idk do i still ship them

i don’t see how anyone is surprised that marlene killed yvonne so spoby could happen. it was pretty fucking obvious that she wasn’t going to stick around from the start. it’s rushed, it’s shitty writing, it’s problematic as hell, and yvonne and spoby both deserved a far better resolution. 

But come on, this is the writing team that decided romance was having caleb and spencer fall in love for half a season only for caleb to cheat on her with hanna and then claim he’s loved hanna all along, who are still romanticizing a teacher/student relationship that, even looking past all it’s other transgressions, continues to be boring af, who think the best way to put emily and alison together, the slowburn ship to end all slowburn ships who would have had no trouble being brought together naturally, is to introduce two other girls for emily and then inject emily’s eggs into alison in a complete and utter violation of both girls bodies. 

like, did you expect better from the writers? really? if you didn’t see this coming i don’t know what to tell you. 

How many times do the members of got7 have to ask you to stop tagging them in ship posts/talking about ships to them for yall to actually stop. Look, if you wanna ship in private, or on here, whatever, I don’t care. But got7 has asked you and now I am asking you PLEASE DO NOT SHIP THEM TO THEIR FACES. DO NOT COMMENT SHIPS ON THEIR POSTS OR VIDEOS. DO NOT TAG THEM IN SHIP POSTS. DO NOT TAKE SHIP SIGNS TO EVENTS. DO NOT ASK THEM THEIR FAVORITE SHIP. DON’T. TALK TO THEM. ABOUT. SHIPS.

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B3 for Template and Pale please

IDK why this was requested so often but okay~

Still doesn’t mean I ship them. I just enjoy drawing my two dum-dums doing dum-dum things. xD

THIS IS THE FINAL REQUEST BTW! I’ve drawn every pose of this meme, so… yep! Thanks everyone! Please don’t be disappointed if I didn’t draw yours. There have been A LOT of requests after all ^^;

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“Well now, seems like you look speechless. Heheh, Like what you see sweetie~?” *seductive wink* [@the-sassy-dapper] [I LOVE YOUR ART BTW~โ™ก- The Mun]

He absolutely does.

And now it seems Bendy has been reduced to panting like a dog… and been speechless to begin with.


Did a couple of sweet sweet pairs for the @ferarepair-week2k17! The only one I’m not 100% on is Roy and Wolt BUT CONSIDERING THAT ROY’S USUALLY SHIPPED WITH MARTH………..and fe6 is ultra rare as is….

(also this was a weird combo of traditional and colors? I’ll have to test it out again sometime!)


Decided to participate on JuminZenWeek~ this tsundere Demon!Zen and gap moe Vampire!Jumin. Thanks to @snow-chibi for the idea^^ but tbh idk what i am doing lol this sums up juzen relationship in my mind tho like jumin knows zen is allergic to cats but still bring elly anyway lol actually zen doesn’t mind to join him drinking tho but well he just can’t be honest and psst elly has tiny wings😆

Day 4: Alternate Universe // Hanbok 

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B3 on the request! How about some cagie and Sym after a job well done, she wants to tease Cagie with a 'lil reward <3 Ooooh! And maybe a wee thing of Commander Shepherd and that Alien you adore with a C1? (Maybe Red Beauty... maybe...) (I have no idea what I'm doing/asking.) ( I should start watching Once Upon A Time) (Imma do it) (Right now)

Soft Light (B3)


Although I’ve decided that their ship name is Soft Light. And clearly this is pre-Recall because Cage still has a full head of hair. :B 

because… because they both use Hardlight, and they soften each other’s edges. Or something stupid idk. 


Okay so, I modified your request a little bit because I had drawn SO MANY of the C1 already. So this is an (A1) for Tanna Shepard and Liara. The ship name I use for them is Shiara, but I’ve also seen Blueberry and Strawberry used a lot, which is super cute. (Because Liara is blue, and stock female!Shepard is a redhead.) 

Soupery’s Original Couples Meme

[Requests closed as of 11.01.2017]

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Do you have any Shiro and Matt headcanons?

Like romantic? Or Platonic? Or just in general because I sure do!

