment, making Stephanie laugh. Chris let out a strangled noise and stuck a pointed finger at them. “You two have done much worse in here!” He shot back and grinned a little manically at the matching scandalized expressions on Matt and Steph’s face and the quiet huff of laughter from Jason he felt against his neck followed by a quick kiss.

So I’m sitting downstairs yeah?

Yeah, well, there’s this couple. And I mean they’re nothing to remember by, pretty typical couple.

Except,, the guy was like crying his eyes out.. and the girl looked pretty done with it all? So idk if he did something or if it’s just a bad time, but I genuinely feel for this guy.

I high key just wanna be like: shhh it’s ok, here’s my milk and cookies please stop crying TnT

i dreamed about you last night. we sat on a couch overlooking the city. i said, “i’m scared of this whole thing breaking,” and you looked at me with those eyes that hold forests in them and said, “i have control, don’t worry,” and i said, “i’m falling,” and you said, “i’ll catch you. i’m ready.”

i want to hand all of my fears over to you in your small beautiful fingers so you can break them to pieces. the first time you looked directly at me, i forgot how to breathe. it was a good thing.

out here in the real world, it is raining and you’re not around to taste it. out here in the real world, i drown every time you’re in his arms. out here in the real world, pretty girls with faces like fairies don’t crawl into bed with the likes of me. i want to sign over my soul and body. out here in the real world, you’d drop me.

i want to tell you all my secrets. i want to tell you all my stories. i want to tell you i’m falling.

please let me down gently.

kellin quinn appreciation post

ok so here we have kellin quinn trying to be badass and not giving a fuck. applause.

and here we have kellin smiling with a beanie on top of his head and he def should put more beanies on his head bc cute af

i love this picture so much because i love his smile and you should too because it’s a blessing from above

cool (((((((((;

(more under da tab)

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What did graves look like in college?He said he was like super goth with his band Xipdercoven??

Hey, I’m so sorry for the delay on all of these asks! I’m on mobile like 90% of the time, and mobile is AWFUL about handling asks. I just popped the toombles open on my laptop so here we go!! 

Anyway, I picture Graves and Xpidercoven to be super VK-inspired. If you’re familiar with early X-Japan, that’s kind of what I had in mind. Coincidentally, I did a rough sketch trying to feel out what college Graves would look like, and I kind of came up with this:

With long black hair (maybe dyed darker than his natural color), a bunch of piercings, and even more eye makeup. I think college Graves was very pretty, too, if that makes sense? IDK, that’s Nacht’s type at least! 

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are your tags abt joe's new vid written by me bc this is me. i adore conor,but i wanted just joe/jack sitting together and filming ALONE so bad. did you notice how they were looking at each other when joe tried to hint that he hasn't broken a bone???

ok omg lets just talk about this video for a sec and by ‘video’ i mean joeck. 

like. a big part of joeck is the fact that jack seems to look up to joe a loT and is v keen to impress him/make him laugh/have his attention etc. basically, jack has a big crush on joe but in this vid joe was the one giving all the heart eyes?? look:

(im pretty sure joe is looking at jacks lips here dont sue me)

also idk whats going on in this gif but just look at joe ok his movements/mannerisms are v flirty and also he checks jack out ok just lOok

alsO theres the bit when they bicker like a cute ol married couple/five year old kids abt whether or not pluto is a planet and jack pATS JOES LEG except its out of the shot so u cant rlly see it but it HAPPENED

and then theres the part u were talking about. called: lowkey sexual tension ft conors cute concentrating face. (also pls look at jacks lil smile at the end. someone hit me with a shovel). 

so i saw this post and idk heres a darus headcanon

imagine recovering at hilltop daryl is high on meds and anesthetic and barely awake, confused and just mumbling random shit so jesus sits with him and at one point daryl turns to look at him with big eyes and just stares at him, jesus stifling a laugh but at the same time finding it kinda sweet, when daryl whispers “pretty eyes.” he reaches out and pokes jesus’ cheek. “yeah, pretty, pretty face.” and just like that he drops his arm and rolls onto his side, eyes closed, intending to sleep. jesus has the widest grin while looking down at daryl trying his best not laugh, and wishing whole heartedly phones were still around so he could record this. his heart melts a little at the words coming out of this idiots mouth, but he tells himself its just because of the meds. its just nonsense. jesus decides to leave him to sleep, but just as he’s about to walk out he swears he hears daryl giggling. he turns, listening intently, to hear daryl mumble “i gotta tell rick about my new boyfriend.” daryl smiles to himself, probably imagining rick’s reaction. “i hope he isn’t too jealous”

Ziall Appreciation Post

(so as you may know, I used to make these appreciation posts, usually about one person in specific. But I thought I should start doing it for ships. So Why Not start with my otp!)

