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you are whatever a moon has always meant and whatever a sun will always sing is you

In working on this comic, I got to thinking about something:  
I’m glad we know more about what fueled this moment now:

All of their past and all anger aside, Journal 3 showed us that Ford was in fight mode.  Moments before this scene, he was battling literal demons in what is basically Hell after 30 years of preparation.  The flight half of fight of flight was long out the interdimensional window (portal?) at this point.  Everything inside of him was directed at “destroy Bill.”  If not for that, I wonder what would have been different.  (AU where the portal opens when Ford is just randomly wandering some other dimension?)

But if we take that a step further into the realm of implications, it gets worse.  It’s pretty heavily implied that this was a suicide mission for Ford.  He 100% did not expect to survive his encounter with Bill.  Stan wasn’t facing his brother here.  He was facing a suicidal man in fight mode who’d been betrayed, who’d lost everything and who’d been denied his revenge and the consequences he believed he deserved for the mistakes he’d made.   

Stan saved him but in that moment, he didn’t want to be saved.

(Of course Stan had no way of knowing that.  He was still working off of the instruction to “do something!”  And I think he would have saved him anyway if he did know, but he might have been more prepared to be punched by knowing he was getting involved in a volatile situation.)

(Oh…  How about an AU where the portal opens right as Ford destroys Bill and Stan saves him at the last moment before the Nightmare realm implodes?  I have a feeling this would have played out a little differently…)


This is honestly the best scene with Sangwoo in it throughout the entire series.

When I first read it, i thought it was just Sangwoo being fake as hell to make him seem caring, but the last face he makes leads me to believe that this was a sincere genuine reaction.

Bums slit wrist is a trigger. It was something that caused such an emotional uproar in Sangwoo and he sees it as something that could take Bum away, whom he has accepted that he really does have feelings for.

But it also shows a little more of his controlling side as well, since his response , partially being fake but some true, shows that he really does not like anyone else handling Bum except himself.

Idk, his face in the last panel is so protective I feel that Sangwoo would almost be growling like a guard dog here.

Also, everyone else is surprised by his outburst, as Sangwoo has been quiet or calm the entire time, probably to keep an innocent appearance to the other officers, but here, he doesn’t seem to care that he has a killing intent in his face.

And yeah, he screams some more about bum not being treated well by the officer, but it came off as fake concern unlike this scene in particular.

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Sooo.. if Ink can't truly care for anything or anyone, then.. How does he care about his zephrtop family? Does he truly care about them or does he pretend to? Dang, the realization that his "caring" towards them could be fake... i'd imagine him getting super depressed but then idk!

I would love to think that deep inside he’d have this feeling of *wanting* to be attached, which is honestly super interesting because it might add to the question of “Is Ink REALLY an empty shell if we put his color belt aside”, but those colors are dominant of his behavior and his feelings. If he doesn’t get them balanced, then obviously this link he has with his dads will not make much sense to him. If he does though, then he gets to be as close as possible to a relatively balanced normal person and he’s able to start constructing relationships with people.

But yes, part of it is definitely pretend. :(

Ace Keith Headcanons

[Just a heads up: I am not asexual! So if I ever say something incorrect or offensive, please let me know so I change it! ^_^]

- When Keith was little, all the other kids would chase each other on the playground trying to kiss each other and Keith just… didn’t get it?

- He’d usually just play on the monkeybars instead

- Even when he got older and his peers starting getting into semiserious relationships, Keith mostly kept to himself

- A kid once asked him if he liked anybody and he just shrugged and continued working

- After that, a rumor spread that he liked a certain girl at school and everyone tried to hook the two up and Keith just wasn’t having it

- He went to a party where the two got locked in a closet together and she tried to kiss him

- Keith kissed back and tried to go along with it but when things started escalating he broke it off and we basically just like “Oh fuck no”

- The two talked it out and the girl was surprisingly supportive and they both became good friends until the end of high school

- Once Keith went into the Garrison and met Shiro, he finally had someone to talk to about how he felt

- It wasn’t until they both snuck onto the roof together when Keith explained it

“Idk, I’ve just never really felt that way towards anyone… and it’s not like I care about it or anything, but the more people ask me, the more I feel like somethings wrong with me.”

