idk but the first just seems so weird to me

so THIS is the lion you all are talking about

…interesting. maybe it’s just a generic lion carving? i’m not so sure about it being a possible 6th lion… i feel like there would be more forshadowing for a 6th lion or some mention of it before hand ‘cause to me it seems like the way the show likes to reveal things is by heavily forshadowing stuff first… idk. still weird though

I still never got a solid answer for why “aces are LGBT!” is a//ce po//siti//vity. When I first explored my sexuality I was disgusted with myself. I’d learned that being gay was weird and gross. I didn’t want any part in the community.

The positivity posts that helped me never said “you’re lgbt” they all said “Hey, loving your same gender is ok, you aren’t broken or gross, you are a normal person.”

It just seems so weird that telling someone they are part of an oppressed group is positivity.

So when I was taught about the year and seasons I always assumed it was:
- Jan- March = Spring
- April- June = Summer
- July - September = Autumn
- October - December

Bc I basically assumed that it went in order and didn’t even think about the cyclical nature of it. But now I realise that’s really wrong bc pfff, April as Summer?! But I still don’t even know which month is roughly which season, and it’s a weird thing bc I’m not sure it’s as precise as I made it out to be.

Then we get to the Southern Hemisphere and it gets all the more confusing…

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I'm stuck on the fact that I'm sure that when Keith said "leave the math to Pidge" in that one scene he was really saying to Lance that he didn't need to worry about it, since Lance started off the conversation with math. It seems to me like he was telling Lance that he was wrong and he wouldn't be sidelined as a pilot, but he said it in his own weird, Keith-y way. Idk maybe I'm reaching but that was my first impression of the scene

i just can’t believe this scene is real i can’t believe he knocked on his door and asked him for comfort i can’t believe keith made sure lance would pilot red after so that he wouldn’t feel insecure about it I CANT BELIEVE HE DID THIS!!!!!!!

After rewatching the original Avatar the Last Airbender and halfway through rewatching Legend of Korra, I thought I’d poke around the fanfic situation and.. it always is interesting to see “Zuko and Mai’s daughter” or something. Zuko and Mai never even got married. Hell, their relationship didn’t even last beyond the first year of Zuko’s reign as Firelord. Granted, that’s info that you’d only know if you read the canon comics that came after but like.. idk it just kinda makes me think.

Legend of Korra kinda makes a point to show that these romantic entanglements don’t usually work out on the first try but it always baffles me. Like, these kids are teenagers and so often you see like.. a future image or something in shows of these teens married to their sweethearts they had when they were 15. I couldn’t even imagine being married to someone I dated in high school. 

It just seems like a weird expectation for a lot of children’s cartoons to reinforce. That you’ll meet your soulmate before you can even drink or pay your bills. Legend of Korra definitely does better with how it handles how messy things can be and gotta love Korra and Asami ending up with each other instead of Mako or something.

Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if of the original Team Avatar, only Katara and Aang ended up staying with each other. I can’t speak for the Sokka and Suki situation but it’s never extrapolated either way, but Zuko definitely didn’t stay with Mai.

It does actually make me curious about Zuko’s reign and family life, considering his own childhood. I imagine he’d be a better father to his children. His daughter Izumi seems to have her act together and definitely lacks her father’s temper.

I kinda hope we learn more through more comics or something.

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I think Matt's accent is really endearing as well and I was never bothered by it .. I mean the show is set in NY so it's not out of place and - unlike many others it seems - I never had a problem with not understanding something he says? (And I'm from Austria so English isn't my first language as well .. but maybe I'm just weird idk lmao) Now Emeraude's accent on the other hand "bothers" me personally a lot more because it feels kinda out of place? More than Matt's "sumthin" ever could imho 😂

Same. I understand him perfectly well, even though it might take me a few tries sometimes like that sentence in 2x20 when he said “You look like you got your energy back.”? Boy, stop mumbling. lol (Then again, I for one, have not much problems to understand all of the different German accents, so I dunno.)

Okay, I have to admit I haven’t really paid attention to Emeraude? I dunno, I understand her perfectly so whatever. I wouldn’t even say she has an accent? But like I said, I am not much of an expert on accents and US accents in particular. Like, I love the British accent (Will Tudor can read the telephone book out loud to me tbh!) and the Australian one is also nice. So….. I think the only accent on Shadowhunters that really bugs me is Sarah Hyland’s fake British accent. Like, girl, just no…. Honestly, like I said, I love that accent normally but she sounds so damn fake and it really annoys me somehow.

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I know this a bit of a nitpick but I'm the only who finds it's kind of weird that,since Rice and Fey/re's "love story" is based on the Hades and Persephone myth that Tom plays the role of Demeter, Persephone's mother because Fey/re plays the role of Persephone. And the ending of the first book seems likes it's based on the Eros and Psyche myth,so if Tom plays the role of Eros that does mean the the evil queen who lust after Tom,plays the role of Eros's mother? Idk it just leaves a bad taste.

