idk he's been in other stuff

au where padme lives and raises her two children thinking that anakin died on mustafar and works behind the scenes in the rebellion

and anakin/vader thinks that he killed padme

and they both think the other is dead and vader hates the shadowy leader of the rebellion and padme hates the emperor’s black-suited attack dog

i just have a lot of ideas about this idk

completely out of text quotes that im fully convinced were said on the starblaster

spoilers maybe??? I guess

I don’t know who said what for half of these and even though some of them are kind of obvious everything is up for interpretation

feel free to add to this!!

- “welcome back, my love!!!! stop fucking dying”
- “cap’npooooort taako hit me with the ladle agaaaaaain”
- “if one of you chucklefucks switch the red ink cartridges into blue pens again I swear to GOSH you won’t make it to the next cycle”
- “hey sorry to wake you up but Barry got ahold of the magic booze and won’t stop singing “margaritaville” and normally I’d be okay with this but he forgot half the words and is replacing it with beep boops so can I sleep in your room tonight”
- “maggie, broski, bubba, if you pronounce lasagna as las-aag-nah one more time, I’m gonna hit you with the fucking ladle agAIN-“
- “sorry I used magic to try and toast a bagel but I got distracted and long story short for the rest of the year we only have half a kitchen”
- “see Merle your plan is good and all but not only is it dumb, it’s also stupid.”
- “are you allergic??? no??? then there’s absolutely no reason we can’t have a dog we have plenty of food and water and I would train him he’d be a good boy I swe
- “i have no idea how to play chess but I’m almost certain you’re doing it wrong”
- “hey stop stealing Magnus’s shit!!!! that’s my thing”
- “lup was shaving half of davenport’s mustache really necessary JUST because he ate the rest of your Fantasy Poptarts?!” (from my other hc post).
- “this toaster is homophobic” 
- “this coffee maker is transphobic”
- “hey Lucretia sorry to bother you but I accidentally let myself be emotionally vulnerable for 10 seconds and Magnus has been trying to get me to talk about things so I’m your book partner now”

- “his name is john? god with a name like that I just wanna punch him even more.”
- “no! dogs! in! space!”

These guys are killing me, I swear.

if you missed ryan potter’s live story tonight about him landing the role of beast boy among other things:

  • his favorite colors are purple, pink, and forest green
  • referred to turtles as his “spirit animal” followed by “turtles are lit”
  • so obviously, he hopes gar shifts into a turtle at some point
  • he thinks it would be super cool if cassandra cain was introduced to the dctv universe
  • he plans to do his own stunts
  • he’s excited for JL and especially gal gadot
  • that’s a woman to wonder at”
  • “if y’all hating on turtles you can get off my live”
  • can’t rate the robins in terms of favorite because he loves them all
  • spent last 22 years of his life playing video games, reading comics, watching anime, & going to cons
  • confirmed himself to be harry potter’s third cousin twice removed
  • favorite character from young justice was aqualad and enjoyed his storyline with his dad
  • while watching the judas contract, says, “okay damian, calm down”
  • when he heard the news of getting the role, he was too tired & jetlagged to react
  • he did facetime his mom and she flipped
  • “we are not gonna talk about death note in this house.”
  • thinks that tom holland killed it as spiderman
  • likes waffles, pancakes, and french toast all equally
  • “is live-streaming the judas contract pirating? this is definitely illegal streaming”
  • would read issues of the walking dead after high school in the store because he was broke
  • to a friend in the comments: “i can’t respond to your meme, im live”
  • been living in his apartment for eight months and hasn’t fully moved in
  • gave a shoutout to finn from stranger things because they have the same agent
  • doesn’t know anything about the show so far other than that he was cast!

ended the live with:

  • i’m finna be beast boy

Idk if anyone has said anything on Tumblr yet, but I seen some posts about this on Twitter, but for the septicart event, don’t steal someone else’s art work just to get noticed by Jack. Jack wants to see what YOU can make. YOUR skills. He started this event for everyone to create stuff, a chance to be creative not steal from others.