And Shiro just looks at him with a worried glance like does this boy not know this is a thing? “You think you might be asexual?”

“… What?”

“You know… asexual. Where you don’t feel sexual attraction.”

“What. The fU-”

- So basically, Keith is pissed that no one told him that THIS IS AN ACTUAL THING AND HE’S NOT JUST CRAZY

- Shiro just laughs as Keith just spreads out on the roof in anguish

- Time skip to when everyone is in space and Keith and Lance have both stopped with their dumb rivalry

- Keith finds himself wanting to be around Lance more and more and loves being around him and talking to him and the entire time Keith is just like Wow we’re really good friends!

- But then he realizes that his friendship with Lance feels a lot different then his friendship with Shiro or anyone else for that matter

- And one day when Lance tells this dumb joke and Keith just bursts out laughing and his heart does this weird fluttery thing and then he realizes oh

Oh fuck.

- Cue Keith being a nervous wreck around Lance because how the fuck do you act? What do you say? Should you hold his hand? Don’t hold his hand. Ok hold his hand… now. WaIT N-

- Eventually he comes to Shiro freaking out and Shiro is just like “Uh, yeah? You’re just now figuring this out?”

- Literally everyone knows but Lance

- What Keith doesn’t know is that Lance is head over heels for him as well

- When the two finally get together, Keith is worried that Lance will want to do things that make Keith uncomfortable. And it freaks him out so much Becuase what is he supposed to do if that happens? Does he just go with it like that time in the closet all those years ago?

- Of course, Lance notices something is wrong and the two sit down and talk about it

- The only thing Lance is really upset about is the fact that Keith was afraid to tell Lance if they’re taking things too far

- He basically makes Keith promise to tell him if anything makes him uncomfortable because that’s of course the last thing he wants to do

- After that, Keith feels so much better and is so grateful to have an amazing boyfriend like Lance who cares so much about him and it honestly just makes him so fucking happy


Lance: Hey Keith, can I run something bi you?

Keith: Sure, just let me ace-cess the situation.

Pidge: Honestly, I can’t tell which is worse, this or the god damn pining

Body Positivity; Haechan

Request: Omg your body positivity posts are so cute!! Could you do one for Haechan please?? Thank you! ^-^

A/N: I feel like this is so bad oh my im sorry if it is ;-;

  • guess who’s back after 5 days of hectic school activities
  • i apologise for being able to write and post up requests i’ve been so tired the past few days
  • so im back again with this sunshine’s post!!
  • and have i ever mentioned how i love writing body positivity posts
  • let’s start

  • some might think he’s very straightforward and insensitive from the way he teases you

  • but you and him both know he’s actually the softest and most considerate person ever
  • he’d never say or do things that’d hurt you or your feelings
  • when he teases you it’s because he wants you to feel better
  • but when he realised that his teasings might actually be the cause of your low self confidence he stopped right away
  • and he apologises to you a lot because of that
  • and you assure him that it’s not his fault because not even a single part of you blames him
  • i mean, how could you??
  • super affectionate towards you
  • whenever he notices you’re sad or overthinking he’d hug you
  • really really slowly and quietly as he rests his forehead on yours
  • he’d give you his angelic smile
  • and wow, it never fails to make you feel better
  • would not hesitate to get rid of anything or anyone who’s causing you to be insecure
  • spreads positive vibes to you every second if he can
  • shows you off A LOT
  • “look at my baby, SHE’S SO PRETTY”
  • “HYUNG isn’t Y/N beautiful?????? woah”
  • “i’ve been blessed idk what i did to deserve someone like you”
  • makes jokes to make you laugh
  • and every single time he sees you feeling bad about yourself again
  • he’d get all energetic and caring
  • “let’s go to the park, let’s go take a walk!!!”
  • “does my babe need some of my dancing to cheer her up”
  • and then he proceeds to make silly dances which instantly cheers you up
  • if your insecurities get really serious though,
  • he’d spend hours trying to tell you that you’re beautiful,
  • and he’d compliment you and shower you with sweet words until you’re finally confident again
  • he loves giving you hugs
  • especially in public because people can see how much he loves you
  • and that he isn’t afraid of showing off his love to you because it’s just SO much in him
  • probably doesn’t care about his own image when it comes to making you feel confident
  • like that one time you were too scared to wear a dress out, he even suggested wearing it with you so as to divert people’s attention from you to him
  • cutie
  • he’d do anything to see you smile!!
  • because you’re his source of happiness too
  • no negative thoughts under haechan’s care
  • he loves you for who you are and nothing can change that

