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Have you ever thought about what if Jack was the figure skater that got in to hockey instead?



i’ve actually thought of multiple aus where this happens, but my fav one is this: 

  • ok so in this, alicia was a famous figure skater, and bob is… idk, a businessman or whatever for something super canadian??? IDK THE POINT IS IT BRINGS THE FAMILY TO CANADA 
  • (also bitty is older than jack by a year) 
  • so alicia was a two-time olympic gold medalist, and jack learns to start skating from an early age 
  • he immediately LOVES it, and he eventually asks his parents for lessons because he wants to compete 
  • so jack skates all of his childhood and he’s good enough to win regional championships and whatnot 
  • but by the end of middle school, jack has a ridiculous growth spurt (which they had predicted would happen considering bob’s height), and his skating is obviously super affected by it, and he realizes very quickly that he probably won’t be able to make an actual career out of it 
  • so bob suggests hockey because at least he can still skate, and jack just shrugs and is like “sure” 
  • turns out, jack is a million times better at hockey than he is at figure skating 
  • he gets voted captain of his high school team after only playing for two years, and jack seriously considers playing in a junior league but ultimately decides on going to college and playing there 
  • so he goes to samwell 
  • he shows up for training camp and meets his coaches and new teammates, and it isn’t until the coaches have already started their introductory welcome to the frogs that another guy bounds into the arena 
  • he has a half-dozen gift bags in one hand, and what looks like a pecan pie in the other, and he’s on the shorter side, so jack is VERY surprised when the coaches introduce the guy as the team captain 
  • bitty welcomes everyone warmly and hands out the gift bags to the frogs and hands off the pie to the older guys, and then everyone starts introductions 
  • then comes jack’s turn, and he’s honestly not sure how the other guys are going to react to him being a figure skater, but he realizes very quickly that he had no reason to worry because ransom and holster (sophomores) are clapping him on the back and talking about how cool that is, and shitty (another frog and, coincidentally, jack’s roommate) is saying stuff about jack defying stereotypes and whatever 
  • then there’s bitty who keeps staring at jack when he thinks jack isn’t looking 
  • so the guys all lace up their skates and get out on the ice, and it only takes a couple minutes of practice before jack sees why bitty, despite only being a sophomore, is captain of the team 
  • bitty is fast, and he has amazing handling, and his energy on the ice is infectious, and it’s really fucking obvious that everyone loves him 
  • so at the end of practice, bitty goes up to jack and asks him to hang back for a bit, and bitty shyly asks jack about what figure skating was like 
  • “why?” 
  • “i’m just curious. you don’t have to tell me anything, of course. i’ll respect your privacy.  i’ve just always wanted to do figure skating, but i never had the opportunity.  coaches are kind of hard to find in the south, and hockey was the closest thing” 
  • “you’d probably be a good figure skater” 
  • “huh?” 
  • “you’re… y’know… short
  • “i can’t believe i’m getting chirped by a frog!” 
  • “i’m just pointing out facts. my height is actually the reason why i stopped and went to hockey” 
  • “well, you’re the one with the body built for it. no one ever takes me seriously on the ice” 
  • “i’m sure they do once you zip right past them” 
  • so by the end of their conversation, jack ends up volunteering to show bitty some figure skating moves, and bitty teaches jack the ins and outs of everything on the SMH and samwell 
  • and they become fast friends
  • so the thing is, jack is very, very aware of the fact that he is gay 
  • he had years of traveling with other very attractive skaters to confirm that 
  • so he knows he’s gay, but he’s never told a soul  
  • he is also VERY aware that he is attracted to bitty 
  • adorable, southern baker bitty 
  • bitty, who is also his captain 
  • and it isn’t a secret that bitty is gay, but it’s because of this that bitty is extremely popular on campus 
  • literally everyone knows him, and jack’s only been at samwell for about a month when he realizes he has a crush on bitty, but he’s already seen the man get asked out at least half a dozen times 
  • jack’s very insecure to begin with, but he has no idea how he’s even supposed to compete with these other guys 
  • so anyway, out on the ice, bitty and jack end up just… clicking 
  • jack gets moved up to the first line right away, and the team does extremely well 
  • but now, winter screw is around the corner, and ransom and holster are trying to set up all of the frogs on dates 
  • including jack 
  • and the last thing jack wants is to be set up with a date who may be… well, expecting something that jack definitely is not interested in 
  • so jack comes out to shitty, and then eventually comes out to ransom and holster, and then bitty and the rest of the team 
  • and jack feels a huge weight lift off his shoulders 
  • but then bitty is super quiet around him all of a sudden, and always seems to be on edge 
  • and jack thinks maybe it’s because bitty thinks that jack likes him (which is true) but bitty only wants to be friends and doesn’t want to lead him on 
  • so jack’s a little dejected about that because he thought maybe he’d have a chance now, but apparently not 
  • he goes to winter screw with some guy on the football team, and jack has fun, but when the guy kisses him, jack just isn’t into it so he decides to head home 
  • on the way back to his dorm, he runs into bitty, who is on his way to the haus 
  • “i thought you were still at the dance” 
  • “oh, uh… my date got super drunk and threw up on my shoes, and i’m honestly just… really tired. i hope your date was better” 
  • “he was fine. nice. i just wasn’t into it” 
  • “oh” 
  • “yeah” 
  • “…” 
  • “…” 
  • “do you wanna come to the haus?  i was planning on making a couple of pies for the boys to snack on later” 
  • “yeah, sure” 
  • so they walk back together and jack ends up helping bitty bake, and it’s fun, SO much more fun than winter screw had been 
  • they make spiked hot cocoa and eat apple pie straight out of the tin 
  • and tbh, we could drag the sexual tension out forever, but i firmly believe that had bitty known that jack wasn’t straight early on in canon, then they would’ve gotten together way before graduation 
  • so they’re standing at the sink, and jack’s helping bitty dry the dishes as he listens to bitty talk about his frog year, and jack feels so… good 
  • and the thing is, had he not been drinking, jack probably would’ve just left and gone back to his dorm and resumed his quiet pining 
  • but jack has been drinking–not a lot, obviously, but enough for him to feel brave enough to take a chance 
  • …except bitty kisses him first 
  • jack freezes up, caught totally off guard, and bitty takes this as rejection and jumps back and immediately starts apologizing 
  • but jack just cuts him off with another kiss 
  • “what… what was that for” 
  • “you kissed me first, bittle” 
  • “yeah, but you didn’t seem into it and–” 
  • “i was very into it. you just surprised me, is all” 
  • “oh” 
  • “yeah, uh… i didn’t even–i thought you didn’t like me… like that” 
  • “good lord, jack. i like you a lot.  i was afraid of being too obvious, especially after you came out to us. i mean, i’m your captain, i didn’t want to make you feel like i was abusing my power or something and–” 
  • jack quiets him with another kiss 

@orlah I am always up for Adam headcanons! I took a while because my sister wanted to watch Steven Universe for like four hours.

