idk but what a complex character man

So.. I have something to say.
Just watched Homecoming and I loved it, but there’s a topic that seems not clear for me.

My head literally exploded when *possible spoiler* Michelle called herself MJ. Like, my brain made an instant click.
But even with that, being honest, I don’t think she is Mary Jane. Or an adaptation of her character. She is Michelle Jones, a completely different person, and I adore what we have seen of her so far. For me the MJ call was like a hint of what Michelle could become in the future {I mean, like Peter’s partner maybe?) Idk but i see so much potential right there, because this MJ feels really complex and interesting.
So, no, she is not Mary Jane for me, but rather a different new character that could be important in Peter’s life as Mary Jane character had been.
And I totally ship MichellexPeter tbh. Good job with this one Marvel

Let me just say this:

LeFou isn’t just “not as bad as everyone feared”

He’s wonderful.

He’s a GREAT character, his sexuality is central to who he is but it’s not all there is to him, he’s in love with Gaston but he’s not an idiot, he’s his own person and he is a GOOD person. He’s a SWEET person. He’s a KIND person. 

Like, would I have preferred if Lumiere and Cogsworth had been together? Obviously. But LeFou is a main character, he’s a wonderfully complex character, and tbh? I’m really pleased with what we were given 

like sorry idk how to tell you this but LeFou is wonderful and he’s waaaaay better gay rep than I expected Disney would ever give us. He’s a fuck of a lot better than the 0.23 second glimpse of a lesbian couple in Finding Dory lol sorry but a complex, three-dimensional fat gay man is good representation! GOOD representation. not “passable, not completely insulting representation” but GOOD. 

IDKHBTFM is more than a band to Dallon (a conspiracy theory)

This is a more comprehensible format of the theory I posted a few days ago. It’s a bit of an odd theory but it’s my personal favorite. (!!! I didn’t come up with this; @/wethervanes on Twitter did) Let’s do this.
•Okay. So, we all know Dallon’s been doing some things outside of Panic!, right? (idkhbtfm) That’s what this theory is about, so buckle up bc it’s wild. Also, forgive me for randomly jumping around in this. I usually lose points on my essays for subpar topic organization.
•So, it’s kind of odd that Dallon always denies that he went to Emo Nite, and even denies IDK’s existence. (ex: “that’s not me”, “i don’t know what you’re talking about”, etc. you’ve seen the screenshots.)
•Relevant sidenote: Both Dallon and Breezy have tweeted about IDK as far back as 2009. A lot of artists plan out/tease “eras” ahead of time, like how Halsey was posting about HFK in 2015, but it was released this year.
•Different, but still relevant, sidenote: Dallon has said that after the Brobecks “plateaued”, Panic! was the last thing he’d pursue in music, because he wasn’t going as far as he (deserved) needed to and it was hurting him & his family. This was also around 2009. (gasp !!!)
•This is the part where the two sidenotes become something of a keynote (bigger gasp !!!) : if he had been planning IDK since 2009, he probably planned on pursuing it anyway, right? So, why is this all happening now? Pun fully intended, idk, but there are some ideas. (!!!)
•Y'all know Dallon’s being really weird when it comes to IDK, and he’s denying everything that has anything to do with it. The show on the 12th, Emo Nite/what he wore at Emo Nite, new music, etc.
•Obviously, he knows. It’s his own damn project. He can’t be clueless as to what’s going on. So, why does he act like it’s not him? Aunty Beth’s got an answer for you !!!
•Maybe, IDK is just something he doesn’t wanna acknowledge. And by IDK, I don’t mean the band (biggest gasp !!!) (fr follow me here) because Breezy has tweeted about IDK, so she knows about it (although even if she hadn’t tweeted about it she’s probably know bc like,,, that’s her husband but anyway). And Ryan Seaman obviously knows about it, because he’s in IDK, and had “I don’t know how, but they found me” as his bio on Instagram & Twitter and stuff like that.
•There’s allegedly an empty Soundcloud under IDK’s name, which, obviously, would be used for music. If it’s up now, that means there’s probably something coming soon. (Also there’s that video Dallon posted but that wasn’t a thing at the time this theory was created so it’s irrelevant to this)
•There’s also the small pieces of IDK songs we’ve heard. There’s a particular chunk that has people a little confused.
•"Stop, drop, drag me into place/Block (lock? idrk man) your fire escapes/I’ll break your fucking face"
-That’s pretty violent, obviously.
•So, what if IDK isn’t a band? What if it’s a character, a manifestation off all of the violent things Dallon thinks about ?(pun intended part 2)
•A lot of artists have personas/characters onstage and in their music. Melanie Martinez has Crybaby, Twenty One Pilots have [had (rip)] Blurryface, Beyoncé has Sasha Fierce (had? is she still doing Sasha Fierce?) etc.
•So, what if that’s what IDK is?
•We know that Dallon usually only swears (irrelevant sidenote: do y'all say curses or swears?) when he’s angry. In songs, sure, he’s sworn a few times, but usually he’s a very proper, generally inoffensive guy.
•He’s had violent lyrics before (Goodnight Socialite, Small Cuts, etc. The man has an album called “Violent Things”.)
•So basically, what if IDK is a character he uses to manifest all the bad shit he feels? Almost like a coping method for the violent, angry feelings most people hide?
•That’s why he “forgets” everything IDK does, and sweeps them under the rug. We all try to forget when we say or do something uncharacteristic of ourselves,!right?
•So, maybe IDK is the part of Dallon that no one “gets”, because it’s so complex and unlike himself. The side of him that’s angry and improper, unlike the chill, collected guy he generally is.
•IDK is his bad thoughts, the regrettable things he’s done, said, thought, etc. It’s his outlet for the negative things he feels. It’s an alter ego, for lack of a better term, that’s been growing for years, and he chooses to manifest it in music, because he can’t just do the shit he’s singing about. He wants to be blocking fire escapes and breaking faces. That’s Not Good™.
•Therefore, Dallon hides IDK as much as possible. He denies all of the pictures and videos because he doesn’t want people to know. He doesn’t want to be Exposed. So, when Dallon’s denying the silver jacket, he knows about it, he just doesn’t want us to.

