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oq prompt; 'new robin' from 6b somehow gets his memories back and remembers regina idk i hope it happens pls write it better than a&e will

It’s the shattering of glass that catches her attention, eyes pulled to the billowing curtains as her breath catches in her throat. She can practically taste the dark magic at work.

It’s her fault that he’d thought to come here. Her idiotic fault for making him feel as though he wasn’t enough because he was, he was. She couldn’t help her grief though, the sorrow at having someone look so very much like her Robin - he wasn’t as aged, his smile didn’t always hold the same warmth, his eyes the same experience - yet not know her as he had.

She’d thought that she was alone in the house, hadn’t realised that he’d returned when she’d confessed her agonising thoughts to Snow over the phone and he’d said nothing when she had discovered her in the kitchen, merely asked if she’d like help with dinner. This morning though, the note he’d left on her pillow, apologising that he wasn’t who she needed, had revealed otherwise.

It had only been Archie’s mention that he’d noticed Robin making his way to Gold’s shop that had sent alarm bells ringing in her head.

The click of her heels was barely heard beneath the roaring thunder of magic. Strange scented winds whipped at her hair and clothes as she threw back the thick red curtain and forced her way into Gold’s back room to find the imp and Robin in the middle of the room.

“What are you doing!?”

Only Robin turned at the sound of her voice. He was kneeling on the ground, trembling at the force of the magic cutting through him but his voice was steady, his eyes sure as he replied, “I’m doing the right thing. I’m giving him back to you.”

Her heart was thumping hard in her chest as she cried, “What the hell are you talking about?”

“He has a family, your Robin,” he grimaced as a particularly strong beam of magic pulsed through him, “he has a family, friends, honour.” He shook his head, “He deserves this life, he’ll live it better than I will.”

Tears were streaming from her eyes, she wanted her Robin back with every ounce of her being but, “You can’t do that! I won’t let you!”

He chuckled sadly, knowing she’d fight and replied, “You have no choice,” and with a mere flick of his wrist, Regina felt herself falling into unconsciousness, Robin’s smile following her all the way into the darkness.



She smiled at the sound of his voice, as soft as the pillows beneath her head. His warm palm was pressed to her belly, lips trailing along her collarbone as his hot breath blew gently over her skin. “Go back to sleep.”

She was used to this by now. The dreams, the wonderful dreams in which she was reunited with him even if only for a few moments. At first it had distressed her, she’d wake in a cold sweat and sob and sob and sob but now she knew not to waste the time she had with him, even if it wasn’t real.

He followed the slope of her neck, pulling a shudder from her with the feel of his stubble trailing over delicate skin, elicited a soft chuckle when he bit at her earlobe and the corner of her jaw before he whispered her name again and asked her, “Open those beautiful eyes for me, sweetheart.”

She shook her head playfully, grinning as her hand moved up to cup his cheek.

“Why not?” He dropped kisses all over her face: her cheeks, her eyelids, her forehead.

She swallowed past her grief and fought hard to keep a smile on her face as she whispered, “Because, if I do, you won’t be here anymore.”

He kissed the corner of her mouth, the hand on her belly stroking gently, soothingly as he whispered back, “What if I promise that I will be?”

She bumped her nose against his, eyes still closed as she teased, “You know I wouldn’t believe you.”

He stole a sweet kiss from her, chuckling against her mouth when she lifted her head to prolong the contact before he coaxed her down with a hand on her cheek and asked, “And what if I asked you to trust me?”

That had the smile fading from her lips as her throat tightened and her brow furrowed gently. “You know that I would.”

Those lips found her own once more and she couldn’t help but moan at the urgency of his kiss, hands rising to grip at his cheeks as she parted her lips and slid her tongue against his in long and luxurious passes. She didn’t want to stop, didn’t want to let this feeling go but the decision was made when he tipped his head away from her to catch his breath and asked, “Please,” stroking back her hair from her face. “Open your eyes, my love.”

A shuddered breath left her parted lips, her heart already aching at the thought of losing this wonderful moment with him but even in her heart, even in her own imagination she’d do anything for him and so, very slowly, she began blinking open her eyes, already crying as she did so.

