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au where padme lives and raises her two children thinking that anakin died on mustafar and works behind the scenes in the rebellion

and anakin/vader thinks that he killed padme

and they both think the other is dead and vader hates the shadowy leader of the rebellion and padme hates the emperor’s black-suited attack dog

i just have a lot of ideas about this idk

Royalty AU - Prince Kim of Lê Chiến Kingdom

Read the fic here (Kim is the main character so it was about time I drew him! :P)

(Marinette, Adrien, Alya, Nino, Chloé, Sabrina, Juleka, Rose, Nathaniel, Alix) (more classmates coming soon)

So everyone’s calling Reiner a snake for supposedly acting heartbroken back in Connie’s village but I honestly think it’s genuine.

It’s been said in the manga that he and Bertl honestly thought of the 104th as their comrades and friends as they fought together. Reiner didn’t know that the beast titan would destroy an entire village like that, didn’t know more people were gonna lose their families.

I’m convinced Reiner’s heart genuinely ached for Connie, if for no other reason than seeing his comrade mourn his loved ones. Something tells me Reiner can relate

Blind Date

Member: Zhong Chenle x reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count:1,300

Sorry for not posting this sooner, but I hope you like it~ Thank you for requesting <3

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“Y/N I’m finally back~” Chenle lazily said, letting his bag slide down his arm, and stretching his arms out for you so come over and hug him. You smiled and hugged him tightly;you were waiting for him to come back from school in the practice room him and the other boys practiced in. You were the only one there because everyone left to go to the store and buy snacks.

“Anyway, how was sch-” You started, but  you heard someone opening the door. Quickly, you pushed Chenle away from you, making him fell to the ground.

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ok so to procrastinate more than I already have, here are some Lance teaching Keith to swim headcanons based my tags on @yaxxm  ‘s post because I teach swimming and people are ridiculous.

  • Keith literally has no clue how to swim. closest thing to a pool he ever entered was his bathtub
  • Lance literally not remember NOT knowing how to swim, which occasionally impedes his teaching because it’s so obvious and ingrained in him that he doesn’t know how to describe how to do it
  • this leads to Lance moving Keith’s body for him when they get past the basics of “how to float and not drown” so he knows how it’s supposed to feel which isn’t awkward in the moment but afterwards both are like “I can’t believe I touched his thigh like that?? what am I doing I’m going to D I E” and “Lance…has very soft hands when he moves my arms and hands??? I want to just regular hold his hands this is T O R T U R E”
  • Anyway Keith is literally that dude who just stands at the shallow end gripping the wall for dear life that every lifeguard ever tries to telepathically prevent from going anywhere else or put on a damn lifejacket
  • Once Lance gets over “I can do something Keith caaaaan’t” he actually offers to help and is a good teacher for the most part
  • Keith is a horrible student
  • He not only is slightly terrified of the water but also way too stubborn to admit it and take actual advice that actually works (keep your chin up you doofus)
  • They are in like. rib deep water. Keith can obviously stand. Keith instead insists on clinging to Lance like a frickin’ koala. Lance almost bruises with how tight his arm was being gripped.
  • First lesson: how to recover from a float. not even the float. just the recovery. literally putting your feet under you and standing. in water. you can stand in. which is where they are.
  • that’s a lie first lesson is “walk around where you can touch without panicking”So they end up holding hands and walking around the pool for like. half and hour. that was all they did that day just. hold hands. in water. 
  • they were both internally screaming the entire time because they were hoLDinG HaNdS
  • eventually, they think he has it (spoiler: he doesn’t)
  • commence backfloat practice and it’s ok but then Keith DOESN’T LISTEN and tries to bring his knees to his chest (seriously why do people do this???) so he starts to sink so he flails and the subsequent neck clinging and cheeks being pressed RIGHT TOGETHER as Lance literally picks Keith up out of the water to calm him down are his own fault.
  • It’s a funny position because of the koala-ing so Lance had one arm under Keith and one all the way over his stomach and they end up chest-to-chest when Lance gets Keith standing
  • there is blushing because swimming and swimsuits and clinging means there’s a LOT of skin was touching there.
  • And their faces had been PRESSED AGAINST EACH OTHER. 
  • they do not acknowledge this at all. 
  • Lessons are over for the day. Lance reconsiders his life choices and tries to figure out how he is going to survive Keith clinging to him in the pool every day.