  • Some friends he makes in college: a beautiful pansexual trans girl who studies witchcraft and lives in an apartment full of crystals and potions with her smol lesbian cat-loving girlfriend. Both of them are mysterious and have a secret love of shit-talking their annoying male classmates. Adam meets both of them in a biology lecture his third year when he mutters something under his breath about one of the douchebag TAs and they both overhear and crack up. They’re taking the class to learn about natural healing; he’s taking the class for his environmental engineering major. They become friends pretty quick when one of them whips up an energy-boosting spell for him. He talks to them about when he was connected to Cabeswater and how he learned tarot and all that, and gets them in touch with the Fox Way ladies.
  • IDK if “age regression” is the right term but I’ve seen it sometimes… but Adam occasionally deals with it, whatever it’s called. He never had a real childhood, it was always full of fear, so he clings tight to remnants of childhood that he never got to experience. Opal helps a lot with that- she makes him feel less guilty for getting lost in watching Saturday morning cartoons or helping her build Lego castles. At school he makes friends who are psych majors who tell him it’s totally normal and OK and point him to stim toys and therapeutic methods to deal with it.
  • This could be me projecting onto Adam (what else is new sis), but he suspected he was bisexual from a pretty young age, maybe nine or ten years old. He got crushes on male teachers a lot and he would find both girls and guys pretty and daydream about kissing and marrying guys a lot, as well as girls. He knew he wasn’t supposed to, but he just chalked it up to Another Thing He’s Doing Wrong that should be a secret especially from his parents. When he gets older, he realizes, mostly through research, that bisexuality is a thing and going to Aglionby and meeting Gansey and Ronan pretty much makes him acknowledge it to himself. (there’s one day in particular when Gansey rolls up some button-down shirt sleeves to examine a stone inscription during some Glendower voyage and then pulls out his Welsh translation book and does a perfect translation that causes Adam to go home in a slight panic.) But once again he decides to just ignore it because he has homework to do and he’s busy.
  • When he gets together with Ronan, they have time to talk about it and Ronan talks about how he realized he was gay and things like that. Adam wants to not make it a big deal because he still thinks he’s not supposed to talk about it. But he gets angry when one time Declan awkwardly skirts around the subject introducing him and Ronan to someone and starts in on a rant, in front of Declan and the random stranger they’re being introduced to, about how their sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of and they shouldn’t have to hide it and keep it a secret. That stranger’s name… was Maggie Stiefvater…
  • I’m pretty sure I’ve put this in some headcanon post or other before, but Adam is really good at chess. He learned how to play it during some extracurricular at Aglionby for college apps, but he really loves it because it’s a game of strategy. He and Matthew play it during every holiday and it always goes the same way: he lets Matthew win the first game, Matthew insists that Adam doesn’t let him win, and then Adam wins the next ten games before Matthew says that he’s tired and that he’s sure he’ll win a chess game against Adam some day.
  • Adam loves sugary things and sweet things and candy and desserts. His straight teeth not rotting is a literal miracle because he lives off of terrible sugary food. In the books, he mostly eats it because it’s cheap, but I think he really does have a sweet tooth tbh. He likes Hershey’s Kisses and Entennmann’s pastries and he may have traded Opal a handful of quality sticks and twigs from the backyard in exchange for some of her Halloween candy
  • Adam and Henry love debating pointless shit. This comes mainly from the fact that in high school, I knew two guys who were very similar to Adam and Henry, and literally every goddamn day they had intense debates about weird-ass questions that were irrelevant to anything. Adam would consider it just a way to exercise his abilities with logic, and Henry would consider it his final, dramatic defense of The Truth and the fact that Nicki Minaj really is a true icon no matter what Adam says
  • Blue keeps a travel blog (or vlog channel or something) and Adam always makes time to keep up with it. He finds it really cool and exciting and tells all his friends and coworkers about how his best friend is in Venezuela now and she just saw the tallest waterfall in the world! Isn’t that exciting! Here’s a picture. “You can shut up about your boring trip to London now, Bethany,” is one highlight of one of the times he tells his friends about Blue’s adventures.
  • this is basically like inscribed in the doors of heaven as undeniable truth but I’m just gonna include Adam Parrish’s Hair Thing here at the end. He is so fucking into people playing with his hair. When he’s feeling sick, Ronan always curls up next to him and strokes his hair and scratches pleasantly at his scalp until Adam falls asleep. On some nice mornings, when Ronan wakes up spooning Adam, he kisses Adam’s hair and he knows damn well that this is heavenly to Adam. (he also likes when Ronan pulls his hair sometimes) When he gets back for breaks from school and Ronan’s hands get into his hair for the first time in a while, he always lets out a contented sigh and feels like he’s home.

Anyway, I hope those were good! I love my son….

kim mingyu as your boyfriend

a/n- ughh i am the worst, i am so sorry its been a few days since i’ve posted anything. but i hope you guys enjoy mingyu as your cutie pie boyfriend! 


BTS / Got7


- he is an actually giant puppy, so he loves to cuddle. he doesn’t care what position, who’s the big spoon, or if it’s 100 degrees. he just really likes to cuddle with you. 

- you get ready together a lot. he likes to do your hair so in the mornings he’ll lift you up onto the bathroom counter (while you’re still sleepily rubbing your eyes and yawning) and begin to brush your hair gently, careful not to tug on your hair as he finds knots. then he’ll either style it or let you keep it natural if that’s what the day warranted.

- in return for him doing your hair, you make him breakfast. it’s something new everytime, and it’s always enough to make him a little more full than needed because you have a habit of making an abundance of food. (and you want him to be healthy and never miss any meals)

- he always makes sure you eat too, almost forcing you to sit with him and scarf down your own plate. he loves to see you eat, knowing that you’re healthy and that he doesn’t have to worry about skipped meals that are so common for his world. 

- he calls and whines to you A LOT when he’s at work. whether it be that wonwoo won’t play with him or that he just misses you, you are very much used to the phone calls packed full with his whiny voice and complaints. 

- wonwoo always ends up third wheeling on your dates because  ‘but y/n he’s my best friend and he had nothing to do tonight so plssss’ 'mingyu, it’s our first date in forever’ 'yeah but he said he’ll pay for everyone’s dessert’ 'okay fine he can come’

- but when you have real dates they are a lot of fun and always consist of you two laughing and giggling about silly things like when mingyu stuffed almost a whole order of french fries into his mouth or when he had to rap his order at the restaurant when you dared him to

- one time you guys went on a date to the pet store and held literally ever puppy they had in there and they were so soft and cute and you both wanted to adopt one but couldn’t because 1.) they’re expensive to buy 2.) you aren’t allowed to have one in your apartment and when you had to leave you nearly cried because you had fallen in love with a little golden retriever and mingyu noticed so he wrapped his arm around you and promised to get you a dog as soon as it was possible. 

- you guys also go out for ice cream a lot and you always convince him to try the weirdest combinations you can think of like a scoop of the pistachio with like peanut butter ice cream or something totally whack but he eats it because he’s a growing boy

- speaking of growing he’s like super tall so when he hugs you, you feel so safe because he literally wraps around you and engulfs your body completely and tbh you love it because he’ll sweetly kiss the top of your head or something and it’s just aww

- like when it’s raining he’ll hold his jacket above your heads all cheesily like in the movies because he’s tall enough to do so and even though its not very effective at keeping you both dry its so cute and thoughtful that you dont mind at all

- on a different note you guys like to watch comedy sitcoms together and everytime one comes on, like Friends or something, you guys pick which character the other would portray and it’s always really funny because you try to pick the weirdest character half the time instead of the most accurate one.

