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Post-split Panic! At The Disco + memories

Hayley Williams from Paramore has a Capricorn sun + a stellium in the sign. She also has her Mercury, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus there, all opposite her Chiron in Cancer. Pluto has been battering her chart for years now. Paramore’s new song “Hard Times” really illustrates the intensity of Saturn, told from her perspective in the deep, intertwined relationship she has with the planet

“Hard times
Gonna make you wonder why you even try
Gonna take you down and laugh when you cry
And I still don’t know how I even survived
And I gotta get to rock bottom”

I like to hope that the hard times for this singer will start to be relieved as she makes her way through her Saturn return starting next year… I’ve loved this band for years, so I worry about her well-being a lot :P

She has her Pluto in Scorpio trine her north node in Pisces and Chiron in Cancer, too… intense karmic energy for her in this life but she has a lot of potential to make it through, I think. Also, she has moon in Leo, Venus in Sagittarius, and Mars in Aries… I like to think her potent firey energy gives her extra spunk and energy to fight through the hard times.

As she sang on the last Paramore album,

“It’s just a spark, but it’s enough to keep me going. And when it’s dark out, no ones around, it keeps glowing”

Hold On (Jace x Reader)

A/N: Sorry for the two sad imagines in a row with Jace. I didn’t even notice until I went to post.

Request: Do a sad imagine where Jace won’t listen and his sister pays for it later on or something? Idk even know please? Maybe with the song hold on?

 “Why do you treat me like I’m a kid?” You yelled out at Jace. You two were fighting again. Yes sibling fight but you two seemed to put a different meaning to it lately. You guys couldn’t even breath the same air without an argument breaking out.

“Because you’re a kid Y/N”

“I’m only a year younger then you Jace” You huffed out, crossing your arms. Jace rolled his eyes at your action. Jace may be the older sibling but he always acted like the youngest especially now with that Fray girl in the picture.

“A year means a lot”

“You’re the one making rash decisions to please some girl” You shouted getting sick of Jace’s attitude. He seem cool and collected until you brought Clary into the mixed.

“Don’t make this about her” Jace took a step towards you, his fist were tightly together by his side. He was angry from your words which rarely ever happened.

“Why not? Literally everything you do now involves her. All of these secrets missions that almost get you killed are for her! Jace just open your eyes see where this is going” Jace just shook his head and spoke

“You wouldn’t understand you’re too young”

“Here we go again” You said rolling your eyes. It was a habit that you picked up from your best friend Alec. “Well how about this? Since I’m too young to understand why don’t you? I’m smarter Jace, I care about my life unlike you.” With that you turned on your heel leaving the room, not wanting to stay. Not knowing what you would do if your anger got out of hand.


 You punch the bag trying to get all of the anger out of your body. You couldn’t think straight knowing Jace was gone out with Clary again. What if something happened to him this time? Jace was the only family you had left no matter what. If something went wrong you would not only lose your brother but best friend. With everything going through your mind you didn’t even hear Alec entered the room until he touched your shoulder. Not knowing who it was you whipped around and sent a punch flying their way. Luckily enough Alec saw it coming and had a chance to step back.

“You know not to sneak up on anyone Alec especially shadowhunters” You huffed with your arms crossed, trying to get your breathing back to normal from the fright he gave you.

“I thought you heard me, I called your name but obviously not” Alec said as he rolled his eyes at you, then handed you a water bottle.

“You think” You drown the water bottle in seconds not really noticing how thirsty you were until it met your lips. “What is it anyway?”

“We got to go help Jace and Clary they need some backup” You shouldve known as Alec was wearing his gear and his arrows bag was on his shoulder but you didn’t.

“Why does this not surprise me” You let out as you packed your things up. You changed your shirt quickly not caring Alec was in the room since you had did it many times before.

“Ready?” Alec asked and you nodded your head before you two headed out.