Her heart practically stopped when she felt him catch the falling drops with his kisses, her fingers curling in the - very real - heat of him as the memories of the previous night returned to her.

He pulled back just as slowly as she’d opened her eyes, his grin warm and wide, his own eyes as wet as hers. “You’re here,” she breathed, “you’re real.”

He nodded gently, dropping to press another kiss to her lips before he whispered, “And I’m yours.”

falling in love with snow and

request: So how about a Caitlin x reader where reader is Barry’s sister and reader finds out Barry is the flash so when Barry takes her to meet team flash she meets Cait for the first time and like they both hit it off so they like go on a date?paring: Caitlin Snow x fem! reader warnings: swearing, girlxgirl, unedited, and idk what else

A/n: this was requested by @that-hardcore-fangirl, I hope this makes you feel a little better lovely !! part 2 anyone??

Y/n’s hair blew through the rough winds of central city, she bit into the cookie Barry had wrapped in a napkin for her that morning. She couldn’t say that their life had been perfect, but she loved her brother and her adoptive father and siblings. She thought even though their life wasn’t perfect she had the perfect family and friends, except one thing, Barry had been keeping something from her. Y/n knew her brother, she knew his body language, his voice changes, and the way he lies. Barry was the flash, he wanted y/n safe, he needed y/n safe.

Iris was making her way to jitters to get her and barry coffee. She was going to persuade barry to tell his sister that he was the flash, she needed to know. Iris texted Barry, Barry texted Y/n thinking it was just an innocent gathering between his sister and girl. He sped there, waiting a few minutes to not seem suspicious but his sister texted him that she was running late.

Y/n arrives with wet hair, her clothes soaked, tears in her eyes and mascara running down her cheeks. The site broke his heart, then he realized they were angry tears and she was wet from being splashed by a truck colliding with a puddle near her.

“A fucking criminal crashed a set of cars together, I was stuck in traffic, then on my way walking from my parking spot a truck splashed me! ” she growled and shoved past him.

Barry had given y/n his coat and hot her a piping cup of coffee, to which she gladly accepted and moved closer to her brother to steal his body heat. He smiled to himself watching her stomach rise and fall, she was alive and smiling at him with the love of a sister who just had her brother be nice to her. Iris canceled saying she just received a stack of work.

There sweet time was interrupted by the sound of breaking glass, screaming, and gun shots. Y/n calmly crouched down next to Barry, wait where did Barry go?! Y/n jumped up searching for her brother, when a rush of wind flew past her and all the sudden she was in the middle of some type of lab, with at least 5 people staring at her. Wally, Iris, some brown haired guy, Harrison Wells, a rather stunning red head girl, and some guy who looked a lot like Draco Malfoy.

“What the hell is going on, Wally? Iris? Where the hell is Barry?!” She boomed frightening everyone in front of her.

“Y/n, there’s something we- Barry, needs to tell you.” Wally spoke up walking closer to his best friend and foster sister.

Y/n stepped back, shaking her head not believing the situation she just got thrown into, her brother was the flash.

The familiar gust of wind shook the building signaling Barry’s arrival. Y/n was beyond pissed at her brother, balling her fists and getting ready to give him a piece of her mind.

“Bartholomew Allen, what the bloody hell do you think you are doing? You could get hurt or killed or… or..” she yelled and began to cry.

It hit her right then that her brother was always in danger, that his secret was bigger than she could ever imagine. He took a sad step closer, drawing his breath in and out trying to find the words, or any for that matter. She crashed into her older brother, tears streaming down her face, clutching him close.

There was going to be no more secrets, no more lies about who they are with and what they are doing, they were going to be honest with each other from then on.


A few months had passed, y/n never really went to the lab, she never felt the need to. Holding a scarf she stole from barry close she made her way to the lab to bring barry his phone that he’d left back at he and iris’ apartments . Iris was running late so she asked y/n to take it.

Upon arriving, the same beautiful redhead greeted her with a huge flashy smile. Y/n let a small smile out and introduced herself nicely.

“Y/n, Y/n Allen.” she smiled up at the redhead.