- for your anniversary one time he literally designed the cutest couple t-shirts with a bunch of inside jokes and little symbols that describe your relationship and even though they’re soooo cheesy you adore them and wear them whenever you can because he actually designed them really well and in a way that people wouldn’t think they were super weird 

- for one of your anniversaries mingyu takes you to his hometown and shows you where he used to play basketball after school and where he always shopped for groceries and where his childhood home is and his mom makes you mingyu’s favorite comfort food and it’s a really good time

- lets be real, his family looooves you. they always ask him to bring you home because you’re so kind and amazing and they always give you little gifts that are /so/ unecessary but they say they’re doing it to butter you up so you’ll marry their son/grandson/nephew one day and ofc this makes you and mingyu’s cheeks turn pink and you get all bashful

- at his childhood home, you and him sleep in the bed he grew up sleeping in and it’s a little surreal? because like he made it so far from the little boy who looked up at glow-in-the-dark star stickers and you almost tear up because your so proud and mingyu then almost tears up because he just loves you so much for everything and then you’re cuddling and not letting go of each other until you’re practically pried away in the morning by his relatives saying that breakfast was ready (this time it’s your favorite food)

- he repairs shit for you like all the time. like broken cupboard door? he knows how to fix it. shower head needs replaced? he’s got you. he even changes lightbulbs because he’s so tall and you’re always surprised at his endless output of talent because wow he’s more than a pretty face

- you guys have the cheesiest most ridiculous rap battles ever and like he lets you win all the time even though yours never ever even rhymes or has a decent beat it’s just random words and he thinks it’s too cute and lets you win because hey if you win, you’ll wanna do it again and he definitely wants you to rap for him again.

- the first time you guys said i love you was actually because you overheard him saying it to wonwoo and it was something like 'idk man, i dont think ive ever loved someone as much as y/n before. i just…y/n deserves the world and more’ and you accidentally overhear and you were gonna just let it slide but then wonwoo actually sees you and nods your direction and mingyu turns and is like 'oh..’ and you just smile and run over to him and hug him tightly and say 'i love you too, you big, tall goofball' 

- your and mingyu’s relationship is playful and carefree but you both love each other more than anything

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can you recommend me some romantic comedy movies ???

Can I? CAN I? Fuck yes I can, let’s do this. 

1. The Proposal 

Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock star in this movie about a boss from hell who is about to be deported, so she forces her assistant to marry her so that she can get a green card. This is every single fake dating fic you’ve ever read in action, as well as the enemies to lovers trope well at play. Reynolds and Bullock were bros for years before filming, and their friendship allows for ease when it comes to acting together– you can tell that they had fun filming. 

This isn’t your usual rom com, in that the two lead actors and exquisite ensemble cast (including, yes, Betty White) make it so fucking funny. It’s directed by a woman, who knows what women like, but also allows her story and the characters to be smart as a whip, which is so refreshing. It follows the marriage plot pattern, but gets there in a fun, unique way that doesn’t always feel like you’re watching a rom com. Also, if you hate cheese, this movie has minimal cheese. The moments where it is cheesy are the moments when you’ll be desperate for some good ol’ fashioned love because the romantic tension is just Too Much. 

I have a friend who hates romantic movies and she adores this movie. That’s how you know it’s good. 

2. Bridget Jones’ Diary

Bridget Jones is about to turn thirty years old and she is still single, still chubby, and still making hella bad decisions. Enter Mark Darcy, who is an uptight, recently divorced lawyer who Bridget dislikes almost instantly due to his standoffish personality. 

If you can’t tell just from this description (the love interest’s name is a pretty good clue) Bridget Jones’ Diary is just one of Colin Firth’s versions of Mr. Darcy. 

The book was written by a woman, who also helped write the script, and the movie was directed by a woman as well. It’s fun, full of hijinks (and secondhand embarrassment, dear god) and everybody should watch as many Colin Firth movies as humanly possible anyways. (Hugh Grant is the Wickham character, too, which is always a bonus.) 

3. Bride & Prejudice

Speaking of Pride & Prejudice adaptations, this one is one of my favorites of all time. It is a Bollywood Musical adaptation, starring the incredibly gorgeous Aishwarya Rai, who plays the Elizabeth character beautifully. This movie is a feast for the eyes– the colors are stunning, the costumes are stunning, the sights are stunning. It shows beautiful representations of familial and platonic relationships as well as romantic ones. It was also directed by a woman, and written by a husband and wife team. 

There’s something so gorgeous and pure about this movie. It’s one of my favorite films of all time and I am absolutely unapologetic about that. Featuring songs such as “No Life Without Wife” and gems such as “Some women have even become… The lesbian!” This movie is, I think, a must see. 

4. Notting Hill

Just one rom com variant of the famous AU that you will probably love. Hugh Grant plays a character who owns a travel bookstore. Julia Roberts plays a famous actress. When they meet by chance a few times, they slowly begin to fall for each other. 

There’s something so lovely and pure about this movie. It’s just… soft and nice, like you’re drawing a warm blanket over yourself. The grand gesture at the end is fantastic, but that’s not the part that will make you watch the movie again– it’s the scenes in the middle, when Anna is staying at Will’s house and they’re growing together as friends but possibly something more. It’s just… it’s so nice. As a viewer, it feels so good. 

Favorite line: “Happiness isn’t happiness without a violin playing goat.” 

5. 13 Going On 30 

Jenna Rink, sick of being thirteen-years-old and on the brink of adulthood, makes a wish that she could be thirty (thirty, flirty, and thriving.) When she wake sup, she’s thirty and (*gasp*) HAS BOOBS. The first thing she does, of course, is look up her best friend from childhood, who she hasn’t been friends with for years. It looks like she got her dream life, but left huge pieces of herself behind along the way.

This is the first PG-13 movie I was allowed to watch, and if I had to guess, I would say that it’s probably the movie I have watched and rewatched the most in my life. I think I can quote this movie word-for-word. It’s funny in a way that isn’t mean, which I think is very rare these days? The fact that Jenna is a thirteen year old makes the humor in this movie a delight. And the film, as a whole, has a rose colored lense that just makes the world seem prettier. Mundane things that people take for granted seem nice and fun and important. It’s weird, because I think it makes adult life seem simpler. Like… just be nice and treat other people well. Why do we over complicate it? 

Also Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo are both adorable. It’s the kind of movie that you watch when you’re sad, when you’re happy, when you’re sick, when you’re bored. Watching it feels warm and content. I would rec it to anybody who wants to smile. 

(This list has 26 films on it so I’m putting the rest of this under a read more.) 

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Perfect- Daryl Dixon

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “Can you do one where Daryl + reader are together, but Daryl gets jealous because a new member (this can be a totally made up male character) joined the group and new member + reader have gotten quite close. Daryl + reader have a big fight… Then you can do whatever else you’d like to the story :) I love your one shots btw :)”

Anon requested- “daryl x reader… jealous daryl? <3″

Word count: 1720

Warnings: swearing, angst,

Note: i’ve literally eaten 17 clementines today while bingeing OITNB i’m probably going to explode omg. WHT IF I TURN INTO A CLEMENTINE WTF GUYS I’M SCARED NOW. (can clementine seeds get you prego??//??/)

FYI: I’d already written half of this when I got the anon message about daryl & reader being together. so sadly, they’re not in the beginning… hope you’ll all enjoy nevertheless!!! (good luck for finals/exams to everyone who has them approaching! <3 ) PS JENSEN ACKLES WAS MY (obvious) FACE CLAIM FOR ELI!!!11!!1!

(pls ignore me, idk why but i’m very energetic rn… probably nothing to do with all those clementines and cookies i ate. hehehehe.) 


He was a nice man. With piercing green orbs and pump lips he was easy on the eyes too. His jawline sharp and scruff soft. It helped that he was a doctor. Of course, he was a doctor. He saved lives, he was sweet, funny and basically worshipped the ground you walked on.

So obviously Daryl was jealous. How couldn’t he be? He was perfect, everything you could wish for.

