idk he's been in other stuff

I dont get why more fans dont headcanon ushiwaka as autistic i mean??

Missing social cues :
-he really thinks hes giving oikawa good advice w/ the ‘you should have…’ bc he thinks thats the environment oikawas talent would grow best in
-doesnt get why oikawa gets so mad when he says that
-doesnt get why people get mad when he’s overly blunt and inconsiderate of others feelings/circumstances when he speaks
-doesnt catch sarcasm, misses jokes

Special interest:
-in canon, volleyball, all he really cares about is whether he can play, if his opponents are any good, improving is the most important thing to him so he sees it as naturally important to everyone around him too
-in fanon, gardening, linking everything back to analogies to express his sentiments, ideas and feelings.

Probably more stuff idk im typing this as it occurs to me bc ive been in the car for 8hrs feel free to add to this but idg why people only meantion kenma when it comes to autistic character headcanons.

AU for 12x11

Sam hasn’t been blackout drunk for a couple of years, not since the night that he got Dean back from demonhood and put away nearly an entire bottle of Jack. That time he woke up face down in his pillows, fully clothed with his dislocated shoulder shooting violent bolts of pain down his spine. This time, he comes to with the sky wheeling white above him, his clothes damp and his knees muddy and twigs and leaves in his hair. He sits up, hauls himself to his feet and staggers forward a dozen yards or so to emerge onto a jogging track, a woman in bright lycra thudding past with headphones in her ears. His legs are bruised and aching and his mind is… fuck, so foggy, a great roiling cloud of nothingness, and he has to stop thinking about that right fucking now if he wants to stay calm. He runs his hands through his hair, dislodging a beetle and a shower of debris, tries to straighten up his clothes. He finds his phone in his pocket, the screen shattered and dead. Great. But the next woman down the track has a guy alongside her, a personal trainer maybe, so Sam steps forward hoping that he won’t intimidate them both away.

“Hey,” he says, hoarse. “Can I – I’m sorry. Can I borrow your phone?” 

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Hiii! Could you please write something where you and H are friends but you like each other and he's alway super cute but also flirty? the rest is up to you, thank you xx

Rating: PG!
Warnings: none really. Just harry being a cheeky bastard
Category: fluff?
Word Count: 4,154 I think the longest a request has been so far!
Request: yes! I’m stock piling these, trying to get them done so I’ll be popping more during the week i think. I’ll try. If not I will after #BIM is over :)

Note: IDK if this is “super cute but also flirty” but there’s some of both mixed in and stuff… I hope you like the way this turned out!

17. Something Small.

You run down the halls of school in search for your best friend, Harry. The envelope in your hands is too important and you clutch it tight to your body. Crashing against bodies and yelling half-assed apologies to people as you rush to get to his locker before first period. Soon you can see him, in all his skinny jean glory.
“ Harry harry harry!” you yell coming close. So close that you almost slam into the open door of his locker, smacking it shut.
“ Whoa whoa, hey there Lighting McQueen.”
“ Oh lord Harry you won’t believe what I go-”
“ G’morning to you too” he says interrupting you and throwing his messenger bag on his shoulder and fully closing his locker. You roll your eyes, this was not a moment to greet and say hello. You were freaking out, quickly you slam the letter on his chest and he scoffs looking at it. Soon his eyes and mouth both open wide. “Have you read it?” he says as he takes it in his hand and scans his eyes over the sleek design or the letter. London University of Arts. You bite your lip and shake your head no.
“ No, I checked the mail before coming today and it was… God it was just sitting there, haunting me… And I ran”
“ Fuck, oh… God I…” His dimples were showing. This was so important.
“ Well open it!”
“ Who? Me?” he asks in shock, green eyes opened to no belief. “N-no way, this is your letter… Yeh have t’open-“
“ I’m shaking, I can’t open it!” You say hopping up and down and shaking your hands. He breathes in and out and nods before tearing the paper open. You rest against the locker behind you covering your eyes. This is the most nerve-wracking moment of your life.

