idk he looks so kind to me

Stranger Things Season 2 trailer shot by shot run down

I do not claim or own any of these screenshots all rights to Netflix

aw look at my children doing normal children things can’t wait to see how long that’s going to last 

so, the way that Dungeons and Dragons was sort of the running analogy last season, my guess is that this game is going to be the overlying symbolism for this season.

my boys all back together and happy again can’t wait to see how long that’ll last :’)

so if this is the analogy I’m guessing the “sword” is going to be the key to slaying the monster

again, the dragon probably = the monster

and if so, the fact that Dustin seemingly LOST this game sort of worries me…

case in point

this trailer took approximately 15 seconds to get me to say “oh no”

AS I WAS SAYING (okay so obviously from what we left off on last season and the trailers/ teaser we’ve gotten. we now know this season is going to deal with the aftermath of the Upside Down for Will as well as the entire community as rifts have been opened to other worlds)

so i’m assuming Will’s main arc this season is going to be his struggle with being split between two worlds, and though I understand why they did it I wish we could see more of Will apart from that but oh well)

me too buddy, me too.

and thus, we have our big bad for the season *rubs hands together*

mike he is obviously not okay but thanks for being concerned

correct me if i’m wrong but is that Jonathan’s car? why is he leaving?

sooooo why isn’t Will at school?

stancy break up/ tension possibly? nothing good ever really comes from their meeting in this ally

aw…is this why he wasn’t in school? Joyce obviously knows something is up. (side note: is that Hopper behind them?)

oh come on-

these SOBs again?

so i guess maybe the Upside Down;s bleeding over to our world effect crops too???????

Hopper and Joyce as parents yes please (also Will is not okay)

“I felt it everywhere” wtf is that supposed to mean that’s terrifying

please just let the Byers family live someone give them a break

why do they look so suspect? who are they looking at?

honestly I’m loving the Halloween time theme I can’t wait for the aesthetics they’re going to be implementing

my connection/ insider I have previously hinted to me about a Steve/ kids dynamic that was going to be happening this season, but I’m actually very interested to see where this goes and the relationships that’ll come out of it

again with the aesthetics !!! yes !!! please!!! and !!! thank !!! you !!!

when the scientists are worried, it’s really time to get worried

uuuhhhhh yikes? blood is never a good sign?


ah yes all is probably not well at the Wheeler household 

of course my dork sons all go trick or treating in matching Ghost Busters costumes I love them

it looks like he’s tracking something. buuuuut what?


oooohhhhhh these boys look like they’re crushing on the new giiirrrllll 👀 (mainly Lucas and Dustin? maybe Will I can’t tell) (except for Mike because they really are doing everything they can to bury me in Mileven feels)

I can literally feel her angst radiating off the screen and I have a feeling I’m going to stan her unless the writers use her as a devise to cause tension or rivalry among the boys in which case someone is going to die

“Sometimes I feel like I can still see her” WHY DO THE WRITERS FEEL THE NEED TO HURT ME LIKE THIS GAH I MISS MILEVEN HE EVEN KEPT HER BLANKET FORT UP  (because also it’s important to note that this is the same shirt from the screenshot of them watching the girl walk in. so if Mike goes home and realizes he still misses I’m going to choke)

can’t wait for this to most likely just be a cat jump scare

they’re building something don’t ask me what

if I had to guess I would say some sort of device that picks up on signals from the Upside Down maybe? like some sort of crystal radio?

but why does Mike kind of look like hes going to smash it with the speaker?

new girl seems to be working with them/ part of the group now. but the box opened? idk this part is confusing

-EDIT/ UPDATE THANKS TO @disneyprincesskatherine apparently this is a reference to Ghostbusters! the box is similar to a device they use in the movies to catch ghost (i’m uncultured I’m so sorry). she also speculates this is the capture of the sort of “pet” Dustin gets that Gaten talked about (could also be why there is blood on Dustin’s chair)

okay but where is #4? they’re still in their Halloween costumes so we can assume it’s either the day of or the morning after, though on what looked to be Halloween night in one of the previous screencaps, all 4 were present soooo

more evidence of the world meshing

YOU BEST BELIEVE I SCREAMED OUT LOUD I MISSED THEM (they both looks so good I‘m loving the haircuts) (and is this them breaking into the lab?)

even though this is a gross slimy portal to another dimension, i’m still digging the aesthetics

Will is not okay part 87450507

this is either a drawing of a map of the Upside Down or all connecting tree roots. either way wtf Will?

This time on: OTPs With Unreal Height Differences 

it kind of looks like the same “tree roots” on the ground as there were at the gas station shot so yeah, I think Will was drawing a giant root system

🎶 you’re my daaad, you’re my dad, boogie woogie woogie 🎶

DREAM TEAM (Mike, Nancy, Jonathan, Joyce) (also can we laugh at the fact that Mike is armed with a candle holder while he stands next to his sister literally holding a shot gun)

Hop digging my grave for when I finish the season

*cues classic 80′s teen movie party montage*

my girl wildin out (and Steve’s there too I guess)

TELL ME WHO HURT YOU (this is a different outfit from the party though, so it’s not the same scene)

a new weapon? perhaps the “sword”?



everyone in this trailer looks as shook as I feel watching it

Will Is Not Okay: The Saga Continues

same shirt so most likely what he’s experiencing on the other side. I’m almost certain he’s going to play a big role in Eleven being able to come back to the other side

Journey To The Center of the Earth (2008)

well well well, Samwise Gamgee, what’s poppin’

why does Steve have Jonathan’s bat?

as far as I can tell this treck into the Upside Down consists of Mike, Dustin, Joyce, and I can’t tell who the others are 

“ABORT ABORT!!!” (this is a different scene from the one above so I wonder what this is in reference to)

another shot of Will being scared out of his mind, this kid doesn’t ever get a break (though the background looks almost like the lab as opposed to the upside down. I could be wrong)

…well that’s concerning (kind of looks like that giant monster is chasing him)

“If you’re out there, please just give me a sign”

so this looks to be back in the Upside Down equivalent to the classroom where Eleven defeated the Demegorgan. and based on the look on her face and the previous shot above, it seems she JUST woke up




I’m so freaking happy for her return to Mike us

Lord almighty this season looks amazing.