i know i said i had other stuff to finish but i had a MIGHTY NEED to draw this. so one night i dreamt that the next chapter to kill 4 love came out (which is real good so far i recommend it if you’re ok with some violence/death). then i saw this drawing of the squid bfs that i thought was cute, so i redrew it in the original style (i didn’t really mean to it just.. happened).

as for the actual context behind why geo is scared uh.. idk! maybe he saw a big ass bug or something..

tbh i’ve been meaning to draw these two but i just never had any good ideas. i love ‘em and k4l a lot! i’ve been following for a while (since before i had tumblr) and it’s wild seeing how much your art has improved since then! it’s a big inspiration for me haha~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

oji and geo belong to @legendwaker

This might be the purest of ships, especially because I clearly have a very loose definition of what a ship is.

Wander loves his hat. His hat loves Wander. Wander saved his hat and they look out for each other. He and his hat have been through it all. They dance and cuddle (idk what else you’d call Wander crawling inside to sleep except very cuddly). They seem to have some sort of psychic connection because if Wander’s feeling bad, the hat is looking bad, and both can repair/heal almost simultaneously and instantaneously. They’re both trolls, even, and are very magical. Also, one time Wander spit up a kazoo so I guess he can make stuff too? Or maybe just kazoos. Or he swallowed a kazoo just in case, and before his hat became his buddy, he’d just store things in his stomach like Tomba. Good luck not thinking about Wander hacking up party supplies, cakes, scented candles, banjos….

Either way! Wander/Hat. Very pure. Very good. I imagine the hat’s the more sappy of the two, yes, even moreso than Wander, and gives Wander little presents on their anniversary or whenever the mood takes it, and Wander spends nights cleaning it up and humming away while patching any worn spots and lint-rolling off his fur, and it’s all just super cute overall. Plus, there’s history there. Gotta @savewoy and get a third season for that. More hat history, please, @disneyxd

ETA: Wishing Star. There’s a ship name for ya.

im so so so so so so SO TIRED of all this bullshit representation news. so tired. like sense/8 wasn’t perfect by any means, in fact a lot of it was fucked, but now thats its cancelled, on top of the ge/t down being cancelled, on top of the dissapointing TA/Z ‘redesigns’ (yes maybe they couldnt do a complete overhaul because the lines are done and changing color is easier but STILL IT IS A TOTAL COP OUT) i just. im so done. i can hardly get jazzed about any media i consume anymore and its exhausting!!!

edit: a note on sense8, it both has decent poc rep but could have done a lot better, and a lot of the poc storylines end up rehashing racist stereotypes not to mention to Bs w/ the white cop dude, but i dont think for one minute netflix cared abt that i think its a part of a larger trend of devaluing poc led media

My Impression of the Marilyn Manson Eras

Portrait of an American Family: tiny goth fetus filled with anger and long hair

Smells Like Children: the fucking creepiest Willy Wonka fever dream drug haze shit you’ve ever seen with references to serial killers

Antichrist Superstar: grungy af, lots of gauze and crack house aesthetics, I’m 99% sure he puts shoe polish in his hair, lots of crawling around and rasping and moving hands about

Mechanical Animals: funky and creative, David Bowie 70s alien technicolor, Rose McGowan, red stripey hair, weirdest contacts and eye makeup, sings about drugs and TV, he’s really pretty here and v creative, great facial expressions, way 2 go dad

Holy Wood: more theatric videos, more overdrawn lipstick, wears mostly black and strappy boots and suspenders, draws lines on face, screams about teenagers and Columbine, big military hat

The Golden Age of Grotesque: gruff, metal teeth, matching outfits with Dita, smaller hair, lots of suits, old Hollywood circus/burlesque aesthetic, heavy makeup and especially eyelashes, more matchy, more cohesive, movements are smooth and jerky at the same time how even? some of the stuff with the sleeveless shirts and gloves is awk tho but brace urself tho because it gets ruff after this one

