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Nct as Vampires

Request: Hi! Could you do an NCT Vampire au? Like how each of the members would be as a vampire? Thank you! :) I hope I requested correctly

A/N: i was actually thinking of writing a single post for each member but it’d be too many so here’s only a brief summary !! if you want me to emphasise on a specific member please do request again !

Assume that only you know about their identity and they promised not to hurt you as long as you don’t tell anyone else ,, and also you live together with them


  • really chill about his identity
  • like when you first told him you knew , all he did was get shocked and asked how you knew , then went back to being normal
  • acts more like a human than a vampire tbh
  • you don’t even know how he survives because you never actually saw him eat/suck ( is this even right it sounds wrong omg ) any other living things before for their blood
  • and when you ask him ,
  • he simply replies with a “ secrets ”
  • turns out he’s been drinking blood he stole from clueless vampire WinWin’s bottle/jar since they stay in the same room


  • he’s so quiet and mysterious it’s creepy
  • like you don’t know when he’d do something dangerous and sudden
  • so you lowkey stayed away from him even after he promised not to hurt you
  • but then you realised he’s an actual softie
  • because you saw him crying over an anime once
  • yes vampires need entertainment too
  • so you start opening up to him
  • and he shares with you about his family and ancestors
  • like how great of vampires they were
  • when he goes out to hunt at night though ,
  • he becomes really serious and you lowkey got scared once because he came back home with blood all around his mouth
  • then he smiles at you innocently and blankly
  • and you can’t help but return a fake smile like hansol you’re scaring me get away and wash up first


  • okay he likes teasing you A LOT
  • okay maybe more of threatening , not teasing
  • like one time you were too lazy to cook lunch for him ,
  • he got super close to you and whispered sarcastically like “ i can’t guarantee you’d still be able to stay up till dinner tonight though ”
  • and he shows his fangs too like stop johnny what are you doing
  • so you were left with no choice but to cook for him
  • he’s such a flirty vampire i cant even
  • like he got you a black dress and cap one day
  • and when you asked him why ,
  • he was like “ you should know we vampires can’t be exposed to sunlight ,, but your beauty and smile’s shining brighter than it so i gotta cover you up ”
  • go away johnny ew
  • kidding he’s so hot tbh


  • really particular about how he looks and acts
  • like he’s really ‘elegant’ as a vampire (?) ( does this even make sense omg )
  • like his cape must be washed and ironed out properly every day before night falls
  • and he HAS to do it himself
  • one time you helped him wash and clean it ,
  • he got so pissed he didn’t come back for two nights
  • turns out he was living in some kind of abandoned house as a bat
  • and he couldn’t stand the dust so he had no choice but to come back
  • he sometimes forgets that you’re human so he shares with you on stories of all the people he’s eaten
  • and when you’re like “ taeyong that’s too much detail … ”
  • he gets all jumpy like , “ oh shit i forgot , i’m sorry ”
  • “ i forgot i got too caught up ”
  • but he doesn’t really seem different from a human being so you’re not that much bothered by him


  • okay here we have another flirty vampire
  • like really really flirty
  • like one moment you’d just be there watching television ,
  • then a pair of hands wraps tightly around your hips
  • “ want me to turn you into one too ? ”
  • “ no wth yuta what are you doing ”
  • “ couldn’t resist you ”
  • “ stop yuta , hands off ”
  • “ who are you to tell me what to do , i have the powers here ”
  • “ yeah sure if you don’t let go i’ll move out rn ”
  • then he lets go right away and pouts like a small kid
  • he’s really lazy and afraid to go out under the sun so he stays at home like 24/7
  • and he clings onto you like a leech
  • disturbing and annoying you as a form of entertainment


  • he’s such an angel though
  • but you didn’t knew he was a vampire until like 1 month of staying together
  • because you always wondered why he went out and came home so late in the night
  • until you saw him drinking some red & thick liquid one day in his cape
  • you almost screamed and fainted
  • but kun was nice enough to help you out , and confessed about his identity after
  • and was like “ don’t worry , i won’t hurt you , you’re too beautiful ”
  • he didn’t even tell you not to spread it , as he trusts that you will keep it a secret
  • so sweet tbh
  • smh why were you born as a vampire not an angel kun