What was that? Did you want me to post one of the forever-inconsistent portraits of my hot babes? Alright sure, why not.

Edit: I actually kind of want to see people color this. If you’re up for it, go ahead!!

In some kind of AU… 🍃

“I feel like I am in a different universe when I am with you. Everything feels new.”

JuminMC Week Day 2: Realization

Request for…a lot of people lol


Meeting the Angara

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I’m 17 and the guy I like 26. I really like him like I fall way to hard for guys. But I think he likes me too like he gets nervous around me and I always see the way he looks at me. The big problem is he’s my teacher.... idk what to do. My friends are telling me to go for it but my minds telling me to move on. What should I do? How do I move on or how should I go for it?

Readers won’t stop sending the Bad Advisor their real-ass questions to answer, so the Bad Advisor is periodically going to try her hand at answering them.

Good news: It’s totally normal to have a crush on your teacher!

Bad news: It’s totally creepy for a teen crush to be reciprocated by an adult. 

No healthy, kind and trustworthy 26-year-old person considers a 17-year-old person a viable romantic or sexual partner. That goes INFINTUPLLEEEEEEEEE for a 26-year-old person who is a teacher. This man is not a safe person for you to be in a romantic relationship with – especially if he is interested in you, because if he is interested in you, he is not a cool guy and in actuality is a skeevebag with boundary problems who does not have your best interests in mind.

Move on! If you’re into unattainable crushes, avail yourself of the fine aesthetic offerings of hot famous people, instead! Cry to sad music! Dance to happy music! Watch ridiculous romantic comedies and read a ton of goofy, sexy fan fiction and feminist romance novels! Discover what you really want in a partner who can fully appreciate and honor you! Boot this guy from your crush-orbit and go on some dates with folks your own age. You’re young and fabulous. Be with other young, fabulous people. <3

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hello sweets!! I was wondering if you've done apartment!au for bts??? It's a bit much so can you just do maknae line for now?? Pretty please with a 🍒 on top,?☺️ thank u~


  • sweet boy with a sweet smile and a sweet personality and wow did i mention the word sweet???
  • he’s a little clueless to his popularity in the neighborhood like sometimes he’ll find notes stuck to his apartment door from some of the highschoolers that live in the building and they’re like love confessions like “jimin,,,,,,i like you so much!! let’s walk down the flower road together xoxo ~ secret admirer from the 9th floor”
  • and jimin is like “my neighbors are so nice to me, look at this note namjoon” and namjoon is like “,,,,,,,,,i don’t think this is ‘nice neighbors’ i think this person has a crush on you” and jimin is like oN me??? why would they have a crush on me 0000:
  • everyone in a 10 mile radius: because you’re the cutest boy in the world what kind of question is that
  • and jimin loves bright colors,,,,i think he’d have lots of yellow in his house,,,,,,like yellow curtains in his kitchen and yellow slippers,,,,,idk why he just seems like he’d want to have a really lively aesthetic going on
  • and he’d be neat ,,,, and would love having people over like he’d meet someone and in a day be like “you should come over sometime ^^” like he’s just a nice open person,,,,,,,it’s so refreshing
  • but he’s also a little shy around those he likes romantically which is why jimin always gets stuttery around you when you see him in the mornings and you’re like “hi!!!” and he’s like “h,,,hello,,,” and you always think he must be scared of you or something because he isn’t as upbeat and as talkative with you as he is with the other neighbors
  • and that makes you a bit upset,,,,,so you decide that you’re gonna prove that you’re a good neighbor by baking him a cake,,,,,,,,,the only problem is: you cannot bake
  • and when you’re done, and you’re sure you followed the recipe correctly, you can’t help but look at the cake as it’s slowly falling apart and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,this isn’t going to work,,,he’s going to think i hate him or something wlrgjsa
  • so you go out and you buy a cake instead and you knock on his door and when jimin opens it he’s like ,,,,,very surprised to see you and you’re like
  • “i know we don’t talk much,,,,and that’s rude of me neighbors should get to know each other so i made this,,,,,,,as a welcoming gift???”
  • and jimin is like “ive,,,ive lived here for over a year” and you’re like i k NOW,,,,,,i just,,,,,,,here 
  • and jimin takes it, his face gone completely red and he’s like thank,,,,,,thank,,,,,tha-thank you
  • and you’re like are you ok??? you’re redder than a lobster
  • and jimin is like iM FINE,,,,,,,,,,do,,,,,,do you wanna,,,,,,,,,,eat this with me,,,,,,
  • and you two end up sitting awkwardly at jimin’s dining table and jimin hands you a slice of cake with shakey hands and you’re like,,,,,,he seems so scared of me what do i do
  • and suddenly you’re like “im,,,,,,,im not mean” and jimin is like ????? and you’re like “i always think that you dislike me,,,,,but really im nice!! i think,,,,,,did i do something to scare you???” and jimin is like “nO,,,,,,nO,,,,,,it’s not that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and he looks down and tries to distract himself with eating cake but then he’s like “wait- is this,,,,,,,,,,,is this from,,,,,,the store down the block?” and you’re FRICK im caught and you’re like sorry i tried to bake one but,,,,,it came out bad so i bought one
  • and jimin is like you did all of this for me??? and you’re like YEAH i don’t want us to be neighbors that are cold with each other,,,,,,
  • and jimin kind of smiles sadly and he’s like “just neighbors,,,,right”
  • and you’re like wait,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,do you,,,,,,,,do you want something more
  • and you’re looking at him,,,,,,realizing slowly that the redness in his face isn’t because he’s sick,,,,,,,,but omg park jimin has a c r u s h on you


