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January 29, 2010. Two souls reunited. In another life. In another century. At last.

And it is always eighteen ninety-five.

Remember that horrible headcanon and that horrible edit? I do. And this happened. No idea why. Because I am a slut for Soulmate AUs? I love them? Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are soulmates? Idk, watch it and reblog/like/review/put something in the tags if you want to, we live in a free world, do whatever strikes your fancy.


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lil-cubone asked: vision or star-lord

Remember this. When they finally understand what you are. This is how they will deal with you as well.

Sleep and Memories - Percival Graves imagine

A/N: Okay I know this is common but this is my first imagine so idk just be nice? I hope you like it and uh enjoy I guess. Any constructive criticism is welcome! Italics are for a dream/memory. Apologies for If it’s a little confusing going between ‘You’re’ and ‘my’ during the memory and story. And if it’s horribly edited. I was tired. 

Tags: @a-smol-snake

Warnings: None? Possibly bad writing at the worst. 

Word Count: 1076

It had been a long day. Though your house may now be absolutely spotless and you had a fine cooked meal sitting on the kitchen bench it was not all in a quick and easy fashion. The floors you had scrubbed as though you were a pirate swabbing the deck. You cleaned the kitchen from head to toe, you washed all the mugs in fear they were dusty and rearranged the cupboards sorting everything neatly. Countless loads of laundry had been washed and folded. Corners and shelves had been dusted, the bedrooms and bathroom cleaned. You had done every little chore you could think to do and more. A deep intake of breath from you was the only noise in the house as you slumped onto the couch. Silence. There was not a peep in the house as you waited for the return of Percival from work. It had been a while since you two had had the time to sit down and do something together. Work for you both getting in the way.

Slowly your eyes began to droop. Immediate refusal washed through you. There is absolutely no way you are going to fall asleep before Graves returns. Yes, you had been up since 4 in the morning with no way of falling back to sleep but he had been at work all day. It had probably been an even longer day for him and you were not. About to fall asleep. Before his return home. All you wanted was to have a nice meal together and talk. Maybe even watch a movie together. Ah, what a good idea. You hastily flipped on the TV finding a program suited to keep your attention but not something you had to think about too much. Darkness crossed the windows as the minutes passed. Your eyes strained in the lack of light, only the illumination of the television to bring a glow to the house. And ever so slowly, blackness was all you saw. Your body was asleep and rested but your mind raced at a million miles an hour the memories swirling through your mind.

*Breeze flowed through my hair wisping it across my face. The rustling of leaves, the shades of green complementing the white of the daisies that surrounded us. A blanket laid out beneath us below one of the willow trees. It was a simple lunch. Just a small picnic between the two of us. Chicken sandwiches and apple juice boxes, chips, bananas and a candy bar each. All neatly placed in a cliche woven basket with plastic plates and disposable cutlery. He looked handsome. As he always does. But this was different. This was the Percival I had the pleasure of seeing. He wasn’t in a suit and tie. His hair wasn’t slicked up and back. His face wasn’t serious and stone. He wore jeans and a comfy sweater. His hair was loose and wavy falling in no particular direction as he brushed it from his eyes every now and then. A smile graced his face his eyes bright a pure. He reminded me he loved me. His hand reaching across to hold mine fingers locking in like the weave of the basket thumbs brushing along soft and rough skin. I moved myself over placing myself between his legs my back to his chest as his arms wrapped around my waist holding me close. Breathe it in. The fresh air. The surrounding flowers. The sweetness of the apple juice. His cologne. “I hope you know my dear, that you are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me,” he spoke softly once again grabbing my hand. Turning to face him, I placed my free hand on his neck while his moved to my waist. His eyes flicked to my lips and mine following trailing to his and back to his eyes. Leaning in, lashes fluttering closed skimming across cheeks. Our lips grazed each other barely making contact and…*

You suddenly became very aware of the feeling of arms below the bend of your knees and wrapped around your back and arms. The memory drifted away. A heavy breath. An intake through the nose and a heavy sigh. Eyelids flicker open to meet his face. My Graves. “Well, hello there Doll, I trust you enjoyed your nap,” he whispered in a breathy tone. Colours danced across his face the television still serving as the only light in the house. Though the brightness in his eyes was something that truly could not be matched. You suddenly realised the dead weight of your arms and raised them to wrap lazily around his neck drooping to his shoulders. “I’m sorry… “ the gentle words left your lips without a moment’s thought. “Whatever for my dear?”

“I fell asleep.”

“You did indeed.”

“I cooked us dinner, I meant for us to sit down. To have a nice meal together.”

“Y/n, darling I love you. It has been a long day for you I know that. I mean, it looks like you cleaned every single spot in this house. How about, we go to bed, and tomorrow morning, we can cook a nice breakfast together. Because I refuse to let my love do all the work. And we can do whatever you want for the rest of the day, hmm?”

“That sounds wonderful Perc but, you have work.”

“Some things are a little more important don’t you think my dear?”

“Sounds incredible…” a yawn escaped your lips “but you really don’t have to Perc. I mean honestly, you’re a busy man I understand. It’d be perfectly fine if…”

“Y/n.” he cut you off. A stare and a kiss to the forehead stopped you talking. “I want to be with you.” It was only now that you realised he had slowly been walking you to the bedroom. Sitting down he placed you onto his lap slipping your shirt over your head and replacing it with one of his jumpers. Warm and soft and filled with the smell of him. Standing sluggishly you changed to your pyjama shorts and crawled back into bed beside him. “Percival, I love you.”

“And I love you.” 

And with those words left to drift through your mind, you press closer to Percival and fall into a deep slumber. Nothing more calming than the knowledge that tomorrow you had Graves. Your Graves. Who lays now with the moonlight flitting over his stubbled skin. All to yourself.