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Mitch Marner #7

Requested by Anon:  Hello!! I really like your writing and the work you put into it :) I was wondering if you could write something either with Jeff Skinner or Mitch Marner where they go over to your house or something for the first time and they meet your service dog and the dog really likes them? Idk why but I just thought it was a cute idea seeing as I have a service dog that doesn’t like a lot of people. Thank you in advance :)

*Hi! I really hope you like this. I personally don’t know anyone who has a service animal so I did some research about this. I hope you enjoy this one and I wish you a great year ahead! :) Thank you so so much.*

Word count: 933

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You looked at the big dog sitting by your feet and gave her a stern look, “you behave okay?” you told her, “I really like this one,” she raised her paw and attempted to cover her eye with it, “uh, uh,” you warned, “you can’t act all cute here because I’m not the only one in this relationship,” you said, pointing at her, “you are very much included and I still haven’t forgotten the last guy you scared off.”

She put her head down, just between her paws, and looked at you.

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So, Legacy...

So…that was something. Not gonna lie, i liked it more than i thought i would. I had really low expectations for this episode, like gmny kind of low. Like, i knew it was gonna be ugly and at some extent it kinda was but i actually expected it to be uglier. I still felt like the episode was a little all over the place but that’s probably because they just have 22 minutes.

But anyway, the Lucaya was precious and the looks were so important, soooo important. That first bay window scene killed me, i was dying on the floor laughing. The part when Lucas went “The season of Loveeee” was the stupidest and funniest thing tho.

“Oh, i’ll get to it” The look Maya gave him, this Lucaya makes me very happy. Lowkey marry couple. What i love about these two is the fact that somehow they manage to remind me why i love them, every episode.

”‘You both mean the world to me and i would never do anything to hurt neither one of you”

I’ve seen quite a few people hating on Lucas and granted, he stresses me out sometimes but this guy is very good one, an amazing one even. He’s genuinely confused and cares for both girls so much. Which btw, this episode better kill the whole ‘Lucas doesn’t care about Maya/Riley’ nonsense. His feelings for both are different. Yes. But he cares for both of them, so please let this stupidity die.

One thing i will point out is Farkle’s somewhat absence. I felt like he was here and there but idk he just seemed to be so out of the picture. However, i believe that’s a good thing. Because, let’s remember “it’s not a triangle” and there’s someone who’s being taken for granted but still always there. Although that conversation he had with the science teacher (Mr. Norton i believe, can’t remember right now) is quite important. But hey, season 3 right?…..

The classroom scenes were too much, Maya laying in the desk, Lucas backwards, Riley pulling a sneak attack/Eric. And the jealously scene had me dying. I see some people being mad about it and i don’t really get why. It was hilarious and Maya’s face was both sad and adorable.

“You smelled her hair?” Bless Maya, that was precious and Lucas face tho, he was so scared, i loved it.

Props to Rowan on that “HEY”, i died laughing.

“Oh, a girl always wants to be looked at to be even up” *sarcasm*
Correct me if i’m wrong but doesn’t Riley say something like “Now look at me the same way and amount” to Lucas in GMHS? Cs if she does, interesting contrast. Maya is done with the 'even’ thing.

Although, fun fact: If Lucas was trying to even out the looks….well he had a big problem there, like huge. Lucas doesn’t control his eyes when it comes to Maya, he freaking had to turn his desk around cs goner boy can’t keep his eyes off the back of Maya’s head and he knows it, he just can’t and it shows on this episode, so yeah. Just look at that first classroom scene and Lucas reaction to Maya being her adorable self, he even leans in the desk to have a better look at her and just smiling like an idiot. But oh well.

Maya: “I thought we stopped”

Riley: “I thought we were just friends”

I found interesting the choice of words for each girl. And it looks like the “I choose to stop” and the “stop” overall, parallels the “Can we just stop?. I just want everything to stop” from Texas.

“I thought we were just friends”
*looks at Maya*
“We’re not”

That was very significant, i would pay to see the script for this episode, because i really would love to see the direction that Peyton was given. I believe Lucas came to the conclusion that him and Maya weren’t just friends a while ago, but we can argue on that one all day. But at latest he figured that one out in that Campfire. But the fact that he looks at her to come to the -for the lack of a better word- conclusion that they’re not friends, is interesting. The whole thing reminded me to the “We can still be friends, not really” from Maya on the pilot.

