idk but this scene was hot


Happy birthday to bell, book, and candle by @skittidyne which shook my world almost 2 years ago and I hope everyone reads it because seriously, it’s exquisite.


Heaviest oil deposit’s always on the first key used – that’s quite clearly the three – but after that the sequence is almost impossible to read. I’d say from the make that it’s a six digit code.

How To Flirt With & Insult People Simultneously: A Guide by Sherlock Holmes

DL (Plushie Skit)- Ending Episode 12 CGs (Shu)

Subaru’s Version:

I believe many fans love the final conversations with the boys~

Here is the video in case you do not know what am I talking about:

I love those incorrect sub title pictures!! I have to screen shot them all~

But What if it’s not incorrect sub titles? It’s “incorrect” pictures?

So IDK why, but my brain was like “HEY use this as your skit!”

Well.. The Super Hot Scenes I just ruined with my plushie Shu LOL

Now it’s just funny and cute and like “Oh Yeah Plushie what do you want to do huh?”

And I am doing Subaru’s version now, I’m such a sinful woman…

You can yell at me if I ruin your hot Shu OWO

(Again, if Shu is in his uniform this will be perfect damn it! I should get a uniform Shu!)

(That Smirk on Plushie it’s kinda creepy O.O)

The last picture makes me laugh!! He just like “mommy I want food” *innocent face with watery eyes* 

Im probably the only one who does this
  • Lemony goodness fanfics: -Insert hot as hell make out scene-
  • Me: oh... my
  • Fanfic: -insert dirty talk here-
  • Me: ...why can i hear them-
  • Fanfic: -Dude fucking moans-
  • Me: Forgive me mother for i have sinned.

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Sam have you seen Wonder Woman? Would you ever consider giving Diana a cameo in your Foodieverse? *__*

Oh sure! I hadn’t thought about it, but what a good idea. I really enjoyed the Wonder Woman movie – I love the “fish out of water” quality of heroes like Cap and Diana, and I think that was really well-handled in the film. Plus as other people have said, the No Man’s Land scene was truly striking and I’m so glad it made it into the final cut. 

I don’t know what would suit her best, I’d have to give that some thought. Maybe she’d be a friend of Steve’s from culinary school, who has a hot downtown restaurant and does like a super popular YouTube channel devoted to Greek cooking. Or maybe she’s now an instructor at the Culinary Institute of America. IDK, suggestions welcome. 

❝ you got me good. ❞ (m)

[ got7 jaebum scenario ›  ❝ you got me good ❞ ] [requested] 

pls send in your requests i dont have anymore

genre › smutty smut 

warnings › graphic smut & everything that comes with it i’m so sorry hide ur kids for i have sinned

paring › im jaebum × female reader 

word count 1,186 

synopsis › in which non–idol jaebum is in love with reader & an 18+ scene comes on in the film they are watching together 

