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How did I not notice this little moment? Dean’s got his hand on Sam’s hip and is pulling him close. Like to say “c'mere little brother, it’s okay, you’re safe”. And it’s little moments like these that show just how close Sam and Dean are.

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im running out of things to caption these. all i can say is #whenwillyoungjaeknowpeace

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can you imagine magnus doing the thing that fan bingbing (i think the character's name is blink or something?) does in xmen where she portals people where they need to be in a fight and they essentially tag team? idk i thought it'd be cool

okay that doesn’t sound cool that sounds fucking awesome

i haven’t actually seen this so i can’t speak to it particularly but imagining him portaling himself throughout battle sounds fucking incredible. imagine him getting swamped, portaling himself behind the threats and throwing a shockwave of energy through whoever was fighting him. someone has a knife to his neck and he just fucking laughs and vanishes in a puff of yellow, only to shove a sword of static red energy through their body.

i feel like this would be very rare but it would be so cool. or if he portaled other people around a battle field. like suddenly things were getting too close quarters so he threw up a portal and sent alec through it to give him some air support. or just imagine him portaling people into walls intentionally, some circle member is coming at him and he just sighs, rolling his eyes and sucks them into a portal. they find themselves halfway through a wall somewhere across the globe, bleeding out. 

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Do you know any marriage law fics where the couples get like rooms assigned together? At Hogwarts by the way. I've looked trough the tags but idk which fic to read.

Hello! For all those that haven’t looked yet we have a Marriage Law tag! Just head here to check out our selection. Don’t forget we’re always posting stories from our queue!

tags>I-M>Marriage Law

Here are some recommendations where the Marriage Law has been enacted and the couples have to stay at Hogwarts in their own wing or set of rooms.

Or in the case of this first story a separate building on the Hogwarts grounds that all the couples live at.

Can We Make It by JenJenSon- M, 24 chapters, complete

The trio is going back to Hogwarts to complete their 7th year after the final battle. Unfortunately the Ministry have decided to employ a Marriage Law and their lives are thrown off course again… 1st fic so give it a chance. Lemons/EWE/VERY OOC,NO DRAMA

Alright these take place at Hogwarts with the couples living together in a combined dormitory.

The Marriage Law by fanofdenial- T+, 23 chapters, complete

The ministry enacts a marriage law to repopulate after the war. Hermione Granger gets paired with Draco Malfoy. Will this ever be a love, not hate-filled relationship? Dramione!

House Unity by PhoenixSpirit10500- T, 35 chapters, complete

What on earth does the Ministry of Magic think it’s doing… coupling everyone in the 6th and 7th years to, what? ‘Unite the houses’ I’ve never heard of anything more ridiculous. Draco/Hermione. Marriage Law Fic with a twist. Complete.

Unity by PalmettoBlue- M, 22 chapters, complete

Follows our favorites in the 8th year & Marriage law. “Don’t you get it, Granger? We will belong to each other.” EWE. Disclaimer: I don’t own anything related to the HP universe. (AU/OOC/EWE)

This one is a little different. Draco petitions for Hermione to be his bride rather than Hermione be matched. They don’t live together at Hogwarts yet. This story is a little look into the first few days after their binding ceremony. Hermione is coming to terms with well everything. I thought I’d include it because it’s a nice little story.

Some Kind of Wonderful by Dazzlious- Explicit, 6 chapters, complete

Already being in a Pure-blood relationship doesn’t stop Hermione from falling foul of the new marriage law introduced to combat the twin problems of Pure-blood inbreeding and the greater integration of Muggle-borns.

- Wynken

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Listen... with all this sn0wbert happening can u write me a thing where like... Jul doesn't realize their drink was a date (I LOVE MY PRECIOUS ACE GAY SON OKAY) and Caitlin is totally chill about it?

zero…u know the good shit my dude

Social cues could burn in hell.

Julian couldn’t have possibly known a drink meant a date — he had a drink with Barry before and it wasn’t a date. Why was this situation different, then? Why did this qualify as a date? He thought he was in for a casual hangout, not a date.

Which is why his hand tightens around his drink when Caitlin mentions how well this date is going. 

“Date?” Julian chokes out. “This is a…date?”

Caitlin, thank God, is better at picking up social cues than he is. “It’s supposed to be, unless you don’t want it to be a date?”

A bit embarrassed, Julian shakes his head. “I thought we were just hanging out as friends. It’s not that I don’t like you, I just don’t like women,” he clarifies. “Oh. Did that come off as rude?”

“Not at all. You’re getting better at this, congrats!”

“Thanks,” he sarcastically says. Then he adds seriously: “Sorry for not realizing you meant this to be a date.”

“It’s okay. I should’ve been more specific.”

“Yes, that would’ve been helpful, thank you.”

“Still, we should drink to the beginning of a possibly great friendship!” she exclaims, raising her glass up.

Julian does the same. “Cheers, mate.”

