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I knew a girl through internet and I'm so happy!! She is cute and has the same age as me. She is beautiful and cute and Idk I'm just so happy. Today all my thoughts were about her and did I mention how happy I am?? She lives next to me and I really see something good coming. BUT I'm so scared. I'm not out to anyone and every person I know (I don't call them friends) is homophobic so I don't want to come out I'm scarified this could ruin my future with her :(

I’m the same girl as before, just wanted to share with you I’m so sad to think about coming out omg I hate that I wish it wasn’t a big deal like it is


never forget that you don’t ever ~have to come out. The only reason you feel like you “have to” is because straight people can’t stop assuming everybody else is straight as well.

My advice would be to see where the situation with the girl is going and then take it from there. Maybe she’s still in the closet herself and is okay with keeping a potential relationship a secret. I think if things between you are getting more serious you should talk to her about it and try to find a solution together.


Mitch Marner #7

Requested by Anon:  Hello!! I really like your writing and the work you put into it :) I was wondering if you could write something either with Jeff Skinner or Mitch Marner where they go over to your house or something for the first time and they meet your service dog and the dog really likes them? Idk why but I just thought it was a cute idea seeing as I have a service dog that doesn’t like a lot of people. Thank you in advance :)

*Hi! I really hope you like this. I personally don’t know anyone who has a service animal so I did some research about this. I hope you enjoy this one and I wish you a great year ahead! :) Thank you so so much.*

Word count: 933

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You looked at the big dog sitting by your feet and gave her a stern look, “you behave okay?” you told her, “I really like this one,” she raised her paw and attempted to cover her eye with it, “uh, uh,” you warned, “you can’t act all cute here because I’m not the only one in this relationship,” you said, pointing at her, “you are very much included and I still haven’t forgotten the last guy you scared off.”

She put her head down, just between her paws, and looked at you.

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