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August playlist by Anya - hi here are some mostly indie rock/alternative rock songs that make me happy spotify playmoss

blossoms - charlemagne, declan mckenna - humongous, galaxie 500 - flowers, wolf alice - don’t delete the kisses, declan mckenna - isombard, drowners - cruel ways, bloc party - little thoughts, declan mckenna - brazil, the wombats - the english summer, jose gonzalez - love will tear us apart, cigarettes after sex - opera house

OiIwa Rec List

So, @exella​ kindly asked me for a rec list of exclusive Bottom!Iwa fics and yes I am only far too happy to comply.

(this only contains English fics bc even though the Japanese OiIwa fandom is ripe and live with Top!Oikawa/Bottom!Iwaizumi fics and headcanons I am too lazy to translate and a lot of the authors I follow are already inactive so idk if they’d even respond if I ask)

(also I guess it should go without saying that a lot of these fics are either M or E rated bc…uhh…penetrative sex. Also if there are any broken links just tell me this was dizzying to make haha)

Without any further ado *jazz hands*

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kelly171d  asked:

I feel your dissapointment, I also wanted a Saeran Route so bad lol. But anyways, I'm still happy that we get a V Roue, he also deserves love <3 Besides, that they're not making it now does not mean they can make it in the future!

(cont.) Oh, also, I’m Miss171 in FF! I don’t know if you remember me, but I follow your fanfic (that I like a lot) and I leaved a review which you answered. Thanks!

Of course I remember you haha. :) Idk at the moment I kind of have mixed feelings towards V but I’m still looking forward to playing his route, and I’m sure Cheritz will do a great job. ^^ It’d be nice if they could make a route for Saeran too in the future, but I don’t want to keep my hopes up 😅

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idk who tf is callin u ugly other then ur goofy overly-critical self bc u are EXTREEME pretty v handsorm an im a lil fucked up rn but i just want to tell u that it means a lot to have smone that is nb but also femme who gets called she a lot still bc im still in the closet and idk where im going but i lov u sm and u helped me figure out tht im not cis and ur also so wonderful and u make me happy a lot even just from seein u on tumblr and ig and shit . i hope ur bird is good and bo is too ily

I love u…… come be my friend……

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Did you know Norway once knighted a Pinguin? Idk that juts made me really happy. Btw you're I love this blog so much and you're very pretty.

(OOC: I actually did know that! They call him Sir NIls Olav, and he like is an honorary leader of the kings guard or something. Now,  I have a fun fact for you

You’re very sweet, thank you sweetheart!)

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Can I just say I love how you understand both Tony and steves sides of the story and while you may have a personal preference you can still see and respect their ways of thinking? Idk man it just makes me so happy there're others who can appreciate the deepness of what happened in civil war :)

Awww, thanks, Anon!  I’m glad someone else sees both sides, too.  I’m completely willing to call both of them out when I think the way they are written is a problem, but problems are written into characters for a reason.  They need something to struggle with, to overcome, to better themselves by.  Without that, a character would be pretty flat and uninteresting.  Ultimately, both of them, despite their mistakes, are heroes.  If the issues in CACW were as easy and black and white as some people think, we wouldn’t be debating it a year later (with no sign of stopping…sigh).

get 2 know my lame ass tag

I was tagged by @wearepurpledreams (idk why i can’t tag u rip

Rules: tag 9 people

Relationship status: in a relationship 

Favorite color: yellow!!!!!!!!!!!! it makes me so happy

Lipstick or Chapstick: lipstick i don’t think i’ve touched chapstick since i was 10 unfortunately

Last song I listened to: i’ve been obsessed w/ podcasts so that’s all i’ve listened to…my favorite murder especially lmao

Last movie I watched: spiderman homecomin 

3 favorite fictional characters: um like all the parks and rec characters??? .. olivia benson tbh gotta love law and order svu …ned from pushing daisies

3 favorite ships: i haven’t shipped anything from when i was a 1d fan vis a vis the dark ages

i tag @wlndenburg @zoepatels @mangoport @dinosaursandthesquirrels and tbh everyone!!! 

miitopia drops tomorrow and i physically cannot contain my excitement 

idk how much im gonna liveblog it but if you dont want to see me go on about me, my bf, and my ocs all going on an rpg adventure (or like, just dont want game spoilers) blacklist “are you happy with this?” because im making it my tag for this eventual disaster

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21, 28, 36, 41, 48, 63, 80, 124, 125, 131, 136, 137, 148 (I dare you to pick just one), 151, 208, and 214. I do apologise for spamming you with numbers, but I must be honest, there's another part of me that's like: *mischievous grin*

hello friendo! I love all these numbers! they make me happy! (seriously you can send me more if you want. I will not complain) putting it under the cut cause it got long

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(I just saw some hate for squip redemption arcs and idk it made me kinda sad? Squid redemption ((esp yours)) is one of the few things making me happy rn and for some reason it bugged me.. do you have any advice on just ignoring negativity and continuing to enjoy this kinda thing? :'(

((Do just that: ignore it. It’s what I do with most hate. Don’t acknowledge it and it almost always goes away pretty quickly. People– everyone– has varying opinions about everything, and it’s perfectly okay! People may not like this idea, or my blog, and that’s okay! You can like what you want to and they can like what they do. There doesn’t need to be discourse about it. Just surround yourself in things you enjoy because every person’s happiness is the most important thing in life.))

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Sorry, idk of my post went through but Larries are really glorifying the younger and less secure version of Louis. They don't like his older and more secure self. They don't like how happy he is about being a dad and dating El. It makes them uncomfortable. Those posts about them complaining is making me cringe. And when they complain about how sad they are...I really want to reblog with the gif "am I supposed to feel sorry for that bitch?" I know it's mean but?? They did it?? To?? Themselves???

It’s not mean. I’m fresh out of patience with them. They did this to themselves. Their misery is self created. They lied to themselves and each other about who Louis was, and they’re wrong. It’s that simple. Who they thought Louis tomlinson was is NOT who he is. And he’s telling them that, plainly and clearly.

They made this bed and they’re going to have to lay in it. They’re just throwing all their toys out first.

i love following ppl for long periods of time on here bc u get to see people go through so many changes, wether it be the fact they changed their hair colour like 20 times or the fact they graduated, or that they are rediscovering their gender/sexuality, or that they are getting in and out of relationships, and you were there from the first mention of the person they were interested in, to the last time they were. it just makes me remember how real the people on here are, that they are changing just like you



at the beginning of the dream he totally hated the cat for looking like him, but by the end of the dream he was in love with that cat and it became his sidekick goodbye


Take this sinking boat and point it home. We’ve still got time.
Raise your hopeful voice, you have a choice. You’ll make it now.


this love is o u r s