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You know what I love already about New Years Day? How Taylor sometimes has big party’s or she usually does public events for New Years and is always busy usually . That even though we dont know much about the song yet , other than the title , is that Im sure it was spent like at a quiet little place , or at one of their homes. Just them . And Idk that just makes me really happy. That she got to spend a special day , away from everyone and all the public as she usually does. I really love this era because Taylor realized happiness matters . Not anyone’s opinions. Cause she just cares about being happy at this point , whether that being with Joe , or us . Because we are the ones that support her and buy her music , so who cares if the media or the critics dont like it. She can say whatever she wants now. And be happy. And that is getting back her Reputation . Being happy though anything , even if it can get bad sometimes , cause she knows it always will. But the difference now is, she’ll only listen to the voices that matter , despite it all , and still be happy. And that just is everything to me …

some Changsub headcanons

•  Subbie loves any kind of praise coming from you
•  whether it’s something small like cooking a warm meal for you, or when he does amazing during a performance and you can’t help but fawn over him
•  he’ll just turn into mush and thanks you genuinely for putting up with him and his craziness
•  he can act like a mom sometimes and asks you to always eat right and stay hydrated bc you health is important
•  he steals your phone sometimes and puts himself as the lockscreen
•  and does a cheesy smile with his middle finger up “see now they won’t touch your phone or try to unlock it bc they’d be scared of me :::):):)”
•  why did you give him your passcode like ??
•  he loves annoying the other members by calling you and being all cheesy and romantic
•  “babeeee did you get enough sleep last night? You know how much I miss you rn? My love for you is as big as Hyunsik’s booty….<3”
•  you’ve made him snort while eating food at least 20 times
•  he takes pictures of you when you’re not paying attention and saves them on his phone bc he adores looking at you
•  shoe game is strong bc yall have so many matching pairs it’s almost cringy
•  if you ever get drunk, he’ll ask you to make up stories about his tattoos and try to figure out the meaning behind them
•  “you better not get a new one, you know your mom will kill us both if she sees another piece of ink”
•  you know how whiny he can get sometimes but it’s kinda cute
•  idk how but it never seems to bother you when he’s all clingy and pouty
•  it’s probably bc he never does it in front of anyone else
•  ngl he’ll get jealous if he sees you getting hyped over another group’s new comeback
•  but he won’t care if it’s vixx bc they’re besties
•  pool parties!!!
•  can you imagine him in his lil trunks and swimming gear at the barbecue grill??? Omg
•  he makes you pinky promise if you bet on anything
•  he’s such a cutie oml 💙

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as gay as verkwan and jihan and all that seem at time, does anyone else remember that time in 2013 on seventeen tv where mingming was trying to… kill jun? or something? idk but

this was actually much gayer than anything past debut has ever been

tag yourself i’m the guy with the earbuds not giving a fuck

jun was loving it too i mean look at that he’s having the time of his life

hey mingming, buddy, is there something you wanna talk about?




this is probably what every sexually frustrated jun stan now wants to do to him

jesus mingming you can just ask nicely


hoshi’s like ‘oh did i just interrupt something?’ YES YOU DID

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What was so special about Lyanna anyways? She wasn't like stunning, the actress they hired was meh, she doesn't seem like a girl to loose a kingdom over?