  • Shiro and Matt a.k.a ULTIMATE DUDE BROS
    • like you know those bromo dragon comics? That’s them
      • M: bro, guess what
      • S: what bro
      • M: *makes a heart with his hands*
      • S: bro 
  • If Shiro is your casual bisexual, Matt is the oblivious gay
    • I actually like to think of him as bi as well, but it took him fucking forever to figure out he liked dudes
      • M: Like, no homo Shiro, but you’re the hottest guy I’ve ever met.
      • S: Dude, that’s hella gay.
      • M: I said nO HOMO!
    • He eventually figured it out though, and no homo became full homo
      • M: full homo your pecs are gorgeous
      • S: (。♥‿♥。)
  • They watch cartoons stoned (they’re in university and adults please chill)
    • If you think Matt hasn’t seen all of Adventure Time you are sadly mistaken
    • His ringtone is just Lumpy Space Princess saying “Hey Gurl” over and over
    • Shiro hates it (he loves it)
  • Shiro has a playstation but doesn’t get to use it much (school bruh), but he and Matt will spend an evening or so playing 2 player Lego games when they have the time
    • they haven’t actually ever finished a game because one always ends up killing the other (by mistake or on accident) and it gets them nowhere
      • M: You bitch you did that on purpose!!
      • S: What? No I just don’t know how to use Gandalf! 
      • M: Did I? oops.
      • S:  (¬▂¬)
    • They also play Mario Kart
      • Shiro is boss at the game, but he always loses to Matt on Rainbow Road
      • Which doesn’t make sense since it’s the hardest?!?!
        • M: To beat the rainbow, one must become the rainbow
  • Matt accidentally left a half eaten granola bar in his pod before taking off on the Kerberos mission
    • He woke from (cryosleep?) and saw it at the bottom of his pod
    • And then he ate the rest
      • Shiro gagged for a solid three minutes 
  • Anyways I love these two (even though I have no idea what Matt is actually like) and can’t wait for season 3
  • The only thing I can’t stand is their ship name.
    • Shatt guys?! Really?!

That’s it that’s all :)

I get that everyone is excited that Colin and Bradley are still friends …

But like, I feel  like it’s a bit creepy. They are real people too and obviously they do not make their relationship very public and we should respect that.

Shipping real people is invasive and you never know what those people think. It could make them incredibly uncomfortable. Ship fictional characters all you want, but, as much as you may think, you do not know Colin and Bradley. You are led through the lives of their characters and so you know them, but not the actors. You only know what they show you on screen and in interviews. They deserve some privacy and idk the origin of that photo (if it was at a public event I guess that’s fine??) but it seemed sneakily taken, which is stalkerish, whether the target is a celebrity or not.

Just please, be excited, but don’t make them uncomfortable. Loving that your favorite actors are still in touch is one thing. Shipping them and suggesting/writing/drawing explicit or invasive things involving them is another.

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Ahhh I love the newest louis/alex drabble! Can't wait to see more from the two of them. If you're still taking prompts I'd love to see something about the first time they realized they liked each other as more than just friends

This is a short lil fluffy smut-free thing but I still hope you enjoy it. This is part three of this oncoming verse and hereโ€™s part one and part two.ย 

This one takes place about three years before the events of the first two drabbles and thus three years before the events of Dunkirk. Warnings for allusions to period typical homophobia and apologies for any errors, I do these drabbles unbetaed xย 


The paper bag in Alexโ€™s hand crinkled as he walked down the street, the thickness of the summer air pushing down hard on his shoulders and making his shirt stick to his back and underneath his arms.

It wasnโ€™t even close to getting dark despite being closer to evening than afternoon, and Alex really shouldโ€™ve gone straight home to the four-person shared room he rented during the summer while the university was out. His hands reeked of the smell of medicine, marred from another day working at the pharmacy, shoveling pills and tonics into bottles or ringing up orders for customers.

He rounded the corner and made his way to the small corner store, the place he used to go just for a few random groceries, but now he was there nearly every day, trying to stagger some of his visits to different times, sometimes just waiting outside, always having a different excuse prepared and ready for why he was there.

He should go home. But once a month, the paper bag in his hand gave him a decent excuse to be here, and he wasnโ€™t about to waste it.

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since another ao3 ship stats post has come out for this year, once more im thinking about how difficult the race factor is to account for accurately

for example, does an anime ship really count as asian x asian ship, much less a japanese x japanese ship, when most people write them as generic nondescript american or a poor half-assed attempt at what they imagine to be japanese without proper research. ((for example, before you ask yourself does x anime character like to listen to tswift, you gotta ask yourself is x anime character even the type to pick up and listen to foreign music heavily in the first place. stuff like that often goes unconsidered))

considering this is a post about english-language fandom for a predominantly english-language site, we can throw out japanese rep and ask ourselves how helpful or meaningful this is to japanese diaspora. to this, i think i can generally say it’s really not helpful at all

and that’s a layer that can likely be replicated at least to some degree with the k-pop fandom and other fandoms i can’t recall right now

what’s the point of the character being poc if they’re not written as such within fandom in the first place? is a thought that comes back to me every year when that post comes around