Tom being Demeter just makes me curl up craughing. Holy shit this is so fucking bad. Demeter deserves better than his fuckboi ass, and MY GIRL PERSEPHONE DESERVES BETTER THAN FUCKING FAE RUG.

Today I decree there shall be snuggles and naps

Queen Cleopatra - @tangentqueenofdragons Some context here; Cristina has a beautiful hamster named Cleopatra who is the Queen of all hamsters, and she has very generously allowed me to be the first to portray her in artwork. 

For comparison, I’m including a picture she has provided of the Queen herself

I know my art can’t compare, but I’m actually really happy with this drawing? Which is weird, because earlier on in it I was sure it was going to suck. I just couldn’t think of how to do anything in it. But now it actually seems pretty decent? idk it just went so much better than I was expecting. Obviously this is a blessing from her majesty Cleopatra, for which I am extremely grateful. You should all send your praise to Cleopatra in the form of art. I believe great fortune will befall you if you do 

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u ever think "man i want to b that person's friend" and then realize that that's backwards bc u can't force friendship (and oh god What If you DONT share common interests or youre annoying) and socializing was never ur strong suit and so you just kinda stare into the void and continue to interact on anon and mass reblog/like everything and hope you don't look/seem creepy

I have a lot of social confusion that usually gets mistaken for anxiety when really I’m just generally bad at interacting with others (at least I perceive myself as being bad at it idk) because I’m too focused on *social rules* and making sure I don’t accidentally say or do anything overtly weird or unacceptable. So I don’t often initiate interactions because I’m like ‘meh if they want anything to do with me they’ll reach out first’ which isn’t good tbh and it’s something I’m working at not doing.

So yeah I relate to what you said in my own way at least.

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It still strikes me as weird that Mindy has only posted 2 pics that have Bryan Greenberg in them and they're not even great pictures. She posted a million of Messina, a lot of Garrett 🤢, and tons of her with Ike, Pally, Duplasses, Ders etc. But the guy Mindy marries, there's almost nothing. It just seems odd to me. Am I just being conspiratorial or could this mean something?

It could! Maybe she doesn’t want to hint at too much at what is going to happen! Although, we know the first 4 episode titles so idk LOL it might also be that she is too busy to post a lot! She’s doing tmp, maybe things are starting with champions? idk! it could mean he’s not in all the eps tho! What is Bryan up to? would there be a reason he couldn’t be in all the eps?

so my mom’s back in my hometown and told me about visiting my friend from middle school’s mom and it so viscerally brought me back

like at first I was like, you still talk? Bc we had kind of a weird awkward friendship, you know, it was middle school and we were awkward brown girls who never felt at home. I remember we kind of bonded bc we went to the same Sunday school type thing and all the other girls there seemed so proper and like they had their lives together, and idk. We were like 11 and they were just pretty and proper and good at being feminine and were a tight clique and she and I were kind of goofy.

I had forgotten about this but I lived with her for a little while when my dad was in the hospital and my mom was back and forth between staying with him and doing business stuff. I forgot how funny and goofy she was.

She ended up going to a different high school, the same one my ex and all the cool girls from the Sunday thing went to, and the next time I saw her was during a religious festival and she asked about my ex and like world’s collided in my head and I was like oh god I can never speak to her again.

Her house was amazing, very simple and clean and minimalist. Her mom always had that Hindi knockoff of la fea mas bella playing in the background, jassi jassi koi nahi and these brown wooden statues - you know the ones, of Indian villagers decorating the halls. She always had something in the works, lentils out to soak near sunny windows. It was honestly such a typical american gujarati household but the only one that wasn’t family’s that I felt comfortable in

(and real talk I felt more comfortable there than in some family members homes)

In middle school, when I stayed with her, we basically acted like it was just a weirdly long sleepover and would gossip all night and. This sounds bad, but just being able to speak openly and honestly with another girl coming from the same background and cultural mores as yourself was so helpful, knowing you’re not the only one that doesn’t feel like you’re doing it right but it still matters to you in some ways.

It was nice and I’m glad my mom still talks to hers.

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ok stop me if this seems weird but you were one of the first blogs i followed when i got into the fandom in like...january? and youve always come across as kind and genuine on here? you never treat idols like objects or get majorly involved in drama or anything. idk man, you just seem like a sincerely nice person w a good sense of humor!! (n good taste too, obviously) hope u get me jsdahas

um im crying bc this is so nice and out of the blue and im glad i come across that way )”: ur so sweet to tell me!! wtf <3


i’m still not over the scene where kim shin meets with the boy that was being abused by his adoptive parents. kim shin states that he has helped bring many miracles to many people, but most of them then begin to rely on miracles instead of taking charge of their own life and helping themselves. however, this boy experienced one small miracle and then took control of his own life to become a lawyer and help many other people, which is why kim shin has such a strong attachment to him.

this is really a message that resonates deeply. one should not rely on luck. one should work hard to not need luck. others should also not disregard someone’s efforts by believing they were just lucky. everyone goes through difficult situations and to say that they got where they are just by luck is ignoring all of the effort and hardship they had to struggle through. calling someone lucky is not a compliment to them, it is in fact an insult where their hardworking traits are reduced to just luck. 