“Caitlin, Caitlin Snow.” Caitlin grinned stepping out of the elevator leading her to the cortex.


If Caitlin hadn’t been so intriguing, y/n would have not waited for barry to return but left. She asked Caitlin questions, Caitlin asked her questions, and then she was introduced to Cisco.

“So do you have any embarrassing baby pictures of Barry?” Cisco questioned y/n.

Cisco was funny, he had long hair and knew a shit ton of movie facts. After Cisco, she was introduced to Julian Albert, who she was convinced was Draco Malfoy’s twin. She wanted to meet someone named H.R but he wasn’t in the building.

A few hours passed and Barry hadn’t returned, y/n decided to let these people get back to their jobs and leave her brother’s phone on the desk. Caitlin walked her to the elevator, accidentally brushing up against her cause electricity to jolt through y/n’s body.

“I know we just met but would you like to get some coffee, or maybe dinner sometime?” Caitlin smiled shifting her weight from one foot to the other.

“I’d love to! Tonight good for you?” Y/n questioned hopefully.

Y/n arrives at the restaurant with her hair curled and a red dress curving around her hips, she had a grin plaster on her face and her heart was racing. Caitlin rushed over, her hair swaying in the wind and her white dress fitting her perfectly. The smiles at each other and rushed into the restaurant, eager to start their date.

Y/n could have sworn looking at Caitlin was like staring a god in the face, and Caitlin felt the same about her. They were laughing and drinking and eating, then all the glass windows around them shattered and everything turned dark.


A/N: idk wtf to call this it’s too hot my brain is melting and I’m about 0.4 seconds away from murdering my parents lmao. This is full of mistakes, is over-edited and is now probably shit but I’m too tired so I’m afraid all my fucks have been killed in the war. But if u do like it pls let me know I live for your validation ok bye friends much love xo

(P.s. Set between The Reception scene and The Bedroom scene in 3x07)


As the front door of Killewarren slammed shut behind her, Caroline heaved a deep sigh of relief: it was nine o'clock and the last (inebriated) guest had finally left.

A wide smile formed on her face as she rested the back of her head against the large oak door, reflecting on the day. The entire day had been a great success: the wedding ceremony was beautiful and Caroline revelled in the attention her new gown and new husband brought. She felt absurdly proud of Dwight and his seamless progression from country doctor to master of Killewarren, and had told him so numerous times today, to which he had modestly rolled his eyes at.

Presently, a panting pug by the name of Horace approached her dying for some undivided attention. She scooped him up in her arms and scratched his ears eagerly. “Hello, my precious.” She offered her cheek for him to lick, which he did. She cradled him gently, swaying them both from side to side, trying to soothe him before relaying some difficult news. “Now, Horace, you mustn’t sleep with Dwight and I tonight- though I doubt we shall be doing much sleeping.” She smiled at the thought. “So I shall allow you to sleep in the servants’ quarters with James or you may sleep in the small tea room, which would you prefer?” She asked as though he were a small child as opposed to a small dog. She had no wish for Horace to be lonely and so decided that he should sleep in the servants’ quarters with James and called for the young footman to inform him of this. He agreed eagerly and carried Horace away with no protest from the pug, who liked the young man very much.

Satisfied, she returned to the parlour in search of her husband.
He was perched on the edge of the armchair, his neckcloth looser and waistcoat slightly unbuttoned, dissecting a slice of wedding cake. Dwight felt her lasting gaze on him and lifted his head up from his dessert. “What?” he asked with a mouth full of cake, crumbs escaping from the corners of his lips. He was so glad to finally be alone with his wife; for all forms of stilted politeness to be gone.

She kicked off her shoes beside the doorway. Her gown swayed elegantly as she sauntered towards him. She smirked, playfully snatched the fork from his hand and stole a chunk of his cake. “Nothing,” she mumbled through the large slice of sponge she had rammed in her mouth- an act she’d never do in front of anyone except Dwight. The Enyses began to giggle wildly and after a while Caroline thought she might faint if she did not stop.

Once she finally did stop, she voiced a pressing thought. “You owe me a dance, Dr. Enys,” she reprimanded.