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My Deckerstar Wishlist for S2B-S3
  • SEX SCENE!! I am begging you!! (@LuciferWriters) I will literally die and have my soul go to heaven to see Deckerstar FINALLY CONSUMMATE THEIR LOVE FOR EACH OTHER! Lucifer will be sooo nervous and unsure about, and Chloe will be so thirsty for him that she will barely be able to control herself. It will be hot and sexy, but also so passionate and sweet at the same time. *If we get one in the finale or a really hot make out scene, I. WILL. LEGIT. DIE. RESURRECT. AND. THEN. DIE. AGAIN. #LifeComplete
  • Kissing. BECAUSE THEY ARE OTP CREATED BY GOD HIMSELF. and for reasons and science. *Also i need a piano make-out scene like in the dream. BUT FOR REAL. I NEED IT. FOR REASONS. FOR SCIENE. FOR MY SOUL.
  • Lucifer serenading Chloe by playing on the piano and signing to her. (Idk maybe Hallelujah?!???) I would probably will cry if we get a scene like that. *Bonus: If its in his penthouse. If she sits on the bench with him as she just looks at him with tears in her eyes. While he sings the chorus “Hallelujah” he looks at her as if because she is the center of his universe
  • Lucifer and Chloe slow dancing because of reasons
  • Lucifer spending time with Chloe and Trixie. Maybe another morning breakfast scene??? Ohhh or him making them dinner with the help of Trixie and Chloe getting mad *not really, more amused* as they through flour into each others faces
  • More flirting during cases and Ella making comments and telling them to “get a room”
  • Deckerstar touches. Arm. Chest. Leg. Hands. Hair. Foreheads. LITERALLY ANY PHYSICAL CONTACT WILL END ME!!!
  • Lucifer making more romantic AF speeches without even realizing it (Literally that beach scene still makes my cry. THAT. WAS. SO. FUCKIN’. ROMANTIC. BE. STILL. MY. DECKERSTAR. SHIPPER. HEART.
  • Chloe driving Lucifer’s corvette and him being worried the whole time and 100% backseat driving to be careful around turns and not get to close to cars. Or side walks. Or really anything
  • I would very much like need stolen glances
  • Lucifer blabbering when trying to talk to Chloe because it is so FUCKIN’ ADORABLE when he gets flustered around her
  • Cuddling. On the couch maybe while they are watching a movie. Or cuddling in bed. Either or. Or both…..BOTH
  • Trixie falling asleep on Lucifers lap and him falling asleep while both of them are on the couch. *Basically the Maze/Trixie scene but with Lucifer/Trixie and Chloe taking her phone out and quickly snapping a picture to use it against him later if need be
  • Devil jokes when after Chloe finds out and see’s his true face and Lucifer being totally annoyed with it, but Chloe finding it so entertaining

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. meme ± 6 scenes ± Turn, Turn, Turn

Because I remember us tracking down a drug that brought a girl back from the brink, and that was real important.

2x07 Malec Review

I hate drama. So here is what I think.

Let’s first state that I loved the malec scenes. They were absolutely beautiful. Maybe ppl don’t remember their scenes that’s why they say there was no malec at all. There was the beautiful gift scene, the kissing on the sofa, magnus saying alec is a special person, alec asking izzy about sex, alec going to magnus & kissing him passionately, magnus smiling and I was dying, their memorable conversation, the two rushing into the bedroom kissing passionately and WTF THERE WASN’T ANY RAPE C'MON ARE YOU SERIOUS!? Their scenes where freaking beautiful don’t just throw evil everywhere.

But ofc there is also a negative side… The scenes were SHORT. The kissing scene on the sofa, especially, lasted exactly 29 seconds only; I think it was really too short and they also cut out the glasses part… the scenes were much shorter compared with the Maia, Simon, Jace scenes for example. The important thing here is not how many scenes, but how long they are. And you know which is the real problem? The stills, the sneak peaks, the teasing tweets. They convinced us that the ep would’ve been only about malec, but it wasn’t. But don’t misunderstand my thoughts! Again I LOVED and DIED FOR THE BEAUTIFUL MALEC SCENES, but the way they’ve teased us made us think we would’ve ended up with half ep of malec and the other half of the rest (WHICH WAS AMAZING BTW), and then this didn’t really happen. So the problem here is not malec, is not what they show or what they don’t show, but the screen time.

Then there is another issue, which is the sex scene. Here also we need to look at both sides, we can’t just say bad things. I MEAN 9 MONTHS AGO WE WOULDN’T EVEN HAVE IMAGINED THAT WE COULD DESERVE A MALEC SEX SCENE AND NOW HERE WE ARE TODAY COMPLAINING BECAUSE WE WANTED MORE!!! The writers have just given us the sex scene (shown or not shown), OUR MALEC HAVE JUST HAD SEX COULD WE FOCUS ONLY ON THIS FOR A MIN!!! Idk about you but the scene was hot and amazing, when they were finally rushing into the room kissing, magnus kissing passionately back, my heart was exploding, MY HEARY WAS EXPLODING, and we cannot not recognize that this scene killed us and was unbelievable!!! I was dying and it was PERFECT. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. I wouldn’t have imagined it differently! Would you? How? I don’t think so.