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if youve answered this before im sorry, but im curious !! how did you feel about bloodclan?

cool idea, wish we could have had some more buildup in the first arc

not really a fan of scourge’s backstory, like the fact that he got beat up as a kid made him create a evil empire, idk that felt pretty weak compared to the other stuff in the first arc

If anything i think it would have been more believable if there had been a evil warrior (possibly during bluestar’s prophecy) who had been exiled and it was a huge commotion in the clans, and said cat left and took to the streets to form bloodclan as their revenge for being cast out. Scourge would have been that cat’s successor (still firestar’s brother) 

but like….maybe when young rusty first ventures into the forest there’s eyes watching him, and it’s not any clan cats. or there’s talk of cats going missing near the border, or cats who come back having been in fights and ambushed by groups of “rogues”, but when a patrol goes to chase them off there’s no trace or scent of them. 

Idk i think the erins could have easily wrote bloodclan in as like….a looming, ominous force that no one quite knows the truth of or who they are, and then its revealed in the darkest hour and the whole story just comes together 

my husband’s from Russia.  We’ve been together now 12+ years.  (yeah I’m older than everyone in omgcp fandom okay.)

In all that time never not once:

has he called me by a Russian-style nickname, (e.g., Paroshka), though we make up random dumb names for each other all the time.  (mostly him for me.)  I am told it’s not a thing that would happen - you don’t ~make up~ the ‘nicknames’, you see, they go with names that already exist.  eta: BUT HOWEVER opinions differ on this, some people think it’s Linguistically Wrong but other people (possibly from different language sub-communities? who knows) ACTUALLY DO THE THING.

have I called him by his actual full first name.  (e.g. Alexei in Tater’s case.)  For the first few weeks we knew each other, I called him by an English nickname; after I noticed that his family and Russian-speaking friends were using a TOTALLY DIFFERENT name, I asked him if I should switch to that one and I’ve been using the equivalent of ‘Alyosha’ 100% of the time ever since.  No matter how angry etc. I am.  ‘Alyosha’ may technically be a diminutive, but really… it’s just what any Russian-speaking person who knows Tater would call him.  It doesn’t indicate any particular degree of intimacy or emotion.

(Although it may possibly indicate intimacy/emotion/etc., for either Tater to ask or Kent someone to offer to call him by his Russian name when they’re not a Russian speaker.)

Also as @des-zimbits pointed out, although I don’t know anything about hockey so I can’t confirm/deny this, it’s possible that Russian hockey nicknames are also a thing that exists, so even the fellow Russian speakers that Tater knows (besides his family), might not call him Alyosha, but… something completely different yet again.

i just need to put this idea out into the aether before i forget it while writing other things:

Incubus!Graves. Has always been an Incubus and controlled his urges by getting laid on the regular. Hasn’t killed anyone in a long time (idk maybe because magic folk are made of sterner stuff, can withstand the pull on their life force in the way no majs can’t). 

Anyway, captured, right? Weeks/months without feeding. Thanks Grindelwald, who apparently didn’t cave to fucking Graves (somehow, my god).  When he’s rescued, he’s basically in hibernation for his own health. 



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I have a stupid question actually. Hoe come everybody says that Hanzo is smol?? I myself am his size and I am defenitely not smol. I am actually rather toll. I just really don't understand?? I had this question for some time now and it just eats at me :s Really sorry for such a weird question

Awww this ain’t no stupid question! Idk how it started actually -I arrived to the fandom party pretty late and that kind of stuff had already been established, so i’ve just been smiling and nodding this whole time hahaha. 
I think the height-difference trope is to blame, especially with McHanzo. 
According to wiki Hanzo is 5′8″ & Jesse is 6′1″ which is only a 5″ difference. so he tends to get “honey i shrunk the archer’d” to fit the trope. Yeah i totally get ya, i know people who are or around his height and he is not exactly smol compared to the other smols, but compared to the other overwatch tols he seems to fit in more so with the smol gang. tbh a pocket sized Hanzo is my jam (such a sucker for that trope it’s sad) but canon sized Hanzo is obviously just as perfect.