He immediately coloured. He had been so engaged in ensuring the comfort of the guests that he had entirely forgotten his promise to dance his wife’s favourite dance with her. He smiled apologetically and held out his hand. “I believe I do, Miss Penvenen. Though, unfortunately, we no longer have music.”

She took his hand. “Mrs Enys,” she corrected with a disapproving face. “No matter, we shall make some,” she replied confidently, pulling him from the arm of the chair to stand in front of the fireplace.

His brows furrowed at her before she began to murmur softly; her voice was not unpleasant, but not as angelic as Demelza’s. He grinned at his wife’s ability to make the best out of any situation- a quality he loved about her very much. He grasped her waist, pressed her body against his and began to join in on the tune Caroline was humming. He felt rather foolish to begin with, though the content smile on Caroline’s face quickly banished such insecurities.

They danced slowly at first, swaying gently from side to side, their foreheads pressed together. After a while, Dwight started to hum more quickly and began excitedly twirling her around the finely decorated parlour, enjoying the sound of her dress swishing against his trousers, mixed with her musical laughter.
Feeling quite breathless, Caroline loudly - emphatically - hummed a new, much slower, song. Dwight laughed and obliged, pulling her close to him. As he caught sight of her flushed cheeks and wide smile, he felt suddenly overwhelmed. He had almost lost this woman- twice. Both times due, at least in part, to his loyalty to his duty- whether it be to his friends, profession or country. It occurred then to Dwight that he should not pity the sick, the dying, the imprisoned- but instead the living, those who were fully conscious to the wonders that life could bring and, above all, those of whom lived without love or purpose. He was fortunate- for Caroline gave him both.

Caroline eyed his vacant expression, knowing this meant he was in deep tonight, and noted his song-less voice. “A penny for your thoughts, Dr. Enys,” she commented, continuing to guide them slowly around the large room.

He smiled slightly, coming out of his daze. “They are worth much more than that.”

“Well, what is your fee? I am quite wealthy, you know,” she teased.

“A fee higher than any monetary value. Given that I would give my life for the thought in question.”

Caroline’s heart fell through her entire body. He had not twelve hours ago been discharged from his naval duties, for the time being, was he already considering returning? She gently wriggled free from his embrace and took a step back.
Dwight, knowing what she must be thinking, reestablished their prior closeness and wrapped an arm around her waist. “Do not distress yourself, my love. I was referring to you,” he whispered before smoothly hoisting her up with his one arm until she could almost sit on his hip bone. She put her arms gently around his neck and rested her hands on top on his shoulder in order to balance herself.

As he began to sing quietly and slowly spin them around, their eyes locked and Caroline wondered if there would ever be a moment in the future where she would feel more content than this. She smiled as she thought of how highly Uncle Ray would approve of the happiness Dwight had brought her. “You truly are a man of talent, my love.”

“I have many,” he whispered against her neck, placing a kiss there.

This sent a shiver down her spine. She tilted her head to look at him, her eyebrows raised coyly. “Is that so? Perhaps you should relay them all to me.”

He set her down gently and gazed into her eyes. “I should prefer to show you.” His blue eyes were hooded with desire.

The butterflies in her stomach fluttered ferociously. “Pray do.”

He leaned forward and repeatedly pecked her lips before breaking away teasingly. He took several steps backwards. “Would you care to join me in the bedroom, Mrs. Enys?” He offered her his hand, just as he had done the first time.

Her nose crinkled and she smiled devilishly at her husband. She laced her fingers through his and eagerly pulled him along and up the winding staircase.

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Oh! Oh! Oh!! I have a prompt for this amazing pair! I love insecure!Tony. Tony shows his affection through presents. A car. An island. A really big bunny. But T'Challa is richer than him. So no presents are gonna be good enough. Tony can't build T'Challa something because he has his own scientists. And really, what can Tony provide a King? What sees T'Challa in him? Angst. Angst. And more angst please! I love this blog and can't wait! Thank you all!


Tony and t'challa accidentaly started a who can give the best gift contest btw each other and the gifts become incredibly sappy


I’m so happy about this blog!!! Anyway, I’d like to read something with jealous T'Challa (or even Tony, I don’t mind). Ok thanks!


