idk do i still ship them

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“Well now, seems like you look speechless. Heheh, Like what you see sweetie~?” *seductive wink* [@the-sassy-dapper] [I LOVE YOUR ART BTW~โ™ก- The Mun]

He absolutely does.

And now it seems Bendy has been reduced to panting like a dog… and been speechless to begin with.


Did a couple of sweet sweet pairs for the @ferarepair-week2k17! The only one I’m not 100% on is Roy and Wolt BUT CONSIDERING THAT ROY’S USUALLY SHIPPED WITH MARTH………..and fe6 is ultra rare as is….

(also this was a weird combo of traditional and colors? I’ll have to test it out again sometime!)

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B3 on the request! How about some cagie and Sym after a job well done, she wants to tease Cagie with a 'lil reward <3 Ooooh! And maybe a wee thing of Commander Shepherd and that Alien you adore with a C1? (Maybe Red Beauty... maybe...) (I have no idea what I'm doing/asking.) ( I should start watching Once Upon A Time) (Imma do it) (Right now)

Soft Light (B3)


Although I’ve decided that their ship name is Soft Light. And clearly this is pre-Recall because Cage still has a full head of hair. :B 

because… because they both use Hardlight, and they soften each other’s edges. Or something stupid idk. 


Okay so, I modified your request a little bit because I had drawn SO MANY of the C1 already. So this is an (A1) for Tanna Shepard and Liara. The ship name I use for them is Shiara, but I’ve also seen Blueberry and Strawberry used a lot, which is super cute. (Because Liara is blue, and stock female!Shepard is a redhead.) 

Soupery’s Original Couples Meme

[Requests closed as of 11.01.2017]

okay but can we talk about how this ending was realistic?
all the characters got a happy ending that makes sense.
-Silver and Madi: They stayed together, even though the ‘betrayal’. They will slowly work through their problems, live in peace.
-Max and Anne: even though we didn’t show them together, we know they will work through their betrayal too. Anne gave her a chance. Anne also loves Jack remember that, so she will be with him and Max, after things have gotten better between them.
-Silver & Flint: Flint showed Silver that he cared, someone truly cared for Silver (from his perspective) and Silver gave him a way out. A way to happiness. Despite everything. He was willing to just stay in the island until Flint saw it that way ffs.
-JAMES AND THOMAS. That was the best thing ever. Not only for once (in my experience) the main character of a show is gay, his tragic relationship is no more. He got to see the love of his love again. For Thomas too. Ten years they’ve suffered, but now they are back together. BACK TOGETHER. even in a place like this. Silver could have gotten them out too, we don’t know. They could find their way out, Flint is still there somehow. But even if he didn’t…do you think that either Thomas or James would care? They spent a decade believing they wouldn’t see each other again. And now they are together. Who can even hurt them there? They are protected by Long John Silver’s name. AND TO REPEAT. WE GOT A GAY COUPLE BE HAPPY IN THE END.

When the Forest Murmurs

A/N: Just gonna start by saying Iโ€™m aware this is short and Iโ€™m aware it has an abrupt end but this was all the motivation I seemed to have for this idea, so for now, this is all I got. Maybe a second part but donโ€™t count on it.

When the forest murmurs and the mountains roar, close your windows and shut the doors.

The muffled music from the bar rings in the alleyway besides it, the beat vibrating the ground. The streetlight flickers with it, emerging the world in and out of darkness. ย A figure lays sprawled against the ground, the pavement mixing into the curls, face, and the brown leather jacket. The breath from the fallen figure turns to mist in the chill of the night.ย 

There are other figures in the alley, two more, upright, fighting. The taller oneโ€™s hands curl against the neck of the other, her fingers digging into his soft skin, leaving hand prints against his throat. The man writhes against her grip, fingers scratching at her arms, but her grip does not shake.

The one against the wall is unarmed, his golden pistol lying off to the side, ripped from his hands and tossed away. The one against the wall is kicking, pushing against the tall, broad woman before him, trying to get free. The one against the wall is not getting free as the womanโ€™s hands crush his windpipe more. The one against the wall is trying to not let his eyes show fear, but his heart is sinking as heโ€™s realizing he may die.