Whatever floats your goat, ya know? 
*finger guns*

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i love daniel to death and i loved the recent video! i love whenever he posts and i appreciate him so much!! i think the reason that some people (or at least for me) were upset is because i feel like he might've been baiting the video to be something that it wasn't ? if not : then that's fine, but like i know a lot of other youtubers exaggerate to get views and stuff and like i just rly think that he stressed that this vid was a "big deal" but it ended up just being isg (part 1)

and like even tho i love isg im just like,,,, was he baiting for it? idk idk i just felt kinda baited, but it could be that he’s just talking abt a different vid, which is fine !! and he’s allowed to bait and do whatever and that’s also fine! i was just expecting it to meet these expectations that were set and when it didn’t i understood but at the same time i was mildly upset about the fact that i’m not sure if he was just baiting us or not

i’d like to direct your attention to this tweet first of all, it’s a misunderstanding, the long awaited video that the phandom has hyped up is still on the way but quite honestly after tonight i’m not entirely sure if he’ll ever upload it and i wouldn’t blame him….

he’s not been baiting the isg, we just misconstrued what he was saying and hyped it up ourselves, and some people are taking that to the absolute extreme and are taking it out on dan which isn’t fair

dan and phil have never been the kind of youtubers to exaggerate to get views, they’ve always had a constant stream of millions of views and their channels are nowhere near the plunge where they’d need to pull out clickbait and shit, they’re amongst the most steady youtubers out there in terms of views, i’d say

he very may well have started filming the ‘big deal’ video but postponed it to work on isg just so we could get a video since it’d been a while, he might want to take extra time on perfecting the other video to get it to the quality he wants it before he uploads it for millions of people to see

we only have ourselves to blame, we took what he said and blew it up to meet all these huge theories and forgot about what else he said, when he explained that it wouldn’t be the video we saw first

for me personally, i don’t feel as if he baited us at all, i truly do feel as if it’s all just been a big misunderstanding that’s affected a lot of people, dan included (i don’t believe he’s fine but again, that’s just my personal opinion)

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hey, diana... if you don't mind me asking...why aren't you friends with Cole Sprouse anymore? i admire his work but recently I've heard some stuff that makes me question whether if I should like his as a person? idk if you know what I'm talking about... has he ever been rude/racist/narcissistic/... in your presence? Okay also, side note i think you're an incredible model and I look up to you a lot and if I was meant for modeling you would surely be my inspiration 💛

your opinion on someone should never be based off rumors you’ve heard about them. your judgement of others should only be made from your own personal experiences with them

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Hello dear, my bf and I are together for almost half a year now but lately hes been actin so different towards me,we cant see each other often because he has to deal with a lot of school stuff and he always takes so long to reply so i have to doubletext him and i feel so dumb for having to practically beg for the attention of my partner like idk what to do he just seems to kind of forget about me or at least thats how it feels and i dont wanna be there if he doesnt even want me do u have advice?

Aw Hunny:( I know u said you don’t see him often but you do need to go see him or make him come to you and you need to talk and tell him what you told me, you and carry on feeling how you feel! He needs to know so he can hopefully change. No relationship can work things out with out communication 💗

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I need some advice on how to talk to and initiate conversation with a shy guy. I see him every day at school but I never know how to talk to him without making him uncomfortable, so when we do talk it's outside of school and so far has only been in the middle of the night. We both seem to like each other and I want things to progress but idk how to make that happen /:

Ask him questions he has to talk long about and stuff maybe? Or you just step up and make him feel comfortable, takes some people a while to be there selfs around people sometimes x

ok but asexual Jack who has always felt /wrong/ but attributed it to his anxiety and pushed himself to be intimate with people at high school parties and stuff 

and he gets to samwell and he has kind of had a reprieve bc he has been in rehab and coaching for so long but now he is back in that frat environment and he forgot how /broken/ it makes him feel. especially Rans and Holster bc they dont mean to make him uncomfortable but they heard all the rumours from Q and they expect him to be this party boy/womaniser and honestly Jack is so far from that it makes him terribly uncomfortable

and just everyone is so open sexually and really comfortable with their sexuality and he knows that is a good thing but?? it still makes him feel bad?? bc he doesnt benefit from that?? 

idk just asexual Jack struggling with existing in such a hypermasculine, sex-focused environment while also being gay??