Hye can I request for a possessively & obsessive Tchalla into making Tony his? The king suspecting Tony have some kind of secret feelings to a certain captain & that’s make Tchalla so determined to make Tony forget his affection for Steve. Let’s say Tchalla manage making Tony fall for him & Steve jealousy on the backgrounds. Thank you!


I think what I love the most out of this ship is the fact that T'challa is richer than Tony so Tony can be the one pampered and spoiled for a change (´∀`)♡ Can you imagine Tony the moment he realized oh shit my boyfriend is loaded and T'challa knowing that Tony is not used to be the receiving end of pampering and aims to remedy that thoroughly


Idk man I just want a fic with Steve being jealous as heck over T'challa’s new relationship with Tony because YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE AND YOU BLEW IT STEVE now I just want him to writhe over the fact that another man went and make Tony the happiest man in the world


anonymous asked: Jealous T'Challa?

The Care and Wooing of Tony Stark, Billionaire

Part 1 of ? (Ao3 link here)

T’Challa frowned at the knock on his door. He had expressly asked not to be disturbed, especially considering the various thinly veiled threats the American Secretary of State was sending his way if he ‘chose not to aid in the apprehension of world criminals’ and the other numerous correspondence from other countries in the UN that wanted his view on the Accords after that debacle at the airport. “Enter,” he said coolly.

Shuri stepped in to the room and he felt his scowl darken even more. With others, he would have to pretend calmness or acceptance, but Shuri was still his baby sister and he was more than comfortable being upset at her interruption. She, however, smiled as serenely as she always did when getting under his skin.

“What?” he demanded, leaning forward on his father’s desk – his desk, now, and it still hurt his heart sometimes, an odd jump that pulled at him unexpectedly.

She kept her face smooth and calm as she said, “You have elephants on your front lawn.”

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oh my god i miss your bluesey hcs and i don't have anything concrete but can you do either the fluffiest of fluff or the angstiest angst to ever angst? totally your choice which