Now, negative side of the issue. If they actually had sex (which I hope not btw), I’m praying god that they’re going to show us something next ep, like waking up together, cuddling (that they didn’t give us today) etc… Because I’ve waited for this moment for 9 months and I want to ACTUALLY SEE STH. They say they can’t show sex, but then they show Jace & Kaelie naked kissing. So I TRULY HOPE that next ep they are going to show sth similar with malec because otherwise I’m sorry but I’ll be disappointed. Anyway, IF THEY DIDN’T SHOW AN INTIMATE SCENE THIS EP IT DOESN’T MEAN IT WON’T HAPPEN NEXT WEEK. So I hope they are going to show sth, or it wouldn’t be fair.

To conclude, malec has been amazing in every single scene, Harry and Matt have been fantastic. Let’s just hope for next week to bring us a cuddling scene in bed, or maybe they didn’t even had sex (I hope). So it depends on next week. BUT PLEASE DON’T SAY THE EP WASN’T GOOD😭.

1 last advice: DON’T watch sneak peaks, try to avoid spoilers as much as u can, and just ENJOY THE SHOW and the beautiful malec that we have❤


I know it’s too early to jump to conclusions but it feels really wrong that climon gets so much intimacy and both sweet and hot scenes. And I’m not even there for hot sexy malec scenes but it’s just not right that we get only romantic little things (well, still not enough) and a blackout for malec but all kinds of moments for a straight couple that fans are not even interested in

I was waiting to listen to the Kazoku Ni Narouyo BLCD sfm and I just finished.

It was cute. Really cute. Ayumi’s adorable!!! 

But sadly I wasn’t as satisfied with the h-scenes. :/

Yuuma-chan was the seme to Makonyan’s uke here. 

Makonyan can rock both semes and ukes, but I think Yuuma-chan should stay in the uke department…..

To me it sounded like he was trying to sound very sultry but ended up just sounding drunk (especially in track 2. Listen and you’ll get what I mean…). It was awkward and funny. Idk I giggled in every h-scene (even during the ones that were supposed to be really hot!??) because I couldn’t take his voice seriously. -__-

I wouldn’t mind listening to them with reversed roles though…. maybe one day….


  • lemme get this outta the way: i liked this one a bunch
  • The Dr just…taking the kids on a day trip. (well, I imagine it’s more Nardole taking the kids on a day trip, somewhere safe and fun! on earth!!! he’s apparently given up being surprised that they do not stay on earth, sorry dude)
  • Nardole’s awkward request for help from Miss
  • narratively, mechanically, i really liked how this was played/where it was placed, and where the payoff landed. i forgot about it for a while, and then went ‘oh wait they’ve got a deus ex machina’. like it shifts the tension from ‘how will they get home’ to ‘when will they get home’ and then undercuts the importance of them getting home because they get another option. not using Nardole and Missy until after the episode’s action was sorted and instead it being a springboard into the next three episodes is, imo, one of the better tricks in this season
  • Alpha Centauri fuckin lmao
  • this is Gatiss at his most Gatiss-y and it works. i’ve blathered on before about the Tactical Deployment of a Gatiss episode, but to repeat myself: having a small-scale, slightly goofy but very genuine story in between more ambitious fare really does wonders for the flow of a season. and having this story, which knows what it is and what it’s good at, coming after two episodes that did not know those things… dunno, it’s a breath of fresh air just getting to watch a regular episode of Dr Who
  • also in re: some of my criticisms of “Pyramid” and “Lie”, Bill feels like Bill and the Dr feels like the Dr
  • BILL my girl who has seen all the movies and stands back until she’s like, hey, fuck it, i’m going in. “I’ll look past your Victorian mindset because you’re…Victorian.” the Dr who has seen Frozen (all of my lols) and is a kinder and more obviously lost (ie willing to admit they’re floundering and guessing at best) version of the pragmatic Dr in “Mummy on the Orient Express”
  • the guest characters were all well (if broadly) drawn too. thanks, Mr. Mark
    i love that the one dude just stays on Mars. this is all of those Tumblr posts about aliens having a pet human. i want 1000000 stories about this dude, this dude is my favorite dude, i hope he’s happy
  • that dude vs the Dr’s “i know how to think like a warrior”, there’s a lot there. neither of them want to fight, they both wind up fighting, someone smarter than me should have a go at that parallel
  • PCap spent like 50% of this episode doing the red, watery eyes thing, which is the televisual equivalent of Colin Baker doing the soft quiet voice thing in BF, which is to say: please, my heart is fragile, it cannot handle this level of delicate, low-key heartache
  • THE ICE QUEEN or w/e i’m in love pls marry me
  • Bill/Ice Queen maybe?
  • that last scene aw jeeze. like i’m not one to be like, 'MY SHIP is CANON u are DUMB FOR NOT SEEING HOW IT IS CANON’ how ev er. however. that was hot. that was hot in a way that i’m struggling to accept was accidental. jiminy crickets
  • NEXT TIME ON romans! Nardole in jim-jams! dinosaurs? idk. if the raven is foreshadowing then i will probably self-destruct

