idk he's really cute don't look at me

  • Hashirama: *sniff sniff*
  • Madara: Ughhh. Why are you up at 3 AM did you have a nightmare?
  • Hashirama: yes ;_;
  • Hashirama: some gum got stuck to my hair really close to my head so I had to get a haircut ;_;
  • Madara: ah.
  • Hashirama: Don't ah me I know you wouldn't like short hair. You'd leave me for someone like ...idk Kakuzu?
  • Madara: sigh. How short was your hair after you cut it? Neck length? You'd look like Azumane Asahi from Haikyuu. He's cute. I'd tap that.
  • Hashirama: Really? Woahhh ò.ó
  • Madara: ...If it got shorter you'd look like Ashura. He was pretty cute too. I'd also tap that.
  • Hashirama: oooooh òwó I'm curious-
  • Madara: -If you get a haircut on purpose though we're over.
  • Hashirama: uuuuuu ;_;

Still windy out! But also River and dresses, man.


I was looking through old stuff and???? I found this? So I thought eh and uploaded it anyway.

I can’t exactly rmb why I drew this? But I think it has something to do with me originally thinking that Keith was Chinese…and spoke mandarin…and I was like rly happy? but turns out he isn’t? Idk…aahhhhhh

* Mandarin text reads: You really are very cute!!

Can we stop for a moment and appreciate Taehyungie?

It really looked like he wanted to make friends with the zombies. He even thanked some of them or played little games! And! Idk about you, but to me with this episode of RUN he kinda made my favorite zombie headcanon - canon.

He is so cute~ What did we do to deserve him~??

(Screenshot taken from Vlive)

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Maybe demon!dean seeing Cas dying because his grace is disappearing? Idk I can't think of a cute and fluffy thing now ._.

Castiel was really weak. He looked so smal in his arms. So fragile.
'It’s okay, Dean’
'Cas… Don’t talk.’
'It’s fine… I’m just …tired. But I still can see you, you know? Your face, the real one’ 
’ … ’
’ Don’t look at me like this… You are still the most beautiful creature that I have ever seen. You are good, Dean Winchester. You always have been. ‘
'Cas…I'm…I’m a monst-’
'No. You are not.’


’ … I’m sorry’
’ For what?’
’ If only I was an angel not something like THAT I would…’
'Don’t. Dean…please, don’t. ’
So he didn’t say anything anymore.


’ Stay with me…please’
’ I’m not going anywhere, stupid.’
Castiel’s fingers were cold on his arm.


’ Cas…Castiel, don’t close your eyes. ’
’  I’m just.. really sleepy.' 
'I know, I know. But you can’t fall asleep, you know that, right? No matter what Cas, don’t you dare…’
’ Dean’
’ I’m serious-…’
’ …Don’t cry’
His hands were trembling. He looked away, but couldn’t stop.

’ I … I think I will go to sleep now, Dean. Just…for a moment’
’ I’m tried. Really, really tried’
’ I know’
'… ’
'…. Will you be here when I wake up?’
'…I love you too, Dean' 

His voice was so soft and quiet. Unbelievable warm. He closed his blue, blue eyes with a sigh.

Dean held him in his arms, even long after Castiel’s heart stopped beating.  


Idk if this is what u wanted ;3;
I’m pretty sure that spn’s Demons don’t have wings but whatever D:

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I know Ashton's tall & muscular but if you look at his body it's so....well I don't really have a word to describe it bc it's not petite & it's not really delicate it's just.... Idk, I'm not sure how to describe it but it's frustrating me bc his body's so!!!11!! It's such a bottom!body is that even a thing??? Idk man Ashton's just pretty and I now Luke's pretty too and he's an adorable "young kid" sort of pretty but Ashton's a cute sunshine but also "I love being fucked hard" sort of pretty.

don’t worry i understand exactly what you mean 100% 

ashton’s body is (⊙ヮ⊙) but also (◡‿◡✿) & most of all (。♥‿♥。) I MEAN he’s just so curvy and muscular and perfect.

It’s like if you bite a chunk out of him, he’ll be really and succulent and tender (but don’t actually do that, cannibalism is ILLEGAL and frowned upon in MANY SOCIETIES). 

He's big but also small, y'know? 

(^^^ uses this picture for size comparison until my death)

Let us examine a couple more examples of his perfection.

I have no idea where I was going with this but thanks @god and @ashton’s mom YA DUN GOOD

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Lol I'm the bully ANON Btw I love your post ! How would they react when you push them into a pool with all their clothes on when they weren't looking? (They don't have their phone or else you would die surely )

Thank you my Deer <3 Oh hoho you really like to bully them don’t you? xD


Baekhyun; My eyeliner bitch!

Chanyeol; King of reactions laughs his ass off

Chen; I’m all wet now ottoke? *does aegyo*

D.O.; Has no words

Kai; He wants to see you wet too now IDK WHY BUT IT ALWAYS HAS TO BE SEXUAL WITH HIM

Kris; Pouts cutely yeah with me it’s either cute or sexual :I

Lay; Walks out of the pool all wet with his sexy walk

Luhan; Woops, his clothes are wet, he has to take them off. Such unfortunate, very coincidence.

Sehun; *Goes after you* BE MY TOWEL!!!!!!!!!!

Suho; If you wanted to see my body all you had to do was asking!

Tao; *Fixes his hair*

Xiumin; The water was cold, le Baozi isn’t happy


Wah I had a major incident in the process but everything is ok now XD I hope you liked it!