  • the neighbor who you see at really odd hours of the night,,,,,like,,,,,,why is only getting home at 4 am???? is he ordering pizza at 8am???? what is his schedule 
  • would own like 40 dogs but the building has a no pets policy and it’s killing taehyung,,,,,,,,,he literally has to go over to his friends houses who have pets to get his daily dose of cuddling puppies otherwise he’ll get depressed 
  • the neighbors who have had a chance to speak with him all think he’s very,,,,,,,laidback and more than likely you’ll see him hanging around in the parking lot of the building skateboarding around or playing with strays that he feeds
  • and his own apartment is full of second-hand furniture he got from his parents and friends and he has posters up of like classic horror movies that are like peeling off the wall
  • and he used to play music outloud,,,but people would complain so he switched to just playing it through his headphones and pretending to like air guitar on his sofa 
  • and speaking of which,,,,,,he actually doesn’t have a bed because he was like what’s the point i can sleep on my couch or on my beanbag or on the floor,,,,,,,,taehyung literally doesn’t care is what im trying to say
  • his bedroom is just bookshelves (which are falling apart) full off old toys and cds and skateboards pilled up and baseball caps 
  • but it somehow manages not to be messy,,,,just kind of like very down-to-earth like him
  • and you know taehyung likes animals you’ve seen him wear shirts with dog faces like one five different occasions also he once rescued a kitten that was getting picked on by younger kids
  • and so when the landlord says she’ll be coming around to chat with you in your apartment about your new air conditioner you’re like “i need to hide my baby,,,,my angel,,,,,,,,my cat,,,,,,Mr. Tubs”
  • and you knock on taehyungs door hoping he’ll answer and to your relief he does,,,,,,,and you’re pretty sure there’s a noddle stuck to his cheek but you’re like “hey hey i know we don’t talk much but the landlord is coming up in five minutes and i need you to hide Mr. Tubs for me”
  • and taehyung is like whose Mr. Tubs and you like hand him the duffel bag and your cats head peeks out and you’re like “qUICK go inside ill be back in half an hour to get him”
  • and taehyung is standing there with your cat in a bag as he watches you run off
  • and he looks down and he’s like “hey Mr. Tubs” and your cat is like,,,meow who are you jokes jokes
  • but yes after you talk with the landlord you’re back to see taehyung and when you knock on the door you realize it’s open and when you step inside you see taehyung sitting on the floor of his living room, Mr. Tubs peacefully napping in his lap and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,my cat likes him better than he likes me is taehyung Magical
  • and you’re like “heY hope Mr. Tubs wasn’t too much!!!!” and taehyung is like “your cat is awesome” and you’re like thank,,,,,you
  • and taehyung is like “do you think you can let him stay here,,,,,while he naps,,,,,,he’s just so nice” and you’re like ok they really did bond in this half hour
  • and you’re like “sure,,,,,,,,,,um,,,,,ill,,,,,go?” and taehyung’s like “no, you can stay if you want we can play like monopoly or something”
  • and you pull out the old board game from under a pile of what looks like notebooks and stuff and you open it and like half the pieces are missing but it’s whatever you and taehyung have a good time anyway
  • and he makes you laugh??? and like he’s so comfortable to be around because he’s so easy going
  • and you’re like ‘you skate right??’ and he’s like not well but you’re like pfft please id love to learn and taehyung’s like “yo ill teach you”
  • and you kind of blush a bit because he smiles so wide and he’s actually really handsome??? and before you know it two hours has gone by and Mr. Tubs wakes up only to walk from taehyungs lap and plop down into yours
  • and you’re like “ill take this rascal back home now,,,,so he can sleep in his bed and not on my neighbors” and taehyung laughs but he’s like bring him over again anytime and hey,,,,,,,tomorrow at 7 are you free?
  • and you’re like pm??? and taehyung is like no am and you’re like what who wakes up that early tomorrow is sunday and taehyung is like “well it’s a good time for me to teach you how to skate ^^”
  • and gdi you’re actually agreeing to get up early on a weekday because hey,,,,,,,,,,he is really cute,,,,,,,,,,


  • don’t even try to argue with me on this: jungkook collects actions figures and anime figures and those little nintendo figures,,,,,,,,,you know what i mean
  • has them like displayed on a shelf above his computer and gets really excited about packages because you guessed it: it’s a new figure
  • like he doesn’t have a bunch, he just gets the ones that are like of his favorite characters and also,,,,,,,,he seems like the type to own the soundtracks from his favorite games
  • and other than that,,,,,,like nothing matters to him
  • like he’s got his computer for gaming, and his bed for sleeping what else is there to life
  • uses his living room as a closet really like the armchair has clothes piled up on it and comic books 
  • he eats at a low table that he forgets to clean so when jin comes over he’s like “jungkook. look at this. look at these crumbs”
  • jungkook: “listen,,,,,,,mom” 
  • jin: “what did you say?”
  • jungkook: “nothing i said i was gonna go get napkins to clean off the crumbs,,,,,,,”
  • and the neighbors all think he’s cute and some1 once asked him if he was still in high school and jungkook was like,,,,,no,,,,,,,,,i graduated and the person was like oh my i thought you were 16
  • and jungkook wasn’t sure if he should be flattered or,,,,,,,
  • but also he kind of keeps to himself so he doesn’t have a lot of close friends in his building and you and him don’t really speak but one day,,,,you end up with a strange package at your door
  • and at first you think it’s that rice cooker you bought but when you open it you pull out this figure and you’re like wtf is a sasuke uchiha
  • and then you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,wait this isn’t mine
  • and you see jungkooks name on the box and you’re like SHIT I OPENED MY NEIGHBORS MAIL THAT’S A CRIME
  • so you quickly try to put some tape on it and make it look untouched but it’s so obvious you ripped it open but you’re like maybe,,,,,,maybe he won’t be mad he seems like a nice dude
  • so you take the package and you ring his doorbell and jungkooks like ??? and you’re like “this is,,,,,,,,yours,,,,,,,,i accidentally opened it but,,,,,,,,,,,,,i swear i didn’t break anything!!!!! sasuke is alright!!!”
  • and jungkook is like “god bless sasuke is alright” and you’re like “he looks cool is he from a game?”
  • and wow you know when you ask people who are super passionate about something and their eyes light up WELL
  • and before you know it you’re standing there listening to the subplot of naruto and sasuke’s rivalry and you’re like,,,,,,what is happening but 
  • jungkook looks so adorable listing off his favorite episodes that you’re like you know what whatever let’s talk about this
  • and jungkook asks you if you’re into any games/movies/shows and you’re like YEAH i have a few favorites
  • and you two are totally bonding in the hallway over geeky stuff but then you’re also like
  • “you’ve been holding that box up for like the last 45 minutes doesn’t your hand hurt??”
  • and jungkook is like “nah, i work out look!”
  • and he rolls up his sleeve innocently to show you his muscles and you’re like WOAH WHAT
  • and jungkook is like teehee my hyungs call me the ‘hulk’ isn’t that cute?? and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,,ok he’s adorable but he’s also strong but he’s also funny but he’s also swole,,,,,,,,huh,,,,,,perfect dare i say,,,,,,,,,bf material
  • first date: binge-watching your favorite shows while getting to know each other better by playing 20 questions LOL 

idk what  happened….it started out as me wondering what the boys would be in terms of eldarya fairies, but then it kind of devolved into me drawing them with fun ears…. :’)