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Why do you love pete so much

I’ve been wanting to post this for so long but I’ve never had the guts, so here goes!! This is going to be a really long answer please prepare yourself… 

  • I love Pete because he is legitimately the best person ever, he’s so down to earth, humble and has such a great sense of humour. Also he sticks up for everyone he loves and he’s loyal as fuck.
  • I’m pretty sure everyone can relate to some of his lyrics. I know they’ve helped me through so much and they’ve helped so many other people as well. Also Pete loves that, like whenever people ask him what it’s like to know you’ve saved peoples lives he says it’s awesome and he was saved in the process as well, what an angel. (tweet)
  • I don’t want to sound like really cliché and emo, but some of the stuff he says really makes me feel better. Especially quotes like this one which is probably my favourite quote ever, also Here’s To The Kids, I mean okay I know everyone takes the piss out of that because yes it’s emo but honestly I love that quote so much because I’ve lived a life of being misunderstood by pretty much everyone and it’s just nice to know someone /gets/ you. Also more recently in a tumblr post Pete wrote ‘Fall Out Boy has always been about inclusion. If you don’t fit in anywhere, you can fit in here.’ This is SO important to me because I’ve always felt like I don’t fit in anywhere. I’ve always had a lot of friends but I’ve still felt uncomfortably different, so it’s nice to feel like I belong somewhere.
  • He’s had a really long history with depression and bipolar disorder, it got to the point where he tried to kill himself in 2005 and that is probably my favourite thing about him (which sounds ridiculous, I know) but the fact he was at absolute rock bottom and tried to end his life but managed to get over that and managed to get through his depression no matter how serious it was is just downright the most inspiring thing, and although I’ve never been in a similar situation I know there are many people across the world who’ve been helped through their depression thanks to Pete.
  • Furthermore, his parents got separated when he was younger, he mentions it in this video as it being his worst childhood memory and this is a thing that’s helped me personally. My parents split when I was younger and it really effected me, so it helps knowing your favourite human on the entire planet went through something similar and still ended up okay.
  • He does so much charity work, he’s such a good person for example in this picture he is giving a homeless man a bag of food just because he felt like it, Pete pls……

  • He’s also been working with Invisible Children since 2006/7 like the main thing being shooting the ‘I’m Like a Lawyer’ music video in Uganda to try and raise awareness of the whole LRA/kony situation. He also took part in a campaign called Displace Me, where 65k people across the USA slept on the streets in makeshift camps and shelter type things trying to recreate what the LRA camps are like in Uganda to help try and raise awareness of what its like for the kids there.

  • Leading on from the depression/bipolar point, he spoke about his experiences and difficulties for the ‘Half of Us’ scheme, helping people everywhere with depression and suicide basically making people feel okay to not be okay and make sure they know they’re not alone. This is awesome because he managed to speak about his serious personal problems to try and help other people which not only is very difficult (because imagine how hard you find it talking to friends/family about your issues, imagine telling the world), but also a very good use of his power as a high profile public figure. (if you haven’t seen it you should really watch his videos)
  • Additionally, he took part in Larry King’s Disaster in the Gulf telethon trying to raise money for the Mexican people affected by the oil spill on the Mexican gulf, answering calls and accepting money from the people who were donating:

  • He is a supporter of Unicef, and ages ago he took part in a campaign trying to raise money for Haiti after the disaster there due to the earthquake. (you can read about that here if you want)
  • Fall Out Boy took part in the PSA for to try and raise awareness about global warming and trying to make people do something to prevent it from happening. (video)
  • Pete is a supporter of LGBTQ+ and took part in the ‘No H8′ photo campaign, a campaign aiming to end homophobia, transphobia etc.
  • Additionally, Fall Out Boy made their views about gay marriage very clear in their latest music video ‘Uma Thurman’. (Pete wrote in a tumblr post ‘We hope you can support the hidden message at the end of our video’). You can read about it here.
  • Every single person I’ve spoken to about meeting Pete have said he is lovely to fans which I wouldn’t doubt for a second because he always does random acts of kindness to fans. For example, you might not remember but he does stuff like he dressed up as the Easter Bunny and gave the queueing Fall Out Boy fans pieces of chocolate. (video
  • Also, he’s good to fans because he never denies people a photo. Look this photo was taken like a while ago and look at all the shit hes carrying and he has Bronx (his son) with him as well, but he still stops and takes a photo like no other celebrities would do that, well not many anyway.

  • Basically this post about one of his book signings made my heart explode.

  • On the subject of his book I don’t know if you’ve read his book Grey but it was the most EMOTIONAL thing I’ve ever read. It explains his life so much and lets you inside his head. It explains loads of Fall Out Boy lyrics so you should definitely read it because it made me love him 900x more than I already did, which was a lot. It has a lot of good quotes, including: ‘I wonder if killing yourself is the only thing you can control in your entire life, and that’s why it’s a sin. Because you’re beating God at his own game.’ (the book is quite dark)
  • He is a really great dad and loves his sons Bronx and Saint more than anything. He stated in the past that having children is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to him because it helped him become less selfish as he believes in his 20s he was ‘the most selfish person alive’ (I disagree, look at all the stuff you’ve just read!) but he appreciates his children for developing him as a person. Also, Pete was heavily depressed again in 2010 following his divorce with Ashlee Simpson and has said Bronx is a main reason he pulled through it. Basically he’s as dependent on his children as they are on him.

  • He’s helped loads of musicians make it, for example Panic! at the Disco (another favourite band of mine), Cobra Starship, Travie McCoy/ Gym Class Heroes, etc.  through his record label Decaydance and collaboration with Fueled By Ramen, so basically he’s enabled other musicians to achieve their dreams through his fame, and has therefore helped a whole lot of other people. (e.g people who are inspired by Brendon Urie from Panic! at the Disco)
  • One final thing, he really fucking loves Fall Out Boy fans.

A main point to remember is he is a super famous rock star who has been absolutely trashed by the media and the internet and pretty much everyone who isn’t a Fall Out Boy fan, yet he’s stayed true to himself and still as lovely as he was when Fall Out Boy started, if not lovelier. Keep that in mind because I can assure you there are not many celebrities who have experienced the same attention, fame, media backlash and abuse that Pete has who has stayed a lovely genuine person that he always has been.

Looking back over the past 8 years of loving Pete and Fall Out Boy, it’s amazing to see him grow as a person and become a better version of himself every day. The point is that people (myself included) thought Pete wouldn’t make it past 27 because he was so sad and so hooked on drugs and 7 years later he’s got his amazing band back, the best friends ever, two incredible sons and a beautiful girlfriend. I swear to god if that doesn’t give you hope in life nothing will, I am so so so proud of Pete Wentz.

also tweets like thisthisthisthisthisthis and this make me cry because he’s my favourite person ever

And when he’s not being inspirational and wordy he’s a complete sweetheart (pic) (tweet) (tweet) (tweet) (tweet) (tweet) (video) (video) and also just (video)

Okay to summarise:

  • His life has been shit at points
  • He got through that shit
  • That makes everyone feel like they can get through their own shit 
  • He’s a great humanitarian and does loads of charityowrk and makes the most of his impact on society by raising awareness to issues/fundraising events
  • He’s so LOVING to his friends for example Gabe, Brendon, Patrick, Meagan
  • He’s never been phased by fame or hate from the media and has always stayed true to himself.

Pete Wentz, I love you forever. 

On top of the world

pairing: bestfriend!michael x reader (kind of the whole band idk you’re just best friends with michael ok)

word count: 2,043

this starts out where you two are young childhood friends and y'all get older kk

“What do you want to do when you’re older?” You asked your friend Michael one day as the two of you sat around his room thinking of something to do. 