(this is lowkey for @hurricanestella btw bc she deserves it)

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I've honestly never thought about Stigma that way, you're opening whole new perspectives to me. I want to know but I don't know how to ask properly, so please tell me more!

Idk just like. Read the lyrics? Some of it seemed like its about coming out and how being gay is well. Stigmatized. Listen our analysis wasn’t that thorough we are not smart someone just went “the whole album could be interpreted to be about being gay and how its stigmatized in society” and we were like oh lol there is a song called stigma.

Idk through the whole song tae seems to be addressing his family and it starts with him saying “I want to tell you something I have been hiding” there are some other stuff through the song but I’m not gonna get into it now.
On the contrary it does seems like he’s actually apologizing for something he did, and since stigma is probably about his own story it could really, be anything? It could be him telling his younger siblings he’s sorry he moved to Seoul when they were young and wasn’t there for them Idk.

U can go through the song and judge for yourself I guess I honestly don’t really have any certain opinion at this point.

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i have a bf and i id as bi and i'm a teen but for a while i've wanted a gf but i'm just not into polyam but then i thought "i want a qp gf" and my eyes opened??? like i think my attraction to girls may have always been like that???? i am sexually attracted and i want to do romantic things like kissing and stuff but i feel like i don't want a wife, i don't want to be together, i just want to be there for each other u know? but idk what to do? how do i find one? what if my bf doesn't want it? idk

I’m glad you’re discovering more about yourself, and you can do relationships however you want! Your boyfriend may be okay with it or he may not; if he’s not, then you will have to make a choice about whether you’re okay to not pursue this and stay with him or not. To pursue it when he wasn’t okay with it would be cheating and not okay. But you should absolutely do it if you want to, just AFTER you break up with him if it turns out to be an incompatibility between you. He may be fine with it, in which case you can pursue it whilst staying with him! I just thought I’d get the cheating is not okay speech out of the way first :P


dennis mess aside, the plot of this episode was just kinda weak?

like they’ve built up Dee’s rage about the gang using and diminishing her and I expected her to blow up at some point but she was just like “ok I have a plan”

and Mac… idk if this makes sense but he was kinda meh about Dennis rejecting him and leaving because this was Rob’s plot acting ( STUFF happens, moving on) and not character acting (focus on emotional reaction), like there was no time for him to be upset i guess

frank’s decent proposal scene wasn’t funny and had no purpose other than showing (along with dennis getting ‘shot’ scene) that the woman with the kid was actually a pretty nice, reasonable person. idk.

other than that i’m kinda :/ about the waitress stuff and uhh probably could have been split into 2 eps

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Hey Max. 😊 You've probably been asked often already but being a new fan, here it is: at what age did you start masturbating and how did it happened the first time? Thx and keep rockin'

I started masterbating pretty young I’d say. Yes he first thing I used to masterbate (other than my hand) was actually a candle stick holder. Idk why but it worked. I was probably seven ish. I saw my first porn in fifth grade😂 then I started using foods and different bottles and stuff 😂😂

i’ve just been watching interviews with the riverdale cast. tbh i was expecting kj to be a bit of a tool but he comes off as such a regular, down-to-earth kiwi boy. i’m from nz and it’s amazing to see kj’s crazy rise to stardom. i feel like i can relate to him almost more than any other celebrity i’ve seen in interviews, probably bc he’s from my culture. (or maybe kj is just super relatable? idk.)

but like, i love how he just excitedly tells interviewers all this stuff he’s learning about acting, like ‘we actually have buckets to spit our food in’ and ‘oh man yea so when we do slo-mo songs we have to mouth the words in double-time.’ he just seems so stoked and in awe of everything all the time. it’s exactly how i would be in that situation. and in general he comes off thoughtful, humble and considerate. i’m usually not patriotic but damn i’m proud he’s from my country.

ignore this

i fucking…. …. ..i’m having issues

because on one hand, there’s danny phantom which has an incredible fanbase but not amazing people behind it (love butch as an animator but jesus christ he’s an ass)

and on the other hand, there’s steven universe which i don’t feel like has the best fanbase in the world but i really do love the people working on it, in so many ways

idk, now that i’ve started actually making cartoons and stories this kinda of appeal stuff has been on my mind a lot