My god, I apologize for taking an eternity to reply to this, anon. First off let me just say that that one simple statement of “I miss your bluesey headcanons” gave me life and validated my existence. I wasn’t sure if anyone really liked my headcanons and you totally made my year by saying that you do. Thank you, anon. You are lovely.
Second of all, since you didn’t really give me a concrete prompt I hope it’s okay that I don’t have a concrete answer. These are just some disgustingly-fluffy fluff headcanons that have no specific story behind them. I hope you like them.
• so recently I’ve been thinking about blue getting her wisdom teeth removed
• gansey tags along with her and Maura and of course he’s there when she wakes up and she’s high off her ass on laughing gas
• gansey asks her how she’s feeling and she just cracks up laughing and pinches his nose and goes “dick. you’re so pretty. you’re the prettiest dick i’ve ever seen.” and then she becomes completely hysterical when gansey’s face turns totally red
• Maura says to blue “let’s get you home” and blue like,,, falls into gansey’s lap. Maura laughs and tells her to get up so they can go home and blue pretty much slaps her hand over gansey’s entire face and says “oh, I thought this was gansey.” And gansey says “um, it is????” And blue sluggishly says “mom, calm down, we’re already home.” (She means gansey. Like I said: disgusting. These two are so disgusting. I hate them.)
• blue wakes up later on the couch at 300 Fox Way and she calls for gansey, who’s in the kitchen trying to bake with the women (it’s close to the holidays or something, idk), and he just barely hears her but he goes to her anyway. Blue asks where her mom is and gansey’s tells her she went out to get some food for blue and blue tears up cuz she’s in a lot of pain and still a lil high and she says she needs help changing the gauze in her mouth
• gansey, of course, says he’ll help her and she’s like “I don’t want to drool on you” and he’s like “you already drool on me when you fall asleep on me” and she’s like “but my mouth is bloody and gross” and instead of responding gansey just helps her up off the couch and takes her upstairs to the bathroom so he can change her gauze
• (okay, but imagine blue just hanging off gansey as he takes her upstairs. She’s so tired and she low-key wishes he’d carry her but the second he offered to do so she was like “fuck no. What do I look like to you? A damsel in distress?! I can walk just fine in my own!” but she’s still basically clinging to him like a koala)
• anyway
• I just think it’d be super cute (because i’m always the ace equivalent to a slut for OTP’s taking care of each other) for gansey to help blue change her gauze and like,,,, she’s drooling everywhere and pretty much falling asleep where she’s sitting on the closed toilet seat, but gansey is completely unfazed by how gross the situation is
• and then he does actually have to carry her back to the couch because she ended up falling asleep in the bathroom afterall
• I also had this other idea that blue has a lot of nightmares for a while after gansey’s second death
• one night gansey wakes up to someone lightly shoving at his side while trying to crawl in between his sheets and he looks up to see blue in the verge of hysterics so he quickly pulls her into his arms and tucks her head against his neck and kisses her head while telling her it’s okay
• and the next morning they both just decide to ditch school and spend the day at Monmouth together. They stay in their PJ’s all day–blue in a sweater she stole from gansey, and gansey in sweatpants and an atrocious polo shirt
• at some point they order Chinese food and they sit down in their blanket fort to eat while they continue a ridiculous game of “would you rather” that gansey started
• okay, but I really want you to picture this: blue stabbing at her food with chopsticks saying “would you ratheeeer”, dragging it out while she tries to think of something, when she looks up at gansey
• his glasses are halfway down the bridge of his nose and completely fogged up from his noodles, which he’s looking down at intensely while he tries to figure out the chopsticks
• like, he’s just so incredibly cute in that moment that blue Literally Can Not
• blue’s been silent for long enough that he looks up at her and tries to squint through his foggy glasses and blue just giggles and uses her sleeve to clear up his lenses and he just sees the biggest, goofiest smile on blue’s face
• she leans over and gives him a sloppy kiss on his mouth (because they can fucking kiss okay, fight me). She pulls away just far enough to whisper “I love you, Richard gansey” and he smiles because it’s the first time they’ve said it to each other and whispers back “I love you, blue sargent”
• and then blue just sits back, still grinning, and asks “would you rather have have dicks for fingers or fingers for a dick” and gansey is just like “Jane!”
• road trip!!!!
• okay, so while blue, gansey, and henry are on their road trip there are some nights where they have to drive through the night and when it’s blue’s turn she’s suuuuuper tired by the time they stop at a diner to eat and switch drivers
• as soon as the group sits down in a booth blue immediately falls asleep on gansey’s lap
• it becomes such a common occurrence that one day henry decides to make a video for snapchat or Instagram and the video starts off with Henry saying “blue is a very heavy sleeper. I can never wake her up.” her head is basically in gansey’s armpit and she’s snoring really softly and of course Gansey thinks it’s the most adorable sound in the world and then henry, to demonstrate his point, starts loudly saying blue’s name and tossing bits of egg at her and she doesn’t move at all
• “see? She’s impossible to wake up. But now watch how disgusting this is. Gansey, wake her up”
• and legit gansey just ducks his head down to her level and says “blue” really softly and she immediately starts to stir
• pathetic. I hate them.
• blue is perpetually cold at night so when they share a bed she leaches onto him and sometimes he accidently rolls over on top of her because she’s just,,,, so attached to him because he’s just so warm. She must absorb all his body heat
• I don’t usually talk about this kind of stuff, but I’m going to this time.
• their first time, okay
• (I feel super awkward writing about this, Jesus Christ)
• after…… /after/ they both take turns separately using the bathroom. Gansey goes in there with his sweatpants on, no shirt, and when he looks in the mirror his hair is completely fucked and he can still smell her sweat and perfume on him and his lips are swollen from hers and he just,,, smiles so fucking big and he’s sure his heart is going to jump out into the sink because he’s just so so in love with blue sargent, my god this boi fell so hard
• and blue has a similar moment when she goes into the bathroom wearing gansey’s shirt, which comes down to her knees
• okay, but like,,,,,, when they’re Together for their first time at some point gansey is kissing her neck and his hair brushes against the inside of her ear and she giggles. He looks down at her a little confused and she says “it tickles” which makes gansey wince and he goes “that’s…. not really what a guy wants to hear” and she giggles again and says “no, your hair” and she runs her fingertips through his mussed up hair and pulls his face back down so she can kiss him but she’s still kind of laughing so it’s kind of awkward
• their first time is kind of awkward all around tbh but it’s very gentle and patient and they’re both very happy and in love
• my god
• who let me on the internet
• I should stop now

from the prompt that character A and character B meet for the first time in a jail cell. This is so cheesy. Soma drabble.