(castiel is a werewolf, the twins are cupids or nymphs or smthn, lysanDEER, nat is cat, and kentin is…a goat? Idk he pissed me off this latest episode so he gets to be a goat)

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What’s your favorite physical and personality trait of dnp?

Oh, I love questions like this! There’s definitely going to be more than one though, so… oops!


Dan: His literally all have to do with his face. Hair, teeth, eyes, and nose. I mean, I cared nothing about his hair when he straightened it, but now that it’s curly… damn. He has really nice teeth that are nearly perfect but not totally perfect and I love that. I have brown eyes and always thought they looked really dull, but I absolutely love his eyes. And, I honestly have no idea why I like his nose but I do! He has an excellent profile.

Oh, I also love his hands!

Phil: Teeth, eyes, nose. Apparently, I only care about peoples faces… Um, I love how his teeth also aren’t perfect. I see so many people with perfectly straight teeth who had braces for like 4+ years so I just love when I see people with natural teeth idk why. His eyes are beautiful, like everyone knows that? Also, I didn’t realize until now that I apparently have a thing for both of their noses? Why? 


Dan: I love that he’ll make fun of himself and doesn’t take everything so seriously. I love that he’s loud but also really soft and gentle. I’ve always been called out for being too loud when I get excited over stuff, so that’s where I feel my connection with him most. You can also tell the things he’s been through in his personal life over the last few years has helped him become gentler and more concerned with everyone’s well being. Like, even in the few months since I started watching his liveshows (January or February? Maybe later, idk) I went from being nervous for his liveshows to genuinely looking forward to them and feeling calm when he talks.

Phil: You can tell he really wants to be a positive presence in peoples lives. Like, he wants to make you happy. He wants you to feel good when you watch his videos and, from watching other people talk about him, that’s not just an act for YouTube. Apparently he always wants to get people chocolate or food of some kind when they’re sad, and I relate so much because when people I know are upset my first question is “do you want me to go get you a coffee or drink from somewhere?” He keeps things light and fun, but you know he’d be the type of person you could go to with any problem at anytime, day or night, and he’d be there for you 100%.

I could go on and on forever, but I’ll stop here. 

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Ok. First time asking, long time reader. How about some headcannons where Asahi, Ushijima and Kuroo see a pretty girl and want to ask for her number? I know Asahi and Toshi would NEVER do it. Maybe their teams are there to push them?

Sorry, it’s been a while! Life and motivations are hectic af lol

I’m trying to focus on the headcanons in my pile to move things along faster so that I can make some room for the Omegaverse AU :P


~Admin Kay


  • Karasuno had decided to meet up at the mall for some “team bonding” (aka shopping)
  • After an hour or so of impulse buys (“Tsukki! You already have a fuckton of dinosaur stuff we need to GO”) they decide to stop by the food court for a break.
  • It’s at that point, while waiting in line to order with Suga and Daichi, that Asahi spots you, arguably the cutest girl in the whole mall, making you way over to the restaurant next to them.
  • Asahi’s first instinct is to turn around and run walk until he’s out of the mall, but his two tormentors friends already have his wrists in deadly grips
  • “Where do you think you’re going?” “Asahi, that girl is cute! You should get her number!” Daichi’s and Suga’s voices are half encouraging and half terrifying (I’ll let you guess which)
  • Honestly, it’s kinda sad how hard Asahi is shaking, whether that’s from fear, anxiety, or he’s struggling to get away, at this point the ace looks less like an ace and more like a scared puppy.
  • Before he can struggle out of their grips, though, he’s already thrust forward so hard that he almost tackles you (poor girl)
  • After a moment of unadulterated fear and fervent apologies (both from Asahi), he miraculously strikes up a conversation with you about your interests. Apparently, you two have a lot in common.
  • Swallowing his fear, he musters up the courage to ask you for your number. Face flushing, you write it on his hand and remind him to text you later
  • Asahi walks back to the traitors, and what do you know, Suga and Daichi’s faces are smug af. We all know that on the inside they’re proud parents.


  • It’s an all intensive summer camp for the Shiratorizawa volleybaes, and the coach had the team run with Ushijima down his usual route (extremely difficult in and of itself)
  • All of the boys were halfway dying already (with the exception of Ushijima), so they decided to take a short break in your neighborhood’s park to chill in the shade and drink water.
  • Meanwhile, you were reading a book on a nearby bench (let’s be real tho, you were also checking out that ushi-booty).
  • While you were staring glancing not paying attention to Ushijima at all, a certain intuitive blocker happened to notice your (not) staring.
  • “Oi, I think that girl over there likes you.” Tendou nudged Ushijima and nodded towards you, “She’s cute~. Why don’t you get her number~?”
  • Ushijima turned his attention your way, meeting your stare with a piercing gaze (scaring you partially out of your skin) and got up to walk towards the bench you’re sitting at.
  • Shiratorizawa is sh00k “he’s…not actually going to do it is he?”
  • The team watched as Ushijima politely greeted you and sat down on the bench. In a feat they never thought they’d ever see in their lifetimes, Ushijima managed to actually converse with you and was his smile always this adorable???
  • The team’s collective jaw dropped when they see you take out a spare bookmark, write something on it, and hand it to Ushijima. In a move that practically gave every person in the park an aneurysm, Ushijima said something again and gently kissed your hand in a sweet, albeit traditional, gesture. (Rip Reader, I’d be ded™ after that)
  • When Ushijima jogged back to the team, they asked him how/what/why did he do that? His answer was simple “She had a great taste in literature”
  • Shiratorizawa is STILL SH00K