  • always shookt and worried that his identity might get revealed
  • so everytime you come home , the first thing he asks you is
  • “ did you tell anyone ? ”
  • “ doyoung of course not they’d think im crazy ”
  • “ are you sure ? ”
  • “ yes , i promise ”
  • then he goes back to acting all confident and laidback like
  • “ haha what’s there to be afraid of ”
  • then he turns into a bat and follows you around the next day to spy on you
  • and he thought you wouldn’t notice but in fact he’s so obvious so you just let him be


  • always curious about the ‘humans’ like ,
  • “ wow Y/N how does it feel to die ? ”
  • “ do i look like i’ve died before , ten ? ”
  • “ hehe idk , im just curious , i’ve been living for like 127 this is not intentional years now ”
  • “ you’re so old ”
  • “ but i’m still cute right ?? ”
  • and he gives you a cute and innocent smile
  • you wonder if he’s even a vampire
  • but when he gets ready to go out at night he always has this smirk on his face
  • and he’d have eye contact with you before he flies off
  • so rude but you gotta admit he looks good


  • like taeil he’s pretty chill about his identity
  • his naturally white and fair skin caught your attention first
  • then he was always hiding in the room first thing in the morning , saying that he had to take his ’ daily medicine ’
  • turns out it was small cups of blood when you went to check
  • so when you first asked him he was just like
  • “ since i trust you , yeah i’m one ”
  • then he flashed his sharp fangs infront of you
  • and when he saw your shocked expression he’d laugh to himself , his cute and smol dimples coming back
  • he actually takes care of you instead , and protects you from other vampires/creatures from attacking


  • he’s such a soft person you couldn’t believe it when he told you he was a vampire
  • and he casually mentioned it to you during a conversation
  • you were shookt for days
  • “ why are you always so tired in the day ”
  • “ i don’t sleep at night ”
  • “ why ? ”
  • “ we are more active in the dark ”
  • “ ‘we’ ? ”
  • “ vampires .. ”
  • he’s cute and innocent most of the time
  • but when night time falls he gets really serious and doesn’t come back quickly ,
  • because he has to find the perfect type and taste of blood which suits him

The minors are all half-vampires instead of ‘full’ ones


  • he’s so clueless and adorable he often asks you vampire related questions that you cant even answer , like
  • “ why do we live forever ? will we never die ? wow that’s cool ”
  • “ mark i dont know .. ”
  • “ how am i supposed to take blood out of someone , won’t it hurt them ? ”
  • “ mark i’m not a vampire idk anything ”
  • “ oh … sorry ”
  • he’s so polite and nice he almost starved and fainted because he couldn’t bear to hurt anyone for blood
  • so you had no choice but to donate your own blood
  • which also refused to drink ,
  • but you forced it down his throat , so now active mark is back again


  • another literal angel why
  • he tries his best to sustain his hunger by only eating food
  • but part of him still feels drained because he’s half-vampire after all , he needs blood
  • so he tried drinking his own one ,
  • but it made him even sicker
  • so you had to ask for vampire taeyong’s help because he always had spare bottles of blood
  • just like that you lectured renjun on keeping his body healthy and fit
  • and he was like “ sure … but one person that i’d never ever eat is you , even if im dying ”
  • go reborn as an angel with kun please


  • he’s always smiling and cheerful , the thought of him being a vampire never once crossed your mind
  • but when he told you that he’s only half ,
  • you still got really shocked and speechless ,
  • and as soon as he noticed he promised not to hurt you
  • he likes showing you baby photos of himself , the growing process of his small fangs ,
  • and the way he’d always smile brightly
  • he likes going on walks with you but he always prepares a cap and a pair of jacket to cover himself , if he gets exposed to the sun too much