Bitch don’t do Lyanna Stark and Aisling Franciosi dirty like that! First of all, I don’t know what you’re talking about, Aisling is stunning and looks like Maisie which fullfils the requirements for Lyanna’s description

Now, describing Lyanna’s features will be difficult because we actually never got a description of official image from ASOIAF of her, but this is what we know of her looks:

“ child-woman of surpasing loveliness “

“beautiful, and willful and dead before her time”

We also know she has the traditional Stark looks, dark hair and grey eyes, or brown in the show, but we know she resembles Arya. Now, Kevan Lannister compared Lyanna to a torch and Cersei to a flamming sun, but motherfucker just might be a bit biased. Lyanna was said to be the opposite of Elia, as Elia had delicate features and Lyanna was more of a wild beauty. But I have a different theory why Lyanna Stark was so beautiful to everyone and to compare her to her son’s main love interest which I see you for George, you sly motherfucker you

The answer is very simple, ladies and gentlemen, I think Lyanna Stark was desired by so many men because she was charismatic and a big personallity, an aura of beauty and majesty around her. So, to explain further, I think I should list my evidence and explain my case. Lyanna was always described as incredibly beautiful by the people who knew her best, so I suppose she had charm and charisma to give away. And many men had taken liking to her, mostly prominent men, like Robert Baratheon. Now, back in day, old Bob was a catch: wealthy, good-looking, he had lands and a castle, he was related to the royal family, etc. But others liked her, too, Rhaegar and some suspect Howland Reed, idk why. So there she was,destined for greatness, desired by many, beautiful and charismatic. Does it remind you of anyone? Yes my friend, she has the love life of Daenerys. I’ll compare:

Dany has:

  • Khal Drogo
  • Jorah Mormont 
  • Daario Naaharis
  • Jon Snow

And Lyanna’s people:

  • Robert Baratheon
  • Rhaegar Targaryen
  • Maybe Howland Reed

Drogo, Jorah and Daario embody things Lyanna hated about about Robert, he has:

  • Drogo’s violence
  • Daario’s womanizing
  • Jorah’s persistness and urge to chase after the woman he wants

Lyanna wanted none of that, she perhaps took a liking to Robert, but it was not it. Dany cared for Drogo, but in the end, she realizes he would have halted her progress, she leaves Daario after realising he’s nothing special and Jorah, is well, still praying but we all know the truth. And there’s Jon Snow, apparently untouchable, honourable, with a duty in front of him, about her age, young, with a kingdom and he changes her view. She falls in love, like a girl. Jon has none of those features, just like Rhaegar. Y’all know I’d bitchslap Rhaegar but he’s nothing like Robert. 

In conclusion, Dany and Lyanna are those women who are chased by many, but they choose in the end just one man, who’s the one for them in the end. If this is the direction GRRM is going, good work for the paralles my friend*thumbs up*


I know Lyanna is always compared to Arya and I know the paralles between them I was just shook when I saw Aisling she looks like a cross between Emilia and Maisie so please don’t stab me for noticing this

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For the character meme/ask thing: how about the head of the murder nerds - Kaz Brekker?

Listen dude, ‘head of the murder nerds’ is literally my favourite way of referring to Kaz in the history of ever god bless you for bringing this to me. Also yes, yes let’s talk Kaz…

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life (i tried not to let this happen but it did anyway and now I have just accepted my fate) 

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

best quality: he’s a crafty bastard and this comes in handy at times, you know… 

worst quality: *represses feelings to the point that they all basically vanish and he forgets that other people have them too and that they can be hurt* (okay, like, I know I listed this as ‘worst quality’ and theoretically it is if you’re talking about like…from a person POV from a character POV though…I kinda love it? And I love it so much I’m going to bore you with a long waffle about the head murder nerd you never asked for but are getting anyway: 

I enjoy the commitment to Kaz’s character/personality, frankly. I think it’s easy for characters (especially male characters) to be written in this sort of style, to the point that it’s probably a trope, bad boy on the outside with a heart of gold. Kaz doesn’t have a heart of gold, I might give him one of like…super rusty iron…with holes in it…but it’s definitely not made of gold.  