It was a summer day like any other, where you’ve basically run out of ideas. You had harassed his neighbors which he hated with a burning passion (especially this one guy that’s in your grade, Luke), played countless hours of video games, done everything worth doing in your hometown of Sydney, and it was that point of summer where you pretty much were over the novelty of not going to school. 

Michael just shrugged his shoulders, combing his fingers through his hair and pushing the fringe in front of his eyes, seeing how long it fell over his face. “I don’t really know yet. I’m only 15, Y/N. I have my entire life ahead of me.”

“Then what’s your biggest dream?” You asked. “No matter how crazy it may be.”

He looked up at the ceiling, fixing his fringe back in it’s original style. “Probably being in a band.”

“You can barely play the guitar though.” You scoffed, glancing at the acoustic leaning up against his bedroom wall.

“Shut up, Y/N. You said my biggest dream in the entire world, and that’s it.” 

You looked back at him. “You think it could actually happen?”

“No.” He laughed, shrugging it off. “I’m obviously not going to get my hopes up, and like you said, I’m no good at guitar so what’s the point of even trying?”

“I’m sure if you actually tried to get better you could.”

“Maybe…” He said, eyeing the instrument as it remained untouched. His eyes traveled to the My Chemical Romance poster handing on his wall. “I wish I could play like Ray Toro. But that’s obviously not going to happen.”

“Stop being so hard on yourself, Mikey. Is that really what you want to do with your life?”

“Well I’m obviously not going to go to university because I’m an idiot, and music is my favorite thing.” He said, looking down at his hands in his lap. “But then again I’m kind of lazy and being in a band seems like hard work.”

You laughed and shook your head at your friend. “It’s probably easier than you think.”

Michael let out a loud laugh at your statement. “You’re delusional, Y/N. And I’m delusional thinking I actually have a shot at that.”

“You aren’t delusional.” You told him. “It’s okay to dream.”

“Yeah, dream. This conversation is just stupid.” He said, laughing it off and shrugging his shoulders and ending the topic at hand. “You wanna go play some more video games?”

“I can’t believe that actually happened.” Was the first thing out of Michael’s mouth when he got off stage.

It may have been just a normal day in December for some people, but for Michael it was his first gig as a full band. Yep, the lazy kid you were talking to just last year had actually banded together (literally) with his other best friend Calum, along with a guy called Ashton he met online and Luke, who last year he had hated. Somehow they all became best friends, and here you were at their very first gig together, that only had 12 people in the crowd (including yourself). Sure, they might not have been perfect, but this was just the start. And comparing Michael’s guitar skills to his last year, he was a lot better. 

You pulled him into a hug. “You guys did great.” 

He wore the biggest grin on his face, just like the rest of his bandmates. You could tell this is what Michael really wanted to do with his life, just from the way he seemed so genuinely happy right in this moment. He always was so happy when he was playing guitar, whether it be back in his room with just you, singing mindlessly as he strummed away at the instrument, or if he was in front of other people, or if he posted another cover on YouTube. He seemed so damn happy, and you loved to see him like this. 

“Thanks, Y/N. Kinda sucks that there was barely anyone, though.”

“Just wait, you’ll be selling out arenas one day.” You told Michael, trying to get him more hopeful.

Not just him, but the rest of his friends laughed. “Yeah, okay Y/N. We’ll go sell out arenas and then right after we’ll hop on a plane and fly to another country–no, continent, and then we’ll sell out more arenas.” Ashton said sarcastically. “What’s next, will we sell a million copies of our debut album?”

The 4 guys all laughed at Ashton’s jokes, and you couldn’t help but giggle at the things Ashton was saying. “Hey, you never know, it could happen.” You said in between laughs.

“Sure, Y/N.” Michael said. “You keep thinking that.”

As you rode back with them to Ashton’s house, the car was filled with so much energy bouncing off between the 4 guys, all in awe that their careers as a band had officially started. Michael had done it: he got off his ass and learned how to play guitar, and on top of that, started a band. You hated to admit, but you didn’t think he was actually serious about his whole dream. Michael was ambitious, sure, but you had never seen him work this hard in his life. Just talking to him about music got him so excited, and music was where he felt happiest. Everything about it he loved, and you couldn’t help but think they might actually go somewhere with this. And by somewhere, you meant to another city.

Not the other side of the world.

Here you were, on the other side of the fucking globe, about to watch Michael bounce around on stage absolutely slaying at guitar. You couldn’t even believe it yourself, and you could no where near comprehend how your best friend thought of what his life had turned into.

You threw Michael a bottle of water as he walked backstage, fitting the earpiece in his left ear. “Thanks.” He said, before taking a quick sip of water.

“You ready for the show tonight?” You asked, walking alongside him.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” He laughed. “I’m in fucking LA, Y/N. How the fuck did this even happen?”

“You tried, Michael.” You told his, resting a hand on his shoulder. “You actually tried and you fucking succeeded, that’s how it happened.”

“How many people are out there tonight again?” 

“Like 17,000.”

“Oh my god.” He said, covering his eyes with his hand. “This isn’t real.”

“Yes it is, Michael. You’re living your dream, how does it feel?” You asked, laughing at how adorable he was acting. Michael, over time, believed he was actually living less and less the more famous he got. When One Direction asked them to go on tour with them, he refused to accept it up until right before he walked onstage for the first time. It was so surreal to him, and apparently he still hasn’t gotten over the fact that he’s achieved his dream, and at such a young age, too. He would’ve never guessed it would only take him 2 years or so to get where he was today. 

He shrugged his shoulders. “It’s unreal.”

You followed him backstage as he met up with the guys, each grabbing their instruments (or in Ashton’s case, drum sticks) and all getting hype for the show. “Alright, you guys go out there and kick some ass.”

“Y/N, we’re playing crappy music and acting like idiots on stage for 2 hours, it’s not like we’re beating up some guys.” Calum said, making you all laugh.

“For the millionth time, your music isn’t crappy!” You argued.

“Whatever you say, Y/N.” 

The crew backstage was motioning for the boys to get ready to run out, and Michael leant over and gave you a quick, friendly kiss on the cheek. “Good luck, boys.” You called out, as you watched Michael give you a thumbs up before starting to strum the intro to ‘End Up Here.’

You remained backstage, watching the guys perform and trying your best not to look like an idiot singing along to the songs throughout the night. All the while, you couldn’t help but be so incredibly proud of those 4 guys, Michael especially. What they had accomplished in such a short amount of time was mind-blowing. They had created so much with this band, helped thousands of people with their own lives, whether it be find their passion in life or find their happiness. Just like Michael found his in this band. This band, 5 Seconds of Summer, this home Michael created for himself and for his 3 other best friends was irreplaceable.

Through all the countless interviews, acoustic performances, award shows and touring Michael has really grown as a person. It’s hard to see him as anyone else but some dorky 15 year old whom you were best friends with, and truthfully you still saw him as that. He still makes stupid dick jokes daily, he still has the same haircut, and everyday he’s always trying to better himself, whether it be in his music or in his image. 

You watched as Michael performed, always glancing to you between songs while he was grabbing some water and shooting you a wide grin that always made you smile back at him. And he would turn right back around, continuing to inspire his fans right before your eyes, and ultimately rule the world in that moment. All he wanted to do when he was younger was feel on top of the world, and to him that was up on stage in front of thousands of fans.

Looking at him right now, he was most definitely on top of the world.

Michael was happy–beyond happy–with his life thus far, and by the looks of it, it can only get better. You’d be by his side, being the loyal friend you are, supporting him every step of the way.