  • such a prankster i cant even
  • he’d offer to pour you a cup of water ,
  • then when he comes out with two cups filled with red liquid you’re like ,
  • “ this better not be blood haechan- ”
  • “ it is ”
  • “ what why ”
  • “ try it , it’s really good ”
  • “ no donghyuck i cant do this ”
  • “ shut up and drink it ”
  • and after a few minutes of arguing ,
  • “ it’s only some cranberry juice ”
  • and he also likes joking about turning you into a vampire too
  • and would use it as an advantage to call you to help him do things
  • “ help me wash my clothes … if not i might hurt you , idk ”


  • a mixture of haechan + winwin
  • one moment he’d be all soft and positive ,
  • the other he’s scaring you with his fangs and blood
  • but he knows when to stop and not scare you too much
  • he’s also pretty flirty and smooth like
  • “ if you were a blood type you’d be my favourite ”
  • “ jaemin that’s not cool , stop ”
  • “ okay fine you’re my favourite human ”


  • he’s so happy and loud you didn’t think he was a vampire
  • and his looks did not help too , as he looked so cute and adorable to you
  • he slightly teases and joke with you
  • especially when he reminds you of the face you made when he first told you
  • your mouth and eyes were wide open and no words were said
  • he doesn’t really need that much blood so he acts just like a normal human being ,
  • only sometimes when you notice him getting a bit tired ,
  • you’d ask him to go eat/replenish on his blood intake and listens to you without fail


  • like chenle , this baby is still in the process of developing the vampire characteristics ,
  • so his fangs are still pretty short and he can perform perfectly well even without the intake of blood & under sunlight
  • so you had absolutely no idea he was one
  • until he accidentally told you while y'all were talking
  • and he got so flustered and worried after he realised his confession , he couldn’t sleep peacefully that night
  • but as soon as you told him you didn’t mind and would not spread it ,
  • he became to soften up and share more stories of his family to you

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100% agree on your analysis of Jimin as a Slytherin!!! I know a lot of people (including myself) are shocked Namjoon put himself in Griffindoor over Ravenclaw though. I'm dying to hear your thoughts on this!!

HELLO and thank you! I’m glad you agree! And if anyone is curious here is a link to my thoughts on why jimin is the perfect slytherin. EDIT: And here is why Jungkook is a Ravenclaw!

//cracks knuckles MY TIME HAS COME

So… Namjoon. I, like you and a ton of other people, was really confused about him being in Gryffindor. But, the more I thought about it, the more I really came to not only accept it, but believe that he is a Gryffindor through and through. And please be advised this is going to devolve in to me gawking over how great of a human being Namjoon is, so if you don’t want to read about that please close your browser and think about why you don’t agree that he’s better than everyone else. okay?


Namjoon is a Gryffindor to the core, not a Ravenclaw

First of all, Namjoon supposedly sorted everyone else, but I have a small sneaking suspicion that he may not have sorted himself. We know he’s a fan of the movies at least, and he’s fluent in English, so if he’s a fan and he has access to sorting quizzes on Pottermore and other sites, is it so hard to believe that he hasn’t at least tried a few? Seriously, even the most casual of fans have tried getting sorted. It’s not that crazy of a thought. So… What if they put him in Gryffindor over Ravenclaw?

(I mean, when asked to do a British accent the first thing that he quotes was “Shut up Malfoy!”. If that ain’t the most Gryffindor thing…)

Also, Namjoon is a really humble guy. If he DID sort himself, I feel like he’d be the type of person who would shy away from saying “I’m smart, so I should be in Ravenclaw”. He’s always been pretty modest about his intelligence. And just because he is, doesn’t mean we should be. Seriously, Namjoon can be a goof but if you’re ever in doubt about how crazy smart he is, please watch this.

He has no problems recognizing the intelligence of others though – he raves about Jungkook being good at everything he does, and even gave him the nickname “Golden Maknae”,  so is it such a wonder he put Jungkook in Ravenclaw? (It should be noted that Ravenclaws also have a reputation for being eccentric and quirky. Prime example, Luna. If that isn’t a perfect descriptor for Jungkook idk what is)

So let’s look at what the common traits of Gryffindor are, shall we?