Kaz is a ruthless prick at the start and he’s a ruthless prick at the end and I for one appreciate that. I think….For the most part…what you see with Kaz, is what you get. (Obviously not on the Plots and Schemes part because there needs to be some air of mystery about him. He’s dramatic that way. It’s required for his aesthetic) But in the sense of ‘this is who and what I am; you don’t like it? I don’t care. Deal with it.’ Which is…Refreshing. There’s no hidden reason behind the ruthlessness, he’s not trying to cover anything up (not in the typical sense of ‘my cold, sarcastic exterior masks a tender bleeding heart I’m too afraid to admit to sense anyway) He just is

Which isn’t to say that he’s shallow or simple or boringly written in fact it’s the opposite. There’s an interesting relation between how starkly and simply Kaz is presented. In a lot of ways he’s one of the most simply black and white characters around. He’s deepened, he’s explained, he’s explored, he matures, he grows, he learns, he suffers, he triumphs, he experiences, but the core of who and what he is never really changes. Kaz Brekker is introduced to us as Dirtyhands, the Bastard of the Barrel, the monster wearing a boy’s skin and Kaz Brekker leaves us as Dirtyhands, the Bastard of the Barrel, the monster wearing a man’s skin. He’s never undermined, he’s never softened, his edges are never dulled for the sake of watering him down to make him more palatable. Kaz isn’t palatable, Kaz isn’t, arguably, all that likeable either and yet, and yet… 

I think it’s fascinating because, idk about anyone else I can only speak for me and the way I read these books, but I kept waiting for the transformation. I kept waiting for the moment of realisation. I kept waiting for him to shed his armour and prove to us all that he was really just a squishy, sappy sod deep down with issues he was masking with cold sarcasm. I kept waiting for the switch, the sleight of hand, the trick with him - and the trick was that there wasn’t one. He does care, he does feel, he is human (probably) but he’s still him.

 He’s still ruthless, still cold, still removed, still withdrawn and distant because that’s who he is. It’s who he’s always been, it’s a fundamental part of who he’s always going to be and that makes him interesting. Because I think one of the things authors enjoy doing is character building with a focus of starting with something old and creating something new. Something shinier. Something better. Something that fixes all the flaws it once had and ta-da! Perfect!!   

And dude I was waiting for this to come allll the way through CK. Because she’d set it up! We had everything we expect!! We had the broody, withdrawn, grumpy, traumatised, aloof sarcastic bastard male character; and we had the softer, warmer, female character and they were very obviously Love Interests, and they had Moments and Lines that were so obviously going to be paralleled later, we had, “I will have you without armour, Kaz Brekker. Or I will not have you at all.”  

I was ready. I was waiting. It was all there!! So obvious!! The armour was going to come off, torn off, shredded off, in a dramatic moment of Character Growth and Transformation and he was going to kiss her and it was going to be like: I am changed. I am a Good Man now, I am Better, you have made me better, you have made me realise what I want to be and I’m going to declare these feelings by kissing you in a dramatic fashion with a romantic sunset and some fancy explosions in the background. 