How to happily Ask blog:

  1. Do you. Make an Ask blog about your favorite Pokemon, even if it’s an Eevee and there are already 50 Eevee blogs. Only complainers care, and they’re not worth your time anyway. Absolutely don’t let people tell you what characters and/or species should be on your blog. You may be interested in these characters if you’re lucky, but chances are, if it’s not something you want to do, it’s not going to work.
  2. Take your time. This is something I had to learn was okay for me to do. You don’t need to update every day. Or 24/7. Or every other week. You can let your blog sit for a month even. Doesn’t matter. Take your time. Ask blogs are for fun and you don’t owe anyone answers to Asks or plot updates or RP responses because you can’t snap your fingers and be done. Those things take time. People are generally patient; they will wait.
  3. Character count doesn’t matter. Have as many or as few characters as you want, because it’s your blog, you do what you want. And if you DO have a lot of characters, you can always put them on Ask rotation, that way you and your followers won’t be overwhelmed!
  4. Take a Hiatus if you need it. Your health is more important than your blog. Take care of yourself, mentally and physically. It can be as long or as short as you like. You can also be like me and be hella notorious for taking a Hiatus and IMMEDIATELY COMING OUT OF IT. Because apparently announcing that I’m going on Hiatus gives me a boost of inspiration for the blog I’m Hiatusing from. Don’t ask how that works Ihavenoflippinclue.
  5. If seeing other blogs update stresses you out, unfollow them. Please do not let yourself get stressed. There is a reason I follow a minimal amount of ask blogs. When I ran Wandering Fairy Twins I almost drove myself to the point of tears because I wasn’t updating as quickly as the other blogs. Please don’t stubbornly follow 500+ blogs. Follow your favorites. Unfollow everyone else. Seriously. You can always make a list of blogs you like and stalk them instead, like I do. Of course, if it doesn’t cause you stress, then don’t feel like you have to unfollow people either. I’m just speaking from personal experience, and I am happier following maybe 5 ask blogs and stalking everyone else. I really don’t care if they’re your BBF from 900 years ago, if seeing them update stresses you, unfollow them. Hell unfollow my blogs if they stress you out. Pls. Stalk me instead. I’d rather that you have less stress than me have 500+ followers.
  6. If you run multiple blogs, you don’t need to update them all at once. Section it out. And if you’re in the mood for doing stuff for one blog, but suddenly get a drive for another, update the one you suddenly have a drive for. And if a schedule works for you, you can do that too! You can even set aside certain days to work on specific things for specific blogs. Or work on all the references for your blogs at once. Whatever works for you.
  7. If you run multiple blogs, and it’s causing you stress, start dropping blogs. Do not make a blog for every new character you think of. Put them on a pre-existing blog. Move characters around. Merge blogs. Cut down on the amount of blogs you have. Sure, there’s no limit to how many Ask blogs you can have, but if it’s starting to be a problem, start letting go. You can always use those other characters for other things. But drop blogs. Save your info, your plots, etc, but drop some of those blogs. Doesn’t matter if it’s your most loved blog. Drop it. Say bye. It’s not worth your time if it’s causing you stress.
  8. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation. I apologize though because I’m bad at this, and so are a lot of other people. Tumblr’s messaging system makes it easier to interact with other bloggers though! Keep in mind that a lot of blogger’s can be busy, so they may not respond right away. That doesn’t mean they hate you. They might also be sleeping because Time Zone’s a bitch. But you can’t always wait for people to come to you. Just make sure you check the FAQ and Rules on each blog before you start reaching out. Some people may dislike being approached. Respect that.
  9. Having a friend circle in the community is okay. You do not need to be friends with everyone here. You don’t need to talk to everyone here, or send them asks, or start RPs, or anything else. If you find five people you click with and that’s it, then that’s it. You got those five people you click with and you are still awesome and cool and don’t let complainers being antsy about “popular” people not interacting with “unpopular” people get to you. You get your little circle and be happy with it. Or your medium circle. Or big circle, IDK man for all I know you are like super good friends with 300 people and you manage to plot with all of them and honestly YOU GO you do that. But I really can’t stress enough that you ARE NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE REQUIRED BY TUMBLR LAW to befriend / talk to / plot with / ship with / friendship with / meme with every last person in the Ask community. You are allowed to be picky. You are allowed to be picky. You are allowed to be picky. Nobody gets to be friends with you because they decided so and you’re a bitch/bastard if you aren’t friends with them. Block those people. Just no. Bye. Also don’t be that person. And if you aren’t accepted as anything more than an acquaintance move along my dude, move along. Being acquaintances is just as good as being friends. You don’t have be friends with everyone out there, having 900 friends does not mean you have shallow, meaningless friendships just like having 2 friends is not a direct reflection of your worth. Either way, you are worthy. And either way, you are amazing.
  10. Having a friend circle doesn’t mean you can’t interact with other people either. The friend circle is more in regards to who you click with, who you really like, and who you are ultimately able to plot with easily (or you do the thing where you just yell at each other in frustration because HOW DARE YOU GIVE ME FEELINGS). You can still send asks to anyone, and you can still start RPs with anyone, and you can still ask for asks from anyone (especially if they make a post that they’re sending out Asks. Get IN ON THAT).
  11. There will be people out there who dislike you. Or your art style. Or your writing style. Or your headcanons. Or your subspecies. Or your designs. Or your hyrbids. Or all of the above. Or none of the above. Or they dislike you just because they dislike you. They’ll complain about you. They’ll probably send you anon hate. Ignore them to the best of your ability - because you have more people who adore you. And if those dislikers ever send you hate, delete it. Get rid of it. Don’t post it, don’t give them that pleasure. Delete it so that they can sit and wait and agonise over the fact that their mean comments meant so little to you that you didn't even need to grace them with a response.
  12. Remember, you are cool, my dude. You are cool.