((again: this isn’t my original theory !! it’s the brainchild of actual genius, @/wethervanes on Twitter !!!))

Thoughts on Jumin

Man, the 707 Reset Theory was depressing enough, but the Jumin Reset Theory? Oh, man… imagine all the implications…

I was really inspired by @imjamiejamz‘s art! And my love for Jumin

Disclaimer: Long post ahead!

I mean, let’s face it. Because of the environment he had growing up, he didn’t learn to properly process and express his emotions. He grew up in  a corporate world where everything had to be cold, rational, and efficient. Almost everything — his feelings, wishes, desires — had to be heavily repressed for the sake of efficiency (which I think triggers his Bad End 2, since MC basically coaxes him into unleashing his suppressed desires). He wasn’t really loved and didn’t know how to love in return. The women in his life either had ill intentions towards him or only went after him for his wealth. He struggled with a lot of issues internally, but had no outlet to vent. He basically dealt with everything alone.

Jumin, essentially, was (and still is) a lonely person. Though Rika and V were his two closest friends, they eventually had to leave his life. With Elizabeth 3rd, however, he finally had a means of projecting his suppressed feelings of loneliness.

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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: I miss Nine I want more Nine why is there just one season of Nine he's such a complex and well constructed character why would they waste such potential? They could have done all nine seasons with Nine and we still would have things to discover about him and his personality oh I just want a spinoff with Nine idk man I just really love Nine.

like alright it’s 4 in the morning and I have to wake up early but instead i’m thinking about Hunk and how like???? pragmatic he actually is. like yes he is made of sunshine and kindness and everything good in the world but also lets consider this conversation with lance?? 

Lance: I guess we should get used to this space juice. Who knows when we’ll get back home again?

Hunk: Yeah, if ever. 

Lance: What do you mean?

Hunk: I mean, if this Zarcon guy has been ruling for ten thousand years, how long do you think it will take for us to fix it? You know, if we live. 

Lance: Right, that. 

that is GRIM Hunk!! its grim but it’s also very realistic and I love thinking about how well that fits him thematically. He keeps the team grounded not only emotionally (lbr he’s the moral touchstone of the group) but also like, logically. Throughout the entire series, whenever arguments are brought up within the team (handing over the blue lion, staying or fleeing the Galra ship in episode 1, ect,) his stances are always based in logic and thought out. It’s really easy to dismiss a lot of how he acts in the first few episodes as cowardice, and yes I’m sure that is a part of it i mean of course he’s a scared teenager in the face of invading aliens, but the underlying logic is always there and it shines through more as his character develops and he comes to understand what it means to save the galaxy. It would have been so simple to make him endlessly hopeful and bright and happy but instead we get Hunk who is also levelheaded and honestly so smart i bet he’s going to grow into a tactical genius. In conclusion: Hunk is such a good character and so complex thank you for your time.