(I always like to headcanon Ushijima as a classic guy who likes literature..idk why but like…it makes me really happy. So this was also kinda self-indulgent lol ~Kay)


  • After a long day of practice, Kenma dragged Kuroo to the local game store to try to grab a new game that he’d heard about. Of course this means that Kuroo had to help him look (it’s time for hell). He didn’t really know why, Kenma usually preferred getting his games online.
  • Apparently this was a very popular game because there weren’t any left, at least for Kenma’s console.
  • What seemed like hours of searching and scanning for some kind of sign (of that game), Kuroo finally spots it!
  • As soon as Kuroo closed his hand around the accursed game, he feels a tug of resistance from the bottom half of it. He looked down, to find you holding on to the other half, a stubborn pout painted across your features. Who is this cute, angry lady-child? he thought.
  • You were prepared to throw down for this game, he could see it in your eyes, but Kuroo looked like he was waiting for an opportunity like this (…besides, he can’t afford to have his ass handed to him over a video game, best friend or not)
  • He used his superior height to tug the game out of your grip, and leaned down to whisper “I’ll let you have this game…if you give me your number.”
  • To be quite honest, you weren’t expecting a fight over a game to “end” so civilly…heck, you didn’t even expect to be hit on when you walked out of the house this evening. Eh what the heck, he’s cute as hell, and he was willing to give you the game. It was a win-win situation.
  • “Alright fine, let me see your phone” you quickly typed your name and number into his contacts, embellishing it with a couple of cute emojis, and motioned for the game.
  • The deal was done. He handed you your prize, with a charming smile and a quick wink “My name’s Kuroo, I’ll text you later! If I live after this…”
  • After paying for the game, you could hear Kenma’s enraged screeches from the other side of the store. You decided not to hang around too long for the aftermath.

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I'm watching the sound of music and it got my thinking about a stony au lol Steve or Tony as the Father of all the little shit avengers

You know I’ve been stewing over this because either of them could be Georg Von Trapp, but I’ve finally decided: It’s Steve.

Steve, whose wife died (Peggy? Sharon? Nameless Female Character?), and he has all these children that she bore or adopted and he doesn’t know how to relate to them or properly care for them–Bruce has anger issues, Thor and Loki are either the best of friends or at each others’ throats with no in-between, Clint won’t do anything unless he’s ordered to, Natasha is even quieter than usual, Sam is trying to hold all the kids together, and Scott keeps looking at everyone with confusion because his mommy’s gone. Steve enacts the strict military discipline out of desperation–he doesn’t know what else to do. And he’s–he’s so different since his wife died, the kids are kind of–kind of afraid of him. Steve didn’t used to be like this.

Enter Tony, who fled to the convent from Obadiah after his parents had died (or been killed idk). But he doesn’t really fit in. He’d been religious as far as ‘Mom makes me go to church’ but not actually spiritual. He tries to do as he’s told! But he just wasn’t made for it, he guesses. Unfortunately he doesn’t really have anywhere else to go, so he keeps trying. The Mother Abbess character sees this and appreciates this, but decides that Tony would be happier elsewhere and he should be safe enough at an estate as big and walled off as Captain Rogers’s, so sends him to be the kids’ nanny and tutor. (Tony had been a good student until his parents died. He has plenty to teach.)

Tony is appalled by how strict Steve is but understands that different families have different ways of doing things BUT LOKI PUT A FROG IN HIS POCKET AH. “You’re lucky,” Pepper, the housekeeper, tells him. “Last time it was a snake.” Tony is going to kick all of these kids’ asses but nicely. So at supper he thanks them for the gift, because obviously he’d been a little scared and lonely, coming into a new home with people he didn’t know. (Loki, Clint, and Scott cry. Steve wants to scold Tony but he’d actually sounded very sincere. Steve has no idea what’s going on. “Daddy, you’re squinting,” Natasha tells him. “You’re not handsome like that.” Steve squawks, but he doesn’t squint suspiciously at everyone anymore either, so.)

There’s a storm. Tony nearly flings his book out the window when Scott bursts into the room in tears. He brings Scott in for a cuddle, dries his tears, tells him it’s alright. Scott just sobs and clings to him. Tony is about to reassure him further when Natasha, Clint, and Loki appear at his door in various states of distress. (Natasha looks as straight-faced as ever but she’s there so she must be frightened somehow, Tony reasons.) He invites them all onto the bed with him to wait until the storm dies down. “Now all we have to do is wait for the older boys,” Tony says, and Loki scoffs. “You won’t catch them in here. They’re too big to be scared.” Lightning crashes. Bruce and Thor appear at the door. Tony hides a smile behind his hand and says, “I don’t suppose you were scared.” Bruce awkwardly wipes his glasses on his shirt. Thor simply replies, “I was searching for Loki because storms frighten him!” Loki hisses at him like an angry cat, but then there’s the roll of thunder, and Bruce and Thor leap onto the bed so swiftly that Tony’s actually impressed.

“Why does the sky do that?” Scott sniffles. “Well,” Tony starts, rubbing his back, and then decides he can start teaching them now, since that’s technically what he’s there for, and he explains thunder, lightning, and what causes those specific kinds of storms. Steve happens upon them when he goes to do his final check of his children for the night and finds them all gone from their beds. “It’s past your bedtime,” he tells them sternly, instead of You were all gone and I was so scared or Why didn’t you come to me? The kids all slide off of Tony’s bed, disappointed but understanding, and trudge past Steve to go to bed, no longer afraid of the storm. “Daddy!” Scott crows, tugging at his pocket. Steve squats in front of him. “Yes, Scott?” “Mr. Tony told us why the sky makes those big noises!” Scott tells him guilelessly. “The lightning leaves a hole and then the hole makes noise!” “That’s great, Scott,” Steve says, and Scott beams proudly. “But it’s time to go to bed.” “Goodnight Daddy!” Scott replies obediently and then runs off to his room.

