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Hi! i'm sorry to ask you this, but 100 days of night was my favorite comic, could you at least tells us how it ends? ;_; the doubt will hunt me for eternity. :c

…hades and persephone get married, she spends half of the year with her mom and half of the year in her underworld kingdom?

Stay with me

fandom: Haikyuu!!
pairing: KuroHina/OiHina
words: 3485
A/N: yet another one - and last - part of ’searching for your heart’, now only epilogue is left, I hope you’re excited ^u^

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They walked slowly, taking their time, holding hands and smiling, every now and then stopping for a kiss, and to be honest,Shouyou felt like a high school girl in love, embarrassingly so.

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What continues to stand out in their partnership is the fact that just as Peggy was Steve’s moral compass, Daniel is Peggy’s. In Captain America: The First Avenger we watched Peggy’s unwavering faith in Steve lead him towards greatness — she was his strength, his light, and the force he needed to believe. Although Steve wasn’t able to give back in the same way due to the very little time they had together, his belief in her continues to play a crucial role in her life. As mentioned above, while we’re all capable of believing in ourselves, at the end of the day we’re human beings, and we fall. And when we do fall, that’s when we need those who know us best to reminds us of what we’re capable of. Peggy wasn’t just Steve’s equal and strength, she was his partner, and that partnership meant taking risks, undermining orders, and fighting the good fight even when very few believed in them. In the same way, Daniel Sousa is in it til the end, it doesn’t matter what his bosses say because he believes in Peggy — he believes in the fact that she was meant for more. And that belief in her, much like her brother’s plus Jarvis’ belief allows Peggy to continuously rise higher.
—  MGcircles Media’s Smoke and Mirrors” Recap 

stydia au: amusement park date  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚

S: “Lydia, I promise you’ll love it. Carnival dates are, like, the foundation of those cheesy romantic movies you like. We’ll be living The Notebook.” L: “Fine, but only because I love you.” Of course, she completely loves every minute of it - she even lets Stiles spend twenty dollars trying to win her a giant teddy bear. 

Pressure : Carter & Joelle

It would be a lie if she said it was not suspicious. After all the time they’ve spent together, especially for the past few months, she had never once heard Ellie in such an urgent voice before. If it was anyone else in any other situation, she wouldn’t even hesitate to speak up, but the fact that it was Ellie who she wouldn’t have problems admitting she trusted kept her quiet as she followed the girl in.

The book itself was rather big, even for someone twice their sizes and knocking it down in a windless room wouldn’t be easy even for her. She was looking the other way across the room, trying to find something she could climb on when she heard the soft click from the other side if the door. She whirled her head around abruptly, glaring at the empty space where Ellie was supposed to be. “Ellie?” She called out, taking slow, careful steps toward the door. She reached out and wrapped her hand around the knob, twisting her wrist in a way that would normally turn it around. The rattling sound of the lock proved her otherwise as the knob did nothing but shake against the door. A small wave of panic crept down her spine slowly, sending a soft electricity buzz down her body as she took a shaking step back, looking around and trying to find another exist from the windowless room.

Thoughts of a Person Awake at the Middle of the Night

Is it all inside my head?

All those screams and cries

And pleas and lies,

Are they all inside my head?

All those snickers and jibes

And sobs and bribes,

Are they nowhere else, instead?

All those laughs and sneers

And shrieks and jeers,

Can’t they be somewhere else, instead?

All those chains and shackles

And echoes and cackles,

Are they signs that I am dead?

All these bruises and gashes

And scratches and slashes,

Oh, why can’t I be dead?

Is it all inside my head?