When they had finished performing ‘Good Girls,’ Michael held his hands up. “Can I just say one thing?” He asked, to which the crowd erupted with cheers. You smiled and shook your head, knowing Michael was going to most likely say some random thing like he does at every show, since he never was the one to give sentimental speeches (that was Ashton’s job). “I know I’m not the one that usually talks about this kind of thing, but seriously thank you so much for getting us where we are today. I’m in fucking Los Angeles in front of 17,000 people all having the greatest night of their fucking lives. I could’ve never told my younger self that I would be right here where I am today, it’s fucking amazing. I cannot thank you guys enough for supporting us and what we love to do, because if it wasn’t for my annoying friend Y/N backstage–” He said, looking over at you, “–I wouldn’t have even realized this is what I want to do for the rest of my life: making music I love and inspiring people like you guys.”

“Damn that hit me right in the feels.” Calum spoke into his microphone, making the crowd go wild yet again.

Michael laughed and looked back at you, mouthing you a quick ‘thank you.’ You just smiled and held up two thumbs up, watching as they got in position for their next song while Calum followed up Michael’s speech in agreement. 

The smile would not come off your face for the rest of the night, thinking back to that day in Michael’s room where he admitted he wanted to be in a band. How you told him he could do it, and how he got the confidence to get off his lazy ass and work towards it.

How he went from being a lost boy in his bedroom located in the suburban Sydney, not knowing what he was going to do with his life, to being happier than he could’ve ever imagined, being on top of the world.

As my favorite show of all time comes to an end and my childhood comes to an end along with it, I want to take a moment to officially thank the man who gave them both to me.

Thank you, Dan Schneider, for filling my childhood with laughter. For giving me a carefree fictional world to escape to whenever I was tired of the world I was living in. For helping me get through any hardship I may have had by making me smile, even sometimes through tears. For creating characters who taught me more than anyone in real life ever could have. For giving me the greatest, most creative, most fun-filled childhood that anyone could have ever asked for. For always reminding me to laugh. For showing me that it’s okay to not ever completely grow up.

While I’m no longer technically a child, I feel like one whenever I watch your shows. I’m glad that they will continue on and I will hold out hope that at least one show with your creative mind behind it will still be airing when I have my own children someday, so they can grow up with the same fun and laughter that I did.

In less than two short years, I will turn eighteen, and leave my childhood behind me forever. But there are certain things from my early years that I will carry with me forever, and your sense of humor is one of them. I wouldn’t be the person that I am today without you.

Thank you, Dan Schneider, for sharing your amazing mind with us. You’ll never know how much that gift means to me and so many others.

I know, you see, somehow the world will change for me, and be so wonderful…

zaynofvere-deactivated20160519  asked:



au where harry volunteers with the local blood drive and urges liam to make a blood donation. liam is all “umm, sure! will do, mate” with a big smile until he turns away and starts to panic because blood DEFINITELY isn’t his friend, whenever he sees it he gets woozy and comes close to passing out.

this is something he doesn’t usually share because he’s quite embarrassed about it - the only person that knows is louis because they’ve been friends since childhood and it’s impossible to live a life with louis tomlinson and not encounter a few bumps and scrapes along the way. he’ll never forget the time a few years ago when louis fell whilst trying some ridiculous skateboard trick and banged up his knee. liam instantly felt nauseous at the sight of blood trickling down louis’ leg and ran away, hiding his face and wincing. louis referred to liam as “bella” for a whole month after the incident.

he figures he could just tell harry about his fear - harry is very understanding and he’s always been super nice to liam. but a part of him thinks he should at least try, especially since he’d be helping out the community or whatever. the good guy inside liam tells him he has to do this.

so he meets up with harry at the donation center and is given paperwork to fill out. he can hardly hold the pen still due to his nerves but he’s determined to get through this. he finishes up and spends the rest of his wait trying to calm himself down. he closes his eyes and takes a couple huge, deep breaths and then hears harry calling his name.

he gets up and follows harry into an exam room and is instantly introduced to the most beautiful person he’s ever seen in his entire life. “this is zayn, he’ll give you your physical and ask you some questions before taking your blood. ignore the tattoos and the brooding stare, i promise that he’s the most gentle soul i know.”

zayn lightly punches harry’s arm but laughs. “bro, how am i supposed to keep up my reputation as a mysterious bad boy if you keep telling strangers about my gentle soul?”

“pffft, you’ve never had that reputation. we all know you’re way too much of a nerd to ever be considered a bad boy.” harry’s walking out the door as he mutters out a "you’re in good hands, liam" and with a wink he’s gone. 

“have a seat, mr. payne, and we’ll get started.”

“you can call me liam. i mean, if that’s ok with you. ‘mr. payne’ just seems so formal, i feel like a teacher or something. and i’m definitely not a teacher. not that being a teacher is bad or anything.” liam realizes he’s rambling and shuts up.

“are you nervous, liam?” zayn says with a crooked smile.

“a little,” liam admits, while twisting his hands in his lap. but it was more like A LOT. apparently giving blood wasn’t enough, a fucking greek god had to be the one doing it. couldn’t a nice, elderly lady be doing this instead?

“is this your first time giving blood?”

“yep. to be honest, i, um, i’m kinda scared of blood..” liam doesn’t know why he’s divulging his secret to zayn but something about him seems trustworthy, though, like he wouldn’t judge him for it.

“oh. are you sure you want to do this, then?

"i think so…i mean, yes. definitely yes.”

“alright, let’s get started.” zayn weighs him and goes to take his blood pressure. having zayn’s hands on his arm as he secures the cuff is a lot more exciting than it should be. harry was right - he’s definitely in good hands. very good, very pretty hands. liam internally tells himself to get a grip, but the word grip just brings him back to zayn’s hands. possibly zayn’s hand gripping his dick. woah there, brain. CALM DOWN.

zayn then proceeds to ask him questions about his health history and places he’s traveled. the questions get more intense and personal as they go on and liam feels a tad bit awkward. “this next quesion is a bit intrusive but i have to ask it, i’m sorry”

“fire away” liam says nervously.

“have you ever, er, had sex with another male?”

liam hesitates before stuttering out a “umm. no” and then quickly adds on a “not yet, at least..” and then covers his mouth in shock. did he REALLY just say that? damn his stupid nerves making his thought process foggy and allowing him to say ridiculously embarrassing things.

shockingly enough to liam, zayn is laughing. “i’m so sorry, i’m not laughing at you, i promise. you can relax, it’s ok. you’re the most interesting person i’ve ever done this for. it’s refreshing.”

“oh. really? i’ve never been called interesting before. or refreshing.”

zayn raises his eyebrows and let’s out a barely audible “hmm” and then picks something up from the tray by liam’s chair. ”i’m going to cleanse your arm now” liam just nods and let’s zayn do his job.

“okay liam, i’m about to insert the needle. you’re going to feel a quick pinch but that’s all, i promise.” liam takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. he feels a jolt of pain but then it’s over and he exhales. so that part is over, he can do this. he can definitely do this.

but then he opens his eyes and looks down..down at the blood exiting his vein via a little tube. and it’s too much, way too much for him to handle. he immediately feels woozy. he turns away and shields his face with his free hand.

“liam, are you sure you can handle this? you’re going to be like this for around 10 minutes, y’know..”

“t-ten minutes?” liam says behind his hand. “i think i can keep going. it’s fine, i just - i need to not look at it.” liam knows he’s being stronger on the outside than he is on the inside because in the inside he’s freaking out. “do you think you could, i don’t know, distract me somehow. tell me a story? or a joke. do you know any good jokes?” his words are rushed and he knows he sounds ridiculous but he can’t focus on the embarrassment at the moment.

