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The Bet // Luke Hemmings (Part 1)

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Warnings/Rating: 17+, language, smut(not yet), alcohol, and drugs

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Synopsis: College fratboy Luke Hemmings makes a bet with his friends concerning innocent virgin Roselyn; he has to take her virginity by the end of the month.

A/N: HEYYYY so this is something that I really felt like writing and I think I’ll turn it into a mini-series??? Idk just tell me if you like it and if you want part 2?

Walking into my Calculus class, I blushed furiously as everyones stares turned from the board, to me, and I quickly found my seat. Letting out a long and dreadful sigh, I set my books down not-so-gently onto my desk and took a seat, ignoring the questioning gazes from my two best friends who sat on either side of me, Camila and Talise.

“Having a bad day there, Mary?”

Gritting my teeth, I ignored the quiet array of chuckles that rose from the group of assholes that sat behind me, focusing on what Mr. Burnack was teaching.

“Seems like you need a good fuck, aye? I could always lend you a hand with that, if you want,”

Whipping around in my seat, I glared at the group of guys that insisted on harrassing me everyday, a select few girls clinging desperately to the outside of the group as my harsh gaze flicked over each of their snickering faces, to land on my main harrasser, none other than Luke Hemmings.

He was your typical douchey, widely popular, college fratboy who got drunk and smoked weed more often than he didn’t, and who didn’t really care about the marks he got in his classes. He was the typical fratboy who had girls throwing themselves at him, left and right, chasing after him like a hungry dog to a bone.

His closest friends were the guys he shared a fraternity with and was almost always seen with them. Their names were Michael, Calum, and Ashton, and each of them also fell under the stereotypical description of your everyday fratboy.

They hadn’t always been this way towards me, everything had started at my first frat party that Talise had been invited too in freshman year, and decided to drag me and Camila along with her.

We’d been sitting in a circle with Luke and his friends, playing a game of truth or dare, and inevitably, I’d been asked to spill the truth about the purity ring I bothered to sport on my ring finger, my cheeks blushing profusely as the words stuttered from my lips.

And from then on, I was known as the ‘prudish virgin’ of the entire college, the name Mary often being said more than my actual name, which drove me absolutely nuts.

Luke’s icy blue eyes met mine, a mean smirk playing on his lips as he chuckled along to his own truly dumb remark, even recieving a few pats on the back as he quirked his brows at me cockily.

“I’d rather get a ‘good fuck’ from the devil himself than get one from you.” I spat quietly before turning back to face the front so I could focus on what Mr. Burnack was explaining.

After everyone was dismissed, I stood from my seat, packing my binders and papers into my bag, and slinging it over my shoulder so I could leave the classroom to catch up with my friends.

“Oh! Roselyn, would you mind staying for a few minutes so I can speak to you about something?” Mr. Burnack called after me from where he was sitting, sorting the disarray of sheets that were sprawled all over his desk.

I groaned internally as I trudged up to his desk, just wanting to head back to the apartment I shared with Talise and Camila, “Yeah?”

“So, I’m just going to cut to the chase and say that Luke, needs a tutor, and since you currently hold the highest average in the class, I’m asking you to do it.”


My expression immediately fell, a little noise of displeasure leaving my lips as I huffed, unable to hold back the whine in my voice as I picked at my manicured nails.

“Why can’t someone else do it?”

Mr. Burnack laughed a little, leaning forwards to place his chin in the palm of his hand as he shook his head, a smile on his slightly wrinkled face.

“Because, Roselyn, I’m asking you to do it. You’ll be fine, I promise.”

“…Fine.” I grumbled after a beat, reluctantly returning his small smile before I turned to leave.

“And would you mind telling him? He’s not aware you’re tutoring him yet.”


“You’re my tutor?” Luke scoffed, staring at Roselyn in disbelief.

He watched as Roselyn nodded slowly, her gaze refusing to meet his, and for some odd reason, he wanted her to look at him. He wanted those warm, clear, brown eyes that though he tried not to admit it to himself, sent a shiver down his spine everytime they stared into his own, trained on him.

“Look at me,” he couldn’t help but quip, a small satisfied smile lifting onto his face as she glanced up, her brows furrowing in confusion.

“That’s more like it, sweetheart,” Luke grinned cockily, watching as she scoffed at him.

“Don’t call me that,” she snapped, tucking her long dark hair behind her ears, her expression softening as her pink lips parted to speak again, “When do you wanna start?”

“My place. Tomorrow, at three.”

“-Luke, take this.”

Luke immediately stopped explaining what had happened, and gratefully grabbed the blunt that Ashton had handed him, and stuck it in his mouth, fishing a lighter of his own out of the back pocket of his black skinny jeans so he could light it with ease.

“Dude, if I were you, I’d totally take advantage of that! No doubt she’d be tight, and plus she’s hot as fuck!” Michael declared, his short fingers wrapping around the neck of his beer bottle to lift it to his lips.

Shrugging, Luke inhaled the smoke deeply, letting his limbs relax as it hit his lungs thickly, the smoke curling around his tongue as he held his breath until the urge to breathe became overbearing, and he tilted his head back to let it out in one long exhale.