“Fine. One song.” He says it because it does not seem real. He says it because he swears someone like this must only exist in his imagination.

The holding cell is cold. Two beds on chains with white linen sheets that look about as thick as the handkerchief in his pocket, and a toilet in the corner that looks like it might’ve been used by the entire town at one point or another. Gray brick, some cracks of it filled with an oddly-colored moss. He slouches. The place still might be more organized than his room, and the thought makes his stomach churn. He might be inspired to go on a cleaning spree if he ever breaks out.

He flips his wrist, then remembers his watch was stripped from him over two hours ago. He guesses it is around 2 or 3 AM. There are no clocks in the cell or on any walls within the reach of his gaze and he wonders if the cops somehow have the power to freeze time in here. He closes his dry, sore eyes and tries to sleep some of the time away.

He wakes minutes later to the sounds of some sort of high-pitched screaming, mixed in with a cacophony of cops shouting and walls being kicked. He folds up into a tighter ball on the stone-like mattress and blocks his ears.

The door slides open with an eerie rattle and closes with a loud shatter. A tiny, frenzying body has been thrown into the room, all frizzy blonde hair, long legs, and emerald eyes that glitter in the stripes of luminescence that fall through the cell’s barred window. He remains folded and doesn’t say a word as she turns back to the departing cops and screams all sorts of expletives and fire-powered curses.

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Made With Love (and a little something extra) in

anon asked: I don’t think it’s on the list of prompts you reblogged but could you please please please write nalu fluff with them being cute in the kitchen or something? Idk I just read a really cute soma one and thought it’d be cute for nalu too. It’s okay if you don’t thoughh! Don’t sweat it(:

a/n: I am DETERMINED to get this damn thing posted! I’ve been trying since yesterday but oh my gosh this laptop hates me. But anon, you must direct me towards the cute soma fluff! Until then though, here’s my attempt at a cute nalu kitchen disaster. Hope it’s okay!

A thin layer of white covered every visible surface of the kitchen counter- a direct result of the young man slipping on some melted butter that had dripped onto the ground, causing him to drop the bag of flour that he’d been carrying.

Natsu muttered something unintelligible under his breath as he stooped down to pick up the- now busted- bag of flour, rubbing at his eyes as he did so to try to get the offending substance off his lashes.

“You know, I heard that there is a lovely bakery just down the street. I’m sure their cookies wouldn’t disappoint.” He heard a hopeful voice from near the fridge, and when he turned his head to look he had to purse his lips to keep from laughing. There was his girlfriend, standing there with the bag of chocolate chips in hand, looking like she had taken the worst of the powdery spill.

“No way,” he replied, shaking his head as he walked over to her, gently wiping some of the flour from her eyes. “You promised you were gonna teach me how to make cookies from scratch, remember?” Bending down, he stole a quick kiss before pulling away and grinning.

“I know what I promised,” Lucy rolled her eyes, pretending to be annoyed. The slight pull of her lips, however, told a different story. “That was before I found out what a lousy cook you are.”

“Ouch, babe.” He placed a hand over his heart, no doubt leaving behind a handprint on his tshirt. “Words hurt, ya know. I’m wounded.”

“Yeah yeah. Come on, you big baby,” she laughed as she placed her hand on his chest, steering him in the direction of the countertops. “Let’s finish up these cookies you’re so insistent on.” When he stared down at their ingredients with an (admittedly adorable) clueless look on his face, Lucy only shook her head before handing him a measuring cup along with the bag of semi-sweet chips.

 "Okay, you just have to add two cups of these,“ she tapped his hand that was holding the chocolate, “and add them into the bowl while I grab the eggs. Got it?”

The boy bobbed his head up and down, like a little kid eager to please.