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how's your friendship with jackson? or do you not know him?

We went to highschool together!!(also he might have been my crush at one point) We still keep in touch, we’re good friends!

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I love how thirsty everyone is, including me, at the prospect of getting you to write more smut for these two. Idk if it's the ship or your incredible writing (just how I like it - not overly explicit with details and deeply emotional) but it's probably both, anyway you ROCK at it

I find it so hilarious (and also flattering!) when people compliment how I write those scenes because I had never written one before chapter 8 and I almost cut sex out of Rivals altogether because I was so nervous that I wouldn’t be able to do it well. And now people keep asking for more and I have at least three (and still increasing) different chapters for the extra scenes fic with smut in them and I don’t really know how I ended up here but somehow I did 。゚(TヮT)゚。

Alright kiddos buckle down cuz I’m about to rant. It’s 4AM and I have class at 10:30. I don’t care. 

So this is a thing that has bothered me for quite a long time; the vilifying of Miyuki Kazuya, especially when it comes to Sawamura. Oooooh my GOD this is annoying. I just read a fic that does exactly this, where Miyuki does one small thing that for some reason destroys Sawamura’s apparently extremely fragile little heart and causes the rest of the team to completely despise Miyuki to a point that is absolutely unrealistic and totally ridiculous. And this sort of thing is common in a staggering amount of MiyuSawa fics in which Miyuki is the “top”. 

What I see is people shoving these two into he typical (and kinda gross) seme-uke relationship, which doesn’t work AT ALL. Seriously, it’s so OOC. Sawamura isn’t a baby, so please don;t write him as if he has the emotional and mental capacity of one. Yeah, he’s a sensitive and caring dude, but come on. No need to take it that far. This is important because compared to this sort of OOC Sawamura, Miyuki is like a freaking demon or something. I don’t understand why people write him like he’s Sawamura’s abuser????? Miyuki may say some insensitive stuff from time-to-time but holy shit he isn’t abusive. 

Now, not all fics portray Miyuki as controlling and abusive etc., but in a good majority of MiyuSawa fics, Miyuki is somehow vilified, and everyone completely turns on him for Sawamura. This is probably the part that  makes me most uncomfortable. I get some people may be going for the angst-factor here, but oh my god nobody just completely 180′s on their friend the way Kuramochi does in some of these fics. Or even Chris. It insinuates that nobody at Seidou actually likes Miyuki, which is BS. 

Anyway, it’s late af, idk if this even makes coherent sense, but idc. It needed to be said. 

TL;DR: Miyuki deserves love and happiness!!! He isn’t Sawamura’s evil seme! Ans Sawamura isn’t a helpless baby! STOP WRITING THEM LIKE THIS (or just do it less please).

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as a kookmin shipper to a fellow kookmin shipper; why is it that you specifically chose (or got dragged into more like) for them? for me it's kind of the way kookie developed into his relationship with jimin (how he went from shying away to overtly showing his affection in a dominant but semi-tsun way) + how kookie is a big buff baby and jimin is a small soft (and buff) hyung but they are still equal (idk.. I just.. love them so much. have a nice day <3)

Ahhh  Anyone who’s followed me for a while knows about ‘The Moment™’ right? I can’t believe that post is almost a year old…

When I pick ships, I tend to go for those who at first seem like they’re in opposition to each other. And Jikook was no exception. They were the perfect example of a push/pull, love/hate relationship and I thrived off their teasing moments (still do). 

I couldn’t imagine how they would grow but they did, and wonderfully. Jungkook, shy, lone little fetus Jungkook grew (physically hELLO puberty) but also mentally and emotionally. He broke out of his shell, became more comfortable with himself and his band mates. He’s still growing of course, but the transformation he’s already gone through is amazing. Jimin also grew. Grew more into himself, more confident in himself, and became more mature. He’s calmed down quite a bit but still shows more affection to Kookie then almost anyone else (all of the hair ruffles ^.^). 

They also grew, not just individually, but together. They learned their places in the group, and become much more comfortable with each other. Kookie still likes to test those hyung/dongsaeng boundaries every once in a while, but now they are close enough so that it seems like it doesn’t undermine Jimin’s authority as the hyung as much as before. And Jimin seems fine with it now, perhaps even encouraged it (off camera).

