idk he's really cute don't look at me

I was looking through old stuff and???? I found this? So I thought eh and uploaded it anyway.

I can’t exactly rmb why I drew this? But I think it has something to do with me originally thinking that Keith was Chinese…and spoke mandarin…and I was like rly happy? but turns out he isn’t? Idk…aahhhhhh

* Mandarin text reads: You really are very cute!!


breaking news: yu sungoh has left 24k to pursue his dream of having a kpop reaction channel; his first video featuring him being cute and quietly boppin’ along to EXO’s “LOTTO”

no but actually i don’t know what he’s doing, i hope he will return to 24k but if he is happier pursuing something else that’s okay too ♥ he said he would be uploading a cover next week so go subscribe to his channel; whatever he wants to do on youtube imma support him.

OH NO indeed, before I go on let me say. I don’t really care about Stan’s relationship status. And yes I do draw a bunch of ship art, but I headcannon Stan as an aro with a few exceptions. Fids and Carla, and Goldie being a few of them. I make ship art because it’s the kind of fluff I love, platonic with some romantic stuff here and there.

Anyway, there looks to be a bit of resentment from the fans of BOTH of these ships. I’m not going to name anyone because that’s targeting them to be attacked. I mean I see the insults on my dash, so you don’t really have to look for it. At least in my case. 

So to sum it all up, don’t start ship wars. It’s really not worth it and divides the community. So don’t do it.