idk dudes i just wanna go to college

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Hey dude I'm having a crappy day and idk who else to turn to bc ur just a couple years older than me, you've already been through all the junk im stressing about I graduate on thursday and it just feels like i wasted high school bc i don't have many friends and i didn't participate a lot, i don't have any scholarships, i don't even know what college i wanna go to, and its all freakin me out bc i just want to draw and be happy but idk im havin a rough time ig. I just need someone to say its okay

oh my god you’re absolutely 100% fine

If you can, start off at a community college. I’d highly recommend it. Take some art electives. It’s a FANTASTIC way to meet like-minded people who are probably close in age to you. Join the art club if there is one.

In my experience, community college is SO much better than high school. My high school experience wasn’t even That bad, and I still think it’s a million times better. It’s nice cause you can just sorta.. go at your own pace. You get to start fresh with new people, a new campus, new opportunities.

There’s no deadline to figuring your life out. Even if it takes you a while, none of that time is wasted because it’s part of what led you to your discovery, right?