Such character traits of students sorted into Gryffindor are courage, chivalry, and determination. They can also be short-tempered. [x]

Okay so, courage. I could go on and on about how brave Namjoon is but like… we’ll be here all day. So let me keep this short and point you in the direction of one thing in particular that he has done. THIS TWEET.

It’s Rap Monster. A song about homosexuality. I heard this song before but I didn’t know the lyrics, now I know them and I like the song twice as much. I recommend Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Same Love.

I have a lot of feelings about this tweet. And a lot of theories about WHY he tweeted that too – but no one wants to hear about those so that’s for another life post.

First – speaking out in support of homosexuality in Korea is a pretty huge deal, because homosexuality isn’t a really accepted lifestyle there. (It isn’t really accepted anywhere, truly, but you all know that.)

Here’s a pretty recent list on idols who support LGBT communities.  It’s a pretty god damn short list. I use the term ‘support’ loosely bc this article seems to equate ‘having gay friends’ as being a supportive ally. But Namjoon stands out pretty hard in this list because he doesn’t just say ‘i love my gay friends!’, he outright spoke out in support of homosexuality.

But Kiki, you say… Namjoon is hugely popular. He’s one of the biggest stars in Kpop. He could say whatever he wants now, right?

Well yeah, he can. But here’s the kicker! Look at the timestamp on that tweet. He tweeted that before they debuted

Namjoon was months away from launching his dream career, something he’d worked his entire life for. He was from a pretty small unknown company whose only claim to fame before that was that group that had two members blackmail an actor over something or another. He couldn’t afford bad press, and yet here comes Kim fucking Namjoon with his balls of steel willing to throw that all down the drain because god dammit he was going to tell the entire world about how much he supported the LGBT community and anyone who wanted to stand in his way of doing so could eat a fuckin dick. He could have kept his heckin mouth shut but he didn’t??? 


moving on.


Chivalry is defined as:

1.the combination of qualities expected of an ideal knight, esp courage,honour, justice, and a readiness to help the weak

2.courteous behaviour, esp towards women

Courage, honor, justice, what I just talked about describes those things pretty perfectly.

I’d like to talk about honor for a sec though. Let’s look at a pretty famous Gryffindor – Ron. Ron was one of a shitload of children in his family. He outwardly always grumbled about not getting attention or whatever, but as a person, he was all about family. He put his family first, he didn’t gripe too hard about hand-me-downs to his parents because he knew they were trying their best, and he defends people he cares about.

There’s that famous scene (that I’m still salty they changed in the movies) where Hermione wants to answer a question and Snape gets mad at her for it. And he defends her – why ask the question if you’re not looking for an answer?

Ron always, always put his family first. So does Namjoon.

Take this gifset for example. The whole set is great and shows how much he really takes care of his members, his family, but this is what he does when he’s around them and also in front of people. Not all that surprsiing.

But please, please please please pay attention to the first gif. For people who don’t know the context, he was asked if he’d choose going solo or bangtan. He DID NOT KNOW HE WAS BEING FILMED. He could have shown his true colors and said that he preferred a solo career and all the glory, but even when given the chance to be completely open, his heart was still with Bangtan.

Another great example of Namjoon being completely selfless. Everyone here is praising themselves (and they have a right too, don’t get me wrong, you’re all great four for all of you) but when it gets to him, Namjoon says “We’ve always been pretty good.” We. Not I, not me, we. Everyone else is giving themselves some much deserved praise, but Namjoon is stuck on we are good, we’ve always been good.

Also don’t forget how important blood-related family is to him too.

And don’t you dare forget how important you, his extended family, is to him either.

Readiness to help the weak. I mean this goes without saying right?

And if you want to take courteous behaviour, esp towards women, literally, look at their glass-ceiling line in Not Today, that they said they used specifically knowing what it meant. and look who is credited for writing the lyrics! What’s that? It’s Namjoon? Wow, I did not see that one coming.

Speaking of lyrics – talk about having courage. Look at the lyrics he wrote for Reflection and Always.

They can also be short-tempered.