“I don’t need any note cards to know that we have different feelings now”
Every bit of this dialogue was Lucas looking at Maya and then her reaction to it. Very important, like highkey important.

That classroom scene in particular was very interesting and Cory’s lesson as well. Also, there was this moment where Lucas goes “I have an idea” and Maya says something like “What’s our plan?” (Not sure on the last one, it might of been 'prank’ idk) and Lucaya just shared this cute little moment, that i thought was so couple-ish. I’ll try to gif it, although i’m not the best at that so if anyone wants to step in, please do.

Worth mention tho, i need more Zay in my life, i think we all do. I wanna see more of his friendship with Lucas and i do wanna see them talking about the girls.

It was kinda obvious that Cory was gonna be their teacher in high school too but i actually loved how they did it, pulling the prank. “We stole you”, that was just adorable and Cory’s face, i think i shed a tear.

And on a side note, i cannot wait to meet Lucas parents, it’s just so unbelievable to me that they wouldn’t be on his son graduation from middle school, same with Zay’s but we know pretty much zero of Lucas life outside of Riley’s POV, so hopefully we’ll get some inside in season 3, once she lets go of the idea of him.

That last Bay Window scene tho.

“Any change?”
Riley: “I’ve felt the same way about you ever since i fell (or was it 'bump’) into your lap on the subway”

The first thing i said when she said this was “pushed”. I corrected Riley on the “fell” part so fast. Did she genuinely forgot Maya’s involvement? Also, it’s been what? 2 years maybe? Since that event took place and her feelings haven’t evolved from “I love it”?? That is very interesting.

Maya: “Well, there was this Campfire thing, ya know?. YOU AND ME. It was a far away place. There was a billion stars in the sky. What do you think?

Okay, after having a lowkey sobbing session from Maya painting a picture for us about the campfire, i was blown away by the contrast to Riley’s words. Maya did not gave a timeline, like at all. She mentioned their most passionate moment, the moment where those feelings they were trying to repress, came to life. A beautiful moment that took two seasons to built. Which can completly drag every stupid "She likes him since Texas” comment. This doesn’t say that Maya didn’t like Lucas before Texas because, people please. Maya’s feelings evolved, that’s the huge difference here.

I loved this for so many reasons, Maya being playful, pretending she’s thinking twice about it, checking Lucas lips/eyes (*Riley’s voice* LOVEEEE ITTT) And Lucas smiling at her like the goner he is, not taking her eyes off her and once she confirms it, that gulp tho, you’ll saw that gulp? Because i saw it and again LOVEEEE ITTT.

“You still like…”

I mean, the guy won’t even let her finish the sentence, precious cinnamon roll. Once again, verbal confirmation of the obvious from Lucas. He delivers that “yeah” to Maya directly, so please stop with the “He doesn’t like Maya, because he hasn’t said so” You wanted words, there you go. Good thing, his actions showed that a long time ago and keep doing so.

How long do we have to wait for season 3 again? It’s time to watch season 2 in production order, because:
- The way they aired the episodes was a freaking mess (they better aired season 3 in order or i swear i’m gonna lose it)
- The Lucaya build up. Actually i’m gonna have to rewatch both seasons because that built up in season 1, tho more subtle, is equally important.

The Lucaya angst is gonna get real, that’s for sure but i’ll be here waiting for my babies to finally be able to be together and in love. Cue to Riarkle agnst. When Riley realizes her feelings for Canada (Farkle) is going to get real angst real quick and i’m so here for it.

I have hope for this writers, i had it since season 1 and i still do, they have let me down here and there *cough* SHAWNGELA* cough* but they have seriously made me fall in love with this show and their characters, so hoping season 3 will get better. And by better i mean 'end this awful love triangle -not really- once and for all’. Oh and while you’re at it give me Lucaya and Riarkle, thanks.

So, this got long, but if you’ll wanna talk about Lucaya and Riarkle or just Legacy, please message me, I love me some otp chats. Also Zaley, I lowkey ship them, so them too.