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Chris Evans Debuts Trailer for New Movie DENNIS


     my son, the day you were born, the very forests of lordaeron whispered the name… arthas. my child, i watched with pride as you grew into a weapon of righteousness. remember our line has always ruled with reason and strength. and i know you will show restraint when exercising your great power. but the truest victory, my son, is stirring the hearts of your people. i tell you this, for when my days come to an end… 

                     YOU SHALL BE KING.


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although weirdly enough out of all the people i can remember pete interacting with in the show, as far as i can tell, hes only taller than sonny and daniela,, which is weird to think about, he just seems really tall because he literally only stands by tiny tiny sonny

even so! he’s the perfect height,,

the perfect height difference for hugs and forehead kisses,, how lucky we all are

The Flash!AU Nobody Asked For

ok ok I’m gonna need you to stop scrolling bc i’ve been binge watching the Flash like crazy and I was like, yanno, spence what if keith was the flash??? scarlet speedster, red paladin?? hELLO?? and now i have these headcanons i need to get off my chest and i’m typing really fast to get them all down so get your asses ready for the Flash!AU nobody fucking asked for but y’all are getting anyways oK lETS GO

  • so some backstory: Keith is a 20 year old uni student who goes to Garrison Tech, majoring in astronomy and mechanical engineering; he used to live with his adoptive older brother Takashi, but the latter went missing a few months prior to the Incident™, so now he lives on his own; growing up, he and Takashi lived on their own next to the Sanchez family, who practically adopted them as one of their own
  • he got his powers from a particle accelerator “accidentally” exploding at Altea Labs; he was hit with the blast while on his way to university and got his ass knocked into a coma for almost an entire year
  • he was transferred from the hospital to Altea Labs, seeing as the Sanchez family weren’t qualified to keep paying his medixal bills, seeing as they weren’t legally family (Mama Sanchez almost punched the doctor when they told her this?
  • when he finally woke up, Keith realized he wasn’t in any hospital, and that he was strapped down to a table; he tried to escape, only to end up blowing a hole through the side of a room he was being kept in
  • Pidge and Hunk, the only two lab techs who stayed at the labs even after it closed down, tried to calm him down, but Keith ended up running off somewhere before they could actually explain what had happened to him
  • after running into a few buildings and maybe destroying a bridge, Keith ends up at the Sanchez house, where he finds his childhood friend/mortal enemy, Lance; he’s about to get Lance’s attention and tell him that he’s here, that he’s somehow still alive, but he gets knocked out and hauled back to Altea Labs
  • this time when we wakes up, it’s not just Pidge and Lance with a tazer gun at the ready in case he tries to escape again, but the founder of Altea Labs, Alfor, is there
  • this time, they’re able to explain to Keith what actually happened; he got hit with the blast and his cells were altered at a molecular level, and now he can literally break the sound barrier, which would be really awesome and so so so amazing, except it’s n o t
  • Keith doesn’t want superpowers, he just wants to be normal, he wants to go to uni and graduate and he wants to pay off his debts to the Sanchez family and maybe marry Lance but he doesn’t want to be some superhuman
  • except now he doesn’t have a choice, because realtering his cells and take away what’s giving him powers would probably kill him, or at least render him useless in some way
  • so now, Keith is stuck with powers he doesn’t want and a secret he doesn’t need, but you know, it can’t be that bad - at least he doesn’t have to fight anyone, right?
  • w r o n g
  • shortly after Alfor and the two tech geeks tell him about his powers and start training him to control the Speed Force, these new mutants start popping up around the city; metahumans, people who were affected by the explosion in the same way he was, except they use their powers to commit crimes, and now Keith has this responsibility to stop them
  • at first, he absolutely refuses to fight them
  • don’t get him wrong, being a superhero sounds great, but there is no way in hell that he’s going up against a seven foot tall monster who can control freaking f i r e
  • but then, while making his way downtown (walking fast, walking faster) he sees the meta attacking a preschool - and not just any preschool, but the preschool where Lance works at
  • oh shit
  • Keith manages to rush into the preschool and save most of the afternoon class, but when he turns to make sure Lance is okay, he realizes that he’s not there
  • Lance had noticed that one of the children was still inside the building, about to be freaking m a u l e d by the metahuman, and rushed back in to save him without a moment’s hesitation
  • the child manages to run to safety, but Lance isn’t so lucky - he’s caught by the meta, and is being pounded into the wall
  • something snaps inside Keith, and he bolts into the preschool, beating the meta into next year (literally) saving Lance from dying (what a hero, what a man)
  • Lance, ofc, doesn’t remember the face of the “mysterious man” who saved him, bc yanno, why not
  • after almost seeing the love of his life Lance almost get killed by someone whose just like him, Keith relents; he goes back to Altea Labs, and agrees to help stop the corrupt metas who were created from the blast
  • “It was amazing! I swear I was going to die - Juan, this is all your fault by the way - but he saved me! Like, like a knight in shining armor! And a mullet! Saving the day in…in..” “In a flash?” “Yes! In a flash!”
  • and thus, the Flash was born
When Afton sees Springtrap
  • Springtrap: Father it's me Michael!
  • William: SON HOLY FUCK
  • Springtrap: I know it looks bad but--
  • William: YOU BEEN A FURRY FOR 30 YEARS?!

