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so, here’s the video I said i’d make to show a speedpaint of my main two styles for digital drawing!

boys and glowing alien bubble tea (ft lineart with keith and ‘lineless’ with lance)

But imagine a blind Grantaire.

He might have never seen Enjolras face, but his voice was so warm and full of passion that he instantly creates a crush on the guy. He later asks his friends to describe Enjolras and he only gets answers like “he is the sun” or “he’s like burning fire”, and the more Grantaire spends time with him, the more he understands why his friends described Enjolras like they did. When he finally touched Enjolras face he let out a soft gasp. The man was perfect, for all he knew. Grantaire was in love, so deep in love. The first time they kissed, Grantaire could swear his heart was going to escape his chest.

You see, nobody loves the light like the blind man

ok so i guess i’ll post this too bc now i’m getting too invested in other things and i have no idea when (or if) i’ll be able to finish the rest 

but!! these are the designs i was thinking of for the other kids y’know


Naruto’s perception of love

You know, I wonder why people are so confused about why and how Naruto confused romantic love with platonic or superficial forms of love. It makes sense to me, and it’s not out of character for him, either. 

Though dense enough to meet the criteria of Shounen Protaganist, Naruto’s not being uncharacteristically dense in Shippuden and the beginning of The Last. He just hasn’t experienced love like most people. He liked Sakura as a kid because she was pretty, just like he likes ramen because it’s tasty. So what he considered to be romantic love, was, essentially, based on a form of superficial attraction, similar to how one likes their favorite food for its taste or favorite color for its aesthetic appeal. It’s based entirely on our external senses. 

He later learns the platonic, brotherly love he shares with his comrades, as well as the strength of parental love. So when his platonic, sibling-like love for Sakura began to outweigh his superficial attraction to her, especially when he realized the extent of her feelings for Sasuke, he gave up on his crush and began to support her. But because of all the fighting and conflict, he never had the time to contemplate about the actual nature of romantic love.
So it’s not uncharacteristic for Naruto to just assume that romantic love is similar to the other forms of “love” that he’s experienced and shared. 

The novels revealed that post-war and Pre-The Last, Naruto and Hinata spent a LOT of time together, as noted by characters like Sakura and Shikamaru.
So it’s within the realm of reason for us to believe that as Naruto discovered the true nature of Hinata’s “love” for him, he also realized the true nature of his feelings for Hinata that was cultivated from their interactions in the manga and their time spent together during the time-skip.

some things about tøp shows
  • tyler singing over blurryface: a sign that every show is a fight, and his voice overpowers blurryface’s. he’s winning. 
  • the black paint representing insecurities that tyler gets to wash away after every show
  • josh on the crowd during ride, both of them during trees; the clique literally supports them
  • “a few older ones”
  • tyler looking around in awe during car radio
  • trees speech