Watching their growth has been an absolutely lovely experience! They help each other, admire each other, respect each other, love each other, and it seems really genuine. That’s why I ship Jikook, why I love their relationship.   

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Are you still taking requests? :0 Garak and bashir slow dancing? Or ice dancing! Or chilling on the beach!! Idk I love this ship so much


Anon, I hope you find this picture and I do so hope you like it! When I’m having the worst day, Garashir makes everything better. <3 The thought of them slow dancing makes me so happy. <3

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So I hate used to really ship Klaroline but lately my mind has been breaking on them. Idk I just think Klaus has done too many bad things to her and her friends to give him a second chance. Can you change my mind? Why do you ship them so hard?

Hi, okay so Idk if I’m going to be able to change ur mind because at the end of the day you feel how you feel. A lot of times I’ve doubted my shipping of Klaroline so ur not alone. The thing I wanna tell you before I start is that shipping is supposed to be fun so pls do not agonise over it; if it’s still fun, do it, if not, don’t.

(Warning: Anti D*mon and Dullena) 

*cracks knuckles*


  1. Firstly you have to remember when it comes to the issue of Klaroline being problematic, is that that all ships that stem from tvd or TO are inherently problematic. This is because the show its self is problematic. It’s misogynistic, it’s systematically racist and most relationships on the show put the female character at a distinct disadvantage. So very few ships can be seen as healthy or idealistic in the real world. I might say Stelena, Jolaric, and Jalaric are rare examples but even then those ships have their various issues.
  2. Secondly, even if the writers and the CW, in general, did a better job with their shows, you have to remember that this is the vampire genre. It’s meant to be gothic and the characters are meant to be morally dodgy, selfish and do horrifying things. TVD’s mistake was that it could never properly straddle the line between keeping up that gothic theme and appealing to a teen audience (hence the babies, and romanticising of characters that are clearly villains, - cough, cough Damon) so often they put too much emphasis on morality and people being either ‘good’ or ‘bad; even though supposedly good characters like: Matt, Bonnie, Caroline and Elena do bad, selfish things all the time. (More detail in point 3)
  3. Because Klaus was conceptualised when TVD was actually half good and they were still writing a show about vampires; dark, twisted, immoral, seductive, vampires; he hence is a product of that. Klaus is a vampire in the true sense. I don’t believe a person can be a Klaroline shipper unless they accept the fact that Klaus is not a good person. He’s not supposed to be and that’s part of what makes his dynamic with Caroline so interesting. Love, or infatuation/affection, doesn’t change him. Yes, he does things deviant to his ‘cold hearted bastard’ persona. The gifts, deviating from his evil plans for Caroline’s sake, showing mercy, reasoning, barging when he doesn’t have to etc… But none of these things makes him redeemable. This isn’t one of those ships where love makes the person more moral and good. In fact, in Caroline’s case, I’m quite sure it does the opposite - or would do, had they gotten more screen time - Caroline is very in denial about her vampirism. She constantly makes claims about how she’s a ‘good vampire’ (an oxymoron in its self) and is characterised as ‘judgy’ because she demands such a high moral standard from other people around her. And while yes, she is exceptionally good at controlling her urges and at self-discipline (likely a result of  being under Stefan’s self-denying mentoring program and learning about vampirism from someone who detests it because of his own lack of control) Caroline still does terrible things often just because it’s convenient for her or because it’s ‘what it takes to get the job done’. Caroline’s often the most level-headed