I have been worried that people would do this, and it’s already happening. :/ (Though I would say since the first event, there has been an increase of art theft. Especially on Instagram. Also gifs and video edits also has been getting stolen as well)

the fact that lance’s insecurities and homesickness haven’t been addressed lately makes me so worried that they’d have forgotten about bringing them up again and would just keep ditching lance’s development to focus on other stuff but then i remember that jeremy said that there’s gonna be a scene where lance is mentally and physically exhausted and will start thinking about home and family and how much he misses them and idk if it’s the same scene or another one but he will say his famous heartbreaking line “i’m just a boy from cuba” and that lance’s character development is directly related to the main plot and honestly jeremy’s reassurances that everything’s gonna be fine and that we’ll not be disappointed at the end are the only reason i haven’t lost my mind and sanity completely because of how stressful this show is yet

IDK about y’all but I like Matt. He hasn’t said really problematic stuff other than 1st week with the Ramses comment. Other than that he’s been the nicest and didn’t join in on the Dominique hate. He may be boring but at least he’s a decent cereal loving person and furniture.

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Lance: Also can we comment on the name ‘Lotor’ Sounds like something I would name my big toe… or like… a car. Idk. Feel bad for any kid named Lotor. Probably got picked on.

A.N. I’m not dead. Just managing and trying to make good answers. Getting distracted with new Ideas. We’ve all been there. But I am committed to getting this done.  But also some other stuff on the horizon outside this A.U.  should be fun. :0 !!! <–me gasping at all the fun that will be had.

Royalty AU - Prince Kim of Lê Chiến Kingdom

Read the fic here (Kim is the main character so it was about time I drew him! :P)

(Marinette, Adrien, Alya, Nino, Chloé, Sabrina, Juleka, Rose, Nathaniel, Alix) (more classmates coming soon)

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hi, it's theory anon! idk how many asks this will take, pls bear with me. My theory is that I think babygate was supposed to be a Zayn stunt, not Louis. I came at this backwards, reading up on Z leaving & BG happening after the fact, bc I had checked out of fandom during that time. When reading thru what happened, there are pieces that still don't fit. (1) L didn't "need" babygate, he was closeted w/ E & that was his established "brand". In order to make BG fit, they had to throw him (1/?)

right into cheating, partyboy (poolgirl, 0 to 60 on the nights out). Prior to that he was the stay-at-home monogamous boyfriend. But Z’s brand was the cheater, partier, the one w/ the problems & the randoms. Ppl think Z’s leaving was a stunt, but there is real anger on Harry’s part. If L got BG after Z left, I think that explains it bc I don’t his reactions are all fake. BG events used to coincide all the time with Z’s solo happenings. Like clockwork. Like they did in Jan w/ L’s for his solo effort… It wld have been great promo for Perrie, scorned fiancé. They tried to spin some cheating stuff after Zerrie split, but it didn’t stick, & I think it was supposed to. That weird time when L & Z just took off, right around when the J’s came into the picture. I can’t think of anymore rn, but there was other stuff, too. IDK if Z’s leaving was a stunt or not (I haven’t read on this enough, I’m sorry), but I think BG was going to be their promo push for him regardless, & I think he walked away from it, which is why he also had no other promo in place. - That’s all I have rn, haha, sorry to flood your inbox! I keep finding stuff that adds to this theory, though, and I’m wondering if it’s been brought up before? I haven’t read as much into the Zayn-leaving stuff, but I’m trying to catch up! Thanks for listening, hope this theory is as wild as you might have wanted! 

You know what…this isn’t that crazy when you think about it. Look at Zayn’s previous stunt girls:

Now look at who Louis’s stunt girls:

Now who does this girl look like 1DHQ would assign her to? 

Similar to how they branded each boy…

I’m sure their thorough moulding of each character included what their “type” was, given that there is a clear pattern. Zayn has gone on to date another high profile blonde, and Louis just recycled a past brunette beard. 