“I hope I didn’t overstep,” Tony says hurriedly as Steve stands, stone-faced. “He just came in and I–I wanted to make the thunder less scary for them.” “You did a good job, Tony,” Steve managed, even though jealousy was a thick weight in the pit of his stomach, because why would his children run to Tony instead of him? He was trying his hardest. “I was on my way up to see you,” he adds, not a total lie. “I’ve got to go out of town. Business.” “Oh,” Tony says, and is kind of terrified of being basically in charge of seven children. “Oh, okay.” “Pepper will know how to reach me if there’s a problem,” Steve adds, the jealousy soothed at the momentary look of horror that crosses Tony’s face, even though it’s an unfairly cute face.


the holy uncle trinity of ijs men’s skaters

The Birds and the Beetles (Dick Grayson x Reader)

Request: Hi could I request a fluff imagine with Nightwing and the reader coming back from a mission and they are a couple. Could the reader also be blue beetles older sister and he and Wally are teasing them or something. IDK if that makes sense

So this is me trying to be funny again, Wally kind of comes off as a jerk, but I love him so much and I’m sorry.

Trigger Warnings: Heavy make-out session, mentions of injuries, total jerk friend

Originally posted by mybirdboys

“Recognized: Nightwing. Recognized: Scarlet Beetle.” The Zeta Tubes automatic voice rung through Young Justice’s headquarters as you and your boyfriend materialized. You sighed rubbing your back from the bruise that was undoubtedly forming there. Dick looked no worse for wear, but he did rub a spot on his arm gently.

“Well, we did it.” Dick sighed, he tried to be his cheerful self, but the two of you were so tired it didn’t work. The cave was completely dark, not even M’gann was stirring, who often was up at odd hours trying to do more earthly costumes. 

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stop hating on donghyuck and give him all the love and support he needs right now. i’m willing to sell my kidney just to see him smile so you better do as well. he deserves nothing but the best and everybody that’s leaving, let me tell u: piss off and never come back because donghyuck doesn’t need that kind of treatment, specially from so called “fans”. let him live in peace. i’m actually positive about the fact that those sasaengs actually just faked that whole thing just to make him look worse idk. i don’t think he’d do all that stuff, specially since it’s too easy to expose. he does so much fanservice and he wouldn’t do something so easy to expose i mean he’s not dumb. he may be a brat but he’s a lovely brat and not a brat brat. if you’re one of the people that hate him now, turn on your location and fight me. i’ll bring every single nct and donghyuck stan with me u uglies. i’m so mad but my rant is over. goodnight.

p.s: love and support donghyuck

—  me and every nct stan right now
Tell Me You Love Me// Alex Summers Imagine

a/n: that gif of him licking his lips actually makes me want to punch him in the face how dare he be so good looking. Also this imagine kind of reminds me more of Peter Maximoff than Alex but oh wellllll

8: “Tell me you love me” from this prompt list

Request: 8 or 12 with alex summers? (idk which one i like better so go with whichever one you like best!) thank you! 💗

Tags: @havokk

Alex Summers x Reader

How in hell were you supposed to pass this class with him sitting right next to you, trying his very best to distract you at every possible moment. Your lab partner, Alex, had done everything a nine year old boy would do to get a girl’s attention. Which was ridiculous considering the fact he was seventeen for god’s sake. He passed you notes that you got in trouble for, tapped his foot on the ground oddly and repeditively, and even on rare occasions tugged at your hair when you had it up in a ponytail.

You tore your eyes away from your professor who was explaining how mutations are created, and narrowed your eyes at the pestering boy next to you.

Today, he was clicking his pen continuously, knowing how much it bothered you. 

“Would you quit it?” You hissed at him, trying to keep your voice low so you wouldn’t get caught talking during a lecture. “You know it drives me crazy!”

Alex gave you one of his famous smirks and your stomach flipped. You thought it was just plain cruel that such an annoyance in your life had such a gorgeous bone structure. 

“Well, darlin’,” he said with a slight hint at an accent, “you drive me crazy every god damn day, ‘Bout time you felt the same way.”

Rolling your eyes, you turned your attention back to the lecture and tried your hardest to take notes and not think about Alex’s latest declaration of affection. He always flirted with you but you weren’t sure if it was real or not, so you felt the safest bet was to ignore it.

As the professor kept drowning on the clicking pen didn’t stop. You couldn’t focus like this and soon enough you snapped, 

“Alex I swear to god if you don’t stop clicking your pen I’m going to drop kick you out of the room!’ You whispered/yelled. 

Despite your threat, the clicking didn’t stop and you were getting desperate. 

“Alex, please, what do I have to do to get you to stop?” You asked him hopelessly.  

Immediately, you knew that was the wrong thing to say. As the smirk crept back onto his face you groaned internally for asking such an open ended question. 

He leaned in really close to you, his nose almost brushing yours and said in a voice that you had never heard him use before, “Tell me you love me.” 

You were shocked, Alex was never this forward with his flirting and his words caught you off guard. All you could do was stare into his cursedly gorgeous blue eyes and watch as his smile spread even farther across his face.

“Miss y/l/n and Mr. Summers, detention after school. No canoodling in my classroom!” Your teacher yelled. At the very word, canoodling, the class erupted into laughter and a blush found it’s place on your cheeks. You were unsurprised to see Alex laughing along with them, his chill attitude never faltering. 

Detention was 2 hours of sitting across the room from Alex trying to piece together if he actually had feelings for you or not. 

You obviously had feelings for him, how could you not? Yeah sure he was sometimes a bit too headstrong and a bit too childish, but after spending almost every day with him since you arrived at Xavier’s three years ago, it was impossible for you to not fall for him. His smile made your heart melt and your knees weak and you knew you wouldn’t be able to deny how you felt very much longer.

At the end of detention Alex immediately stood up and strode across the room to meet you at the desk you just stood up from.

You sighed, resting your hands on the side of the desk and leaning across it to meet his eyes. 

“What do you want,” you asked, trying to keep your feelings hidden.

Alex duplicated your actions and put his hands across from yours and leaned in. He was dangerously close to you and you could smell his aftershave. You prayed he couldn’t hear how fast your heart was beating.

“I already told you what I want. I want you to tell me that you love me,” he said as if it was the simplest thing in the world. 