out of all her friends when it comes to doing something immoral in aid of the greater good, in fact, she’s almost eerily ruthless, especially if said action if in aid of helping one of her friends. (See the slaughtering of the 12 witches for Bonnie’s sake). But Caroline doesn’t see that, she also very scarcely acknowledges how much she loves being a vampire and from day 1, Klaus has been perceptive of how much she does. From when he saves her life, to when he intuits that she doesn’t want the cure and predicts that small town life wouldn’t be enough for her + encouraging her to think outside of the box and use her vampire abilities to get a dress for prom. Even his smug little recital of what Caroline says in 5x11 (’in school, building a life for her self, plans… etc’) shows that he knows that Caroline is just playing herself with her whole ‘mission to be normal’ (e.g: being in school - whic she dropped out of - playing house with Alaric and the babies, being with Stefan, who was always ‘the perfect guy’ in Caroline’s mind, because of the pedestal she put him on, denying herself the true pleasures of vampirism). Furthermore one of the most poignant Klaroline scenes for me is when Klaus is burying the 12 witches and calls Caroline out because not a few hours ago she’s called him a terrible person, because he did terrible things and now here they are staring at the corpses of the witches Caroline killed for Bonnie, while also, inadvertently, enabling an evil, supernatural being to rise from the dead and raise hell. on mankind. For a Klaroline shipper the moment is agonising because Klaus passes up the opportunity to be a shoulder for Caroline to cry on but at the end of the day it was something she needed to hear and quite frankly doesn’t hear enough. As long as you’re a vampire and you feed of human flesh, lie, compel, steal, murder at your own leisure; as long as you’re a witch/human/hunter who enables or condones it, you cannot claim to be ‘good’ whatever that’s supposed to mean.
  4. The most important thing, in my opinion, to remember about Klaroline as a ship is that Klaus’s actions are never presented as okay. Caroline never tolerates anything he does and constantly calls him out on his behaviour, furthermore, the show doesn’t romanticise him or excuse/ignore his behaviour. In contrast characters like Damon, who magically become the hero because it’s the only convenient way to put him with Elena. Elena’s love is supposed to change him and make him a better person but we see no evidence of this on the show, Damon’s his same rapey, abusive self all 8 seasons. But with Klaus, no excuses are made. He’s not supposed to magically turn good, you ask why I ship them so hard? It’s because 9/10 in all their scenes together and in their dynamic in general Caroline always has agency and nearly always has the upper hand, even when she’s dying. She manipulates Klaus into saving her life (”I know you’re in love with me’ ‘I guess we’ll never know’) in fact I’m convinced that Caroline used her A1 drama skills in that last part where Caroline makes those little croaky dying noises and was actually laying it on thick so that Klaus would be moved enough to save her- which he did. Caroline constantly manipulates Klaus and uses her emotional upper hand against him (’Show me I can trust you’ ‘I was promised a date for one of my hybrids’ ‘Show me your compassion’). So the relationship doesn’t just purely consist of Klaus doing horrible thing to Caroline and her friends and getting away with it. It’s far more complicated than that, there’s a power struggle involved and it’s extremely gripping and intriguing.
  5. When it comes down to it, Caroline was Klaus’ first choice, unlike many other TVD relationships, there’s is is centered around Caroline (take dullena for example, even in a show centerd entirely around elena, every bit of their relationship is all about Damon, or he finds a way to make it about him). Like I said Caroline has the agency, the empahsis is on her future, her hopes, her dreams and ultimately he respects her wishes, leaves mystic falls gives her space and waits for her to be ready.