Ziall Appreciation Post:

1. As we all know, Ziall may be a little obsessed with hugging


Side Hugs count as hugs you know

He could have hugged a fan but he chose to hug his love.

This picture still hurts to this day. LOOK AT THEM

I can just feel the love, and it hurts

Their crotches are literally touching. They couldn’t get any closer.

Look how genuinely happy Niall is hugging Zayn. Bless him.

2. Now Ziall have shared a few kisses here and there..

I nice kiss to the temple never hurt anyone

Zayn…you alright there? You look a little too happy…

okay, technically this isn’t a kiss, but it’s pretty fucking close!

3. Heart eyes, Heart eyes Motherfucker! (aka these boys can’t stop staring at one another)

ok, idk why this isn’t working, But ZAYN you’re in the middle of a music video, calm.

Uhh boys, I hope you know you’re in a room with more than just each other.

Zayn is so in love with Niall, you can see it in his eyes and his smile. Bless him.


Way to be Subtle Niall.

In love from the start.

It’s Like Zayn is frozen in time. He is so in love.

4. These two are total goofs when around each other

Zayn never dances, unless he is with his boyfriend

5. Zayn and Niall really really love complimenting each other.

Yes Niall, We know.

Niall..I think we know what you’re into.

Them complimenting each other is everything I ever need in life.

6. I think we can all agree that Fetus Ziall was one of the best things to happen to  this world

They were so in love, and nothing has changed.

Zayn, You’re staring

Oh the cuteness of fetus Ziall is too much:)

7. Ziall have said some things, things that make my heart melt.

This was short, but it hurt that’s for sure.

8. This one is gonna hurt a lot, But Ziall seem to enjoy holding hands.

Niall wanted a high five but Zayn wasn’t having that

This hurts.. a lot

Holding hands in an interview..they think we cant see ;)

Such a gentle loving touch *happy sigh*

9. Let’s just say Ziall shippers are amazing at fanart and manips.


Well that was a journey filled with many many emotions. I hope you enjoyed the beauty that is Ziall’s love.

I made this with my best friend and fellow Ziall shipper in mind. This is for you : zialljhorlik

(none of the gifs, pictures ,edits or drawings belong to me. All credits go to the owners!)

   (If you want me to do any other ship or person, Just let me know and I will be happy to make one for you :) )


Hi! Idk there’s an autism selfie thing going on apparently?? Also I’m cute af and it’s no shame day so here! I have Aspergers, ADHD, Depression and an eating disorder. My name is Leelah, my preferred pronouns are She/Her. Thanks sorry

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How's the cuddling fic coming along

is this julie sfjhaisd i didn’t know anybody but julie remembered that i was gonna write it

but it’s going…okay? here? i guess?

He’s so focused on getting to his bed that he doesn’t notice the weird signs; doesn’t notice the haphazardly kicked off Vans by the corner of the foyer or the strange denim jacket slung on the back of the chair.

He does, however, notice it when a voice pipes up from his couch.

“Mate,” says the voice. “Your wifi sucks.”

And then Harry screams.

It’s really not his proudest moment.

He whirls around in shock, grabbing at the first thing he finds—a snow globe, for some strange reason. The boy—because that’s what he is—doesn’t even look startled, just continues tapping at his phone. He looks incredibly cozy, dressed in nothing but a hoodie and sweatpants, his hair slightly rumpled and Harry would normally loathe to disturb someone who looked that comfortable, except, well. That’s his couch. And that’s a stranger. On his couch.

“Who are you?” Harry asks, clutching the snow globe tighter. It’s not all that big, but if anything, it’d be a good item to hurl. “How did you get in here?”

The boy ignores him. “You’d think being an internationally famous pop star would merit you having much better wifi than the rest of us peasants,” he mutters, still tapping on his screen. “But no, I guess not. Everyone gets shitty wifi.”

“Who are you?” Harry asks again, louder this time. He can be intimidating; he boxes, for God’s sake. He could totally beat this boy up.

The boy still ignores him and reaches down to the floor; he comes back up with a spoonful of ice cream, which he promptly places in his mouth. Harry blinks at him, loosening his grip on the snow globe.

“Is that my ice cream?” He asks incredulously. “Are you here to steal my ice cream?”

The boy snorts. “I wish,” he says, licking the spoon. “Nah, I’m here to do my job.”

“Which is?” Harry moves closer, curious despite himself. He keeps the snow globe in hand just to be safe.

The boy sighs, drops the spoon into the carton of ice cream, and pulls himself off the couch, so that he’s standing in front of Harry. He’s wearing the softest pair of joggers Harry’s ever seen, a slightly threadbare white t-shirt, and he’s got the bluest eyes Harry’s ever seen.

The boy blinks at him, one slow sweep of long eyelashes, before holding out a dainty-looking hand. “Louis Tomlinson,” he says, grinning, and oh no, he’s pretty. “I’m here to cuddle you.”