 Walking into a busy club was not on your plans tonight but Jace needed help and you weren’t just going to leave him for himself. You didn’t want to send Alec alone there either so this way was the safest. You guys pushed your way through all of the drunk downworlders and mundanes as if you were one. Places like these made the lines that were drawn be easier. No one really cared who you were here. Catching a sight of light come from the back, you knew it was from a seraph blade.

“Alec this way” You shouted trying to be heard above the music. You finally made it with Alec right behind you. Both of you steady your weapons before you slammed open the door. Alec and you stopped in your tracks when you saw what was happening. There were demons everywhere. Jace and Clary looked so helpless. You wonder how they managed to make it this long. Not wanting to waste anymore time you and Alec started to fight. Taking them down a few at a time brought back hope to Clary and Jace. It was like they suddenly had all of the energy in the world to fight. You were all fighting as hard as you could.

“WATCH OUT” You yelled towards Clary but she didn’t hear. You pushed her out of the way from the demon that was coming up from behind her but you weren’t so lucky. You must of judged the timing wrong because all you could feel was pain shooting into your veins. It felt like acid and all you could do was fall back. Jace and Alec looked back at the sound of your dreadful screams, their faces turning into straight horror. Jace ran over since Alec could fight the last few. Tears were already falling down his cheeks as he picked you up from the cold ground.

“Hey Y/N, you’re going to be alright. Just stay with me” Jace said letting the tears fall onto your clothes as he held you. He pushed back some of your hair that now laid on your face. Jace was staring at his little sister and all he could think was this was his fault. Only if he had stayed back like you wished. Your words kept coming back to his mind

“I care about my life unlike you”

Your life that Jace might have ruined. Jace took out the sphere from his pocket to burn over your  iratze runes but it wouldn’t work. You could barely see now, all you could feel was the pain. It was getting worse by the second and all you wanted was to rest.

“Jace” You said lifting your hand up to hold his cheek. Your skin colour was getting paler “It’s hurts too much”

“I know, you can make it” You shook your head no at Jace’s response, you knew what was going to happened. “You can make it, don’t doubt yourself”

“Jace please.. Just..” Your eyes were getting heavier and you could barely speak “I’m sorry” And with that your eyes shut and the pain faded away from your body.

“NO NO” Jace shouted shaking your body wanting to get a respond. But nothing happened, you didn’t move.

“Jace” Alec said placing a hand on his shoulder, with tears in his own eyes. His best friend just die in front of him.

“We got to get her to the Silent Brothers” Jace said quickly looking up at his parabatai but Alec just shook his head. It was too late, there never would of been time.

“No Jace. It’s over”

“It can’t be” Jace voice cracked and all he could do was cried holding your body. “She can’t be gone. Not my little sister” Alec sat down on the ground next to him, wrapping a hand around Jace for comfort. Clary watched from afar knowing that she was partly to blame for this, she didn’t know what to think anymore. This whole world was too much. Jace cried and it started to rain. Like some kind of stupid movie you would always make him watch. He wasn’t a big brother anymore, you the only family he had left was gone. Why didn’t he listen to you? He cost his baby sister her life. He knew he could never forgive himself. The thought that in a few hours he would be seeing all white made him sick. He knew then that it would really hit. You were gone.


3/100 Days of Productivity!!!
02/02/17; 2:44 PM.

hiii yaalll!!
i was gone from tumblr yesterday hehe but i managed to continue my geography notes again today yayy (even tho i dont really like of how it turned out; and still not really productive today but im still trying anyway)

well, i watched a movie yesterday with my boyfriend!! and he accompanied me to Gramedia (a big stationery shop in Indonesia; not as much as Muji aesthetically pleasing; but its everywhere here) and i bought a Staedtler Triplus Fineliner in Green color💚💚
yeah umm i only bought A PEN because its soo expensive but i really want to try it😅😅
and even my boyfriend asked me; “why would you buy a pen that costs that much?”
and i just answered; “idk i just feel soo much happiness when i collecting stationeries, as you know looking at them and trying them out help me recovering from my depression too. but i still love you tho😜”
thats pretty much why i really hope i could win @aescademic’s giveaway whooops truth has been told because i really want them soo bad🙏🙏🙏

(from now on i will put a song of the day too yay😄)
🎶 Martin Garrix ft Dua Lipa - Scared To Be Alone 🎶

Avi: So dad is aku really that evil?