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Can you recommend me some bl movies/series? It could be thai, chinese, Korean or japanese. I've watched Addicted(Heroin), Uncontrolled Love and Ghost Boyfriend (which I cried when I watched it btw). Thank you!

Hello :) sorry for replying late, it took me more than I expected. I have too many things to recommend so this is gonna be long ^^”


- Lovesick the series + Lovesick Season 2 (is it enough if I say that it is my favorite ♥ ? series and novel too)

- Yandaixiejie n. 10 (among my faves as well, highly recommended, and the same goes for the novel ♥)

- Counterattack (nice and funny and totally worth watching because of QingYu, even though they compressed a lot of things from the novel so if you want to fully enjoy the story I really recommend to read it)

- Make It Right the series (I haven’t liked it that much to be honest so this is a recommendation based on the popularity it has, you may like it ^^)

- Mr X and I + Mr X and I season 2 (both seasons are bittersweet and touching; the 3rd season is gonna be out soon too)

- Diary of Tootsies (super funny and out of mind; it’ll have a 2nd season too)

- Club Friday 5 (this is gonna have a continuation as well, it’s gonna be out on August 17)

- GayOkBangkok (something more adult; 2nd season incoming too)

- Grey Rainbow (something more adult and deep too, even though not everyone appreciated the end ^^” I heard that also this is gonna have a 2nd season, though, so let’s see)

- Renai Shindan Tsubasa (I really liked it, maybe because it has twists and other stuff that it’s like a telenovela lol)

Other series in which the BL story is secondary but are worth watching: 

Hormones | Room Alone 401-410 | Puppy Honey | The Lover

About Ghost Boyfriend, if you liked the movie, you can try the series, this should be the uncut version (I still have to watch it though ^^).


- Love of Siam (my favorite, it’s really a must watch movie)

- Eternal Summer (too beautiful and intense, but tears alert)

- My Bromance (tears alert as well, but it’s another must-see)

- Antique Bakery (the BL content is not the predominant theme but the whole movie is awesome, among my faves of all time)

- Love’s Coming (something thai, cute and funny, among my faves as well - really it seems I have a lot of favorite stuff lol)

- Udagawachou de Mattete yo (I watched it some weeks ago and loved it, it’s the classic sweet japanese bl that warms your heart up)

- Doushitemo Furetakunai (same as above, but also heartwarming)

- Junjou Pure Heart (same as above lol)

- Seven Days (super sweet, if you find the 1st movie a little slow remember to give a try to the second, though, it’s the one I appreciated the most)

- Takumi kun 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 (Takumi is Takumi, super saccharine but it’s something that should be watched; Pure, the 4th one, is different from the others, though, and it’s absolutely my favorite - sorry Takumi, sorry Gii ^^”)