AND WE GOT APPROXIMATELY NONE OF THAT. ZERO. NIL. NOT A SINGLE SOLITARY SAUSAGE OF IT AND I LOVE IT. (we got some, fine, don’t get pedantic on me but it was nothing like what it was built up to be and that’s GENIUS. how does one sell a literal anti-climax and not only get away with it but making it literally perfect for both the characters and the ship. inspirational tbh) 

The thing is that way of working was too easy, would have been too rushed and far too…easy. This story is not easy. This story is hard. This story is having pretty much nothing to begin with then having even that taken from you and clawing your way back to something because dammit I have worked for this and sweated for this and bled for this and you will give it to me or so help me you will suffer me for denying me. Point is nothing is given; nothing is easy, and happy endings are…not always what we think they are. 

The Dramatic Romantic Sunset Kiss ending, while very fluffy and probably crowd-pleasing doesn’t entirely suit…either of these characters at this moment tbh. Because they’ve been through a lot and they have grown and they have changed and they are closer but…They’re not ready. And I think it…takes something to admit that. It takes something to let characters be who and what they are and not force them to be what you’d like them to be for the sake of a ship or a nice neat ending tied up with a bow that will make everyone happy. 

And I think that’s the thing I enjoy most about Kaz: that he refuses to be anything other than what he is. Kaz is cold and cruel and ruthless and flawed because these are flaws, flaws that stem from…a fairly rough childhood tbh. They aren’t little mars to be gently wiped away with the handkerchief held by the doting female love interest (which Inej…also conveniently refuses to be, bless her existence) and I like that they remain relatively intact by the end of it. 

His flaws aren’t argued away by the narrative, they’re not easily cured by the loving touch of a female love interest. They’re raw and they’re ugly and they’re present and they’re constant and they force you to accept him this way or not at all. They don’t get excused. They don’t get diminished. They don’t get gently brushed to one side because oh that was just a moment that made him a bit not nice and we don’t want to linger there. They are him, an aspect that has to be considered and counted and weighed when judging his character; it’s a package deal people, the novels just don’t let you cherry pick bits and pieces here and there, this is it, this is everything, all cards on the table, take it or leave it. 

Kaz Brekker is a monster. Kaz Brekker is cold and distant and withdrawn and cloaked in armour he’s not ready to remove yet that isn’t prised from him to try and discover some hidden golden heart beneath. There is none. There’s just cold, hard iron and bitter venom. What’s on the surface is what’s underneath too. And I love it. 

ship them with: Ineeeejjjj obviously. 

brotp them with: Alllll of the Dregs, actually, it’s all kind of fascinating?? The way he interacts with each of them. 
needs to stay away from:….erm…himself?? About the only truly dangerous thing to him tbh. 

misc. thoughts: I, ahem, I think I’ve had…more than enough thoughts on Kaz for one day. Yes. Anyway. *gently sets the mic down and scuttles off* 

Not to be angsty but i can’t help but think that Pidge felt really lonely when she first joined Voltron based on what she said in her vlog about Rover being her closest friend.

I mean Rover was probably her first “friend” in a long time. Her classmates treated her like shit and it seemed like her only friend was Matt. And then… he went missing.

At the Garrison she was 100% focused on finding more info about what happened to Sam and Matt and she was wary of Lance and Hunk so she had no real friendships back then.

She joins Voltron and we can see that Pidge doesn’t always know how to socialize with people without sounding rude or awkward so it was kind of difficult at the start to make friends. Then she finds Rover: a robot which/who (idk) doesn’t care what Pidge says or does, it’s there for her no matter what. That’s perfect, not worrying about what she is gonna say or if it’s gonna hurt someone’s feelings and just being herself without anyone judging her.

That’s why i think it must have really hurt Pidge when she lost Rover. It wasn’t just a robot, it was a friend.