“er. no, i don’t really know any jokes. um, maybe i could…” and his sentence trails off as he begins to quietly sing. liam is taken aback at first before he notices how nice zayn’s voice is. as the singing continues, zayn’s voice strengthens as he gets more comfortable with the situation. liam doesn’t recognize the song but finds that he doesn’t care, he thinks he could listen to zayn sing literally anything. a few minutes go by before zayn finishes and awkwardly says “sorry if that was weird..”

“no, it was - it was actually really great. you’re really fucking talented, mate. pardon my french.”

“really? to be honest, i hardly ever sing for strangers, but i figured distracting you was more important than having you pass the fuck out in this chair with blood seeping out of your arm.”

liam laughs. “definitely. what song was that? i didn’t recognize it.”

“my friend niall’s in a band and it’s one of their songs. they practice every day in our garage so all their songs are kinda burned in my brain.”

“it was a dope song. do they ever play shows?”

“dope?” zayn laughs, “i can’t wait to tell niall that someone described one of his songs as ‘dope’.. and yeah, they play a few gigs every once in awhile. they’re actually playing this weekend”

“really? where at? my friend louis and i were looking for something to do this weekend”

“just at a local bar. harry’s going with me. maybe we could all meet up there?”

“cool, i’m down”

“sick. oh, look, your 10 minutes are up. how do you feel knowing you survived your first blood donation? let me just take the needle out for you..”

and then liam made the mistake of looking as zayn brought the needle out of his arm, a bit of blood beginning to trickle down his arm before zayn could clean it up and patch him up. and before he knew it, he was passing out.

he came to with zayn leaning over him, his face barely an inch away and his hands gently grabbing liam’s face. “liam? LIAM? are you alright?? you scared me for a second.” 

“i’m - i’m fine. i’m so sorry about that.” liam has never been more embarrassed in his entire life. did he really just pass out infront of the most gorgeous guy in the entire fucking world?

“you don’t have to apologize, liam. i guess i spoke too soon when i said you survived your first blood donation." 

"ha, ha, ha. i think i should get out of here.” liam was still very aware of zayn’s hands still on his face until the realization swept over the other boy and his hands jerked away. 

“yeah, that’s probably a good idea. you know your way out?”

“i think i can manage. thanks for everything, and, y’know, calming me down and everything….”

zayn just smiled and nodded his head before liam turned to walk out the door.

he’s out in the parking lot about to get in his car when he hears someone shouting his name. he turns around and sees zayn running towards him with a tiny slip of paper in his hand. “here’s my number. i figured it’d be easier than going through harry or whatever. text me when you talk to you friend - louis, was it?”

“oh! sure. yeah, i’ll do that." 

"cool. well, hopefully i’ll see you this weekend.”


and all liam can think about on the drive home is zayn’s hands on his face, his singing voice still delightfully ringing in his ears.

in that night sky - (be-the-peaf week 70)

Title: in that night sky
Word Count:
[Republic City picks up the pieces. | Mako. Korra. OC’s. Makorra. Post-Book 4.]

A/N: LAST PROMPT FOR BE-THE-PEAF EVER and I honestly think I might die. I wanted to do a piece about Mako and Republic City after the fight, but I don’t know how well it presents itself in the end. But I’ve been planning / writing / editing this for the last two days straight, so it might be better to someone with a fresh set of eyes and a not-dead brain. 


be-the-peaf · Prompt 070 – for the future


The damage takes its toll.

Downtown is more in ruins than pieces – Harmony Tower and Kwongs are gone. The police station has another building buried in its side and Avatar Korra Park is littered with debris from the fight. Trees broken and pathways ripped apart. The list of places Mako knows is thinning, and everywhere else is a mess as the citizens displaced in the chaos try to find means of shelter and work. The whole of the populace gathers supplies for the long months of rebuilding ahead. Time moves on, slowly and surely, and Republic City does too.

They’re winners, after all.

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Kumiko still says Reina’s name like she is overwhelmed with love and affection, but why? (Plus other things I’ve noticed)

First, I’m just going to say that I am a firm believer in kumirei and I love their dynamic together, however, I am looking at this in a purely spectator perspective, aka I promise there is no bias and this is rather just something I–among others– have noticed ever since the highly regarded episode 8. So, let’s begin with this discussion, shall we, come on, join us! 

1. Why is it that Kumiko says Reina’s name to this day with such enticement, appeal, love, and warm shock like the day of the mountain hike together? If I was a non-shipper and even as a shipper, I would understand why on the first time she was like this, because I know well that in Japan, using first names alone is something extremely intimate and personal. Now, take in consideration that Kumiko and Reina have only just  started to patch things up with each other and whatnot since I think two or three (maybe?) episodes before 8, right? So to be using the first name so soon when they haven’t even had a whole lot of time to get back on track with each other, would definitely, in the Japanese mindset, be startling and overwhelming like it was to Kumiko. Pair that along with her distant personality and her being touched right before in the persona/intimate gesture that Reina delivered, YEAH, I would act like that regardless of gender or my own sexuality. For episode 8 alone, I could understand the argument that it was just an intimate but platonic moment. 

1B. HOWEVER, this feeling for Kumiko did not stop after episode 8. For the next three episodes, (if we are to include episode 11′s preview, which she still appears to be having the same effect whenever she speaks of Reina) she still has that fawning over noise in her voice when she says Reina’s name. Like every time she is about to say Reina’s name she is brought back to that “dream-like” moment and is breathless from Reina’s touch and demeanor, just the fact that she was there under those sparkling stars with her, all of the events that conspired in the height of episode 8, they all play in her mind, making her shy and perhaps a happiness she doesn’t even realize yet, but, bottom line is, whatever makes her still speak with that awestruck love tone that I’m sure if it were a boy and girl would not be considered a platonic tone in the slightest, she CONTINUES to do so, even with more intensity I would say in it with each episode. (Add: I think she also has been trying to use Reina’s name more frequently *that is a bad word to describe what I’m trying to convey, sorry!*, albeit its probably a subconscious matter rather than a conscious one, but this is definitely more debatable 

I’ve had one crush before, and I remember that after anything we did that one might consider a “special, private moment” I would always think back, (usually subconsciously because you can’t talk and do stuff while thinking longingly of the past) about that feeling that I felt, and my heart would do this weird little flutter down, like it was following the path of a lightning strike straight through my memories, and when I would be talking to her, my voice would do this weird falter when I said her name, I would have a huge, goofy smile on the entire time that I swear would hurt after she left to go somewhere else, and when I laughed, it was really compulsive and wavered a bit and my fingers would feel like there was no blood going to them, This is obviously a personal reaction but I’m positive other people have had similar reactions like I or Kumiko, in this case, have exhibited towards the one they held romantic affinity towards. 

So what I;m trying to say is that, why would she still be in this state if she didn’t regard Reina as anything than just a new-founded friend? 
1C. Moreover, she doesn’t say Shuichi’s name like that, and yes, of course they have known each other since childhood so that would be kind of weird for sure regardless, if she were to always speak his name in the same fashion of Reina, but! I might consider the fact that they had a falling out with each other in middle school, so in some sense, by the show’s progression alone, almost leaves them in the same, maybe even worse position than Kumiko and Reina’s relationship (platonic and/or romantic) Yet, techically, Kumiko has started saying her name in that manner. If Shuichi and Kumiko start to rebuild their relationship, which would be grand and cool, I mean we’ve all had that happen, I still think that honestly, she would be saying his name in a normal, platonic fashion, maybe with not as much poison anymore XD but just like she would treat Hazuki’s or Midori’s name. 

