idk but i think that was suspect

and another set of OC’s! these are Irwin’s twin sons – no idea what to name them as of right now.

the one on the left is far more mischievous, the one on the right is convinced that looking refined and snooty is gonna make people take him seriously despite his brother.

their mother happens to be Eva, one of the pageant girls from “My Fair Mandy!”

it was between her and Rae. i don’t know exactly what it was (NOT because she’s a POC, i’m not just grouping them together), but she looks like she would grow into a motherly, down-to-Earth woman

also i think Irwin and she’d look cute together

she looks like she has a really good balance of working hard and looking good. she’s in it to win it! also suspecting she might be trans, but idk how accepting Endsville Elementary would be to have transgirls in their pageant.

she tries very hard to help him forget about Mandy. a little jealous, really, but who wouldn’t be if your babydaddy was so obsessed?

there we go – another lady to bother the shit outta Mandy on Mom Day


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Wait. Is it cannon root and shaw had sex before the simulation sex? Cause the kiss in season 3 had root all surprised so i doubt it they had sex before season 5

Yea its canon that their first time was in 306 (Mors Praematura) confirmed by one of the old writers and they totally slept together again at the end of 407 (Honor Among Thieves) but I do agree with you that their kiss in 411 was a little suspect lol; besides the kiss being obviously caught off guard for Root, I also got the vibe that they haven’t kissed before? Or maybe kissed in a way that meant something? I mean its possible to have sex with no kissing, maybe thats what they were doing prior idk… but I guess we see certain scenes differently lol – also you can tell certain writers see them differently. Some write them as having had sex multiple times while some write them as never going fully past flirting. I think there’s a disconnect sometimes which makes everything really confusing. Thats why the debate about if they’ve slept together or not always gets so heated in this fandom. Regardless, imo, I fully believe that they slept together before season 5. Not only because it was confirmed but also because feelings were developing very rapidly especially on Root’s end. I’m sure the plan was ‘don’t catch feelings’ but that didn’t work out so well lmfao. I feel like the more time they spent together, the more Root started falling in love… which lead to her wreaking havoc after Shaw was taken. She was so far gone by then. And lets not even discuss Shaw’s thought pattern while being away from Root, we seen it first hand. I’m sure how she imagined her and Root having sex was exactly how they’ve had it. Very dominating for the both of them.

Me trying out that idea thing I was talking about earlier (each paladin being from a different planet currently at war with each other, brought together by Allura to fight their ‘real’ enemy). Not sure if I want to take it somewhere or not.

I strongly suspect it would be Shklance eventually. Or OT4 (ShiroKeithLanceHunk). Polydins! But this bit is gen.

Anyway. Yes. Idk. This. Thing. Unedited.

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replied to your post“the-ufo-cloud replied to your photo“Idk, I don’t think he wasn’t…”

I saw that comment and read it like 12 times trying to understand it…how on Earth is having a discussion about campers “trolling”? Because its not UFO related…?? What ??

I suspect they’re angry about a post I reblogged months ago where I explained how a certain type of camera worked and have since put me on their “UFO blacklist”, and don’t want any UFO enthusiasts to get “sucked in” to being friends with me in case I corrupt them with my mild skepticism. Or something? 

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My theory: Brandon never committed the original murders. I think it was Kevin Duvall. He was mad about Maggie and Brandon sleeping together, committed all those murders and allowed Brandon to take the fall. I think somehow Miguel knew and helped cover it up/frame Brandon. Idk, just something I've always thought since the beginning. But I have no clue who the killer could be this season. Everyone is acting like a suspect.

I know right, I literally have no idea anymore. I’ve quite honestly given up on trying to figure out who it is; my blog is such a joke and so like anything I’ve said in the past month shouldn’t be taken seriously XD 

As for your theory, I’ve figured this for a while but as I said, I know nothing. I believe that if the show does go in this direction, it would make sense and I think that it wouldn’t be a terrible way to go. I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work or be a bad idea. 

failed masculinities
  • new therapist:okay, so there are women brains and men brains, and women's brains act like [[provides example of internalizing negative self-talk]]. and men's brains handle it, like, well, you tell me?
  • me:idk i haven't had one for that long
  • nt:okay but you've had a boy brain actually since birth
  • me:i feel like that's hard to gauge?
  • nt:research shows!
  • me:okay. [[gives example of how i internalize negative self-talk that mirrors the thing that supposedly only "women brains" do]]

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Jimins voice is not that low so i dont think he's one of the suspects

I actually think that he was just shocked that he locked himself out of his room idk watching it back thats what I think?

-Admin M

(( @will-stab-for-chocolate moved to mobile to get some sleep tbh. But.))

((Idk what’s wrong? I have a Kanvus virtuoso T5000 and it installed/worked fine on my old laptop… but now I think it’s not installing right… the driver keeps freezing up when it requires a reboot and it looks like it’s not installing properly. I suspect it might be windows ten and Sai, cause Celest has a t5001 that I gave her and Sai wouldn’t register pen sensitivity for her either, but it worked on Photoshop…?))

((In any case I got way too tired but Imma ask her for help installing Photoshop later after I sleep/she gets home from work. If it works on Photoshop… it’s probably windows ten and Sai throwing a bitch fest and I’m gonna need a new program. Idk if I’ll use Photoshop though. I might try to get a better program…))

been feeling terrible lately and i never use my art blog so here’s a sad-lookin rin i’ll never finish

i started using a chunkier brush to draw in attempted imitation of artists i like on the internet, i think it looks better but i suspect it’s mostly because the “fuzziness” of the brush hides flaws better, idk. 

all i draw is boring headshots and i can’t stay on-model so Rin looks totally different every single time. i also have realized i have a harder time visualizing faces than other people oops. this might account for my inability to stick to a design

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A week ago I went to VS w/ a friend and I cut the tags off from a few of them. My friend asked me to come over to her room but I thought she was the SA cuz she said, can i talk to you for a second when you're dressed so I put the tags into the bottom of the shopper and put everything on top of them, concealed on my body, put a jacket into the sears bag I had and finished getting dressed. i put the shopper bag out but idk if the SA was sus cuz there was a bunch of ppl in line do u think Im safe?