Okay so this doesn’t really apply to Namjoon. But I wanted to include it in there because it fittingly applies to another Gryffindor we know of… Namjoon wasn’t playing around when he sorted these guys. Bonus, here you can observe a hufflepuff and (fond) gryffindor in their natural habitat.

So let’s recap. Namjoon is pretty selfless, extremely caring of his friends and family, a feminist, an outspoken ally for those who are mistreated, and is so god damn intelligent everyone REALLY thought he belonged in Ravenclaw.

Wait a minute, I feel like I’ve heard about this person before… There was another Gryffindor like this, I’m sure of it… it’s on the tip of my tongue…

Ah right. 

I’m not saying Namjoon is our version Hermione Granger, but… that’s exactly what I’m saying.

noct loves prompto so much you guys

(So I was going to attach this to this post but everything spun wildly out of control. I have too many feelings about this okay.)

Noctis has spent his whole life surrounded by people who have simultaneously babied him and pushed him to the limits of his abilities. Just look at Gladio and Ignis–always there to support him in his daily life at the same time that their job is, literally, to mold him into a flawless leader above any reproach.

And more than that, Noctis is never around anyone openly vulnerable. He grows up around war heroes and politicians and people whose response to failure or trauma of any kind is to shrug it off or grin and bear it. Even his own father has to be stoic despite pain and strife; he’s so endearingly awkward when he bids farewell to his son at the start of the game, unable to offer any comfort or show any grief beyond a small plea for Noct to remain strong in the face of adversity.

You can see how Noctis has internalized all of this; how he becomes emotionally remote whenever catastrophe occurs. When his father dies, when Luna dies, when Prompto is captured, he doesn’t allow himself to cry or seek comfort from anyone. He distances himself, puts up a front. Turns inward.

But then there’s Prompto.

Keep reading

Witch Tips

This just might be my old soul, but knitting has helped me immensely in practice and is really worth the investment. You can:

-Knit charm bags instead of buying them (Seriously you will save so much money because yarn is dirt cheap and you can get so many colors for different intents.)

-Use yarn instead of ribbon for ribbon magic (It might not be as aesthetically pleasing, but it works)

-Knit scarves and mittens and hats with charged yarn (Or you can charm the yarn with whatever intent you want!! I have a few enchanted scarves already for protection from the cold!)

-I don’t use a wand so this might be wrong?? (I’m still a bit of a baby witch) but i’m sure if you’re a wand or pointer type, your knitting needles can probably be used for that in a pinch (And it doesn’t look weird when you tote them around.)

It’s also pretty good for those of you in the broom closet because it’s a method of practicing in public (Which helps me with my anxiety? Idk about some of you but it does with me) and it doesn’t look as conspicuous. When people ask what you’re knitting, you can just say ‘A scarf’ or ‘Baby booties’ or just hit them up with the old ‘I don’t even really know yet, I’m just practicing!’ Plus!!! Knitting is a therapeutic practice in itself which makes it DOUBLE therapeutic!

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it's been almost 3 years but danger's video still gets me shook

the question is: why wouldn’t it friend. cinematographic masterpieces age like good wine and guess what the danger mv is? exactly. a masterpiece. revolutionary, innovative, daring and above this universe’s laws of physics unlike anything we’ve ever seen I mean just to begin ltm invented skates and parking lots????!

like someone pointed out before: HE 👏 WENT 👏 THERE 👏 AND 👏 SERVED 👏 THOSE 👏 LOCAL 👏 GAY 👏 GYM 👏 INSTRUCTOR 👏 AESTHETICS 👏👏

and this? is the best thing about the mv? like. a guitar? a gun? neither and both: a guitar gun.

imagine taemin carrying that w him and someone going “hey taems why don’t you play something for us” and taemin going “step aside friends i’m about to deliver a BANGER haha get it”

aside from sm assholes covering my boy’s square philtrum :-) the thicc FINALLY got the spotlight it deserves

I did some research and

he also invented useless sweaters that look good under blue/pink neon but that will also freeze your ass to death if you try wearing one like that for real

school won’t tell you this because the government hates cold and raw truth but the airplane design was inspired by this dance move. facts!

and to top it all he came thru with this Highly Unnecessary Bullshit

like what does that even do???? cut his blood circulation?? idk but it looks amazing. that thigh strap belongs right there around his tiny thigh and I, whom am weak for that thigh strap, belong in hell

D A R K  O V E R L O R D  O F  S Q U A T T I N G  D O W N

he actually had a bun and I must have cried 15,3 times?