-Which also isn’t said like Reina’s name. Especially with Hazuki, Hazuki outright started using first names with Kumiko and Kumiko was a little shocked about it but she also used Hazuki’s first name too (I think she tagged it with chan/ san though, I forgot, either way) 

IF and only if the reason Kumiko says Reina’s name all the time like that is because she isn’t use to saying first names with someone new she met (distant persosnailty+ Shuichi I would say wouldn’t count because he’s like the only one we know that is her friend who she has addressed with the first name because they’ve known each other like family)  then why doesn’t she go Hazuki like she does Reina. For me, it has to be because of the experiences associated with the name and the feelings that push a person’s behavior, consciously and subconsciously. 

2A. I understand that in the novel, it isn’t Reina and Kumiko that get together, at least as of now, but I also have read that they have cut out a lot of the shuichi anf kumiko hints in the anime version, as well as intensify the prexisting moments between Kumiko and Reina. Yes, yes, yes, it’s all just queer-baiting though right?  In most cases yes it could be, especially after episode 10, however, I think it is too early to make the decision. It feels like it has a high chance of being bait, but there are some things, like the attention to detail with any kumirei scene that just, feels above baiting? Baiting to me is usually comedic in subtext or nature or one sided, take A Certain Scientific Railgun, love the show, but it is clearly yuri bait in the first half of the first season. 

Why would Kyoani spend SO MUCH into making their scenes and adding in scenes if they were planning to just have it as yuri bait. Like, those scenes could be there, but it didn’t need to go that deep and thought out through EACH episode if they were only using it as bait. I think that is a logical assumption most would have, even with a tease *not bait, there’s a difference between heterosexual and homosexual portrayal, as an active lover of both love stories, I know this is true because one is accepted and the other is seen as a stage, or is frowned upon, hush-hush*. 

While I’m not condoning homosexual baiting as a marketing strategy, I do know that, that is what yuri bait is used for. Okay? But, then, it should just be a little scene here and there and with a better focus on the love story of Kumiko and Shuchi. The whole overarching problem with this peculiar yuri bait method is that this so called yuri bait has taken the whole chunk of the romance part of Hibike. And, So, what it becomes is no longer bait, but foreshadowing. Honestly I could be the most homophobic person in the world and I would still claim that anime-wise any ship other thaan Kumiko and Reina is absurd and makes no sense. What I think they messed up on, if in fact they wanted to use bait as a strategy, was to cut it SHORT. 

So now what you have is a misconception that can ruin a show. Regardless, regardless of the genders of the couple. Imagine your favorite heterosexual pairing (Mine would be Robin/Starfire, literally my childhood OTP) having all the development that would point to a future romance, be, and quite suddenly, forced out of the way for a ship that has no anchoring, like it was just drawn out of a hat? It would be like, “wait, what?” Who honestly, would be okay with that. Let alone with a person who is much older than said person from your OTP and apparently has a wife and kids? (Hibike novel, read this somewhere)

Now, take in to consideration the LGBT and how we are usually pushed into the back of mind in terms of media and society and heteronormativity , which is to easily be as explained as: Two girls or two guys have intimate relationships, hug a lot, blush, flirt and everything (etc) yet is seen as friends but if it was or is a heterosexual relationship, everyone says they like each other or suspect it without much of a second guess, at least there’s more people who would willingly view it like that.  And this tactic is really damaging. Sure, I’m American who was taught a different set of morals in regards to homosexuality, and Japanese people view it as something that’s okay as long as it is a stage. But, that doens’t make it right, This is not an American appeal, this is a people appeal because that’s what its doing, effecting PEOPLE. Yes, there are lesbians and gay people and teens in Japan, they just don’t get the opportunity to be as vocal as an American teen might get to be, (media, friends, etc, it’s still fricken TOUGH trust me, its just world society) I DON’T CARE IF IT’S 100,000,000 people effected or 1 in Japan or elsewhere, it’s still a number greater than 0. 

I’ve been talking for so long and I could honeslty talk about so many other things that I think makes everything weird in this romantic struggle, but In the end all I can do is make my voice be heard and hope for change. 

However, guys, remember, HIBIKE IS NOT A ROMANCE, thus even if we all love potential romances, this isn’t a romance show. Therefore, if you are going to hate an entire show simply because of a  romantic flaw or personal disagreement to whatever ship becomes canon or hinted canon, then that’s really not the right thing to do. I hate yuri baiting, I really do,its sick, wrong and damaging, rather people want to accept the fact or not (heck, some people of the LGBT fandom won’t feel anything at all, it is, after all, just a show,)  but there are many other things that make this show amazing, fun, and nerve-racking. I personally will or am frustrated if it is in fact just yuri baiting, but that doesn’t mean I’m about to go swear off the show and drop it? If I operated like that then I would not be able to enjoy a lot of things because the sad truth is, is that in this time in society, homosexuality relationships aren’t fully accepted, its getting better, but it’s not there yet. And even, pray the one day homosexual relationships are basically viewed as normal in world society or most societies, (I believe the day will come) there will never be as much homosexual love stories as heterosexual ones because they will always be the most common in society, not because it’s “natural” but because it’s what is more prevalent. Guys, we came from somewhere, and it wasn’t from our two moms or two dads.  

Another thing, it really isn’t okay to go blaming heterosexuals for our misgivings and misrepresentations, a lot might disagree but I just don’t think it’s the case. Sometimes people joke around and go “GOD DAMN IT STRAIGHTS” and what not, I regret to say I’ve done it too, and I’m sorry, but always, at the end of the day, I know by far it isn’t because of heterosexuals. (How can you even say that when there are many, many heterosexual people today just as frustrated about yuri baiting and lack of representation of the LGBT+ community?) It’s more because of the supernatural traditions and power of society. The backwards thinking dating centuries ago. 

I’m African American and my family can tell you personally of their father’s and own time dealing with lack of representation of their race and when there was finally representation, it was background character or a comedic clown/gangster fellow. It’s gotten way better since then, but there are also new stereotypes for African american characters. “Sassy black girl” “drug dealer” :”missing father/poor” etc. This is literally the same progression that lgbt is starting, and one day, both will meet at a level compared to what use to be “common” and “accepted” it’s a fight for everyone, and it’s a fight we can’t give up on. 

I personally think we get too caught up in romance when romance isn’t even the driving force of the show. I love the romance in Hibike and yes I’m a shipper rooting for a kumirei ending, I hope for no yuri baiting, but if it happens, I think we all need to realize, that yes, representation is important in media, and we are slowly getting more accurate portrayals. of them, 

The last thing I want to say is that I believe that despite the problems of LGBT representation, the way the whole kumirei scenario is going on tumblr lately, I think we need a reminder that a better story, one with no yuri bait, yaoi bait or any other type of LGBT+ baiting, is about to or is unfolding in front of you. In your life, there is nothing writing your story and telling you to act only in a baiting manner like television. YOU ARE THE AUTHOR OF A GREAT, BIG GAY, LESBIAN, BI, STRAIGHT, ASEXUAL,, AROMANTIC, TRANSGENDER, NONBINARY, EVERYTHING  ABOVE AND BETWEEN THAT IS UNIQUE AND SPECIAL TO YOU. 


hibike! euphonium will be the last thing on your mind when you are having your own mountain hike under the stars with the one you love.

Just enjoy your life and even with the hardships we all face regardless, look forward to the seeds of tomorrow and never go sifting through the ashes of yesterday, because you will certainly not find anything growing there, no matter how hard you look.