Blame @reblogginhood because her stuff on Vesta on Meta Station’s latest podcast inspired me to write a little bit of a Roman Empire AU.

There were perks to being the emperor’s son.  Pike was a bit ruthless for Bellamy’s tastes, but he had been a good commander out in the forests of Gaul.  The old emperor had been a weak, corrupt man, and Bellamy had made sure his legion supported Pike when he returned to take the throne from Jaha.  

Being named his son and heir in return had been a welcome surprise, as it took a boy who had been born in the back gutters of Rome to Palatine Hill.  It also meant sitting with the emperor at the Coliseum, surrounded by slaves with fans while the gladiators battled below in the midday heat. Pike’s relentless war with Queen Nia had been a thorn in Bellamy’s side, and he had agreed to attend the games to smooth things over.  Several hours had passed and Pike seemed to have relaxed, soothed by the festivities below.

Festivities that turned Bellamy’s stomach, but he watched them with a mask of excitement nonetheless.

Pike plucked a fig from a tray and offered it to Bellamy who waved him away.  “This one is new,” Pike said, motioning to the blonde woman walking boldly out onto the sands.  “They’re calling her the Commander of Death.”

She saluted the emperor and Bellamy sat up, intrigued.  “Where is she from?” he asked.

Pike busied himself with choosing another fig.  “Just a slave,” he said, and Bellamy turned his attention back to the arena.  The gladiator’s hair was woven back into intricate braids and she drew a short, broad sword.  Her legs were all smooth muscle, and when the panther was released she danced away with an easy grace.

The match was finished quicker than Bellamy thought possible.  The gladiator circled the panther and then seemed to stumble back just as it pounced.  He thought she was gone— a disappointment— but then the panther went limp and she heaved it aside.  She’d used the beast’s weight against it, driving her sword into his belly when it tried to tear her throat out.

That was a daring play; one false move and she would have died, but she didn’t even seem to relish her victory.  Most gladiators would feed on the crowd, but the Commander of Death simply bowed and strode off her field of victory without a second glance.

“I’d like to meet her,” Bellamy said suddenly.

Pike looked up, surprised.  Bellamy didn’t usually take advantage of the perks of his station, and Pike furrowed his brow.  “I can arrange that,” he said, but his smile didn’t quite meet his eyes.

The gladiator arrived at the palace later that day, still dressed for battle but with an empty scabbard.  He was reasonably sure he could have disarmed her if she meant him harm, but his guards were probably wise not to send an armed slave into the chambers of the emperor’s son.  She stood with her shoulders straight and her chin tipped up in defiance, her blue eyes cold and hard.

Bellamy poured himself a goblet of wine and dismissed the rest of the servants.  She hadn’t spoken yet, just watched him warily as he paced around her.  “You must be wondering why I’ve summoned you,” he said, stopping just behind her left shoulder.

She didn’t look back.  “Not particularly,” she said tightly.

“It’s not for that,” he said, and her shoulders let go of some tension.  

Up close, she looked just like he remembered.  Same delicate lips, same straight nose, same blonde waves.  Her body was harder and leaner now, and he was willing to bet her hands back then hadn’t been callused from holding a sword.  He had only seen her a few times, carried past their street on a litter, but he never forgot a face.

Especially not one as beautiful as hers.

“Wine?” He held a goblet out to her and she accepted it with a suspicious look.  “It’s probably been years since you’ve had something this fine,” he continued, and she lowered the goblet from her lips without taking a sip.

“What do you mean?”

Bellamy circled around to face her and wondered if he was about to meet same fate as the panther she’d dispatched.  “I mean, it’s a long way from Palatine Hill to the arena, princess.”

Her eyes snapped to him but otherwise her face remained impassive.  “I’m not sure what you’re saying,” she replied carefully.

“Pike was a soldier; he never spent much time in Rome.  But I grew up here.  Down in the slums just past the market.”  He took a sip of wine and cocked his head to the side.  “The market that the emperor’s son’s betrothed used to frequent.  Tell me, how do you go from princess of the empire to a slave in the Coliseum?”

Clarke’s nostrils flared.  “Your betrothed dies and his father is murdered by a butcher who has no business running a province, much less an empire.  You run, and you get captured by people too stupid to realize who you really are.  So you start fighting.”

“You haven’t touched your wine,” he observed.

“I’m waiting to see what you do with me.”

Bellamy gave her a crooked smile. “I’m offering you a chance to get what you want.”

Something sparked in her eyes.  “And what’s that?”

“Justice.  Revenge.  Whatever you want to call it.”


Bellamy stopped in front of her and looked her straight in the eye.  “I want you to help me bring down the emperor.”  

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So i mean its totally possible i got the idea from my lovely friend over at @misspeggy-longleggy i mean psh no its totally original kiDDING but hey i love you my friend you’re so smart <3 <3 <3 so y’all should check her original one!!!!!










Steven + Peridot = MELON QUARTZ
I couldn’t decide on a colour scheme or a gem though so I went with both ideas
#1 is Watermelon (Tourmaline) Quartz
#2 can be Melon Quartz (commonly called Tangerine Quartz)
That way I can call them Mel no matter what >>

Idk which one should I go with guys?

Also I couldn’t help myself so, here’s a doodle