- Boys Love 1 | Boys Love 2 (these are basically the first BL movies I watched, so I had to include them lol; tragic content alert, though)

- Waterboyy (here I’m biased since I love the two leading actors, but the whole movie is enjoyable)

- Red Wine in the Dark Night (I watched it recently and I’m still deciding if I liked it or not; it’s pretty peculiar, but if you like vampires, loneliness, hot scenes and shocking contents you can give it a try)

- Night Flight (very dramatic and psychologically intense)

- No regret (very dramatic as well)

- Lost in Paradise (among my favorite vietnamese movies, it’s very realistic yet delicate)

- Like Love + Like Love 2 (another thing I’m gonna recommend because of its popularity, since I’m still deciding if I liked it or not; it’s cute and everything, but… well, idk ^^” but you may like it ^^)

I stop here, otherwise I would go on forever >.< 

For other stuff in case you may take a look at this list, I mainly did it for my italian pals (so ignore my comments lol) but it has links for the english subbed versions too; the titles with the star () are the ones I liked ^^

Have a happy watching ♥

I got an ask about my comic process so I figured I’d answer it separately coz it might get long haha. I have no idea what I’m doing! So don’t take this as gospel, it’s just what I do and how I roll.

1. Planning! Generally I write down a bunch of one sentence or couple word points. They don’t even have to be plot points, they’re just stuff I want to happen at one point or another in the story. I’d show you my notebook but it is 100% spoilers lmao. But say for Chapter 1, notes would be like - meets jude - loses bag - is ambushed- can’t speak - is let in the house - runs from zombies - other people. Something like that. I usually do a couple chapters of notes at a time, because you can see these notes are SUPER vague, and that way I can move things around so they affect the story more. A lot of times I rearrange ‘reveals’ or information so they impact each other more than having them be in different orders, if that makes sense. I don’t write any dialogue or script, apart from one or two lines I might definitely want to be in a scene or chapter.

2. Shitty roughs! I approach my roughs like I approach storyboards - a bucnh of establishing shots and poses, and then cut down what you don’t need. Since a lot of my comics are dialogue, gestures and facial expressions are pretty important. I do most of my roughs in a 4x5 2$ sketchbook I got from Daiso lmao, 

You can see I scribble things out constantly, which I think is important! I’ve ditched entire pages of stuff because they weren’t working or I thought of something better, and it’s important to not be totally married to an idea. I don’t really use templates or anything either, coz it’s easier to just draw in panels as you go and resize them later. Since I don’t do scripts or plans, this is where I pretty much write everything. I’m not sure what kind of tips to give here, but I definitely say all of my dialogue out loud to myself and wander around acting… which feels and looks dumb but it’s as important in comics as it is in animation! Use yourself as reference! Think of how your characters would feel in these situations and how they’d react to their surroundings. I set the first scene of Chapter 3 in Jude’s workroom to show that some time had passed and that he was comfortable enough with Joe in the house to get back to routine, but not so comfortable that he wouldn’t instantly shove a hot soldering iron directly into his face lmao. Your environment can show a lot about a scene!

3, Tie downs! Make it look like… not garbage…

And again, you can still mess with stuff! I change shit after I’ve completely finished a page sometimes. idk I can’t stress that enough - I see a lot of people getting stuck on their first roughs coz they’re not perfect, but that’s fine! Do your roughs, change them in your tie downs, change them in your inks, change them when you’re colouring. Nobody’s gonna know unless you tell them lol. Sometimes stuff has to change for it to work better and its good to be able to recognize that.

And then the rest is just finish it, but I hope this is the kind of process stuff you’re looking for? I tried to not be too technical coz lbr i draw with a hotel pen in a dollar store sketchbook, the materials aren’t that important lol. Basically my advice is: a chapter is a scene, think of it like a DVD chapter where one important plot point happens and it has its own self contained beginning, middle, and end. Have your point you wanna make, make it, and then go on and make another one, and then baby you got a stew going comic