“Got it! Two cups of chocolate chips into the bowl; no more, no less.” He nodded his head, as if already priding himself on a job well done. However, he was quick to add, “Unless you say to add more, of course.”

Lucy grinned, “Nice try, but no brownie points for you.”

He smirked. “Of course I don’t get brownie points, Luce. We’re making cookies.”

“You’re such a dork.”

“Love you too.”

She turned to pad over to the fridge for the eggs, and it was when her back was turned that she heard a soft oops. The blonde sighed.

“What happened?” She asked, at the same time that he said, “Uh, babe?”

Coming up behind him, the eggs in her hand, she couldn’t help but laugh when she saw the contents of the bowl.

Natsu turned to face her, green eyes glinting mischievously as he nodded towards the bowl, where it now seemed to have more chips than batter.

“You like chocolate, right?”

Lucy grinned, tapping the boy’s face as she came to stand beside him. “Now I know why everyone wished me luck if you ever decided to help me in the kitchen.”

He scoffed. “Smartass.”

“You love it.”

“You’re lucky.”

“Well, it is my first name.” She laughed at the disapproving look he gave her, and lifted onto her tiptoes to press a soft kiss to his lips, ignoring the taste of flour. “But I kind of am pretty lucky, aren’t I?”

“Better believe it. I mean, really, come on.” He grinned down at her, arms wrapping around her waist to pull her closer. “Who doesn’t love a man who can cook?”

“I wouldn’t know.”

“Well someone is just full of witty remarks today.”

“When am I ever not?” Offering the boy a wink, she turned her attention back to the cookie batter.

“It’s not so bad,” she hummed, grabbing a large wooden spoon to sift through the more chocolate than batter. “After all, who doesn’t love a lot of flavor in their cookies?”

After carefully adding the eggs to the mix, she decides to give the boy one last chance at redeeming himself.

His eyes widen as she pressed the table spoons and whisk into his hands.

“Okay, listen closely, alright?”

He nodded, grinning happily.

“The sugar is in the cabinet above the stove. Grab it, and fill up that same measuring cup that you added the chocolate in with, got it? While you do that, I’m gonna add in the vanilla and spray the cookie sheet.”

“No worries, babe. I’ve got this!”

“Oh my God,” Natsu laughed around his bite of cookie. “These cookies taste like shit.”

The boy’s remark made the blonde choke on her own small bite of the deceiving treat, and he had to thump her on the back to help her out.

“I know,” she groaned, her voice rough as she cleared her throat. “What happened? We did everything right! The chocolate chips wouldn’t have done anything to make it- wait.” She took a deep breath, pinching the bridge of her nose. “Natsu?”

“Yeah babe?” He asked, eyeing the cookie in his hand before tossing it back on the tray with the others. In a hopeful act, he picked up another and took a hesitant bite, only to end up sputtering with the same results.

“Show me that bag of sugar you grabbed from the cabinet.”

He pointed over his shoulder, and Lucy walked to the opposite counter where the culprit was set on its side. She groaned.

“Please don’t tell me that the ‘sugar’ you used came out of an orange box.”

“Yeah, it did. How come?”

“Natsu, this isn’t sugar.” Picking up the small, neon box with a picture of an arm lifting weights, she held it up in the light. “This is baking soda.”

The look on his face was priceless; his jaw slack and his eyes open in an oh shit sort of way.

Now grinning sheepishly, he rocked on his feet as his cheeks blazed to match the color of his hair. “So uh, this bakery you were talking about. Where did you say it was?”

Crossing her arms, she laughed from where she leaned against the counter. “Ya know, sometimes I wonder whether or not you ever stopped being a five year old.”

Leaving footprints behind on the flour-covered hardwood, he crossed the kitchen to wrap his arms around her shoulders, pulling her close to press a kiss to the top of her head.

 He leaned back just enough to see her face, and smirked. “You love it though.”

“You’re lucky.”

Leaning in slowly, he pulled her in for a kiss. This one longer and sweeter than the others, and especially more than the cookies.

“Funny,” he said, both of them grinning as he pulled away, opting to rest his forehead on hers. “And here I was thinking that was your name.”