You’re safe. If you ever go back, keep an eye out to see if the SAs are acting weird. They’re trained to be super nice when they suspect someone of being a lifter. You’ll know it when they’re being too nice. The SAs at a VS were onto me and I could tell because one of the would pester me the whole time that I was in there. She’d ask if everything was okay and then come back literally 30 seconds later to ask again and repeat until I left. One way for them to catch on is by you not being careful where you put tags. That’s what got them onto me. I’d suggest taking several pairs of undies into the dressing rooms and putting the tags on the back of them, where the size tags are on the waist. Then go and put everything back where it goes. Don’t leave everything in the bag when leaving.
I know it seems like a lot of work, but that’s the work that you need to put in when lifting.

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for the book meme: 10, 14, 35! - z eliotss (i sent you a message the other day, idk if you got it? been thinking of you. <3)

zanna my love!  no, i’m sorry, i didn’t, and now i am very sad about that :(  i’ve been thinking of you as well - my reaching for comfort reads has brought me to the usual suspects: sayers & willis & dwj & the dark is rising & tam lin.  have you read uprooted?  i feel like you must’ve.  what about the newest oyeyemi - what is not yours is not yours - or the accident season by moira fowley-doyle?  each of them made me think of you at parts.  <333

anyways!  meme.  let’s talk of books, and books, and books:

10: Sci-Fi or fantasy? Why?

fantasy.  because it’s what i grew up reading, i guess.  because it’s where i naturally gravitate to.  i’ve come to love sci-fi, of a certain bent ((older) dr. who, star trek, connie willis, etc), but i think my still preferring fantasy comes down to three things: 1) it’s what i gobbled up as a child, 2) i still love folklore and fairy tales with all my being, and 3) it doesn’t tend to have the same sort of gate-keeping against women that sci-fi does, sometimes.  both genres have leaps and bounds to go when it comes to people of colour, of course, but i’ve found more people writing back against those issues in fantasy as well.

14. Name a book where the movie/tv adaptation was actually better than the original.

the obvious answer to this is lord of the rings!  also, though, bridget jones’ diary (just the first), and probably tinker tailor soldier spy?

35. Name a book you consider to be terribly underrated.

I’m forever confused as to why both Diana Wynne Jones’ oeuvre and Susan Cooper’s The Dark Is Rising didn’t reach Harry Potter-esque heights of popularity.  I don’t really understand why people seem to prefer Agatha Christie to Dorothy L. Sayers.  Every time I meet someone who seems to have the same tastes as me, I try to suss out if they ever read Monica Furlong’s Doran books (Wise Child and Juniper are the first two, and I checked them out of the library again and again when I was ten or so), and as of yet no one ever has.  I would press copies of The Owl Service and Under Milk Wood into everyone I know’s hands, if I could.

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do you think that if dylan and holland were single (well idk if she still dating max) but anyway do you think they would would give it a go and date like i feel like holland would bc she has dated co-stars before and she said before 'i don't see the big deal' with the dylan fuzz as if she's trying to not sound like she would get attracted to him but hmm ;) idk but do you think dylan would

No, I don’t think that Holland and Dylan would ever get together. @itsalwayslydia suspects that he had a crush on her in s1, but that is long over and I don’t think that would ever happen at this point. 

If one of them had a crush on each other, though, I think it would be Dylan on Holland. I don’t think she’d ever go there. 

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i feel like they probably told us something to tip us off at the beginning, so i was rewatching the first episode and what if the 'prank' hayley pulled wasn't a prank at all? like what if audrey blew it up in their face and it changed everything? yeah the knife was fake but if the killer is trying to make audrey seem guilty then a great way to start that would have been to make hayley seem like she was dead and the dude run away leaving her looking guilty. idk probably dumb but its a thought

I think it’s pretty plausible, like I really enjoy this theory actually and it’s a lot better than Zoe or Eli turning out to be the killer (lord knows ill riot if that happens). I mean tbh, Hayley would be pretty smart to act like the ignorant bitch because then no one would suspect her. Idk if any of it would really work but honestly I’d accept this. 

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Do you think you need to "come out" about your ED with others to truly recover? My recovery was kind of strange bc I never told my friends what was going on and my parents never heard the diagnosis my therapist and nutritionist gave (I'm sure everyone suspected). Sometimes I feel like I'm still carrying that secret, but I've been out of recovery for a while now so it seems silly to bring up idk what do you think?

not at all. I didn’t even realize I HAD an eating disorder until I recovered. trust your intuition. do whatever you are comfortable with. there’s no rush.

well, that’s a new development… 

since i moved back home, i’ve occasionally faintly smelled pot whenever i’d walk upstairs. i chalked it up to the fact that while i was gone, my brother had stayed in my room for some time, and probably smoked a lot, and it was just the lingering smell (idk it made sense in my mind). that, or it was the super hippie surfer french dude that lives below us, and somehow the smell was traveling up to my room somehow. 

then, just now, i walk in to my dad’s bathroom where our washer and dryer are, and go to put some towels away in his cupboard, and see a bong and a bag of pot on his bathroom counter.