In terms of Zayn leaving being a stunt…this has been discussed at length, particularly by @mellygrant and here is a great post about it: (x

This is slightly controversial, but I personally think that the animosity that people perceive to be coming from Harry is a bit too over the top. Like Harry is doing an impersonation of someone who should be angry…which I also discussed here: (x

Honestly, whoTF knows what’s going on? I don’t. My life since March of 2015 can honestly be summed up by this:

You could probably send me a conspiracy that Niall isn’t actually Irish and that would be infinitely more plausible than what’s happened over the past TWO FUCKIN YEARS. I seriously can’t believe how long it’s been. And now they’re actually bringing it back around full circle to what’s her face because approximately no one has believed any of Louis’ stunts since then. 

I don’t think it’s all all coincidental that she’s back, and it points to the fact that Zayn and Louis’ stunts are always conveniently at the same time or linked to each other. Zayn drops a music video, Louis drops a BG bomb, like it’s gone back and forth between Zayn’s promo and Louis’ stunts for over a year. Now they’re not even trying to hide the connection…

(Sidebar: who’s gonna tell her about the bandana code? Noses, not it.)

As soon as I saw this I was like 

RIP to the two years of peace I had with out having to see her desperately using Louis for any kind of promo whilst slagging him off all the time. Her “fashion blog” must have done some serious tanking if she’s roping herself back into this mess for publicity. The story they’ve built around that breakup hardly made her look good for rushing back to his side the minute his last “breakup” hit the papers, but I guess karma is a bitch that way.  

The fact that around the time her promo for Tommy Hilfiger came out Louis followed them and Champion on Twitter…

And then they both start showing up in Vetements (a high fashion heaux version of Champion)

…makes it very clear, to me at least, that this is part of dat Industry Lyf™ in which Louis is being paid to be a walking billboard, as he has been for awhile…I’ve never been under the illusion that stars just love one brand THAT much. At least I hope he’s being paid or else this Tweedle Dumb and Dumber getup is just embarrassing. I mean how many ways can he make his “dates” seem like an outing with a sibling? 

Your theory, whilst wild, actually makes a lot of sense. So thank you for sending it to me! xx

The Blade of Marmora may already know about Project Kuron. When Ulaz rescued Shiro, just what were they going to do next? Even Shiro asks,

So what exactly is so special about Shiro that Haggar wanted him to be their ‘greatest weapon?’ And why did Ulaz make sure to stop it and save Shiro?

This is gonna get kinda long, so under the cut it goes:

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presuppositions that improve hamlet:

a. hamlet and horatio are having a badly-hidden affair from the start. they’re trying to keep it secret and act like they’re Just Guys Being Dudes

  • they’re terrible at it. every time they make eye contact they forget the ends of their sentences and get distracted 
  • (this canonically happens in the text -  ‘give me that man / that is not passion’s slave, and i will wear him / in my heart’s core, ay, in my heart of heart, / as i do thee. — something too much of this.’ you can’t tell me they didn’t get distracted by making out and have to reluctantly drag themselves back on track during this sentence) 
  • play opens with a montage of them making out in corners of the castle corridors and having to jump apart any time people walk by 
  • this also explains why horatio’s apparently been in denmark since the funeral but he and hamlet are talking like they haven’t seen each other in forever when the play opens

b. ophelia is also really gay and she and hamlet are pretending to date in order to get their various relatives off their backs.

  • hamlet and ophelia lying on the floor taking turns to drink soda out of the same bottle, writing the world’s fakest love letters to each other and laughing so hard they’re crying 
  • ‘nonono wait ive got it, “doubt truth to be a liar but never doubt i love”’ (wheezing) ‘WHAT’ ‘idk?? straight people like that stuff?? do they?’ ‘you’re asking me??? your guess is as good as mine dude’ 
  • ‘IM PUTTING THE WORD ‘BOSOMS’ IN IT’ ‘NOOOOO’ ‘IM DOING IT’ ‘my father’s going to have to read this you’re the WORST’

c. ophelia knows that hamlet is pretending to be mad - she doesn’t know why, but he asks her to help him out. this means that all of their confrontations are as melodramatic and extra as possible, interspersed with moments of frantic conspiratory eye contact.