“Mass is not proportional to volume.

A girl as small as a violet,

A girl who moves like a flower petal,

Is pulling me toward her with more force than her mass.

In that moment,

Like Newton’s apple I rolled toward her

Without stopping until I reached her.

With a thump, my heart keeps bouncing between the sky and the ground.

It was my first love.”

I mean this combined with gong yoo’s voice…i think my own heart kept bouncing between the sky and the ground. 


So it’s actually been a couple weeks since i hit my first K so to showcase how grateful I am of all the people that at least sorta pay attention to me, I’m doing this follow forever thing. (and i’m also officially 3 years old)

If you’re here at all that means that I’ve seen you around a couple of times, if your name is bolded that means you’re one of my faves, maybe we even talk! If your name is bolded and strikethroughed that means I look up to you a lot, and if your name is bolded and italicized stay tuned cuz I’ve got a message for you down below.

(-) - C

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asdfghjiyong: Jenny, I think you’re super cool I really would like to get to know you better we really should talk more, you know if you’re down with it.

official-enjolras: You’re probably my favorite blog really, I love everything about you, you’re soo funny and you’re like the first blog i was like..obsessed with. Weird? maybe but it’s true.

spiritualtrash: One of my bestiest friend in the whole wide world KJ. I miss you!! I wish we could hangout. message me we’ll talk.

thatsthat24: he’s probably not gonna see this but Thomas Sanders is that viner that does the disney pranks (with friends) and has a voice not even angels could compete with. Goodness he’s great.

yanghwa-bridge: I wanna talk to you but you just seem so cool like ur way too cool to talk to me so idk I guess I’m too scared.

vtopv: Allyson I’m so glad we started talking,  you’re way cool.

zayngivesmechestpain: I’m glad we started talking too, turns out we have alot in common :)

A bit of Spidey-Beca backstory

I’ve lived next to Chloe Beale since I was six. She was the only bright spot in my day even back then. Which, I know, super lame, right? But it’s true. I remember walking up the driveway to my dad’s house, pulling this little blue suitcase that was covered in stickers behind me. And the concrete of the driveway had this huge crack running through it – one my dad fixed after he got tenure – and my stupid case wheels got stuck. I was so tired from flying and it was basically full of my Mom’s old records and nothing else, so it was heavy. Anyway, I couldn’t get it over the lip of this stupid crack and I had to call for my dad to stop to come back down and help me. He left the other case – filled with the rest of my more useful stuff – standing on its wheels and lifted mine like it didn’t weigh anything. I remember thinking how strong he must have been to do that.

I remember being irrationally jealous of that.

I remember wishing my Mom could have been that strong. That maybe then, she wouldn’t have died and I wouldn’t have had to move half way across the country to live with my dad who I hardly ever saw except for every other Christmas and sometimes my birthday. And I remember this huge sense of sadness pressing down against my already sagging shoulders.

Then I looked up to follow my Dad. Only to spot fiery red hair and bright blue eyes peaking over the sill of an open, second floor window at me. When our gazes met, I saw them – her – straighten and smile at me, lifting a hand above the windowsill to throw me a wave. So cheerful and friendly, but I was six-years-old and my Mom had just died, so I didn’t wave back. I didn’t smile. I just furrowed my tiny little eyebrows and looked away to catch up to my dad.

And of course, that sealed it for Chloe. I couldn’t know then, but I’d come to find out that my new neighbour would take that first meeting as kind of a calling. One that would take many, many years to fulfil, but not once did Chloe ever seem deterred.

Not once did she sway from her mission to befriend me.

Chloe’s so freaking weird.

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Do you ever get tired of writing "you know the one"?

A lot of people have been asking this and I even see it frequently asked in the oc/tag your oc/imagine your oc tag, so I thought it would be time to explain it. That’s a weird way to put it because I don’t really know how to explain it. Honestly I just put it in the first few posts and then got popular so I wasn’t just gonna stop, it would seem weird and inconsistent to me. It just kinda became my thing. I had noticed with a lot of oc prompt posts from blogs I followed that it was easy just to pass by their posts because they just looked like another random textpost sometimes without any format. It is kinda my format..I guess? I warned you that this would be a horrible explanation I am so sorry, this is so bad. Also it kind of became a trend (sorta kinda idk) and I’ve seen a lot of other people add it to their posts which is cool in a way to think my little blog has stretched that far. In the simplest way I can put it, the original intent was for it to sound like a friend was talking to you or it was a way of telling you “don’t lie to yourself, you thought of one immediately. You know, yooouuu knoww.”