idk he's really attractive

friend: so do u fancy any celebrities?
me: Damon Albarn
friend: ew?? he’s really ugly
me, continuous tears streaming down my face: WELL im sorry that he doesn’t fill your standards of what is considered conventionally attractive u shallow asshole

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Think you can do dating/romance headcanons for IDW Prowl, Blurr, Chromia and RID15 Thunderhoof and Shadowraker with a male Cybertronian S/O? Specifically, I want how would they feel when they first fall in love with their S/O, how they act when they ask them out, when their S/O agrees, where they go for their first date, how they proclaim their love to their S/O, and how they react when their S/O kisses them on the lips for the first time.

Aight so I know I said the more detailed the better, but I probably should have also said the more characters in a request the less I’m gonna write for each one bc like. Otherwise it would take me forever to do a single request. So I’m just gonna do one of each thing you asked for with each character if that’s cool!!

Blurr (IDW)

  • When Blurr falls in love with someone (which isn’t often, he didn’t have many close relationships of any kind before the war, those who hung out with him were either other celebrities or fair-weathered individuals who just wanted to leech off his reputation), he falls kind of hard, even if he doesn’t realise it at first. At first he’s confused because you’re all he can think about, and it eventually takes one of his customers at Maccadam’s telling him to slow down or talk about something else for him to actually piece together his feelings for you because “Primus, who is this mech you keep talking about? You’ve been rambling about him all evening”. Once Blurr actually realises he’s got a case of the feelings, he handles it relatively well. He kind of just goes “huh” and starts thinking about the best way to ask you out on a date.

Chromia (IDW)

  • Chromia is usually very blunt, but when asking someone out on a date, she can become a tad nervous. She’s likely to just go up to you and very seriously tell you to meet her at a certain place then just. Leave. Shhhhhhh she doesn’t want you to know she’s embarrassed shhhhhh If you do go to this meeting place she waits before approaching, trying to figure out the right words to say, before coming up to you and blurting out why she wanted to meet up with you. Guess you’re on a date with Chromia now cause you obviously just said yes by turning up. Nice.

Prowl (IDW)

  • Prowl’s idea of a first date is to ask you to help with some work. He’s still learning how to loosen up, so it may be a rather awkward “date” if you can even call organising files that but he tries hard to make conversation. The fact he knows about pretty much every ‘bot who fought in the war can get a bit unnerving though when he asks you a question about yourself and he finishes your answer. Prowl you weren’t even there. Prowl. Prowl, buddy, you might scare this mech off. Do you want that, Prowl? Do you really?

Shadow Raker (RiD2015)

  • He’s not going to proclaim anything until he’s 110% certain your loyalties lie exclusively with him, and no one else. But once he’s sure of this fact, he’s going to take you somewhere private so the two of you can have a spark-to-spark conversation. He’s smooth and charming, and when he shares his feelings with you he makes it sound like you’re the only person in the entire universe who means anything to him. He might be exaggerating a little bit when he says you mean more to him than his treasures ever will, but what you don’t know won’t hurt you. You’re still special to him either way.

Thunderhoof (RiD2015)

  • If you initiate the first kiss between you and Thunderhoof prepare for a very loud “EYOOOOOOO”
  • Just kidding!! He’s visibly surprised and actually kinda speechless at first, it takes him a moment to process you just kissed him. Once it’s actually sunk in and yeah, you’re the one who kissed him first, not the other way round, he gently grips your chin, muttering about how he wanted to steal the first kiss himself. Then he kisses you back, holding you close until one of you breaks the kiss. Now the two of you are kind of even.

All his little things

His eyebrows go up for a second before he starts laughing.

His laughter is extremely loud, so whenever he bursts out laughing he makes sure to cover his mouth.

He gets cute, little freckles in the summertime, but they’re barely noticeable so he always reminds everyone of them.

He always eats tongue first and it looks ridiculous.

He bites his lip when he has to concentrate.

Whenever he wakes up too late he wears his glasses and I always remind him that he’s a bad example. He always grins.

He has like “vampire” teeth and I think they look really attractive (idk why), however he doesn’t like them at all and refuses to smile on pictures.

He pushes his hair back about 10000 times a day, but literally 10 seconds later another strand falls down, so he wears headbands sometimes and we all make fun of him when he does.

He always, always, ALWAYS has to wear a tie and it has to match his socks, because “a man without a tie is like a hen that can’t lay eggs”, which doesn’t even make sense.

He can’t grow a proper beard, so he hangs up pictures of men with full beards in our classroom and throws tiny pieces of chalk on them whenever he’s bored.

“A poem isn’t a poem if you can’t imagine a British person sitting in a posh chair with posh clothes, drinking posh tea reading it.”


so imagine enjolras as a filipinx student (filipinoenjolras‘s take on enjolras, face-wise) in spain for some reason (cultural exchange program, as a junior ambassador, global youth leader training? idk)

and he gets into an elevator and this really really attractive person comes in after him

like really attractive and though he knows his family would totally disagree (”incredibly messy black hair in a bun, bushy eyebrows, dark eyes, dark skin, has stubble all over, not fit, riddled with piercings, has tattoo sleeves, paint stains all over and smells of turpentine – enjolras what are you thinking???” say his inner mother and father)  but enjolras is crazy blushing and he just goes “gwapo, kakainis”

and enj has been shit-talking in filipino this whole trip but man this dude is hot he can’t help but say it (”gwapo, kakainis” = “he’s hot, ughhghhg”)

but suddenly the dude just looks at him in what looks like shock and it takes enj a few seconds to realize

guapo in spanish and gwapo in filipino mean the exact same thing and they sound exactly alike

he just said the dude was hot and he understood it



Ty, stay in your lane boy….

