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Taehyung; i need you (too)

❝Because some of ya’ll are falling sick and PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE take care of yourself like pls ; n ;
for my bby Angela who needed some Tae lovin’ (for any Namjoon lovers, I’m writing a short fluff as of now so wait for it aye ;)) / flowerteahyung
►767 words | mini scenario
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culebral  asked:

Where’s the fun without complications? -any verse of your choosing, bruh !

Vampire: The Masquerade Starters!


Complications?” All the words in that ‘innocent’ sentence, and that single one’s more than enough to make her stop and whirl on him with a strained laugh and smile. Tried to escape onto the empty deck, tried to get away from him, but here he comes hounding her steps like the bad omen he was. ‘Complications’, god, the nerve of him… Makes her gut twist with a sick need to laugh, because he really has no idea.

That’s so easy for you to say, isn’t it. Why wouldn’t you, after all, you’ve had ALL the ‘fun’ without suffering any of those ‘complications’, haven’t you? Always have, always will, probably.” Stupid Richard. STUPID fucking Richard. And not even the stupid, hair-mussing ocean wind can stop her from advancing on him to jab a finger square-center into Gecko’s chest.

 “Why don’t you grow the fuck up for once, Richard? Maybe then you’d actually be able to ‘see’ some of the results of all your fun.”