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Name: grace

Nicknames: grace (call be anything I don’t really care)

Zodiac Sign: libra

Height: 5'2" I think 

Orientation: asexual

Ethnicity: white 

Favorite Fruit: strawberries or pomegranates

Favorite Season: autumn! 

Favorite Book: I can’t choose just one! 

Favorite Flower: orchids are good 

Favorite Scent: idk??? Maybe vanilla??

Favorite Colour: purple 

Favorite Animal: not to be basic but DOGS 

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: tea 

Average Sleep Hours: anywhere from 6-8 

Cat or dog person?: dogs!!!

Favorite Fictional Character: annabeth chase or hermione granger

Number of blankets you sleep with: I go to bed with 3 but by the time I wake up I’m usually left with 1 actually on me. The other two somehow got kicked off in the night 

Dream Trip: anywhere in Europe, but I really want to just travel the world

Blog Created: this one was created in May 2016 

Number of Followers: 4.4k (I’m trying to get to 5k before this blog is 1 year old!!)  

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So, you all know that I’m Youngjae trash, there’s no point hiding it. As if my lock screen wouldn’t be him in his cute lil pink sweater that makes him look adorable and fluffy. Last song was Crash, because it’s a feel good song and I was feeling down. Selfie is an old selfie because I didn’t want to leave my bed. Also, cropped face for reasons I guess??? 

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how do you make so many friends on tumblr?

honestly anon, i still am so confused as to how i’ve managed to make some?? i have social anxiety and a personality disorder to boot and i’m forever worried i come across as rude because i struggle with answering messages a lot, and also can hardly ever bring myself to be the first to send a message because asddfghgk 

but just be nice !  i do most of my communication through tags. people might not always see it but when i reblog something from my mutuals i always try and mention why i like it in the tags bc i know edits + writing can take so much time omg. but always make sure you’re being honest! when people see you genuinely supporting their stuff it encourages them to look at yours and possibly do the same, i think that’s where a lot of my friendships have formed! which i think is hella cute tbh, bc it’s all about boosting each other.

so, idk if you’re a shy girl like me always, i think just look to boosting those around you, if you mean well it will always shine through your shyness! and kindness will always find kindness! so, send people numbers for their ask memes and get involved with blogrates! people always reblog/post those things wanting entries - and it means a lot to get them! i’m probably the worst person to answer this question, though, i’m sorry love!

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1. Trouble - Cage The Elephant

2. Cringe - Matt Maeson

3. Bare biologi - Me and the Julios

4. Audition (The Fools Who Dream) - Emma Stone

5. Conqueror - Aurora 

6. Under My Skin - Jukebox The Ghost

7. Machine - MisterWives

8. Missing You - All Time Low

9. The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home - Declan McKenna

10. Maybe IDK - Jon Bellion

Spotify version of this playlist: (x) 

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Name: Kimberley

Nickname: I’ve never really had one tbh

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Pisces

Height: 5′6 

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Fave Colour: Green but like pastel shades & black

Fave Animal: Dog

Average hours sleep: 3 - 4

Favorite fictional person: Honestly i can’t pick one i like too many

# of blankets i sleep with: two

Fave singer: Ed Sheeran

Dream trip: Idk anywhere warm to be honest

Dream job: Something to do with media

When was your blog created: Late 2015 i think 

Current # of followers: 266 

What made you create a tumblr: To vent my feelings about My Mad Fat Diary because that show is honestly just incredible.

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  1. my hair is currently red/purple???
  2. i play a little guitar and piano
  3. although my blog is pink, i barely own anything that is pink
  4. im an aquarius nice
  5. i liVE for conspiracy theories
  6. i almost met seventeen accidentally
  7. i love love love to travel
  8. im so sarcastic to the point where im not even sure if im being serious anymore
  9. i can’t form proper english sentences,,. watch me say ‘theres a piece of leg on my hair’
  10. im a hOE for art

i guess thats all?? idk im pretty boring  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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Name: Becky

Nicknames: Becky (a lot of nicknames tbh, none of them actually related to my name and none of them used consistently haha)

Zodiac Sign: taurus

Height: 164 cm, about 5’4 I think

Orientation: idk tbh (either hetero or ace tho)

Ethnicity: white

Favorite Fruit: cherries

Favorite Season: spring

Favorite Book: Oh my goodness like I can actually make that decision

Favorite Flower: lily

Favorite Scent: idk I don’t go around sniffing things. Mint maybe?

Favorite Colour: blue

Favorite Animal: ALL OF THEM

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: COFFEE

Average Sleep Hours: my sleep schedule is fucked I honestly have 0 clue

Cat or dog person?: BOTH!!!!!

Favorite Fictional Character: um um um Polgara, Raistlin, Percy Jackson, and Hermione

Number of blankets you sleep with: 1 but I’m really sensitive to heat so I usually kick most of it off during the night

Dream Trip: Europe and East Asia

Blog Created: sometime in 2014 I think?

Number of Followers: almost 5k

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