Jack: Yes avi he is really that evil

Ashi: what you think he will do next?

Jack: i don’t know ashi but i do know that aku is out there watching us planning something big something huge that we won’t even expcet it!

~at aku’s throne room


A-Z asks!

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A) Age: what
B) Biggest fear: Im scared of so many things I dont even know
C) Current time: 10:27 PM
D) Drink you last had: Water
E) Everyday starts with: Me internally screaming
F) Favourite song atm: all the songs from Dear Evan Hansen
G) Ghosts, are they real? IDK
H) Hometown? Why do u wanna know (ok i live in Florida happy now)
I) In love with: @snoft-bab
J) Jealous of? People who are happy, healthy, and have a LIFE
K) Killed someone? Wtf no (not yet)
L) Last time you cried: Today (but it was mentally)
M) Middle name: Elizabeth
N) Number of siblings: 2
O) One wish: To actually be happy for a while and not just for a few minutes or in the moment
P) Person you last called/texted: @monkuee lmao
Q) Questions you are always being asked: “What?”
R) Reasons to smile: I only smile if im with someone im with friends/acquaintances or if something’s funny otherwise??? Idk
S) Song you last sang: Waving Through a Window from Dear Evan Hansen
T) Time you woke up: like 6:55 AM??
U) Underwear color: WTF NO 0-0
W) Worst Habits: chewing my nails (i know, im disgusting)
X) X-rays you’ve had: My right arm (I fractured my elbow one time) and like 3 other times (last time was cuz i was involved in a car accident)
Y) Your favourite food: Pho (its a Vietnamese soup and its delish 👌👌)
Z) Zodiac sign: Aquarius

I tag
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can i be honest because for me carousel has like the best score and i think “if i loved you” is like a top 5 duet in the musical theatre but i just dont care about the plot and not even from a problematic standpoint (because it is and you know why) but because idk it’s just boring to me i dont really care about the characters or the plot and i am in a general sense not interested yknow but i will be seeing the revival to hear those songs

Folie a Deux in a nutshell
  • Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes: wtf is this song even about idk man but I am going to chant until my lungs give out sO boycOTT LOOOOOOOVE -
  • I Don't Care: yeah, fuck you too
  • She's My Winona: apparently this baby boy with long eyelashes is Zeus
  • America's Suitehearts: what am I idk but I'm catchy af
  • Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet: actually about a wife who was cheating on her husband but you'd never know because enunciATING IS OVERATED ANYWAY.
  • The (Shipped) Gold Standard: mY dAD CauGHT Me a HORseSHOE CRab why idk but fuck it, it didn't make much sense to begin with.
  • (Coffee's for Closers): hey this actually makes sense and has a deep meaning to be yourself butwhenyousearchforitingooglesomefuckingmovieshowsupwhat
  • What a Catch, Donnie: I'M noT cRYInG I'm jUST sweaTINg frOm MY EYeSohheybrendonurie
  • 27: we wanna be cool like other bands, but unfortunately we are too adorable af and emo, sooooo alsoPat'svoiceishellasmoothinthissongtbh
  • Tiffany Blews: icertainlydidnothavethissongstuckinmyheadliterallyalldaywhat also I'm not a crybaby, I'm THE crybaby, get it right, god
  • w.a.m.s.: wat alsotheinterludeattheendishotasfuckohmygod
  • 20 Dollar Nosebleed: drugs, why, because Brendon Urie is here feat. angsty poetry by Pete
  • West Coast Smoker: what the hell are you even speaking English Pat also knoCK onCE fOr THe faTHEr, TWicE fOr THE SoN, ThreE TImeS fOr THE HoLy ghOST feat. Pete screams
Seungkwan: Boo’s Tunes

anonymous asked: I read your soulmate!au for wonwoo and omg it was so good I loved it so much, is it alright if you could do a soulmate!au for seungkwan?