  • ophelia, pulling out all the stops, ‘FATHER i have been SO AFFRIGHTED hamlet came with his DOUBLET UNBRACED and HELD ME AT ARMS LENGTH and STARED AT ME….. all this after i stopped encouraging his love…. what can it MEAN!!’ ‘mad for thy love?’ ‘….idk i can’t say for sure but yes definitely that’s what it is and you should probably go tell claudius that now’
  • the ‘get thee to a nunnery’ scene becomes way more enjoyable if ophelia’s in on the plan and is helping to convince claudius that hamlet’s mad
  • basically ophelia deserves more time being happy in this play
  • and if she gets this, then things get REAL SAD REAL QUICK later, because then hamlet kills polonius, and she starts to wonder if she really knew him - was she right to trust him? had he been using her? had he really been mad; should she have noticed; could she have stopped him? she HELPED him, what if she made things worse by playing along? and now everything’s gone to shit and her father is dead and she’s desperate and alone
hidden relationship with idol!mark (requested)

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request: hidden relationship with idol!mark plsss ♥

a/n: here you go anon!! thank you so much for requesting! i hope you like it!!!! im personally not satisfied with the ending but idk :( pls read my other stuff:

 hidden relationship w idol!jaehyun 

having a crush on mark

genre: fluff

  • you and mark have been dating for about a month and a half????
  • so like you got close bc you were classmates at sopa and you always liked him but you never thought he liked you back bc he was mark!!! lee!!!!! and he was close w everybody so u didn’t think much of it
  • and one day in class when he actually came to class after 4 days bc of promotions he’s like “y/n do you have a minute” and ur like ??? yeah ofc
  • and while nobody’s looking he hands u a lil envelope and tells you to open it when u get home
  • so ur confused but ur like ok thanks dude
  • so u get home and drop ur things and open it right away
  • and its a LONG ASS NOTE but to cut it short he pretty much said that he always liked you and its okay if you don’t feel the same and he wanted to tell you in person but he was too shy but didnt wanna do it by text either so he wrote you a letter
  • and your heart is going HFFHJDHDJHJHGJHGJH
  • then you calm down and u shoot him a text like “hey i read your letter :)”
  • and he replies SO FAST he’s like “oh u did”
  • and ur like “yeah i like u a lot too :)”
  • and marks like “THATS A RELIEF’
  • then he asks if u wanna hang out tomorrow at this lil convenience store nobody goes to
  • But ur like “aw i have work” then ding ding ding u remember your moms cafe is always empty so u invite him over
  • and hes like oh thats a great idea!!!!!! and yeah ur first date is basically during your 1 hour break and its cute even tho you’re still wearing your work clothes
  • and thats how mark became a regular at the cafe
  • so as your relationship grows you both agree to tell the company and the members after promotions and after they’re busy making music
  • so yes one day you and mark plan on having a lil date at the cafe
  • and marks about to leave the dorm when donghyucks like “yo mark can i come with u”
  • and marks like “NO” and donghyucks like ?????
  • mark goes “i mean i’ll be back right away anyway you don’t have to come”
  • and donghyucks like “i just gotta buy something real quick let me just put on my shoes”
  • and while donghyucks putting his shoes on mark leaves as fast as he can
  • donghyuck comes out and he’s suspicious now so he’s like “yuta hyung doyoung hyung i think marks onto something”
  • so they try to follow him but they lose him n now they’re tired and decide to sit down inside a cafe ,,, you know exactly what cafe i’m talking about
  • but you and mark are sitting on the opposite side where the boys can’t possibly see you unless they stand up
  • and you’re just talking to mark n stuff
  • and you’re like “hey how are your members”
  • and he’s like “they’re good,,, donghyuck almost followed me here”
  • you’re like “oh god that wouldve been bad” and he’s like “yeah good thing i left him”