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favorite things about Dylan?

This is going to be long

Dylan in bow ties 

this dam jacket of his

his hairy arms(idk im just really attracted to them

he has pretty much the most beautiful brown eyes i have ever seen

his chest hair

the faces he makes that are just adorable and awkward 

dylan with scruff(i just want to see him with a beard)

his freckles

and his winks could be the death of me

can you just imagine what he could do to you with these huge fucking hands of his

his geekyness and look at this body

Dylan and puppies


his tongue(imagine what he can do to you with his tongue)

wet dylan

his pouty face


dylan in glasses

dylan in a beanie(and glasses)

hes musical(drums,guitar, and piano, and he can apparently sing)

frat boy Dylan

his laugh

happy trail

the dark side

his love for baseball

and hes such a good actor seriously one of the most talented young actors around today, and hes such a nice person and funny and hes geeky and awkward and just perfect 

Im the same anon as before~

Ok story time yay!

I have 3 (well, 4) stories to tell, going in chronological order. Im going to preface this by saying that i have dark skin, big lips, a wide nose, and short 4c hair. Im also tall and scrawny lol. My friend who i will be talking about is biracial, light skin freckles, long hair, you know the deal. Ill also say that i don’t listen to kpop really that much. All the people
Mentioned in my story are pretty attractive too. Sorry for the walls of text, im on mobile. Also sorry for any grammar mistakes

My first ambw encounter happened in my freshman year of high school. I had multiple classes with this one particular boy who was Korean. I never really showed any interest in him all throughout the year, but i did notice that he was hilarious. Towards the middle of the year i start to become more attracted to him, and my friend (not the one mentioned above-this one is Chinese) did as well. She would point out his biceps and his tan and idk that made me really find him attractive (he was well built for a freshman, what can i say?).

One day she made it very obvious to him that i found him attractive, and from then i started to notice him acting strangely towards me. He would stare at me, then pretend to look away when I caught him. He would also completely act as if I were invisible when we worked as a group, which made me really confused.

Fast forward to near the end of the year. We were both in Japanese class, learning how to say 欲しいand ~たい sentences (“i want” and “i want to do…”) and i noticed him looking at me really weirdly, like really weird. as an excessive. We played a game called fruits basket. To spare the word count i won’t describe the game but it has a pretty simple concept which involves saying a sentence out loud to a group. We each had four pre-written sentences to use but! He ran out of sentences (looking back on it it probably was intentional) so he had to make up a sentence on the spot. Well, he kind of stood there for awhile, paced around kinda nervously, then stood directly in front of me, like less than a foot away even though he had more that enough space to stand anywhere else. He looks me straight in the eyes and says 彼女は欲しいです. Everyone in my class is just like… “What” because we haven’t learned that vocab before and basically we all suck at Japanese. Im looking back at him straight in the eyeballs cause… Idk I didn’t know where else to look haha his gaze was so intense. I didn’t understand what he said either.

A few awkward moments pass, then my Japanese teacher translates it for us. He said “i want a girlfriend” directly to me! In a class full of people!! I didn’t know what to do because i was so overwhelmed lol. I just looked down (im still mad at myself for doing that) and pretended to not realize, which must have been so embarrassing for him fml

2nd story:

occurs during junior year. My friend (whom i described above) and this Chinese guy hit it off, but really nothing comes of it. Idk why im sharing this, but everyone agreed they would be a cute couple.

3rd story:

also junior year. The Korean guy mentioned above is again in my classes. He still looks at me and stares sometimes, and even his brother (who graduated the year before) would look at me with a weird knowing look lol. I told my friend about my attraction to him (the biracial friend) and she decides to tell the Chinese guy because him and the Korean guy were friends. They talk for a moment, then the Chinese guy yells at me “im sorry! You’re an amazing person!!” Im like, “WTF” cause im all the way down the hallway. my friend comes back and tells me the Korean guy had been in a relationship for over 1.5 years. Im like, okay. I didn’t want to be a homewrecker so i kinda backed off. I learn way later that he was not in a relationship and the dude blatantly lied to me. Im not sure why honestly. Whatever im over it.

Ok last and most important story tbh.

Sophomore year (ok i lied im not going in chronogical order) i meet this junior who draws really well (im an artist myself btw) and he takes notice of my artistic abilities (hes Chinese, but not the same guy as the other stories, ill call him bob). Bob comes up to me one day and goes “wtf you’re a really good artist, teach me your ways” so im like, aight. I really wasnt attracted to bob at the time.

Time goes by and we become pretty good friends. I start taking an interest in bob because of his talent and amazing personality, but he really didnt show any interest in me so i kinda kept it on the down low. Near the end of junior year, though, i find it harder to mask my feelings, so i tell him how I feel. To my surprise, he felt the same way! He asked me to prom, but i couldn’t go, whatever though.

Two weeks later we officially become a couple! It truly is a dream come true yall. I didn’t want to get all mushy but here i am lol. He told me he had a crush on me almost since we first started being friends (he hid his interest really well but looking back on it i do notice a few hints i didn’t notice before) but was afraid of what i would say so he kept it hidden. For all yall girls out there, whatever race you may be and whatever race your love interest may be, tell them you like them! You never know what can happen :)