Summary: “AND I WILL” was written on your wrist. Yes, in all capital letters. You could only imagine how big of a personality your soulmate must have.

- Admin Syrup

You were studying intently, eyes scanning the page of formulas and definitions, when a hand clapped onto your shoulder. You jumped a little from your seat, and when you looked up from your notes your eyes met those of Choi Seungcheol, who was grinning mischievously. He was wearing a white t-shirt that seemed a size too small for him under a navy apron that had to be worn by all employees at the café.

Luckily he was a friend of yours, or else you would be doing more than glowering at him for interrupting your concentration. “Y/N! You’ve been here for 5 hours! You know there’s a 2 hour limit for customers, right? You’re my friend so I can make a slight exception but…” 

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anonymous asked:

Ugh we all know their album is gonna flop, let's just hope no one more popular than them (which is pretty much any artist) releases anything in the same time bc it will flop even more or let's hope it does flop so capital records (which is in charge of hi or hey drops them) also why does the cover look like the 1975's album cover 👀☕️🐸

Exactly👌🏼 like if it flops, even more, we might get more drama/pr, and I’m sick and tired of it. Idk if Capitol will even drop them if they flop because knowing them there’s always “another way”. 

☕️ I’m not surprised that it looks kind of similar because they always tend to get their

“i n s p i r a t i o n” 

other artist/s on songs, albums, titles/names, etc. 


chopsticksvspotstickers  asked:

So I saw your post about exo-l's appreciating Luhan now and even the newer fans and such and I just got into Exo around August of 2016 and tbh when I found out about the whole exo-m drama I wasn't salty. I was a much bigger fan of exo-m as well (minseok bias woo!) and I love Luhan's songs and I've also watched a few of his movies which were really good! idk I just felt like I'd let you know this ❤️

that’s so sweet!! I understand why some people can’t come around to like them again but why miss out on such talented men just because they took another path? 

Especially Luhan since he left after having his last concert with EXO and talking with all the members about the entire situation before making the decision. He is such a nice and genuine guy and it’s a shame that people outside China are pretty much sleeping on him


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Nickname: Mickey/Michi/Mic (take a shot every time it gets shorter)
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: In september it was about 164 cm but now idk, I’d say maybe 167?
Last thing you Googled: Daniele Doesn’t Matter youtube (awkward)
Favorite music artist: FOB and Hayley Kiyoko
Song stuck in my head: Satisfied from Hamilton or Green Light by Lorde
Last movie you watched: Tutto Tutto Niente Niente on Netflix
What are you wearing right now: Green and black flannel shirt and blue jeans
Why did you choose your URL: I’m Italian, I’m gay and I’m a potato (I could’ve been siciliangaypotato, but most of y’all don’t even know what Sicily is)
Do you have any other blogs: Nope
What did your last relationship teach you: If you don’t ask the lesbian out, she’ll ask someone else out
Religious or Spiritual: I don’t really get this? But yeah religious
Favorite color: Pink and purple
Average hours of sleep: 6/7/8 
Lucky number: 4
Favorite characters: Too many
How many blankets do you sleep with: three/four because I’m not used to sleeping with 10/15 degrees Chelsius
Dream job: Translator, nun or old rich man’s sugar babe (mostly translator tho)