  • n ur like ,,, falling asleep on his shoulder and he’s like “you seem tired ,,, you still have 40 minutes left so you should probably take a nap”
  • and you’re like “noooo we barely see each other” but he’s like “no really take a nap, i’ll wake you up 10 minutes before your break ends”
  • so u fall asleep on his shoulder like wtf thats so cute
  • then your co-worker approaches the 3 boys and goes “excuse me but you have to order if you wanna sit here”
  • and doyoungs like oh yeah shit hold on
  • so the older boys send donghyuck to the cashier and he keeps protesting but thats what you get when you’re the maknae
  • and after he gives his order he just casually looks around ,, and there he sees mark ,,,, scrolling through his phone with a girl sleeping on his shoulder
  • his eyes widen and he’s like “pssst doyoung hyung yuta hyung” and they’re like “WHAT DO U WANT WE ALREADY GAVE U OUR ORDER”
  • and he’s like “ITS NOT THAT SHUT UP AND COME HERE”
  • and they’re annoyed but they follow anyway and donghyuck points at you and mark and they’re all SHOOK
  • they all walk to where you guys are seated and mark looks up when he hears the footsteps
  • mark’s like “oh crap” and doyoungs like “so who’s this” while looking at your sleeping figure
  • and mark shushes them and goes “this is y/n”
  • and yuta’s like “y/n?????”
  • donghyucks whisper yelling like “IS THIS YOUR GIRLFRIEND” and mark slowly nods and he’s actually being calm about this but ya
  • apparently donghyucks whisper yelling is pretty damn loud and it woke you up
  • you open your eyes to see 3 other members of nct staring at you and you’re like “aw crap”
  • doyoung asks you if you’re marks gf
  • and theres really no point in denying so ur like “yeah”
  • donghyucks whining like a baby to mark he’s like “IM YOUR BEST FRIEND WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME”
  • so the boys calm down eventually and now theyre getting to know you and stuff and it seems like they really like you as a person and as marks gf
  • then suddenly doyoungs strict mom mode is on and he’s like “i’m giving you three days to tell the company or i will”
  • and marks like HYUNG WHAT THE HELL and you’re getting really scared of doyoung
  • but dy’s like “bc i really like her and im 100% sure the company won’t split you guys apart. i just want you two to go on real dates without having to hide”’
  • and you’re like pinching marks arm bc YOU CAN’T BELIEVE DOYOUNG IS THIS SUPPORTIVE because mark always talks about how he nags on everyone 
  • so yeah the next day you and mark go to sm and tell them about your relationship and true to doyoungs words they didnt split you up, but you won’t go public yet either, which is fine with you
  • then he takes you to the dorm to meet the members and they’re all so nice to you and donghyucks still a lil bitter but jokes around about you stealing his man
  • taeyong jokingly says he’ll keep an eye on you and that mark is his son
  • marks like ,,, super embarrassed by how his members are acting but you honestly think its cute
  • the two of you are just so happy that the members like you and you don’t have to secretly go on dates in the cafe
  • the end

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Hey i hope you see this!!! Can you write a scenario for Bakugou/Todoroki (separately if you can) where their s/o has a quirk that can calm others with their touch and idk maybe controls nightmares/thoughts so they go to her for comfort and stuff ( THIS IS REALLY SPECIFIC I KNOW SORRY BUT I LOVE YOUR WORK SO YEAH ) - \(>~<)/

Alright, so since you requested two scenarios, They will have to be shorter than usual, because It’ll be hard for me to write two long ones. I hope you enjoy them!

“Dammit Deku!!”

You could hear your boyfriend yelling as he approached your apartment. He barged in and you sighed, closing the book you were just reading. Him barging in would have been a problem if your parents were home, but they were out of town for a week or so. You could take care of yourself just fine though.

“What’s wrong oh Baku Dearest?” you smirked.

“Stupid Deku! Stupid-”

“Come here,” You cut him off.