It takes a moment for his words to sink in.  “You’re here to what?”

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Cher Horowitz: one of the pairing is a spoiled, rich kid

“You’re aware my job is to protect you, right?” Derek says, hands in his pockets as he watches Stiles scramble over a chain link fence. He knows better than to even try to stop Stiles when he has an idea in his head - he’s been Stiles’ near constant companion since he was sixteen and his father announced his intent to run for Presidency. Stiles’ little adventures had only increased in scale once his father was then voted into office, and Derek’s given up any semblance of going home at night - he has his own suite in the house and long ago made a promise not to stop Stiles sneaking out as long as Stiles promised to take Derek with him.

  Stiles grins at him from the other side, eighteen years old and full of all the confidence in the world. He curls his fingers into the mesh. “Come on, Derek, live a little,” he says. “I promise I won’t tell anyone if you actually crack a smile. I just want to go swimming - an hour, then we’ll go back. Promise.”

  Derek rolls his eyes convulsively and hauls himself up and over the fence, not bothering to point out that Stiles’ house has its own pool - two of them, actually - so there’s no real need to sneak into a public one. Stiles reaches out and grabs his hand with a smile that’s just for him. Derek wonders if he’s not actually suffering from something akin to Stockholm Syndrome, because he’s pretty sure he’d do anything for that look.

Since it’s October have a little monster-ish thing that’s terrible. It’s from this prompt thing, but I changed it up a bit. 

Sorry for any mistakes made. 

Hiccup pushed back the hair from his face as he rummaged through another box. He gave a grunt of approval as he finally found what he was looking for. He pulled out his bath towels and draped a few over his arm and padded into the bathroom. 

Toothless scuttled after him, smoke trailing from his nostrils. Hiccup looked at him with a thoughtfully, wondering if the projection Astrid had put on him would hold. If someone found out that he was a dragon and not a black cat, Hiccup was sure to get kicked out. He had to leave his last apartment because apparently Toothless kept getting out and setting off the fire alarms. Needless to say, Hiccup’s neighbors didn’t like him. 

Now he knelt down, scratching his companion under his scaly chin. “I’ll be a second, try not to chew any boxes.” The dragon gave a squawk and went off, probably to go do the exact opposite of what Hiccup wanted. Hiccup stood and shook his head. “I swear…” He trailed off and shut the bathroom door. 

He turned on the water and let the steam rise. Taking in a deep breath, he sighed blissfully. Being half-siren gave Hiccup a love for water, much like his mother. He remembered being little and his father having to force him out of the bathtub. Those were good times. 

Hiccup shed his clothes and piled them up. With a hiss of joy he stepped into the spray. As he scrubbed himself down, he began to hum. The melody from a song that had been playing on radio while he was unpacking was stuck in his head. He grabbed the shampoo and lathered up his hair. “I thought I’d been hurt before,” he sang softly, “but no one’s ever left me quite this sore.” He nodded his head to the beat. “Your words cut deeper than a knife, now I need someone to breathe me back to life.” 

He continued washing and singing, his voice getting louder as he went on. “You watch me bleed until I can’t breathe,” he belted, “shaking, falling into my knees and now that I’m without kisses, I’ll be needing sti-” He was stopped abruptly when there was a pounding on his door. “J-Just a second,” he shouted. 

Hiccup grabbed a towel and quickly wrapped himself. He almost slipped on his hurry to the door, but managed to make it. He opened the door, surprised to see a stranger with shockingly white hair standing in the hall. Toothless let out a growl and scampered out the door before Hiccup could stop him. “Toothless! You rotten dra-” He looked at the stranger and cleared his throat. “Uh, cat… You rotten cat.” He crossed his arms self-consciously. “Can I help you?” 

“I-I don’t know really…” The stranger rubbed his forehead. “This is going to sound stupid, but I just heard this singing-like, probably the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard and I just followed it…” He looked around and shrugged. “I guess I ended up here.” 

Hiccup tucked a wet lock of hair behind his ear, skin heating up. “O-Oh, is that so?” 

“Yeah, I probably look crazy right now.” He must have had a great dentist because this guy had a perfect smile. 

“Not that crazy.” Hiccup smiled back awkwardly. “I’m Hiccup, just moved in.” 

“Jack, I’m right next door.” 

“Nice to meet you.” Hiccup shifted from foot to foot. “So, uh…” 

Jack flushed. “Oh, right I should let you get back to your shower.” 

“Actually, I need to get my cat first. He sort of ran out and if I don’t get him back in here, I’m pretty sure I’m going to get kicked out.” The freckled male bit his lip. 

“I can help you!” Jack offered eagerly. “After you get dressed, that is.” 

Hiccup nodded. “Give me a minute.” He shut the door and pressed his back against it, tilting his head back. “Oh, no, no, no,” he groaned under his breath. “Why does he have to be hot?”