idk come up with a funny caption


Human AU Jaspis garbage (click on images for my dumb captions)

These are all based on a fic my girlfriend and I are writing!

 Peridot and Lapis are college roommates for the second year in a row. Once a month Lapis has to go out with their snotty private high school friends who are homophobic jerks. So… Peri comes a ~plan~ and she sets them up with a fake online girlfriend through craigslist. Jasper says sign her up because she thinks it’ll be funny af(it’s actually a disaster) but Jasper asks Lapis on a another date because Lapis is adorable.  Etc etc etc… gay stuff.

I dunno it’s very much a wip.

sometimes i think about that instagram bradley posted a while back of a promo shot from underworld where he and theo james and looking at each other from across the table and he captioned it “i feel like people will get the wrong idea from this picture”

and to be perfectly honest with you, i still think that’s the absolute funniest joke bradley’s ever made