I hope that helps or gives you some perspective. Anyone who wants to chime in please feel free to add something else.

Inspired by @linddzz’s adorably chaotic fic: in which Newt, our blessed protagonist who does not, and never will truly understand self-preservation, tries to fly on something that is not a fantastic beast. Credence must, as always, protect this man from himself.

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can I have jally headcanons? ( it`s completely okay if you don`t ship it and don`t want to do them ily you`re still the best )

omg they’re my otp what the heck ?? (but everyone has to ship them at least a little)

▪ okay idk why i thought of this but modern!johnny would ask dally if they could go to a gay bar and dal was rly reluctant at first then finally agreed, so when they get there and dal has a few drinks and thinks it’s a good idea to get those glowsticks and a whistle and dance like that one guy did in white chicks with his shirt off in the middle of the floor ??

▪ johnny told him they’re never going there again bc dally puked on the dancefloor from moving around too much

▪ “johnnycake i couldn’t find the lube but i think this vegetable oil would work”

▪ “dallas what the fuck”

▪ when they take baths together and they’re sitting on opposite sides dallas has to put his legs on either side of johnny’s head because his legs are too long so johnny gets a clear shot of dal’s junk if they don’t have bubbles

▪ no matter what, they always sleep with no clothes on

▪ dally always kisses the scars on johnny’s cheeks because he knows that he’s insecure about them

▪ dallas jokingly bought johnny panties and told him to put them on as a joke but as soon as johnny walked out with them on dally almost nutted

▪ dallas never says anything about it but when it’s real late at night and johnny thinks dally’s asleep he always cries and it breaks dal’s heart

▪ pony would find the panties on the floor in dallas’s room while the three are hanging out and gets rlly mad because he thinks dally’s cheating on johnny with a girl so johnny would have to tell him everything and ponyboy went home right away from embarrassment and wouldn’t talk to either of them for a week

▪ dally’s feet are really cold and johnny is really warm so dal will always put his feet on johnny’s calves when facing the other way

▪ when waking down the street they’ll have their hand in the others back pocket awe they’re so cute

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Do you still ship Marvey??


no actually i ship this nifty little diddy called, um, dullvey??? idk if you’ve heard of them but they’re totes otp status and they’rej ust, omfg, true loveeeeee

they’re so cute

i mean harvey looks like he wanna die 99.9% of the time bUT who doesn’t wanna die w/ their significant other??? SO romance

much soulmates

(sorry but … i mean my name is still specterxross, fam. i’m literally glued to this goddamn ship at this point, they’ll have to carry my cold dead body off it at this rate.)


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I should've known Hooks song would be in a flashback. Seems its a song with a dark streak to due to how he was in the past. Still lost as to why Snowing are there. Guess it was too much to hope for a CS duet. I guess us seeing Hooks dark song in past and all that and others songs is to show character growth from then to know?

Maybe we won’t get a full song with a CS duet, but I still thing there will at least be some moment where they sing together.  You can’t center and entire musical episode around an iconic ship getting married and not have them sing together.  Anyway, yeah, I think the flashback song will definitely have something to do with showing just how far he’s come.  Maybe he’ll sing something about never falling in love again??  That would be a nice anti parallel to him getting married.  IDK, I’m still excited to hear Colin sing because AHH HIS VOICE!!!

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Although I absolutely loved Trolls (still obsessed with it today, alsowithyourfic) I personally found there wasn't enough character development between Branch and Poppy in the movie. Don't get my wrong, I super hardcore ship these two cuties... But Idk. Obviously Branch had a big crush on Poppy at the start, but how did she see him? He seemed more like an acquaintance than friend. I found the two didn't development enough by the end for them to realize they loved each other. What do you think?

Iโ€ฆI wrote a big rambling post on this but tumblr refreshed without my permission and now itโ€™s gone and Iโ€™m mad. Iโ€™ll try and recreate it.

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Honestly, yes, for everything in the text post. I don't like it when people just assume idols are straight. Like there are so many idols out there, and your little brain can't do the maths and consider the possibility of, idk, at least SOME of them, a minority maybe (but still) being gay??? Like who hurt u as a child. Why u so bitter. I have a friend who also ships jikook and i asked her once, how would you feel if they were a couple irl? She said she wouldn't b into it?? Wtf wht's shipping then

Gahhh exactly. I even understand platonic shipping but there’s a difference between platonic shipping and your friend who outright wouldn’t be into it if they’re really together. Tbh people who wouldn’t be into it are the ones that want to date them themselves imo which is sad :/

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Small req! please draw Aradia and Karkat holding hands, looking cute as always (´∀`)

i have never once considered drawing this ship until now but hey alright

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I'm p. sure there will be zero gay content on dumbledore's behalf. watch warner and jkr backpedal to - it's not important/ they have *complicated* relationship / we never clearly stated it's romance

Wow I didn’t think it was possible for this to get worse but apparently it is.

Grindelwald broke Dumbledore’s heart idk how specific do they have to be? Like true, JKR said that Dumbledore had an “infatuation” that Grindelwald, as a narcissist, would use. But still, if this was a straight ship people would be falling over themselves to give them an angsty love story. 🙄

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I remember a little while ago you really loved Noorhelm -- has that changed? Or do you still love them, while just acknowledging the problematic areas?

idk tbh mostly im just frustrated bc i really did love them but now?? theyr just. pissin me off tbh like noora isnt happy and if she isnt happy then im not happy and i still like the ship as it was in s2 while recognising the problematic stuff but im just. not sure tbh