Eat Me, Drink Me: I call this the Sad Vampire phase, there’s just a lot of emo hair and lots of black eyeshadow and crawlin around bein sad idk what else, he looks like he’s been living in a shitty hotel for a long time, I think he shopped at Hot Topic probably, kind softer than before

The High End of Low: aggressive, lots of colored light and less makeup, some good songs but fewer videos than before, Twiggy is back tho so yay

Born Villain: one red/pink eye or one with bigger lashes, face dots, less hair, Personal Jesus and stuff, kinda soft, Johnny Depp is hangin around, less in your face than other ones, most people forget about it

The Pale Emperor: dad is getting older now and he gives fewer fucks, less attention paid to makeup and videos than before, dresses like a goth barber, kinda smeary soft makeup, more weird poses, more metal sound overall, barely looks like the same dude as fetal Manson and mechanical animals Manson but hey that’s this dude for ya

Am I allowed to go into the murky waters of speculation and headcanon for Bendy and the Ink Machine or is it too soon? Too bad, I’m going in anyway. I been thinking about Bendy’s voice and how since he originally started out as a silent cartoon (more than likely), I kinda had this idea that he learned to speak over time by mimicking Joey and the other animators. So when I hear folks doing voice acting where he has that Brooklyn accent like the guy in the recording left in the studio, I’m like YES because that’s exactly what I picture. Bendy picked up the accent too. It would have taken time for him to learn that and we don’t know how long Bendy has been “alive” like, you see evidence he’s there in the studio with you causing stuff to happen throughout the first chapter, although some think he doesn’t show up until the end because you had to summon him, idk what’s right. I assume he and Boris have been around for a good while and Bendy is now all bent out of shape over being abandoned and whatever else.

I dont get why more fans dont headcanon ushiwaka as autistic i mean??

Missing social cues :
-he really thinks hes giving oikawa good advice w/ the ‘you should have…’ bc he thinks thats the environment oikawas talent would grow best in
-doesnt get why oikawa gets so mad when he says that
-doesnt get why people get mad when he’s overly blunt and inconsiderate of others feelings/circumstances when he speaks
-doesnt catch sarcasm, misses jokes

Special interest:
-in canon, volleyball, all he really cares about is whether he can play, if his opponents are any good, improving is the most important thing to him so he sees it as naturally important to everyone around him too
-in fanon, gardening, linking everything back to analogies to express his sentiments, ideas and feelings.

Probably more stuff idk im typing this as it occurs to me bc ive been in the car for 8hrs feel free to add to this but idg why people only meantion kenma when it comes to autistic character headcanons.

time of your life - baekhyun scenario

request:  I love your work so muuuuchㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Can I request a first date baekhyun scenario where he’s nervous because he wants the reader to have the time of her life ;-; Thank youuuu~ -Choco anon

  • “idk bro, black??”
  • this was an important date
  • because he was going on a date with you
  • which was something he had wanted to for a very long time
  • he’d been talking himself up the entire day 
  • “you got this. you’re a sexy beast. you can do this, baek.”
  • he don’t got this
  • on his way to pick you up, he keeps thinking about how he can make this 100% perfect for you
  • “‘kay, I gotta pull out their chair for them and open their door for them and compliment them and all the other gentlemanly stuff”
  • when he pulls up to your place he’s just internally screaming
  • from the time he knocks on your door to the time the pair of you are at the restaurant, he tries his best to make a great first impression (even though he already has)
  • “you- uh, you look really, really nice nice tonight” (((:
  • so much blushing
  • a lot of cheek kissing
  • always has a hand on your waist when walking around
  • you both decided on not going to a fancy restaurant so you ended up at a cute little italian restaurant (or whatever type of food you prefer)
  • “you seem really nervous, are you okay, baekhyun?”
  • he kinda looks like a deer caught in the head lights
  • “yes, I promise, I’m fine!! I just want this to perfect for you..”
  • you melt at this 
  • and you suddenly realise that he’s been trying really hard tonight
  • “i’m having the time of my life right now, and thank you for trying so har tonight”
  • :D
  • confidence is reinstalled in baekhyun

thank you for requesting!!