+my previous analysis that still stands and proves that the danger mv is timeless, it’s awe-inspiring, it heals. your future children will hear of this mv and they will call you a liar bc something so wonderful doesn’t exist, it’s most surely a myth and can you shut up about taemin for once mom

chubby!johnny - hcs

requested by anon!!

  •  the gang loves johnny just the same
    • collectively: “some chub never hurt no one”
  • but they can be kinda insensitive
    • two-bit is the ass cracking all the jokes
    • affectionately poking and squishin johnnycakes around
    • “i can do it cause i’m chubby too”
    • steve joins in sometimes
    • but both are always quick to say
    • “its just a joke”
    • “we love u kiddo”
    • “and aint nothing wrong w the way u are”
  • pony can be v judgmental though
    • he’ll hold it against johnny whenever he’s pissed or something
    • and two-bit is literally always there to smack pony into his place before darry can breathe near pony with disappointment
  • but johnny gets fed up w the gang’s insensitivities sometimes
    • tbh johnny goes around the gang sometimes and asks them about how to lose weight
    • “hey dar ur in great shape what do i do" 
    • and darry’s legit has no clue like
    • “just eat ur veggies kiddo” “idk maybe join track with pony” “drink some more milk maybe?”
    • “darry’s right… some guys my age man…” (u can probably guess who that is)
  • soda is always the one to be affectionately reminding johnny not to feel insecure bc he looks great the way he does
    • “aw we love you just how u are johnny“
  • dally couldnt give a flying fuck
    • unless johnny feels vv insecure
    • then he’s ready to fight someone bc johnny must b protected
    • he doesnt speak to johnny as affectionately as soda does but he’s just casually
    • “cmon kid i think you’re just fine”
  • steve (like always) is a cocky lil shit about his muscles in the case that johnny even goes to ask him
    • *kisses biceps*
    • “these boys r au naturel, johnny, idk what to tell you”
  • after asking all the guys and getting no good answers
    • he’s just like
    • “fuck it”
    • “theyre right”
    • “i am fine”
    • but it doesnt mean that it stops making him insecure sometimes

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Okay i really really hope its not weird that i noticed Harry glancing to the side about 20 times when he performed sign of the times. It looked like someone sat or stood there & he kept glancing over & once he even started smilimg after looking to the side. I sadly couldn't watch the whole show so idk if its obvious that someone is standing there. Maybe I'm overreacting but especially in the begining it looks like he glances to the side like "am i okay, does it sound good?"

someone, huh?

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Off topic: I was reading your tags under the Adam DeVine gifset and does he has a good body? It doesn't look like that to me but you mentioned "he takes off his clothes and DAMN" so xDDDD

Warning: me shamelessly talking about men’s anatomy.

LMAO, good to know somoene read my stupid tags. Now I’m embarrassed, lol. Okay, so… yeah. Adam is a complete adorable dork, look at him:

But then he takes off his clothes and–

Seriously, the guy is huge EVERYWHERE and idk, I just really like him.

And his killer arms.

Besides, his back?? is???? incredible????????????? The whole structure of his body is amazing, I don’t even know what part is my favorite. He even has a great ass, like his lady is one lucky woman. What I love also is that his abdomen isn’t necessary flat nor full of lines, but his entire self looks healthy and firm. SO. DO ME, DUDE.

I know his kind of body is not everyone’s cup but me???? give me 50, please.