Your breath caught in your throat, you were fairly certain he was just going to drop this topic from class but the fact that he brought it up again made you feel unprepared for your answer. And the way he was looking at you, for once in his life looking serious and sincere, you didn’t have any other options than tell him the truth.

“I love you,” you said quickly and before he had time to react, you ran out of the room. Or at least you tried to run out of the room. 

Before you could get very far, Alex had his hand wrapped around your wrist and spun you around to kiss him. 

Instantly, your lips fell into sync with his and you lost track of time. Your hands found their place in his hair and his arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you closer to him than you had ever been before. You don’t know how long it was before you pulled away from one another but you were glad you did. That smile he was wearing on his face could top any kiss in the world. 

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that,” he whispered breathlessly. 

You smiled softly and responded, “Me too.”


Originally posted by onqs

  • ok so it all started at your first day of school, middle school, to be exact
  • first day….at a completely different school…no friends……you felt extremely nervous!
  • you did try to calm yourself the night before but it didn’t work
  • walking into the new building you notice the lack of students on the entrance….a relief, skipping the entire awkward introductions and glares part
  • you also started feeling your hands sweat slightly, no big deal…….
  • you decide to take a deep breath before finding your class room and while you’re at it you hear the bell ring
  • you look down at your watch and wow suprise suprise!!! class starts!!!
  • “I knew I shouldn’t have stayed up late watching Netflix” you think
  • you sprint towards the hallways desperately trying to find your class, going faster every few seconds
  • basically running now you crash into someone who was rushing towards the opposite direction
  • BOOM!!
  • you hear as you watch all of his notebooks fall to the floor
  • you mentally slap yourself before kneeling down to get the fallen objects
  • “oh I’m so so so so so so so so (x20) sorry oh my god I’m so sorry” you apologize while helping him pick his notes up
  • the stranger pauses for a second, chuckling softly as he watches you embarrass yourself
  • “no dont apologize! it’s my fault really, I was rushing to professor kim’s class and didn’t see you coming.. I’m daniel by the way!” he says with a sincere smile on his face
  • you give him his things back, brain slowly processing everything he just said
  • “wait- professor kim? isn’t his class the other way?” you ask, pointing towards the direction you were heading to
  • Daniel tilts his head, shaking his head afterwards
  • “nope - opposite. but hey! I’m guessing we’re in the same class then!”
  • you smile and nod before realizing that both of you were definitely late to class by now
  • “skhsgshshsshjs let’s hurry!!! we’re late” you exclaim
  • he nods, jogging towards the room (you could tell he was trying his best to wait for you without making you notice)
  • you catch up, entering the class right behind him
  • turns out that professor kim wasn’t there yet!!! (traffic problems man) no teachers yet
  • you sigh in relief, sitting down on an empty seat, taking a sip of water……..
  • “ i believe you haven’t introduced yourself! I’m daniel, again!” the boy exclaims loudly as he sits next to you
  • your eyes widen at the sudden need to socialize “oh hi I’m…” (clears throat) “I’m Y/N, it’s a pleasure!”
  • Daniel smiles widely, pinching your cheek gently
  • “aaah nice name! let’s be friends, ok little one?”
  • “little one?????????????????!??!!?!?!?!?” you gasp dramatically
  • Daniel laughs at your funny reaction and well, both of you grew close after that
  • ok let’s talk about your friendship now!!!
  • Daniel is THE best friend
  • he enjoys teasing you (he finds your reactions strangely adorable for some reason)
  • he’s also a bit loud
  • very**** loud
  • you once got an A+ at a very important exam after studying weeks before it
  • and he made sure everyone is that damn school knew
  • “YO Y/N JUST GOT AN A+” he would yell to his friend seongwoo…
  • ..who sits at the other side of the room
  • like Daniel plz stop you’re embarrassing me stop being extra oh my god
  • but then you’d see his genuine smile and shiny eyes filled with happiness
  • and kind of melt because wow, he’s so sweet…what an angel..not even your parents would react this happily
  • yeah seongwoo is just as loud as Daniel
  • but we’ll talk about your friendship with him later
  • Daniel gets along with people easily which made your school 100x easier, his friends would talk to you constantly (since Daniel literally drags you everywhere he goes) so you quickly became friends with his friends and squad
  • you help him with his homework and he takes you to his dance practices + buys you snacks
  • (wannaone is his dance crew’s name… wonder where they got it from)
  • nice crew, nice boys…super talented boys…handsome boys…cough
  • you two would have constant pajama parties too
  • his parents absolutely adored you, you were basically part of the family
  • even his cats would give you tons of attention
  • which would make Daniel extremely jealous and dramatic
  • “Y/N~~~ I feel so unloved~~~~ the kittens have betrayed me~~~~ I’m better looking than you why do they like you more~~~~~”
  • “Daniel you’re just too clingy”
  • “Y/N~~~~~~ my heart hurts~~~~~”
  • “Daniel~~~~~ shut it.”
  • Daniel once hit you with a pillow and you nearly threw your phone at him (reflexes man)
  • he started throwing small objects like paper balls, eraser pieces at you just to see your reaction after that day
  • finds it cute idk
  • “small but deadly” he says
  • oh!! let’s not forget about the cute nicknames you have for each other
  • nicknames for Y/N : shortie ♡ kid
  • ♡nicknames for Daniel: dumbass ♡ ugly ♡
  • it’s kind of mean but he loves it
  • probably sees you as a small angry penguin
  • lifts you up at the hallways sometimes???
  • I’m telling you he’s super extra
  • sprints like a cute puppy when he sees you enter class
  • boy can’t contain his joy when he sees you I swear
  • students are used to you two now
  • some of them even ship both of you!(some girls/ boys are also secretly jealous about your relationship with daniel but I’LL WRITE ABOUT THAT LATER)
  • jokes asidehe’s also a very caring friend
  • always carries your backpack for you
  • checks if you’re feeling alright everyday
  • would always listen to your long rants and comfort you if you’re having a bad day by giving you hugs + many many lame jokes
  • you constantly ask him about his feelings but he always replies with
  • “of course I’m alright Y/N~~ specially now that you’re with me~~”
  • which makes you laugh but also feel slightly worried for himI feel like Daniel knows how to hide his feelings well and tries not to talk about his stressful days
  • so you always try to brighten his days!! (since you’re never 100% sure if hes good or not)
  • you buy him small packs of jelly, you send him cute cat gifs, you tell him that he looks great today…small actions that mean a lot
  • and he appreciates it so so so much
  • doesn’t tell you tho
  • wants to keep it a secret that he notices that you’re trying hard
  • (he doesn’t want you to feel embarrassed and stop)
  • honestly your friendship with Daniel is the sweetest little thing
  • it makes people around you jealous
  • sometimes you wonder how you got so lucky
  • and you might not know it, but he does the same

