idk guys this is really pointless

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Can ya'll relax tho and stop bothering Freckled? This is why people don't like the SU fandom cause you guys always want to fight. Anyways I like Smokey and their designs too but I gotta agree that the final really isn't the best. There's nothing wrong about the concept design so Idk what's the big deal about it, Smokey is still big in fact thick like Amethyst. If you don't like it then ignore it, blacklist, unfollow or w/e just don't cause a pointless fight. Be mature

Aw thanks man! And yeah I mean I don’t mind at all if people blacklist or unfollow me but it’s a shame seeing all these SU fans excitedly jumping to conclusions because they like feeling morally superior to others while at the same time saying things that are tbh pretty cruel

It saddens me to think of those who’ve been harassed by fans like these simply for differing opinions. And yes actual opinions not whether people should have rights but literally if they like a design or story aspect or not smh –and it’s this fact that you have a lot of people wanting to feel like they’re better by tearing others down that’s given the SU fandom such a bad name. Honestly why I don’t consider myself a part of most “fandoms” tbh

ok so…………lately ive been like……really outgoing and confident and its so weird??? i almost feel like im not acting like myself,,,, ive always been shy and quiet etc and i still am those things but not as severe?? i can like actually be forward and flirt and idk man its nuts!!! feels good but weird too tho i just need to work on hanging out w friends outside of work im just so tired after work and on my days off i either have errands to run or appointments or i just straight up sleep man but otherwise………………………………!!!!

Have you guys considered Aomine getting jealous over Kise entering the zone for the first time while playing against other people? Imagine Kise playing against… idk, Midorima… and the point difference is getting bigger because of Midorima’s shoots and the game gets really intense and Kise enters the zone and when Aomine learns about it, he goes “No, he did not???? What the hell, I am his rival, his goal, the player he’s aiming to beat??? WTF the fuck? Are you seeing this shit, Satsuki?? Bitch couldn’t even use Perfect Copy against me and now he’s going all laser eyed against the horoscope freak of all people???”


so. idk how these sorts of things are supposed to go? i’m not entirely sure what to say cause this is a lot of people i’m gonna be saying this to but. i guess i’ll just say it lol. i’m a trans guy

i’ve been just sort of identifying as agender for a while now, but agender never felt right and nonbinary never felt right either. i tried they/them pronouns for a while and they felt better than she/her but. still never really felt right. and i started getting real freaked out about possibly being trans so i just. told myself i was a girl and being called ‘she’ didn’t bug me but. it really bugs me. i’m a guy, i’ve always been a guy, it’s just taken me 22 years to figure this shit out

so i guess the reason why i’m making a Dramatic™ ass post about this is because i have a decent amount of followers and most of you guys know me by my birth name, c***y.

so. hey guys. i’m cole, my pronouns are he/him, and i’m a dude

this week is really good my guys. i ate super healthy, got off of birth control (it was adding to my depression), cut all my hair, and my brother @clarkesquad is coming to gay it up with me in two days.

what a fantastic week off 10/10