Snippet from that star wars de-aged au that I’m probably never going to finish

Its not that Anakin didn’t believe it, it was just that… he didn’t quite believe it.  He’s so small. Anakin eyed the child laid out on the medical bed critically. Ginger hair, small cleft on the chin, the beginnings of a spot above his brow… things so familiar, all at once made strange by the youthful face and small (how could he get even smaller!) stature of the man – no – child in front of him. The child that was, apparently, his master. 

On the other side of the bed Mace Windu echoes Anakin’s sentiment, “Medic, are you absolutely sure?”

Kix stands up a little straighter. “Sir, we’ve run multiple bio scans, fingerprints, dna testing. We’ve done every possible test with the facilities we’ve got. There is no other explanation, that’s general Kenobi.”

Mace pinches the bridge of his nose. Anakin thinks he hears a muttered curse. Out of the corner of his eye he can see Ahsoka shifting nervously. “And how long has he been like this?” Windu asks.

“The team found him under a pile of rubble near the remnants of the temple just over 30 hours ago, he’s been out the whole time.”


I usually don’t post su crit stuff but… Idk, I have been thinking about this a lot  and I really wish we had got to see how Greg feels about Rose giving up herself to create Steven. Like, he obviously didn’t accept the fact that he’d lose her right away, and he proably felt (and most likely still feels) very conflicted about it, he was probably confused about what he should feel.

Idk, we all know how much they loved each other, but I think they should have showed us how he felt about losing her. Idk, there’s so many episodes about how Pearl feels about it, and I think the point had came accross just fine, maybe they could have spared one of those to show us how Greg (and the other gems for that matter) felt. Three gems and a baby would have been a great chance to show that side to Greg: a Greg that loves his son, but doesn’t quite know how to feel about losing his true love. Or they could have had him talk about it on the present episodes (or maybe compose a sad song about). Or a flashback where Rose teels him and we see him get sad and eventually decide he has to try and come to terms with it for the good of the baby.

Idk, Greg is my favorite character, and I don’t like that such a crucial part of his character has been ignored, the way the show is going makes it look like he just came to terms with it instantly and that definitely doesn’t fit his character and his feelings for Rose.

Closer (Asa Butterfield x reader)

Anonymous said: i know you’re kinda busy but I would love an imagine where Asa and the reader are a couple and theyre picking him up from the airport but as theyre walking home he proposes or something?? idk, fluffy stuff i guess 💕thank youuu 😊

Here you go! I hope you enjoy it! x

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Patience is what I need (so please wait for me)

Summary: Where she needs time, and Jaebum has to wait.

Word count: 4087

Pairing: Jaebum X OC

Warning(s): slight angst, (troubled) marriage, unexplained past/trauma 

A/N: the summary sucks i know, but when has my summary been good? oh and this fic’s format is rather weird? idk LOL but it does play a part overall? do i even make sense? nevermind. anyway, a month has passed since my last post… sorry about that. but it’s okay, i think i’ll be posting up new stuff as soon as i’m done with it :D please bear with me!

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ok uh. yooran gaming channel au - part 2

@misfireezreal reblogged the ‘yoosung has a gaming channel au’ post and wrote a really cute lil addition that inspired me to add some more ideas to this mess of an au….. and i got really carried away

their addition / reblog post is here !!  tho i’ll also put a screenshot of it under the cut… along with more headcanons/ideas/whatever for the au/scenario

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in-universe ninja ship party drabble!

holy shit this turned into something huge,, i hope you like it @skyhillian!!! :0 

Prompts: (i ended up writing all three of these into one whole thing lol)

Ninja Brian was never in a good mood.

Like, ever.

As long as Danny had known him, which had been for decades, he couldn’t ever recall seeing him smile even once. And even when Brian was in a decent mood, he’d still snap Danny’s neck in a split second over nothing. But no matter what mood he was in, he never smiled. Ever. It was something about not showing weakness or some bullshit like that, Danny remembered Brian signing to him once.

But today, Brian was really fucking pissed. Why?

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Pls take a rly careful look at this before u decide to follow

Is that octopus worth it

Is he