But what i wanted to say is that after so long of not having friends and feeling lonely, she found a group of people who would stop at nothing to protect her. Y'all cannot tell me that Pidge doesn’t fucking appreciate all of the Paladins + Allura + Coran. She probably doesn’t show it much (except for that “we are really going to miss you” *cough*kidge*cough*) BUT SHE CARES SO MUCH ABOUT ALL OF THEM, THEY MUST BE LIKE FAMILY TO HER AND I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH BECAUSE SHE DESERVES EVERYTHING AND SHE IS SO STRONG AND SHE HAS BEEN THROUGH SO MUCH AT SUCH A YOUNG AGE AND I AM JUST SO HAPPY THAT SHE FOUND ALL THESE WEIRD AND WONDERFUL FRIENDS BECAUSE SHE DESERVES TO BE HAPPY

A thought..
  • I've noticed lately that all the pisces sun people I know seem to care about their appearance. Not in a vain way, but they always seem to "dress up" or just put effort into their appearance. We should all be grateful the pisces shows up at all because they put a lot of sweat and money into their looks, okay?? Does anyone agree, has anyone else noticed?? I'm not a pisces dominant, so idk

for god’s sake shut up with this “i know tumblr doesn’t care because tumblr only cares about american news but [something important] is happening in my country” like yes tumblr is largely us-centric….. do u wanna know why…. it’s because the majority of the users on this website are from america……. this is an american company……. like idk what to tell you people inherently are going to be more aware of what’s going on in their own country and blog about it like i’m sorry that i, an american, do not know every single thing happening in british politics right now & do not care to blog about it all….. i don’t even blog about all of american politics

furthermore, i sincerely hope tumblr isn’t your go to news source like “i don’t see anyone on this website talking about [thing that happened] in my country!!!” well idk have you checked the actual news????? tumblr is not a website whose main purpose is to spread actual, meaningful, important, and to many people who don’t pay attention to politics and the like, “boring” news. and yeah, it’s great that tumblr does sometimes do that, but don’t count on it to be your country’s mouthpiece lmao like idk pick up a newspaper or something and chill out. and if it’s really that big of a deal for you to get people on tumblr talking about something, make a god damn post about it and stop being so passive aggressive about random 13 year olds in america not knowing that some extremely complicated election whose effect on them they cannot understand is taking place tomorrow like god damn

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I was just thinking bout all the sex Rick and Michonne are having and like does michonne not care if she get pregnant? Is the dick too bomb? Does she not care at this point in the apocalypse? Does she want another child? Idk but I'm down for all of it

😂 Well, we actually don’t know whether they’re using condoms or not. (If I had to guess, I’d say no.) But despite all the jokes we make about Rick’s pull out being trash, that’s probably most likely what they’re doing. I can’t imagine that anyone in the apocalypse is having unprotected sex unless they’ve explicitly decided they want a baby, but certainly not Michonne “My Shit Never Stopped Being Together” Grimes. And I’m sure the dick is too bomb, and they’ve had some accidents, because come on. But until they have a conversation about it (like possibly on Sunday?!), I feel like they’re definitely more careful than their fucking like rabbits would lead us to believe. 😄

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Hello!! I love your blog. I wonder... What about a RFA react to a MC having real bad menstrual pain? Sorry If it's too harsh ;; I experience it myself. I just can't sleep, I cry and struggle a lot bc I have cysts and I can't get a surgery atm ;;

Hey ! Could u do MC on her period and RFA+saeran(if u’d like to) what will they do and how would they react to her being super moody and stuff, thank u and have a great day ^ ^

dude I get godawful cramps too if I forget to take my birth control, I know exactly how you feel (I haven’t been diagnosed but my mom seems to think there’s a really good chance I have cysts too ;v; ) I hope you’re able to feel better soon friend! <3


  • Initially, PANIC
    • He’s sooooo worried to see you in such pain; he frets all over the place and practically jumps at any chance to do something for you to help you feel better
  • Once he’s used to it, though, it still upsets him to see you suffering like that but he’s gotten super good at coming up with nice ways to help you relax and take your mind off the pain
    • Boy spends half his monthly budget on you; chocolate, heating pads – he also researches online “best remedies for cramps” and buys pretty much anything those articles list
    • A common thing he’ll do is gather all the blankets in the house and have you buried in them with a cute movie on and a mug of hot chocolate. He’s right there under the covers with you for both moral support and heat, heheh
  • At first he’s shocked by your mood swings, but after a few times he recognizes that it’s just a part of the whole process. As long as you apologize for any injustices against him (snapping, yelling, etc), he’s able to handle things pretty well