Really, crush me in those biceps, Adam.

listen here folks if i don’t ever hear patrick say he looks good, i will, and listen closely here, gargle fucking mud. i don’t care if it’s in an interview, a fan video, on twitter, or if he says it right in front of my goddamn face even though that last option is what i want the most but really i don’t give a dimma damn he just has to say it and mean it.. i know patrick likes to be a fairly witty fellow, as sweet as the yellow corn in the middle of may in the knickers and crannies of does corn grow a lot?? there. that place
need be, i will sell my house over craigslist. patrick is beautiful. i need a 20 page essay from him written from the top of the eye full tower, no exceptions, acknowledging his beauty. the boy must learn 2 love himself. this is an official message

Idol Couple with Jimin

And now it is time for our walking ball of squish, just the pure definition of fluff bc have you seen his smile he’s so fucking precious and needs to be protected at all times, Park Jimin aka chim the sunshine ball

  • Backstory time bc yes plz
  • You two meet backstage
  • He’s goofing off with the boys as usual but they (and the camera) catch him looking off to the side a few times
  • They don’t say much about where he’s looking but they do tease him a bit
  • “Our Jiminie is easily distracted”
  • “Do I have to dance around to keep your attention??”
  • He laughs it off and tries to keep his focus on the boys and the camera
  • But spoiler, he was actually looking at you and your group playing around
  • In your group’s video, the fans also notice you looking off to the side at Jimin
  • The both of you do that thing where you look at someone and then look away the second they look over and then it just goes back and forth for a bit until someone points it out
  • He’s trying to think of a flirty line to deliver the entire time
  • Does he wanna be cute about it and just win you over with how adorable he is??
  • Does he wanna be flirty and cool and laidback??
  • Does he wanna be outgoing and forward about it and just be like hey you seem nice, let’s go on a date ??
  • After the cameras have been turned off or focused onto someone else, he goes up to you
  • He has this big plan on delivering this really cute but flirty line that he can build off of
  • Like he’s got this shit planned out, he’s thought it all out but the second he walks up to you he just kinda goes from Jimin to chim
  • He walks up and he’s got that confident skip in his walk but then when he gets close to you, he stumbles a bit and it’s just like well shit there goes the plan
  • But you find it really cute bc I think we can all admit Jimin is fucking adorable as fuck
  • He does manage to get a few laughs out of you by being his cute lil self bc Jimin is actually pretty funny on top of being precious
  • By the end of the night, the both of you have exchanged numbers and agree to meet up at the next show
  • You two start sneaking out after shows for dates that are super lowkey
  • Late night ramen dates that involve a shy Jimin trying really hard not to smile at how cute you look
  • Matching everything
  • You know those masks that idols sometimes wear, especially to airports
  • He gets you both matching ones bc he’s cute like that
  • Leaves his jackets/sweaters/shirts for you whenever he makes a trip to the dorm
  • He says it’s totally an accident like lol oops I was totally looking for that two seconds ago oh darn I wanted to wear it guess you have to now
  • You do end up wearing them at some point though bc they’re comfy and they smell like him and it just makes you feel all cozy
  • When he sees the pictures of you in his shirt, he get so :D
  • He calls you the second he sees them
  • “So I see you’re wearing my shirt does somebody miss me??”
  • Lowkey invites you to move into the dorm
  • “Oh look there’s an empty drawer and a new toothbrush, wonder who’s that for idk”
  • Cuddles and hugs and kisses every single time he sees you
  • Idols are quite busy and bts is no exception 
  • So whenever he’s away from you, he makes sure to call and/or text every single day
  • Even if it’s only a quick good morning or goodnight text, he makes sure to send it so that you know he’s still thinking about you, even when he’s in a completely different country
  • Your relationship is pretty much already known about by just about everyone
  • Interviewers will tease both of you about it, your members all tease you (it’s all lovingly of course) even the fans are cooing at the both of you
  • Bc you both walk around wearing matching bracelets, you’re constantly seen with each other, you’re both huge fans of each other’s groups
  • So when Jimin does finally admit that he’s in a relationship with you and that the both of you are v v in love and happy, no one’s surprised at all
  • Like no one
  • He admits it over twitter bc that boy seems to love twitter
  • He features you in one of those lil videos they do, wearing a Bangtan shirt
  • More specifically, a Jimin shirt bc that kid’s gonna turn into an actual child if you wear someone else’s name on your back
  • Whines the entire time you wear it and pouts and gives you those puppy dog eyes until you change it
  • “When I’m your boyfriend, why wouldn’t you want to show that off??”
  • “Hyung’s name doesn’t look right on your back, I don’t like it”
  • “I will buy you all the chocolate you could ever eat for an entire month if you change it pLZ DO IT FOR MY TINY LIL HEART”

anonymous asked:

Why do you discourage people assigned female at birth from identifying as anything other than women?