!!!! oh wow this is my first scenario ever !!!!! tell me if you like it ♡ id appreciate it heh ♡ send requests if you’d like to too! I write about exo, wanna one, bts….and more! ♡ eunmlk out ! I hope you enjoyed it ♡


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Could we get some angsty stuff. Like a Break up or if you want BIG angst. A conversation between hologram Shiro and Keith. where HoloShiro destroys Keiths confidence so he is a ''better soldier''

so this is kinda angst/kinda just like weird anxiety stuff? damn dude how dare you make me sad tho?? ? and first thing in the morning, too!??! lmao 

(i hope this is kinda what you were looking for? idk exactly how to portray “holoshiro” in text form, so i’m kind of imagining this as like, a nightmare? or some creepy AI got into shiro’s phone??)

*rocking back and forth in fetal position* 

anonymous asked:

Could you do the RFA + the minor trio reacting to an MC who gets hit by a car infront of them but gets up right after claiming they're fine then it turns out they have a broken leg and fractured rib thank you! P.s. I love your blog

OMg!1 Thank you so much anon! Of course!! I giggled a bit when writing this, here you go. It’s kind of long~

You guys had planned a date in the evening, and were going to meet up at a restaurant. On your way there you both saw each other at opposite sides of the street and they were already at the venue, so obviously you’d be the one going to them! You pressed the button and waited for the light to change. Your excitement probably got the best of you and you literally went a second too early…then a drunk driver comes speeding down the street like a mad man, hitting YOU AND YOUR BODY LITERALLY GOES OVER THE CAR IN THE AIR DOING A 360 TURN AND YOU LAND FACE FIRST IN THE CEMENT

Here’s how they react.. (the italics is them and the bold is mc)


  •  Yoosung sprints towards you and shouts “SOMEONE CALL AN AMBULANCE CALL 911 SGJK”
  • *smacks your face*
  •  “NO DON’T LEAVE-“
  •  Your eyes shot open and then you smiled up at him
  •  “oh hey yoosung that was some wild shit lmao”
  •  “shall we go get dinner now” you said as you stood, dusting yourself off
  •  Yoosung.exe has stopped working
  •  He was speechless for the rest of the night, besides asking you if you were okay and you swore that you were, until you got up after you were finished eating and..
  • Oh
  • You collapsed on the floor then were rushed to the hospital
  •  You had a broken leg and a fractured rib cage lmao
  • Now whenever you fell or hit yourself or anything yoosung just rushed you to the hospital lmao


  • It’s like a scene from a movie whatelsedidyouexpectfromhisdramaticass
  • He jets over towards you and drops to his knees, scooping your limp body into his arms
  • *rain starts to pour*
  • *looks up at the sky*
  • “hey why are you screaming”
  • *rain stops*
  • “ are you alive?”
  • “uh…idk. That kind of stung.”
  • Mc what
  • “lets go get dinner now! Being hit by a car sure makes you hungry.”
  • Oh I see now
  • “LETS GO”
  • He yanks you up to your feet but you immediately collapse down
  • Oh shit
  • Later you guys found out about your arm and ribcage
  • “hahaha well you may not have the healing powers of a beast, but you sure can take hits like one!”


  • Literally judo kicks and punches everyone out of her way as flips and cartwheels over to you like a fucking superhero
  • Godthiswoman
  • Has her phone out ready to call the fucking government
  •  *eyes flutter open* “im fine”
  •  “um no youre not”
  • “yes”
  •  “no”
  •  “yes”
  • “im taking you to the hospital”
  • *throws your body over her shoulder*
  • Turns out she was right
  • When is she ever wrong tho like
  • Scolds you while she takes care of you but she promises its out of love


  • Doesn’t really know why you wanted to walk there so much when he could’ve just sent driver kim for you
  •  He tried to convince you but you said it was good to get fresh air and enjoy the scenery sometimes
  • Whatever mc
  •  And when he sees you get hit by the car, the first thing he says
  • Is about to come over to you then sees you stand up
  • Doesn’t even question it, neither of you say anything about it and just continue with your date as planned
  • Over dinner you talk about traveling and stock prices lmfao until then you feel a slight sharp pain on your torso
  • you put your hand over it
  • then suddenly your leg goes limp
  • oh dear
  • “what is it honey”
  • “I think I broke a few bones”
  • “oh my okay well let me call up the helicopter so they can take you to the best doctor in the world who is in Singapore”
  • “that’s a good idea or..OR… we can just go to the one a few minutes away”
  • Lmao you’d get treated and that’d be the end of it


  • He’s actually on snapchat because he wanted to record you crossing the street
  • He filmed you crossing then at the last 3 seconds you get hit and all you hear is him screaming “OHG MYGGOD” before it cuts off
  • *accidentally puts it on his story*
  • Zips over to you immediately
  • It’s a dramatic scene, just like Zen
  • “uh..UH!!!”
  • *starts giving you mouth-to-mouth CPR*
  • “Saeyoung stop im fine” you suddenly speak as you push him off of you
  •  “well actually I did enjoy the kiss tho”
  • “OH..but that is kind of cool tho”
  • doyouwantmorecpr
  • You guys end up making out in the middle of the street
  • Until he puts his hand on your ribcage and you start screaming
  • “IM SO SORRY I-“
  • “NOW!!!”
  • This is such a mess
  • “hey if you didn’t feel a car hitting you I wonder what else you won’t feel… wanna try lolol”
  • “lolololol”
  • thisfuckingsadist

Minor trio below!

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