  • On your bad days, Zen is practically your personal butler, at your beck and call no questions asked
    • Tries his best to make food for you from scratch because he wants to show you how much he cares! He tries recipes that include ingredients that supposedly help cramps
    • …but will be discreetly relieved if you say takeout is fine
  • He read online that exercise helps, so he urges you to work out with him or go for a walk/jog (idk about anyone else but exercise does legit work for me as unfortunate as that is lol)
  • Will give you really nice massages wherever you’re achy and it’s sooo good


  • Jaehee’s gotcha, my friend. She knows the drill
    • Although her cramps don’t seem to be quite as severe as yours… she offers her sympathies, for what they’re worth (THEY’RE WORTH A LOT, JAEHEE SHH)
    • That’s probably for the best tho since your guys’ periods start to sync up, and it would suck if you were both completely incapacitated
  • Mood swings? She understands those too, of course. Always ready with your favorite blend of tea or coffee and a sympathetic ear for when your mood drops
  • Continuing from synced periods, on days where both your cramps are bad you take the opportunity to snuggle under a big blanket and marathon Zen’s musicals, drifting in and out of sleep
    • If things get real bad for both of you and you happen to complain in the messenger, cUE ZEN HIMSELF BUSTIN’ DOWN YOUR DOOR WITH CARE PACKAGES and he stays till you’re both feeling better


  • The first time he sees this whole thing he COMPLETELY PANICS
    • Boy thinks you’re legitimately dying and is ready to frickin call in a helicopter to airlift you to the hospital or something before you calm him down and explain that this is, while painful and inconvenient, completely normal
  • He is… very uninformed about periods. Like honestly I have a feeling he doesn’t even know what periods are before you come along
    • But of course he takes it upon himself to research the topic extensively (JUMIN NO JAEHEE DOES NOT NEED TO WRITE A REPORT ON IT FOR U DO IT URSELF)
    • By the end of it he knows more than you do oh god
  • On days you hurt especially bad, he’ll work from home so he can stay with you and comfort you any way you want. 
    • At first he tries to suggest a bunch of stuff that his money can buy or other people can do for you, but he’s stunned into silence when you tell him you’d just like to cuddle. He just hadn’t even considered that might help 
    • But then he happily obliges <3


  • Hates hates hates seeing you in pain, so he tries to get you to laugh even more than usual to get your mind off it
  • Adds a “heating pad” functionality to the robocat, where it’ll heat up and lay on your abdomen
    • “Seven you know I could have just bought a normal heating pad…”
    • “But MC, this one’s shaped like a CAT. And it’s free. And made from scratch with my love~”
    • …can’t argue with that lol
  • Takes your mood swings in stride; he’s prepared with an arsenal of bad jokes to diffuse crankiness (but is also 100% ready to offer serious comfort if your mood falls really low)


  • Boy knows even less about periods than Jumin does lbh
  • He can’t empathize with it and certainly won’t pretend to, but he believes you when you describe the pain you’re in
    • He’s actually rather frustrated/angry because 
    • 1) why can’t he punch the thing that’s causing you pain and make it STOP 
    • 2) who the hell thought “you know what’d be good? making people with uterus’ bodies turn against them and cause them extreme pain once a month for absolutely no reason”
  • Goes and buys you your supplies without batting an eye, which you’re grateful for. If anyone gives him weird looks at the store he just gives them his Withering Glare™ and whaddya know nobody bothers him (god people are stupid he thinks)
  • He can relate to mood swings. But, at least at first, he’s not quite sure what to do about it
    • Slightly to his chagrin, he goes to ask Seven for advice in the beginning
    • When Seven’s advice is found to be utterly useless, Saeran eventually finds that actually just sitting and listening to you helps a lot