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Just general people you read from would be fine!! :D

Okay love ^^ haha I also have a tag that says reads and that’s where I reblog the fics I like for rereads hehe but hmm let us go down my follow list, for some unknown reason I don’t follow a lot of people so idk if this is at all comprehensive.. maybe I’m just picky or too lazy to find more LOL 

an-exotic-writer ahh the A-1 since Day 1, I’ve been reading her works since the beginning of my days as a fangirl and they just keep getting bETTER, lovely blog, lovely person, I’m her cupcake too tho ^3^ 

babyitsbts // babyitsfiction idk which one she runs on these days but I LOVE her scenarios as well ^^ haha I think I read all through her stuff in one sitting esp the wolf exo ones 

duizhangdeluxe I actually found Amanda on AFF bc of her Blanc et Nior series?? and then stalked down her tumblr and now I am in love with her muses, beautiful soul, I am a hardcore fan. 

dvehyun I believe I found Gabs somewhere the jimin smut tag LMAO I still remember reading her work and being so amazed and impressed and thought wow I really hope I can develop my writing like that, her vamp AU gives me chills. 

eungyus // nam-jihyun my MIN, my sunshine, my hope, my founder hahah she’s the person that raised me in this cold cold world of tumblr hahahh I love her writing, she is the first person I have ever requested anything from and I’m so glad I did ;-; okay she’s great at writing dark themes but when she writes fluff its so perfect *sobs for days ily* 

exoticarmy127 MY FIRST TUMBLR FRIEND AND UNNIE WHO I LOVE DEEPLY. I adore all of her stories, they have their own life in them esp Laws of Motion and Attraction. I cannot deny my love for professor V my goodness. 

jiminsnips my Kenna, I’m lowkey salty bc she’s never on these days hahahaha! but that aside I love her scenarios, esp the ones for her challenge which I lowkey attempted several times 

krismebaobei idk if they’re still really active but Fei will give you all the feels ;_; I love her scenarios so much, once again, been reading since the days the skies were one 

min-tokkiwriter ahhh I haven’t read from her recently but I’m pretty sure I have read all her older works, one of the few shinee scenario blogs I seem to follow LOL 

minearebigger same as above comment, simply bc I usually don’t read many ship type fics?? …. although her jongtae aus are indeed quite tempting 

monchims *lays oneself on ground and rolls around* Okay Cherry is one of the main reasons I started to write in the first place? Hahah even non fandom wise I find her words beautiful and put together in such a way that it intrigued me to learn how to do so myself hahah.  I  really really like A+++ also her hypotheticals// compilations are fun to read they just escalate until she just walks away XD 

palpitate-hyperventilate Jo is soooooo GOALS A F I love her writing, it took me a while to get used to her style but maybe that’s why I appreciate it so much, I love it, it makes me think, it makes me pause and wonder and ughhhhh so inspired every time I read her writing its just a masterpiece T.T  

thesammtimes Sam my goodness I love her scenarios. I don;t remeber much about it because I discovered sam at like 2am in the middle of a fic reading marathon on my phone but they are A+ quality. *2pm voice* 10 out of 10 

soul-scenarios idk if they’re active (again) I’m sorry anon but umm This unnie made me cry so. many. times. like her scenarios are a mix of angst and fluff and they always get that heart clenchy feeling that I love ahhh ;;

theboyswhomwelove duuudeee I stalked Laura even before I got a tumblr, The Trophy was one of the first few fics I started reading and omg I’m so so glad I did, I love her, and her style of writing, just the character development is always so smooth yet complex. the tru sempai. 

whisperedscenarios I luvvvv but I haven’t been able to read much recently but I know back in the days when she was an admin I JUST LOVED ALL THEIR WORKS. it was absolutely adorable and I really should catch up on my reading bc I’m sure her scenarios are still nice <3 

xiuminipple idk man Jackie makes me question what I’m doing with my life when we’re the same age //i think// her writing is so nice like seriously beautiful and so… realistic?? Her Kai College AU and Chanyeol high school AU  are my absolute FAVS. so witty and just all together really enjoyable. 