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NICKNAME: hailers, Hailz, hay Hay
ZODIAC: pisces
LAST THING I GOOGLED: google docs to write my stories 
FAVORITE MUSIC ARTIST: I have so many but I’ll say Andy black
SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD: nightingale by Demi and I don’t know what like I don’t even listen to it
LAST MOVIE I SAW: idk I don’t really watch movies
WHAT ARE YOU WEARING RIGHT NOW: a batman tank top and pink shorts 
WHY DID I CHOOSE MY URL: because it’s the name I use for everything 
DO I HAVE ANY OTHER BLOGS: yes @redhoodshood
WHAT DID MY LAST RELATIONSHIP TEACH ME: never been in one (in alone forever)
RELIGIOUS OR SPIRITUAL: I believe in paranormal stuff but I’m not religious 
FAVORITE COLOR: Blue, orange, black. 
FAVORITE CHARACTERS: Dick Grayson, Selina Kyle, Jason Todd, superman Wonder Woman 
HOW MANY BLANKETS DO I SLEEP WITH: 2 but I have like 5 on my bed
DREAM JOB: joining the u.s military or the police officer

  • an actual conversation that i had with my brother in the car a few minutes ago
  • me: you literally cannot get more romantic than hindi songs
  • me: white people be singing “i’m in love with the shape of you” and then we have “yeh reshmi zulfein yeh sharbati aankhen” like where is the comparison
  • him: ok thats literally the only english song you know, and you even like it so idk why you're complaining
  • me: i know more than one english song
  • me: i know "its a love story baby just say yes"
  • me: baby is not just gonna say yes!!!
  • him: its ok to admit that you dont know english songs, this is a no judgement zone
  • him: a support group for bollywood-obsessed indians in america, if you will
  • him: and you're the only one in it
  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: i don't know how brendon boyd urie expected to get away with writing hallelujah about ryan and act like it's not. if not then how do you explain the him in "you miss him like you miss no other" and if it is actually "them", why is he being ambiguous to the gender? it wouldn't be surprising for it to be she, but why did he choose "them". and then he said that it's not about anyone but both of the verses are obviously talking about someone and having an affair with them, and while they were quite young, and we know that ryan and brendon got together when they were young? also, if it's not about someone/an affair then why is the cover art of a messed up bed? and how do you explain the similarities between the lyrics from the young veins' songs and all of his songs. in hallelujah he says "and being blue is better than being over it", but in the young veins' song lie to the truth, ryan says "now if we're even, then why are we both blue?", which is just one example of the many times that brendon and ryan have had similar song lyrics after the split. i just wanna know the truth brendon

Aaalright I was tagged by @magical-loversforest
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RELATIONSHIP STATUS: single… kinda I don’t even know it myself
FAVORITE COLOR: black (yes I’m that kind of person)
LIPSTICK OR CHAPSTICK?: lipstick ! I LOVE wearing lipstick
LAST SONG I LISTENED TO: ha it was 5 minutes ago, future starts slow by the kills
LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: Chicago (idk if it classifies as a musical or movie I’m just gonna put it there anyway)
TOP THREE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: well three is too few but let’s say that right now i’d go for boyd beaulieu, Andrew minyard and well my forever crush klaus mikaelson
TOP THREE SHIPS: Stydia (I’ve been shipping it since forever) and obv Boyd x Hsin and Andreil
BOOKS IM CURRENTLY READING: I’m rereading on the road by jack kerouac and I’ve just started Isabel allende’s the house of spirits
Sooo i don’t really know who to tag I’m not very good at these things so let’s just leave it at this 😅

