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dirk gently’s holistic detective agency + character roles (insp./insp.)

  • Marinette: *walks into classroom*
  • Marinette: g-good morning adr-
  • Adrien: *in his seat* I love you my lady *looks down smiling*
  • Marinette: HUH *blushes*
  • Adrien: *looks up* oh hi Marinette
  • Adrien: I was just checking out my new school bag *shows a bag with ladybug on it*
  • Adrien: I got it yesterday! Isn't she pretty?
  • Marinette: *not sure how to react*
  • Marinette: *walks backwards outta the door*
  • Marinette: not gonna deal with this shit too. Marinette out.

You know that saying you’re not a cat person until you have a cat.
I think Andrew was like this

  • Neil on the other hand melted at very sight of their first cat
  • Falling in that familiar love that a cat owner knows oh too well
  • When Andrew comes home to find the little devil making itself comfortable in their apartment
  • he stares it down
  • And it stares right back
  • ‘Who the fuck are you? Uh?”
  • the cat of course like looks up at him
  • neither move
  • Andrew is waiting for the cat
  • and the cat is waiting for him 
  • it’s a stalemate cause cats are probably just as stubborn as Andrew Minyard
  • “He needs a name.” Neil says days later
  • Andrew has exactly grown fond of the little guy in those days
  • He doesn’t leave Neil alone
  • Meows loudly at 2AM
  • Claws at Andrew’s legs to get his attention
  • and disrupts a lot of things
  • kissing, handjobs, everything
  • and Andrew swears its on purpose
  • (it is; cats are great like that)
  • “Asshole,” Andrew says squinting at the cat,
  • Neil glares
  • Everyone seems to call him “little king” because he acts like he owns everything
  • But Neil isn’t sold
  • The cat remains nameless until the day Andrew has to be left alone with him
  • still on a strict feeding schedule
  • “Fluffy shit come eat.” He calls and the cats knocks something off a table
  • how he could manage to find something breakable is insane
  • but he did
  • Andrew holds the cat up at eyes height
  • the cat meows 
  • Even Andrew as to admit the little shit is cute
  • he feeds it and it snuggles up against his leg
  • purring and meowing at him
  • Andrew gives him a rough pat on the head
  • Neil has a basket of cat toys that little No Name doesn’t seem to mind
  • so Andrew pulls the feathery thing out and waves it around
  • the little cat loses his mind trying to catch it
  • when Neil gets home Andrew and the little guy are sitting on the couch together
  • “How’s the cat?” He asks
  • “He needs a name.” Andrew answers
  • “Asshole.” Neil says smug
  • a death glare follows
  • “Alright what were you thinking?”
  • “Fluffkins.” 
  • “King Fluffkins.” Neil added without missing a beat
  • “King Fluffkins.” Andrew repeats, almost smiling, almost
  • After a few more days Andrew is the best Cat Mom™ in the world
  • who loves his cat child

If I flirt with everyone but you, and never speak or make eye contact with you, there is a 99.999% chance Im into you.

anonymous asked:

Looking at her description, Pebbleshine sounds like she could be a silver lilac ticked tabby. (Ticked would make her seem speckled and lilac probably = light brown. Silver would make her look whiteish.) Thoughts?

this is a lilac silver ticked cat. i don’t think the ticking is close enough to resemble a “speckled cat”. idk man pebbleshine’s design is confusing and not possible at all. she could also be a lilac silver ocicat or some other silver spotted tabby. maybe she’s even a tortie colorpoint?

I want 100 Years by Five For Fighting to play on the final episode of Voltron Legendary Defender.

And while it plays, I want it to show a montage of the Paladins’ lives after it all. Shiro and Allura getting married, Lance and Keith finally going on a normal date, the whole Holt family going on a trip, Hunk and Shay opening the cutest fucking flower shop ever. Coran getting to travel around earth visiting as many places as possible. Not just the main tourist spots, everywhere! Just in general, everyone getting to have a happy life! Please! Give me this!

keith: cat person. took care of so many stray cats back on earth. he’s a cat magnet. they all love him.

shiro: dog person. wants to get a service dog in the future. 

hunk: dog person but loves cats a lot too, as long as it’s cute, fluffy and friendly, he loves them all. 

pidge: definitely dog person. she misses her dog back home. 

lance: loves cats a lot because he thinks they’re graceful and pretty. he had a cat back at home, his nephew named him picatso. 

allura: neither. thinks bunnies, hamsters and mice are cute. 

coran: bird person probably. he finds them very interesting. the paladins told him that ravens and parrots can talk. he’s intrigued and kind of scared that they might be plotting something.