idk but this makes me happy

i want video calls until midnight. i want to hear you sing our favorite song. i want to tell you you’re beautiful, because its true. i want you to message me a lot and show me you care. i want to laugh out loud with the things you say, and smile so much that i have to hide it so people wont notice. i want to make your days a little better. allow me to make you happy. let me love you.

autistickittens  asked:

!!! i have a weird kind of synesthesia where words/sounds are associated w colours/feelings and!!!! your music is very spring-coloured and energetic and cold but!!! in a good way!!!! i rlly like it hehe

aaa sorry to send 2 asks but i forgot to add!!! some of your songs (like the abnormality and amygdala’s rag doll!!) r like dark green and kind of warm and almost fuzzy/fluffy??? theyre v good too hehe!!! sorry hehe im just v excited to tell u what ur songs are like bc they make me really happy!!!! <3


oooOO INTERESTING a few ppl have sent in stuff like this before and it’s v interesting idk i’m rlly interested in what other ppl think of my music/art and how they hear/see it since my own perception of myself and the stuff i do is so fucked up so aaaaa thaT GOT A LITTLE DARK BUT i’m glad to hear u like them tho!

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the gangsey all gettin high as fuck together…… henry is the one who shows up with the joints and ronan just goes “dude, fuck yeah!” and the whole gangsey is already at the barns so they just sit in the living room, where they did that one night, and get super high and don’t fall asleep until like 10 am the next morning and idk i have a lot of feelings about this it makes me so giddy to think about them just enjoying themselves and havin fun

!!! let the kids be silly and screw around… let them be Kids…… :’)

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i love following you and michelle because i sometimes get to see two posts in a row and it makes me so happy idk why


she copies me. she thinks i’m hip and fresh and sick and cool and bomb and whatever the kids are sayin’ these days. (she just won’t admit it)


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Idk why but your blue dude always makes me so happy i just wanna squeal and be like 'hello lil blue dude!!!! I hope your days nice!!!'

ah this is so great to hear thank you !

call  out  post  to @teslagravity, @phulusa, @rollingsnowsmasher, and @sweetestdumpling  for being too good to me.   seriously,    avoid at all cost.    they make you feel  loved  and are incredible writers and over all amazing people.    i’m serious.    not people you really want to associate with unless you actually like being happy on tumblr and having people you can rely on ???   idk.    they’re like my family.    gross.

[TRANS] 알라딘 Fansign Post-It 170223

Q: Jungkook-ah! How old are hyungs mentally?
SJ: 20
YG: 35
NJ: 26
HS: 25
JM: 21
TH: 20
JK: 21


“We moved in packs together bounded by our oldest brothers
The night was ours for taking, rolling cigarettes and sneaking out
We sung our songs of youth and promised that we’d never lose it.” —
Hippo Campus

For Day 4 of @tazladyweek, Canon Divergence. Don’t get me wrong, I love NO3113 as a member of Team Sweet Flips, but I really want her to be able to go home and chill with her family as well, maybe have some fun being an auntie?

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #15
  • Dan: buffy sucks