thereaderwriter also one of the few ones I have known since the beginning of my fangirl career. I love that she writes and puts songs on her scenarios bc she’s the reason I started doing so? Like I’m pretty sure she introduced me to so many songs which are my favorites now like A Good Boy by Baek Ah Yeon and Intoxicated by the Cab and one distinct one for me is her Luhan one where OC is a photographer haha I LOVE IT 

theyreallbiasruiners WAIT NO WAIT YOU CANNOT ABSOLUTELY NOT FORGET THIS ONE PERSON OKAY. She is my irl friend and my other half and the reason I HAVE MADE IT THIS FAR. she doesn’t post much and don’t let her scare you off lmao BUT SHE DA BAE. 

yeahhhh okay that was longer than I expected but before I follow someone I usually stalk them for a long reasonable amount of time LOL SO I JUST GUSH when it comes to the ones I follow because they are goals and I hope to be able to have such distinct style like them one day T.T and yay happy reading anon I wish you rainbows and sparkles and all the feels <3 

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I support you wanting to write jasico 8D two thumbs up! giant gold star! (subtle grabby grabby hands :D)

au where nico is somewhat of a quiet creeper who falls in love with this blond dude’s face at this coffee shop he goes to a lot and writes this big story about his protagonist (who starts out acting like percy and by the final draft ends up being like Nico himself) and then finds said blond dude reading the book one day (or at least intently staring at it) 

and so he gathers the nerve to go up and talk to the guy, right off the bat the dude Jason introduces himself and Nico tries to talk about the book (which is ironically a bestseller) and Jason casually says the book is p fucking terrible (like can you say “ow”) and Nico starts thinking “This is why I can never fall for a guy and have a healthy relationship) 

but then 

Jason explains that with a main character so complex that the love life just seems stagnant, dull, and that the guy deserves a relationship that makes him feel like the world 

ofc Nico kinda forgets they’re talking about the man character of his story for a second 

and then for the rest of the story Jason shows what Nico what a real relationship feels like and what t means to feel golden 


Look at all of this NEAT STUFF you can buy!! WHOA! I mean really, this is something. Okay, so along with school and work I’ve decided to open commissions to try and make the money a little bit easier to come by. If you just wanna donate, you can do that too. There’s a button on my page.


  1. High tiers-Full color illustrations, looser linework comes cheaper, $10-15. Cleaner linework, depending on the amount of characters desired, $20-$30. Lineless digital paintings are pricier!!! Because they require the most work. $30-40.

  2. Medium tiers-Waist or neck-up character portraits are $3. These will be full-color, with some soft shading. Full-body, clean, curvier lines, $8-10. The “stick lines” are all $12 each with a maximum of three characters per drawing.

  3. !!!!!!THE VARYING PRICES TIER!!!!!!! This one is kind of weird. Any clean, full body ink for one character can go anywhere between $5-$15, depending on the complexity. “Stick line” illustrations featuring one character go from $10-20, depending on the desired colors, amount of characters, etc.


  • Pretty much any fandom, interest, character of your choice
  • Im not that good with mecha/automatons. If you want one, which idk why, you’ll be paying more.
  • NSFW!! Whoa. Dinkles!!!
  • Furry art–again, not my best, but if you want it, man.


  • scat
  • pedo/beasto/etc
  • pretty much anything you know you shouldn’t ask for

Send via paypal only please, to!!!


Hello its commission time (ive finally made a proper sheet after a while)

i am a bit better with furries than i am with humans but i mean i can draw a human, try to at least. but i can do it

also i dont draw boys a lot hmm (i draw girls and furries.. girl furries?)


  • waist up- 5$
  • full body- 8$

these drawings are just a simple drawing with the hair coloured in and other stuff if requested, like a flower for example (if u want a furry well i can draw simple colours) some shading a little bit of what i call “filtering” (its just me putting colours down and making it overlay or smthng in painttool sai not so fancy my friend)

not gonna do bust for this bc nah


  • bust- 10$
  • waist up- 15$
  • full body- 20$

these drawings are just flat colours, maybe some shading but not anything too amazing, some more of that lame “filtering” but not a whole lot. no background, just ur character(s) doing something or just standing there

  • extra characters is just 4$!! four whole dollars and that goes for any option wow what a steal

i wont do nsfw, or complex machinery or anything i cant really do i’ll let u know if theres something i cant do

i use paypal to take payments

just send me a message, fanmail or not if u wish to do business with me

here is more examples of my artwork so if ur like man idk if i wanna give this person my money look at this and maybe you wont change ur mind but hey look at this anyway i produced these images with my hands(theres also my art tag for that)

if u cannot purchase my stuff then reblogging is real neat! hit that reblog button and save a life perhaps even many. tell ur pet how cool i am