Áͬ̈́̏̒͊͐͒͌̍̑͏̛͈̯̝̮̖̮̙̜̹̜͕̝ͅŗ̞̘͉͉̠̙̖̖̝̝̩͔̪̻̼ͭͤ̂͌̃ͫͥ́e̓ͥ̏ͥ̀ͨ̈̑͝͡͏̗̙̞͓̦͍͔̬̹̟̞̰̦̜̲ ̨̉̐ͮ̓̀҉̴͖̥͉̗͕y̶̢̲͓͙͈̱̬̬̪̗̺̲̝̘ͫ͊ͤͪ̈́̽̅ͦ͛ͨ̓̚̕oͯ̈́̊ͥͦͣ̈̿ͦ͝͏͚͙̻̖̠ͅų̶̡̖̲̟̝̫͕̗̖̠͉̲̻͚͓̼͐ͭ͗ͮ̈́ͮ̅͋ͪͣ̑̂ͩ̄͒̌ͤ̓͟͢ ̴̲͎̞̙̰̜͍̟̠͉̯͉̺̻̤̣ͮ̓̌̃̎̈ͦͦ̕͝r̶͇͙̗͔͉̪̝̣̗̦͚̥̪͎̺͎̲͗̃͊͐̕͠ͅe̶̷̤̖̩̩̜̼̯̬̘͉ͨ͒̂̅ͧ̆̐̍̽͂̎̔͘ḁ̷̸͙̭̦͔̪̲̞̫̙̮̻͉͔ͯͭ̍̀d̴̡̡̨̲̘̠̠̯̬͎̮̖̖͚͕͉̳̓͐̀ͮ̍̑̽͛̉̔̆y̓ͣ̑̒ͪͬͯ̿ͧ̃͐ͭ̃͆ͨ̌̉҉́͝͞҉̝̮͖̭̹,̴ͤ̊̈́̋̌̊ͥͨ̄ͣͯ͠҉̛̩̭̠͇̥̙͙̼̗̮͟ ̈͐ͭ́҉҉̷̯͇̺̀l̴̨͍̞͎̭̼͓͕̺̞̥͍̼̯͔̂̈́̅̉́̓̿̏̄̇̑̎̚̕ė̆͌̇ͭ̓ͪ̿̊̏͌̿ͭͧ̋ͣ̋͋̚҉̷̵͖̣̞̹̯t̵͇̘̬̜͙̺̣̗̖̣̍̄͗̊͡͠ͅ'̢̛̛̱͓̫͉̙̪͔͙̞̯̲̪̙̥͋̔͌̊̌ͭ͗ͣͭͧͮ̅͗ͭͨ͗͗ͦ̄s̴͖̭̜̬͖̦̭̲̓ͦ̎̐͋ͩ͋̉̌̓ͧ ̷̢̡̞̩̞̭̻ͭͧ̇ͨ͛̃̍͋̒͑ͤ̃͗g̩̹̞͚̹̹̰͎ͬ̒ͫ̅̒̐̆̏͊̽ͥ́͂̏̒͡͡ͅǫ̵̼̰͙̠͕ͯͭͣͭ̒ͣ̾́ͮ̈͂́ͯ̽̐̑̏͜͡.͛̽ͪ͑̆͂͝҉̴̛̜̙̤̣̫͚̝͍̣͈̦̖̹

Tag meme! Woot woot

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  • Nickname: Steph, ‘Mom’ by my squad, or ‘BB’ by my parents. Long story
  • Zodiac sign: taurus
  • Height: 5′8 or smthn idk
  • Last thing you googled: ‘hanoverian warmblood cross for sale’ even tho i have no business buying a pone right now asjkdfhlkja
  • Favourite music artists: i dont even know, i’m too all over the place to even pin down one artist lol
  • Song stuck in my head:   this thing that i have on repeat all the time
  • Last movie you watched: i dont even remember… might have been Inception for the millionth time
  • What are you wearing right now: jeans and a hoodie. i’m chillin at home and cant be bothered to look good
  • Why did you choose you url: an emerald is my birthstone, and who’s more large and in charge than a queen? an empress. there ya have it!
  • Do you have any other blogs: no sideblogs we spew an amalgamation of all of our interests like men
  • What did your last relationship teach you: only been in one, but it has so far taught me patience and communication
  • Religious or spiritual: spiritual
  • Favorite color: silver or green
  • Average hours of sleep: uhh it’s like 4 during the week and 15 on the weekend rip
  • Lucky number: 12
  • Favourite characters: so many to choose??? so i’m just gonna say one: Seung-gil Lee is my #1 babe currently 
  • How many blankets do you sleep with: a gazillion sdkfh
  • Dream job: yo just keep me near the horses. either equine therapist or a pro groomer

gonna tag @homeschoolfreak, @whalefairyfandom12, and @saltier-than-thou if y’all wanna go for it <3