That’s everything I can think of O:

When the Forest Murmurs

A/N: Just gonna start by saying Iโ€™m aware this is short and Iโ€™m aware it has an abrupt end but this was all the motivation I seemed to have for this idea, so for now, this is all I got. Maybe a second part but donโ€™t count on it.

When the forest murmurs and the mountains roar, close your windows and shut the doors.

The muffled music from the bar rings in the alleyway besides it, the beat vibrating the ground. The streetlight flickers with it, emerging the world in and out of darkness. ย A figure lays sprawled against the ground, the pavement mixing into the curls, face, and the brown leather jacket. The breath from the fallen figure turns to mist in the chill of the night.ย 

There are other figures in the alley, two more, upright, fighting. The taller oneโ€™s hands curl against the neck of the other, her fingers digging into his soft skin, leaving hand prints against his throat. The man writhes against her grip, fingers scratching at her arms, but her grip does not shake.

The one against the wall is unarmed, his golden pistol lying off to the side, ripped from his hands and tossed away. The one against the wall is kicking, pushing against the tall, broad woman before him, trying to get free. The one against the wall is not getting free as the womanโ€™s hands crush his windpipe more. The one against the wall is trying to not let his eyes show fear, but his heart is sinking as heโ€™s realizing he may die.

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okay but can we talk about how this ending was realistic?
all the characters got a happy ending that makes sense.
-Silver and Madi: They stayed together, even though the ‘betrayal’. They will slowly work through their problems, live in peace.
-Max and Anne: even though we didn’t show them together, we know they will work through their betrayal too. Anne gave her a chance. Anne also loves Jack remember that, so she will be with him and Max, after things have gotten better between them.
-Silver & Flint: Flint showed Silver that he cared, someone truly cared for Silver (from his perspective) and Silver gave him a way out. A way to happiness. Despite everything. He was willing to just stay in the island until Flint saw it that way ffs.
-JAMES AND THOMAS. That was the best thing ever. Not only for once (in my experience) the main character of a show is gay, his tragic relationship is no more. He got to see the love of his love again. For Thomas too. Ten years they’ve suffered, but now they are back together. BACK TOGETHER. even in a place like this. Silver could have gotten them out too, we don’t know. They could find their way out, Flint is still there somehow. But even if he didn’t…do you think that either Thomas or James would care? They spent a decade believing they wouldn’t see each other again. And now they are together. Who can even hurt them there? They are protected by Long John Silver’s name. AND TO REPEAT. WE GOT A GAY COUPLE BE HAPPY IN THE END.

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how's your friendship with jackson? or do you not know him?

We went to highschool together!!(also he might have been my crush at one point) We still keep in touch, we’re good friends!

Look at that a Danny Phantom blog posting about Miraculous Ladybug.

Just… Chat Noir’s crush on Ladybug and Marionette’s crush on Adrian seem so, idk? Temporary? And even a little bit… bad?

I know it sounds like I don’t ship them, but I do, alot. I just want them really truly fall in love. Not have crushes on each other, ‘cause crushes fade in time.