You set your book down as he approached you on the couch. He sat next to you, still mad, and you hugged him. He had instantly calmed down, do to your quirk. 

He opened his mouth to speak but you shushed him.

“Don’t talk about it right now, you’re still mad and you need to calm down. You can tell me all about it later,” you said.

He nodded and wrapped his arms around you. He burrowed his face in your hair. You didn’t hear him but he had mumbled something.

“How did I get so lucky?” his muffled voice had said.

You woke up to your boyfriend gasping for air.

You turned over to him. You had to sleep on different beds because your parents were kind of strict about boys. They weren’t home but you weren’t sure when they would be, so you had to take precautions. You had switched beds with your younger siblings. They had a bunk bed. You were on the top bunk, he was on the bottom. You could hear your boyfriend’s distressed breathing. You climbed down the ladder and managed to climb into bed next to him, without him realizing. He only realized when you spoke.

“Do you want to talk about it?” you asked.

When he shook his head no, you hugged him. His breathing became calmer as he held you closer.

“But what about your parents?” he asked, knowing they were strict.

You giggled. It’s fine, your well being is more important. You said. So, you two went back to sleep, in the same bunk. Your parents didn’t mind because you explained it to them.

Todoroki wishes he could sleep next to you more often, after all, your presence does calm him down, not just your quirk.

FMA Live Action Movie: Full Summary/Review

Alright, now that I’m home, I’ll try to give a detailed report on the FMA live action movie. All of this information comes from the premiere screening at Anime NYC. The movie has not been released in Japan yet, and there is no information about a publicly available U.S. release yet either. Also keep in mind that I have a bad memory and also wasn’t able to pay 100% attention during the movie because I was extremely uncomfortable the whole time due to the positions I had to sit on in order to see the screen as someone who’s Ed’s height, so there might be things I missed or remembered wrong, and a lot of this is fairly subjective. Anyone else who saw the movie is welcome to share additional comments!


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Blind Date

Member: Zhong Chenle x reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count:1,300

Sorry for not posting this sooner, but I hope you like it~ Thank you for requesting <3

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“Y/N I’m finally back~” Chenle lazily said, letting his bag slide down his arm, and stretching his arms out for you so come over and hug him. You smiled and hugged him tightly;you were waiting for him to come back from school in the practice room him and the other boys practiced in. You were the only one there because everyone left to go to the store and buy snacks.

“Anyway, how was sch-” You started, but  you heard someone opening the door. Quickly, you pushed Chenle away from you, making him fell to the ground.

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like i’m always joking around w/ the cook manager bc he’s just.. like that, w/ everyone, and is like the equivalent of a Dad there to everyone it feels like also he genuinely does remind me of santa claus but that’s neither here nor there and he refuses to ever dress up as him for christmas (as i’ve been told by several coworkers) but anyway a few days ago when i took my break he was in the breakroom and we started talking abt time off/scheduling stuff/family events etc and i brought up like.. a vague watered down condensed version of m’history bc, idk, and he apologized for it but didn’t make the conversation awkward.. then the other day we were talking abt how it’s not possible or healthy to be positive all the damn time and that sometimes you just have to fake it and also not bring that stuff into work w/ you bc everyone is going thru something and i jokingly was like “you’re hinting @ me, huh” bc i HAVE… cried. at work. several times over the course of 6 months lmao and he just completely drops all humor and goes totally serious and is like “absolutely not and w/ everything you’ve went thru i’d say you’re way more emotionally stable and stronger than most ppl”.. buddy you can’t just. say things. like that. to me

So everyone’s calling Reiner a snake for supposedly acting heartbroken back in Connie’s village but I honestly think it’s genuine.

It’s been said in the manga that he and Bertl honestly thought of the 104th as their comrades and friends as they fought together. Reiner didn’t know that the beast titan would destroy an entire village like that, didn’t know more people were gonna lose their families.

I’m convinced Reiner’s heart genuinely ached for Connie, if for no other reason than seeing his comrade mourn his loved ones. Something tells me Reiner can relate