Calum snorted at Michael’s words, his brown eyes focused intently on the game of FIFA that was currently running on the TV in front of him. “She’d probably never even let him even fondle her, let alone fuck her, he’s an asshole to her.”

Luke snapped his head towards Calum so fast he was almost sure he got whiplash, eyebrows raised in disbelief at his words as he glared at him before opening his mouth to defend himself.

“Fuck you Calum, you’re an asshole to her too!” he retorted, shifting in his spot on the couch to get more comfortable and accidentally hitting Calum’s arm with his elbow in the process, “And are you kidding me? She wants me to fuck her. I bet if I tried, I could have her begging and screaming my name so loud you’d hear it on the other side of campus.”

“Let’s make a bet then,” Ashton piped up from beside him, beer in one hand and phone in the other, a devious smile spreading across his face as he looked up at Luke.

“Fuck yeah!” Calum hooted in excitement, pausing the game and setting his controller down to face Luke, Michael, and Ashton, “If you get Roselyn’s purity ring off by the end of this month, we’ll each give you one hundred bucks, so that’s three hundred dollars in total. Deal?”

Luke paused for a second, taking in the excited expressions of his closest mates and failing to keep a straight face of his own as the corners of his lips twitched up into a tiny smirk.


Baby, It's Cold Outside.[Tadashi Hamada.]

Slight implications of Jack FrostxReader but it’s primarily TadashixReader. December 21st yo. Happy First Day of Winter :)

Wrapping your arms around yourself, you walked downtown, your eyes only looking up when someone stopped in front of you. I should have brought a jacket, you thought to yourself with a small roll of your eyes. The movie theater itself was only a few blocks away, but the biting wind that was hitting your face wasn't very nice. You tugged the thin cardigan closer to your body and trudged ahead, thinking that you’d be there in a few minutes and you could get nice and toasty in the arms of your lover. Jack chuckled lightly, glancing down at you before thrusting the wind that was blowing towards you, the other way so your red cheeks were able to get a bit of a break. He tilted his head and lifted up off of his staff, his cerulean eyes admiring your face.

Jack actually walked beside you rather than use the air to fly. There was something that drug him to you, though as of the moment, he wasn’t sure what it is. Perhaps you needed more fun in your life, the winter bringer thought and tilted his head cutely. The snow that began falling from the sky was light and fluffy and the automatic smile that hit your face was something that made Jack’s heart flutter. You were very beautiful, and Jack found himself staring at you for longer than needed. He leaned against his staff. The ache that hit his body when he realized you’d never seen him made him stop walking and actually look up. He swore he felt his heart shatter just a small bit.

“It’s cold,” You said to Tadashi, rubbing your nose with your cold hand. Jack glanced at Tadashi then back at you when the Asian man grasped your waist and pulled you closer. “Have you decided what movie you wanted to see yet?” Tadashi chuckled lightly and shook his head as he wrapped the scarf that was on his neck around yours. He looked up and caught the sense of another body, as you smiled gently at your boyfriend, pressing a warm kiss to his cheek. Tadashi furrowed his eyebrows for it was only the two of you, and he wasn’t quite sure what to do with the uneasy feeling of there being someone watching. Your eyes were looking up at the screen which told you what movies were playing, and with a jolt, you were wrapped entirely in his body.

“You should learn to trust weathermen when they say it’s going to be freezing,” He chuckled lightly and brushed your hair back. Jack glared slightly, and cursed under his breath. “Maybe we should go get a cup of coffee instead… Let you get a little bit warm.” His hands were running up and down your cardigan covered arms, and you weren't sure what was going on, but before you could really blink, you were wrapped up in a much larger jacket. Tadashi looked up again when he felt a surge of energy pass through him. Strange, he thought, maybe it’s just the weather…

“This is why I wore two jackets. I don’t want Jack Frost nipping at your nose.” He chuckled lightly as he tugged your body closer to his, both your legs carrying you to the small cafe down the street. “I can’t afford to let my beautiful girlfriend get sick either.”

Holding onto his warmth desperately, you chuckled lightly under your breath. You rolled your eyes and murmured, “Jack Frost isn't a real person. He’s just a myth. A fairy tale.” Readjusting the scarf around your neck, Tadashi’s nimble fingers ran circles on your hips, hoping that the heat on his the tips of his digits were helping your frigid self.

Jack watched the two of you from a distance, but it didn't seem like that really matter because when the ebony haired man looked up, he looked up and glanced right at Jack. He felt his breath hitched in his throat, and he furrowed his salt peppered eyebrows in confusion. Was he looking at him? Or… Jack turned around and looked behind him, There’s nothing behind me… He saw Tadashi’s lips move as he whispered something to you.

“I wouldn’t go as far as to say he isn’t real,” Tadashi murmured down to you and crossed the street quickly, “Maybe Jack Frost just likes to nip the noses of the pretty girls.”

a/n; The urge to make this into a story is really great but idk? I don’t really think this is great so hey. would you guys want a chapter story with this concept?