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Guys idk what it is but with Daehyuns most recent vlive he seems so happy and radiant and it’s really nice? He just dropped another solo and got amazing feedback and he’s going to be in a musical and he’s so excited about it, and man I can’t understand Korean well enough but he’s just so ecstatic and happy and giggly and even his speech is really flow-y and light and perky and it makes me really happy!?

defenders of the universe

instead of Jack, Bitty  invites Shitty to Georgia

- Mrs Bittle insists that they all call him Mister Crappy. Shitty has no idea who they’re talking to.

- The Bittles are all impressed by Dicky’s lawyer friend, because Shitty knows how to impress parents

- Shitty and Coach bond over mustache grooming

- Shitty watches sports with Coach while Bitty cooks with his mom

- When Bitty comes back, they’re talking about toxic masculinity and heteronormativity in sports

- It seems like Coach is receptive to feminist theory when it’s talked in his language aka à la sports jock

- Years later, when Bitty comes out to his parents, he tells them he’s dating a boy he met on the team.

- Oh, are you dating Mister Crappy??? :D

- …No? I’m dating Jack!

- Oh. Okay. 

RFA as text messages from 404

So i mean its totally possible i got the idea from my lovely friend over at @misspeggy-longleggy i mean psh no its totally original kiDDING but hey i love you my friend you’re so smart <3 <3 <3 so y’all should check her original one!!!!!









A Spell to Trap and Release Anger


  • Red leaves
  • Cloth and thread (I used black) or a little cloth bag
  • Matches/lighter/etc. and a safe place to burn something


  1. Collect your leaves. I had some leaves I collected recently and I couldn’t figure out what to do with them until I thought of this spell.
  2. Get your other materials.
  3. Gather the leaves in your hands (this is probably easier with small leaves but if you can only get big leaves that’s fine). Imagine the thing(s) that are making you angry, and put all of that energy and thought into the leaves. Fill them with your anger until the leaves are basically glowing, just pour as much into it as you can.
  4. Say, “my anger pours into these leaves, big arguments and small pet peeves, and as it drains from in my mind, inside this cloth it is confined.” Or replace this with words of your own that better reflect your anger.
  5. Put the leaves in/on the cloth and as you close or tie the cloth, imagine your anger being trapped in there. Leave it in a dark place, corner, etc. for a few days. As the leaves die, so does your anger.
  6. When the leaves have all died and dried up, take the bag and burn it and its contents. As it burns say, “I release my anger, to not bother me further.”

I just saw Logan in theaters.

Somebody hold me.

nya’ll mind if I

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Love Live Wallpapers


(somewhat) quick doodles from XCVII

now if you’ll excuse me, i need to draw some smiley Jacks to counteract all these feels

this has been a long time coming  —   so here we go!   i’ve been roleplaying on tumblr for about 5 + years & times have changed but my overall experience has been absolutely wonderful, i want everyone to know that. my time here wouldn’t nearly be as amazing without you all, this community that i’ve seen grow over time & has had the pleasure of being a part of. in fact, it would be very bland without you all!  writing as amaterasu has been an exciting journey & one that i hope i can continue on for years to come. the muse herself has been a light in my life & being able to meet all you amazing people through a character like her?  beyond words. thank you all for being so welcoming & open to a muse like this silly  doggo. 

i’ve made life-long friends through roleplaying & i hope to make many more in the future. no matter whether you are featured on here or not, every one of my followers & mutuals have been a part of this experience so i want to take time to appreciate you all. you are all so creative & talented, & i want you all to know that outside of tumblr, i hope all your endeavours & lives are filled with joy & happiness.

may today of all days bring you light & now as we slowly run-up to spring, i hope your horizons are splashed with colour. 

thank you & i love you all so much ♥

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anyway i don’t know what y’all’s motivations in voting in these things are but if it’s just your love for malec then i don’t really think that’s enough tbh so i propose what seems to me to be the best fuel and driving force and that’s anger. pls get angry that magnus being a bisexual asian man is a too unique and too important character to be overlooked like this (again), or get angry that poc in shadowhunters fandom have to watch malec, an interracial couple, losing to a white ship for the second year in a row, or be angry because ev//ak, as wonderful as they are, being a new white couple, never should have become so much more popular then the already well-known and interracial malec in such a short time, because none of this is a coincidence and it’s not fair and we shouldn’t just be satisfied with whatever ship wining just because they are both m/m and we still have hours before the poll closes and we can win this so pls

just keep voting for malec

wait wait wait

people are mad that grant gustin, a professional tv actor who just happens to be a real human being that most of us haven’t even met, with free will and hopes and dreams and the ability to have real human feelings that are different than the fake ones he’s contractually obligated to pretend to feel on tv, is getting married to someone who isn’t the professional tv actress he’s contractually obligated to act like he’s in love with on the fictional television program that he is being paid to be an actor in

…okay sure.

ok but imagine if Lysandra got pregnant
(as herself… i’m pretending the ending of eos didn’t happen okay)
and when her child first opens its eyes, she remembers.
she remembers the color of her true eyes.
because her child looks just like her.
as her child grows, Lysandra will begin to gradually transform back into her true self. 
it’ll be the curve of their cheekbones.
it’ll be the tawny color of their skin.
it’ll be the way their dark hair curls. 

she will remember. 
she will be herself once again.
and she will no longer be trapped in another’s body.



Cheech came for the Ox family who is wealthy and have a noble tittle, in her birthday her father throw a big party where all the social classes heard about it, So Gokú’s friends wanted to go and try the good life for once so they sneak in to the party, he (Gokú) just accepted with the promise of all the yummy stuff that probably he will never have the chance to eat again, so he changed his appears and his name to ‘’Lord Kakarrot’’ but then he find himself dancing with the birthday girl, and stealing her heart in the process, then a lot of circumstances that i haven’t thinking about  happens xD and at the end they got married have their children, and Gokú keeps going to the clandestine fights (is what he did before got married) once in a while and take his children without telling his mistress. 

shout out to @chichis0boobs

hope this is enough bribing for now! ;)

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This week, we rate your pets!!! We were sent SO MANY, so we apologize if your pet didn’t make it into the video! We had an absolute blast making this so maybe we’ll revisit this idea again in the future. Your pets were beautiful and so are you!