As a reidentified person, I think id-ing as something else does long term damage even though in the short term you feel good. I’ve said that being trans is soothing and a survival tactic and a coping mechanism but idk…If I could go back to 14 year old me and tell her that being trans is gonna suck the life outta her and turn her into this hollow numb creature, I would. In the moment, it’s okay, but the aftermath of realizing WHY you thought you were trans is horrifying. Looking at the time you lost to lies isn’t comforting. Feeling ashamed/guilt over all the things you changed (legal paper work, getting family to call you by a new name, getting friends to call you by certain pronouns) only to change it all back.
And the big picture issue here is that identifing as something you are not only puts a carpet over the issue and never addresses it. I was trans bc I had a mental disorder, dysphoria, and it wasnt dealt with correctly, which made it ten times worse. Other people are trans due to internalized homophobia/misogyny. Others are abuse survivors. Others a people who just want a tight knit community.
Overall I guess I’m saying is that identifing as something else does more harm than good. It’s not that we don’t support females who identify as other, it’s that we want better for them. We want them to be free of whatever struggle they are dealing with that led them to that conclusion. I mean, that’s what I would have wanted. Someone to reach out to me and tell me I was okay. Just because my brain had a disconnect from my body, it didn’t mean i was this freak who would have to change my legal name and undergo surgery and hormones. I could be me, unaltered, and authentic. There were ways to deal with the war in my head that actually worked. Idk. - mod F

dailycupofcreativity  asked:

This is random, but it just came to me: Goku openly admits he's handsome in the manga/anime, and I wonder if it's because Chichi constantly tells him about it and gushes over him so he wholeheartedly believes it now XD "If Chichi says so, it's true!"

LOL That is something I’ve been saying for a long time xD But I guess hardly anyone pays attention….but yeah I noticed that too and that is why my brother and I make fun of it so much xD I think it’s pretty cute… Like Chichi is always over here giving him complements and so he’s like ya I’m handsome. 

BTW I think Goku complements chichi on her good looks too because chichi has said before oh I gotta fix myself up for Goku-sa~ ((To me if she gets excited dressing her self up for goku it’s because he does notice /and or compliments her) Idk that is just what I think on that. Also cause on one of the dbz games he calls her cute. ((Even though he said this to Kid chichi it seems very in character for Goku to say something like that because he’s just so blunt and honest.  Also I can imagine him saying that to adult Chichi.))


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I'm really sorry and I don't wanna bother but I just have a lot of anxiety about dating cis gay guys. And I happen to have a date with a cis gay guy coming up where I probably have to tell him. I feel like cis gay men wouldn't wanna date me simply because of my parts, and I'm really nervous to get out there and date people because of it... any reassurance?? Does it ever happen, I mean are there cis gay guys willing to look past it?

Tobias says:

I think there are a lot of cis gay guys who are willing to date trans guys, especially those who are a little bit farther in their transition. So even if it doesn’t work out now, I think it could later. I have a friend who is a cis gay guy and has dated a trans guy in the past, so I know it’s possible! 

Good luck on your date!

P.S. Idk if we have any cis followers, but if we do, and you’re a gay guy, or you’re a trans guy who’s dated a gay guy, care to like this post to anon knows he’s not alone?

A conversation me and my little cousin had while decorating Easter eggs
  • My little cousin: My mom says that you wanna be a boy
  • Me: *Thinks* holyshitholyshitholyshit how do i explain this
  • My cousin: But i told her that you're already a boy
  • Me: How did you figure that?
  • My cousin: Because you look like a boy and you dont like girly things like Genesis (my older cousin) so i knew that you werent a girl.
  • Me: Ilysm omg