I want Chat Noir to ask out Ladybug, Ladybug realize he’s not joking and reject him because Chat’s her partner in crime and she just doesn’t feel that way. I want Chat’s crush to fade, and have him instead start viewing Ladybug less as a goddess to be worshipped, but more as a human being who has faults but is still doing the right thing simply because its the right thing.

I want him to knock Ladybug off the pedestal, and in that let him gain acceptence in himself, and confidence in himself, and have him love himself because he’s not comparing himself to her anymore.

I want him and Ladybug to bond by just talking over stupid things, like how weird that last akuma was, or how shit I almost died last time, or how hard it is keeping a secret identity, or even what they’re going to do after college. I want them to know each other and become best friends.

I want Chat to fall in love all over again but instead put the friendship as more important, put Ladybug’s happiness as more important, because when you truly care for someone thats what you do. You sacrifice everything to see them happy.

And I want Marionette to be able to feel comfortable with Adrian, to be able to get to know him, and to be able to see Adrian as an actual human being, and to be able to fall in love with him all over again. I want her to be ok with him loving another girl because damn it hurts, but damn he’s happy, and she just loves him so much to take away his happiness just because of how she feels.

I want Chat Noir and Marionette to be so completely, utterly, in love with Ladybug and Adrian but its true love, its real love, its s/he’s my best friend and I’d do anything to see her/him happy, to have that kind of love where you can spot them from a mile away, and can recognize them by only a single word.

I want Marionette and Adrian to be so in love that one day they’re talking as Ladybug and Chat Noir and it hits them like a ton of bricks like thats Adrian/Marionette, 'cause they just know each other so well, and everything fits into place and they don’t even have to ask each other out because they know what they would say.

I just want Chat Noir And Marionette to be so in love, I want them to be boyfriend and girlfriend, soulmates, and so much more than that.

I want them to be best friends.

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can I have jally headcanons? ( it`s completely okay if you don`t ship it and don`t want to do them ily you`re still the best )

omg they’re my otp what the heck ?? (but everyone has to ship them at least a little)

▪ okay idk why i thought of this but modern!johnny would ask dally if they could go to a gay bar and dal was rly reluctant at first then finally agreed, so when they get there and dal has a few drinks and thinks it’s a good idea to get those glowsticks and a whistle and dance like that one guy did in white chicks with his shirt off in the middle of the floor ??

▪ johnny told him they’re never going there again bc dally puked on the dancefloor from moving around too much

▪ “johnnycake i couldn’t find the lube but i think this vegetable oil would work”

▪ “dallas what the fuck”

▪ when they take baths together and they’re sitting on opposite sides dallas has to put his legs on either side of johnny’s head because his legs are too long so johnny gets a clear shot of dal’s junk if they don’t have bubbles

▪ no matter what, they always sleep with no clothes on

▪ dally always kisses the scars on johnny’s cheeks because he knows that he’s insecure about them

▪ dallas jokingly bought johnny panties and told him to put them on as a joke but as soon as johnny walked out with them on dally almost nutted

▪ dallas never says anything about it but when it’s real late at night and johnny thinks dally’s asleep he always cries and it breaks dal’s heart

▪ pony would find the panties on the floor in dallas’s room while the three are hanging out and gets rlly mad because he thinks dally’s cheating on johnny with a girl so johnny would have to tell him everything and ponyboy went home right away from embarrassment and wouldn’t talk to either of them for a week

▪ dally’s feet are really cold and johnny is really warm so dal will always put his feet on johnny’s calves when facing the other way

▪ when waking down the street they’ll have their hand in the others back pocket awe they’re so cute

Anonymous said:
Are you still taking requests? :0 Garak and bashir slow dancing? Or ice dancing! Or chilling on the beach!! Idk I love this ship so much


Anon, I hope you find this picture and I do so hope you like it! When I’m having the worst day, Garashir makes everything better. <3 The thought of them slow dancing makes me so happy. <3

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I love how thirsty everyone is, including me, at the prospect of getting you to write more smut for these two. Idk if it's the ship or your incredible writing (just how I like it - not overly explicit with details and deeply emotional) but it's probably both, anyway you ROCK at it

I find it so hilarious (and also flattering!) when people compliment how I write those scenes because I had never written one before chapter 8 and I almost cut sex out of Rivals altogether because I was so nervous that I wouldn’t be able to do it well. And now people keep asking for more and I have at least three (and still increasing) different chapters for the extra scenes fic with smut in them and I don’t really know how I ended up here but somehow I did 。゚(TヮT)゚。